East of the Shadows

- A crossover between two worlds I would have never thought of... Well, apparently I did. I hate to say that this is what helped me get over my writers block. *sighs* The Magical Kingdoms are all in a (relative) state of peace, there are still tensions but soon foreigners make way and they're about to be taught there's more to the world than just day and night... Good and evil.

- Authors Note -

I don't own either series, if I did I wouldn't have to be posting on here. .

- The Descendants (2015) Xover Naruto: Shippuden. The United States of Auradon may be referred to USA or just Auradon. The Isle of the Lost will be referred to as either Lost Isle or Canus (Island/Isle).

- Also Naruto won't be his stereotypical 'hero trope' playing comic relief.

~ King Ben, Evie and Jay - 19

~ Carlos Oscar De Vil and Mal Bertha Faery - 18

~~ Naruto and the other 'Rookies' are all around 17-20, depending on birthdays and as time progresses in the story. I honestly didn't want to list all the names and ages.

~~~ Youngest of the 'rookies' is Gaara at 17 and the oldest would be Temari and Tenten at 19. (with Neji dead! *cries inside*)

I was lacking creative mojo to get over my writers block with life's troubles (family problems) weighing me down that I was trying to find something to watch while I prepared my dinner one night. I had just caught up on my Doctor Who, Orphan Black, and Game Of Thrones episodes during the week and so I was on the search for something. I didn't want to start a whole new series and get into something I couldn't get out of, or that was filled with too many details that I would loose focus while cooking. I ended up lost in the "kids" section and found the Disney movie 'The Descendants'. I saw villains and was immediately happy and I thought it was okay until they became "good" way too soon. I also hate to admit that the "Rotten to the Core" song is way too catchy, my soul was sold without my knowledge and so it's stuck. *shakes fist* But I digress, I was trying to think of a more realistic situation (I mean emotionally speaking, obviously a Magical Kingdom doesn't scream "Honestly, I'm real guys, trust me" ). Not everyone would be so happy about the changes and the children of the 'villains' would still have pain, not to mention the other citizens.

In the original work of Descendants Ben was 16 when the crown was being passed to him and the Lost Isle kids were brought over. I'm changing it to where 16 is when Ben is brought into the process of being King but the crown won't actually be passed down until he's 18, about three months after his birthday. The barrier is still broken at his coronation and the kids choose to stay in Auradon. The scene takes place a year after the coronation. When the barrier is broken the powerful magic that burst through sent a shock wave causing a rift that was hiding the land from those in the Elemental nations. So there's going to be some surprises regarding certain characters and while some of these changes and events are taking place there are some sightings of foreigners...

That's when things get interesting. The Ninja's of the Elemental Nations are recovering from the Fourth war and maintained their alliances between the villages. Two years later there's news of some power outages in some of the outer civilian villages in The Land of Water, so scouts are sent to check it out and they realize that they are able to see land very far east. Reporting this it was then decided to send some ninja from different villages to further inspect the unknown lands...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ D.D.U.S.A ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It's been two years since he selected four kids to join those in Auradon Prep. Two years since he first laid eyes on Mal and a year since the coronation. The barrier has been broken between The United States of Auradon, the mainland, and the Isle of the Lost. Most citizens of the mainland are happy and believe that people get second chances. Though it's the ones who are too hurt to fully move on that have yet to recover… Even the children of those deemed the most evil of their magical Kingdom have suffered so much that they are ignorant to their own pain. They're distracted and happy enough that it's easy to block out, but just like the sun can't stay out forever, sometimes the darkness tints your perception. Shadows dance and play with your thoughts breathing insecurities to crawl along your peripheral vision, waiting…

Tensions are below boiling and life for those in the Magical Kingdom is getting back on track. Electricity and modern standards have been raised for those on the Lost Isle, luxuries are now available for everyone. Healthcare and medical centers have been set up for those in desperate need and the good citizens of Auradon were barely able to block out the almost crippling state most of the people were in. Acting as if you didn't see the conditions and pain made it easier to work and try to help them in any way they can. Better late than not at all, right?... The people from across the Kingdom had voted for changing the name of the Lost Isle, believing the name to be another painful reminder. So after a couple weeks of deciding on a name and preparations were made for the newly crowned King Ben to make an announcement and host a celebration of sorts for all the citizens.

A young man strides down the hall to the balcony room, overlooking the gathered crowd and tents. "Ben! I was starting to think you might be late", King Ben quickly focuses his eyes to the familiar voice. His gaze and muscles soften when he looks into the green canopy of her eyes, Mal… He feels as if they're the true green of leaves when the brightest rays of sun shine through shedding light to even the darkest corners of the forest floor. "Ben.. You're giving me that look again". Mal smirks to hide her blush and he can't help but love her more every day.

He kisses her forehead, "What sort of King would be late?" Ben grabs his fiance's hand and walks out onto the balcony. Cheers ring out and the mass of bodies bubble with renewed life when the eyes of their king gaze down on them; waiting for them to quiet... Never wanting to demand silence. Smiling down he is given the chance to speak. "It seems as if every last citizen has gathered here today for what will surely be written in the History books," the crowd laughs and a few cheers are yelled with enthusiasm. Mal squeezes Ben's hand and holds back the urge to face palm. Chuckling a little, he continues "With great power comes great responsibility... And looking at each and every one of you I am reminded why I must weigh my options, and understand the possibility that my good intentions may have unforgivable consequences. Three years ago four children from the Isle of the Lost had been brought over to escape the Island and have a chance for a different life."

His hand is squeezed tighter and he notices Mal stiffen a bit. Sighing, Ben strokes his thumb over the back of her hand, reassuring she's here, next to him... "Since then we have opened the doors for more children and have started rehabilitation for those who need it. We all have overcome so much and I expect we have all come back stronger ten fold. But today we are to celebrate our unity and strength, and to announce the change to be made... The Isle of the Lost will no longer be know as such and the new name will be... Canus Isle." A rush of breath is heard from the collective crowd, whether it was being held or not is debatable. "Changing the name of the Island is just another way of shedding light on the past deeds and bridging a gap... Just another step towards a brighter future to us all. I hope, no, I believe we all will be able to take that step together.. Tonight we dine, dance, sing, laugh... Tonight we celebrate." With that last word spoken he raises his hands up, holding Mal's and the castle reverberates with the cheers from the Kings speech.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ end chapter ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I haven't done much but I wanted to publish before I backed out or lost inspiration for it. So here we are and I know it's not a lot, and no where near as dark as I promised. I wanted to start off with Ben believing in his people. I am going to get into some of the... events that occur due to the tensions as previously mentioned.

I wasn't lying when I said I have been suffering from writers block and major factors in my life that have set me back. I would probably wouldn't even gotten this much if it weren't for the encouragement from my best friend Shaad.