The Story of Team Fate - An Explorers of Sky Fanfiction

Epilogue - Met Today, Married Tomorrow

Months later, Treasure Town, Koffing's POV

"Uh… boss… what're we doing, again?" I ask. "Why are we hiding in the bushes near Treasure Town again?"

"We're moving out! Leaving! Migrating! Emigrating! Whatever!" He responds. "And the reason we're taking extra measures to go in hiding is because it's that time of year again!"

"You mean that time of year where Pokémon from other continents travel to other continents to visit?" Zubat asks.

"Yes." Boss responds.

"Wait… but since we're just going to be leaving to another continent, wouldn't it look like we're following the tradition as well?" I ask.

"Oh. That never occurred to me…" Boss replies. "Well, whatever! If we managed to remain in hiding when we broke out of that Dark Crater place undetected, then might as well stay undetected!"

"Well… okay… Can I at least go out to see someone first?" I ask. "My sister's actually visiting Treasure Town's region today and I thought I might as well see her one more time before we leave the region."

"Ugh… fine," Boss answers. "But make it quick!"

I quickly emerge from the bushes to find myself amidst a crowd of Pokémon roaming around Treasure Town's plaza.

Okay… now to find her…

I levitate over the crowd of Pokémon and look.

She should be here… Koffing… red bow… doesn't have as many craters as other Koffing… has oval, black pupils instead of the usual eyes Koffing have… has a smaller, delicate mouth rather than a toothy grin…

It never occurred to me how weird my sister is in terms of physical differences…

Then, as if on cue, I notice a Koffing wearing a red bow hovering nearby. I then notice that she seems to be gazing the direction of an Eevee who's been walking around with a pair Espeon and Shiny Umbreon parents.

"Checking out that Eevee, aren't ya?" I say, levitating over to her as my voice catches her by surprise.

"Hey. shut up! You don't know anything!" She yells, turning to face me. "Oh. Hi, Koffing. Good to see you after a long, long, while."

"All the same to you, T," I reply. "So what have you been up to?"

"You know, getting foreign battle training and all that…" She replies. "Nothing too exciting. And what have you been up to?"

"Oh, it's a long, long, story," I respond. "And besides, you probably wouldn't believe me. A lot goes on in it."

Sharpedo Bluff, Sparks' POV

"Oh… oh wow, that's quite the adventure you've had, Mana," I say in amazement. "And… after all that, you still managed to luck out in getting a portal back here?"

"That's right!" Mana responds. "I came back to Sharpedo Bluff as soon as I ended up at the beach this early morning! And I'm pretty sure I've matured enough to stay here with you two without getting sick from all that dehydration stuff!"

"That's great!" Violet says. "I've been wondering when you'll come back from… well, whatever dimension you ended up in."

"I did make a promise, didn't I?" Mana says proudly. "And now that I got my story over with, I wanna know what's been happening with you two!"

"Oh… uh…" Violet hesitates for a second. "A lot of things have happened, actually. I don't know if we could explain it all at once…"

"It's not that long of a story," I speak up. "We could get it all out in a few minutes…"

"How about I ask about some stuff first?" Mana suggests. She then points toward the open Sky Gift, the Fire Stone still inside it. "What's with the Fire Stone in there?"

"Oh, that?" I say. "That's actually a gift I gave to Violet for her birthday. That, and it was also what I used to propose to her with."

"Wait… so you're married now?!" Mana says, her eyes shining with excitement.

"Yes," Violet answers with a smile. "Yes we are."

"That's awesome!" Mana cries out. "Wait… but Vio-I mean- Mom, can't you use that Fire Stone to evolve? Why haven't you used it yet?"

"I've actually been meaning to ask that myself sooner or later," I speak up. "Violet, we've actually been married for a few months now. You… uh… never really reminded me to plan a trip back to Luminous Spring so we could evolve at the same time. Why?"

"Oh… uh… well… you see, I've been really hesitant about the whole 'evolving' thing," She replies. "I've gotten so used to seeing Sparks as a Shinx I'd rather keep it that way… and I don't think I'm ready to evolve into a Ninetales, either… Don't get me wrong, I'd still like to evolve one day, but I don't think I'm ready for it now…"

"Well… that's understandable," I say. "I have gotten way too used to being a Shinx to just be giving it up all of a sudden."

Then, before Mana could ask another question, Chime teleports into the room.

"I cannot stand this whole tradition of Pokémon visiting other continents!" He says. "The beach has started to become a tourist attraction for crying out loud! I can't get my peace and quiet sleep when Pokémon constantly flock there!" Chime then cuts off his rant when he notices the extra Pokémon in the room. "Oh. Hi Mana."

"Hi Chime," Mana greets. "I didn't know you slept at the beach."

"Never really got to tell you, did I?" Chime responds. "I recently got a house for myself and everything! I learned how there are houses modeled after other Pokémon, like Pikachu or Charmander, so I decided to get some Pokémon build me a house shaped like me! A house that's all mine! Well, I may share it with Chimecho once I ask her 'the question' when the time comes, but for now, it's still mine! But now all these tourists are flocking and laying their eyes on it! They might get in and mess with what few possessions I have!"

