Charlie opened the door to her house. It had been a good trip back to Willoughby. She and Miles had used the time to talk about a lot of things and, coupled with their time spent training others, they had become even closer. He still loved her as his niece, but he accepted her as a woman. She understood more about the things that had shaped his life and the man he had become. She felt as if they'd turned some kind of corner in their relationship.

Dropping her bag at the door, Miles leaned in and hugged her. "Remember what I said. I am always on your side, Charlie. I want you to know that. You need to do whatever makes you happy, and I'll support you."

Looking into his eyes, Charlie was startled by the depth of emotion there. "Are you okay, Miles? Is there something you haven't told me?"

"No, no. Don't panic. I just want you to be open to possibilities and know that sometimes it's okay to think with your heart and not your head."

Hugging him back, Charlie held on for a few extra seconds. "I know you always have my back. I won't forget that. Now, let me see what kind of job Aaron did taking care of my house. First order of business is a bath in my own tub with my own soaps. I've really missed that. Thank goodness it was warm today so I don't have to heat any water."

Laughing, Miles took a step back. "Enjoy, kiddo. I know Aaron was keeping food stocked in case you showed up so you should be good for a couple of days. I'll see you whenever you surface."

Giving him another weird look at his turn of phrase, Charlie stepped back into the house and headed up to her bathroom lighting a candle as dusk descended.

"God bless, Aaron," she thought. The tub was shiny clean and ready to go with her soaps displayed for easy selection, more scented candles for her to light, and some clean towels in the cabinet. Filling the tub and crawling in, Charlie let the heat of the water seep into her pores and relax her as she contemplated what would happen when people found out she was back.

In particular, she wondered about Bass. Would he even care that she'd returned? It was difficult not to think of him, and that was especially true here in the tub where she'd found him. The memory was etched on her brain. Thoughts of Bass consumed her even as the warm fragrant water soothed her aching muscles…

Jerking awake, Charlie realized she had fallen asleep in the tub and the water had cooled. Standing up and reaching for a towel, something caught Charlie's eye out the window. Stepping out of the tub and looking more closely, she could see a flickering light coming from the hunting stand out in her woods.

"Oh no, you don't, whoever you are." Heading into her bedroom, Charlie didn't bother to dry off completely, choosing instead to just throw on a tank top and her new favorite sweat pants. If she was going to kick someone's ass, she needed to be comfortable doing it.

Heading into the woods with a small knife clutched firmly in one hand, Charlie slowed her pace for a stealthy entrance. When she arrived at the hunting stand, she was surprised to see that it had been completely remodeled. The once rickety platform in the trees had been transformed into a full blown tree house complete with curtains in the windows and a sturdy ladder going up into an entrance that appeared to have been fortified.

"Unbelievable." Charlie thought as she started to head up the ladder. "Someone has a lot of nerve to think they can move in on my land just because I'm not here."

Slowly putting the top of her head into the opening in the floor, Charlie looked around. Quietly scanning the area at first and seeing no one, Charlie climbed all the way in. Stunned to see a bed complete with sheets and pillows as well as what looked to be a picnic basket open and filled with food, Charlie was suddenly grabbed from behind and thrust face first up against the wall with a hard body now holding her in place.

The only thing that saved him from getting a knife in the balls was the fact that Charlie knew who this man was before he breathed a word. Her body responded to his touch in a way that was familiar and new at the same time. Being in his presence again felt like coming home, not that she would let him in on that secret right away. She let out a breath she didn't even know she'd been holding as his hands roamed urgently over her arms, holding them in place. "Bass," she said, her voice coming out in a gasp.

"Don't ever do that to me again, Charlotte. Don't you ever run away from me. I will always find you." A very aroused Bass whispered in her ear even as his left hand worked its way from her hip up to palm her breast and his right arm snaked down to the waist band of her pants. Nuzzling her neck and trailing his tongue down to her shoulder, Bass was on a mission. "You belong to me."

Shocked that Bass was here, and quivering with a surprising need that suddenly overwhelmed her, Charlie attempted to escape his hold using every move Miles had taught her while trying to ignore the fires igniting all of her nerve endings. Luckily for him, Bass knew those same moves and countered every time.

"Give up yet? You know you're mine. Quit fighting me." Standing still, Charlie suddenly went completely limp, catching Bass off guard and falling toward the floor. Having not anticipated that particular move, Bass let her escape…for now.

"I don't belong to anyone, you ass, and especially not to you!"

Moving to the other side of her new tree house, Charlie put space between them as she tried to regain some semblance of control.

"I beg to differ, Charlotte. Shall we count the ways? First, there is the matter of your fake name. C King, wasn't it? How did you happen to come up with that, hmmm? You slept with the wrong Monroe back in New Vegas and you know it. I think you were trying to right a wrong and admit what you really wanted even then. "

Bass took a step toward her side of the room as Charlie took a step back into the wall.

"Secondly, have you ever had a partner on the road or at home like me? It's pretty unusual to be that in sync with someone. You might not know how rare that is, but I do. The closest I've ever come is Miles, and even he and I don't operate on the same wavelength as you and I. We are in each other's head whether you admit it or not. And let's not forget the big "M" in the room. Mother Nature