"But… uh… can't you just lock the door?" I suggest.

My response gets me a shocked look from Chime as he looks at me with disbelief. A moment of awkward silence follows.

"I… forgot…" He says, now quiet. "You know what… I'll get to that later… It's not like I'm going back to it later today or anything… I still have to get Chimecho check me up again…"

"Oh, you're still being checked up on?" Violet asks. "Even after all this time?"

"I know, right?" Chime responds. "I… I honestly don't know how I'm not well yet… I mean, I get tired much faster than I usually do… and I can't even get my Evil Chime personality to kick in anymore no matter how much I've tried… but still…"

"Do you think it has something to do with the Darkrai battle?" I suggest. "You did need to get checked up on ever since we got done with that battle."

"Hmm… nah," He replies dismissively. "And I think I've spent enough time here. I need to go back to Chimecho. At least she didn't leave the continent. And I still need to go lock my door. I'm out!"

Chime teleports away.

"It looks like that's over wi-"

I'm interrupted by the sound of our door swinging open as Ninetales peeks in.

"Is it okay if I come in here?" She asks. "It's really crowded outside…"

"Mom!" Violet says, letting her in. "You came to visit!"

"I've started to do it on a monthly basis, after all. Little did I know the very day I decided to come here from my house a lot of Pokémon decided to come to Treasure Town too," She says, coming into the room. Her eyes then widen with surprise when she notices Mana. "Mana?"

"Hi… uh… Aunt?" Mana greets awkwardly.

"But… how?" She asks.

"It's a long story," I speak up. "Maybe we can get to it later. I don't know why Chime didn't bother questioning it, but I have one question first. Where's Sammy?"

"Oh, right," Violet says. "Shouldn't she be with you? She did move in with you, right?"

"I miss Sammy…" I hear Mana say. "Where is she?"

"Well… it is true that she used to move in with me in my house," Ninetales responds. "But recently, Sammy wanted to be productive with her life, so she moved out and… decided to get a job. I don't know where she'll get a job or if she's even employed as we speak, but something tells me that she'll go far and wide to find what she said is her 'calling'."

"Oh… well… shame that she can't come and visit today, but at least it's a good thing she's decided to find her calling." Violet says.

"So… onto questions. It's been a few months since you two got married," Ninetales says to us. "Has it been going well for you?"

"Surprisingly well, actually!" I respond. "For once, we've actually felt like everything's at full peace! Like, no world-endangering catastrophe we have to deal with or any of that stuff!"

"I feel the same way, actually," Violet adds. "We've just been having dates, going on exploration missions, maybe a call for help from time to time, it's a nice change of pace. And with Mana here, I can tell it's going to get better from here on out."

"Yeah… we've gone through a lot, have we?" I say to Violet, pulling her closer to me. "It's about time we got this peaceful life we deserve."

Violet gives me a quick kiss on the cheek. "I feel the exact same way…"

"Yay!" Mana speaks up, chanting in a familiar tone. "Romance, romance!"

"I only hope for the best for you two in the years to come," Ninetales says to us with a smile. "And I know Absol does too. And on that topic, how's his stone doing?"

"Oh," Violet then takes out the string hiding beneath her scarf to show us all a stone shard. "It's… gotten bigger, actually. Not by much, but it's progress."

"That's good to know," Ninetales responds. "And with that question done with… how about that story, Mana?"

"Oh right!" Mana says excitedly. "Well, you see, I woke up to see…"

As Mana starts her explanation, I glance over at Violet to see her staring off into the distance.

"Is something on your mind?" I whisper to her.

"I just recalled something you said," She says to me. "You know… when you said the whole 'gone through a lot' thing…"

"Oh… what about it?"

"It's… really a lot to think about…" She says. "To think… a long, long while back… that Shinx I met is now my mate…"

"Is that a good thing… or a bad thing?" I ask.

"A good thing, of course," She replies, smiling at me. "It just feels overwhelming to think about the day we met and where we are today… It all felt like it was yesterday… Met today, married tomorrow…"

"'Met today, married tomorrow' sounds like it'd be a wonderful blessing in the world of romance," I say, slightly chuckling as I smile at her. "But our relationship is better than that. We can't forget about everything in between, after all…"

"Of course, of course," Violet replies. "You've really done so much for me, Sparks. Thanks for all the memories…"

"No, please, thank you for the memories," I say, widening my grin. "You gave me good memories when I didn't even have any." I kiss Violet on the cheek. "I love you, Violet…"

"Okay… I'll admit, that's a good point you have there," Violet says, smiling at me as she kisses me back. "I love you too, Sparks…"

I wrap my paw around Violet's neck and pull her closer to me. She leans her head against my neck as I lean mine against hers. We both enjoy each other's company as we continue listening to Mana's story.

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The Story of Team Fate - An Explorers of Sky Fanfiction


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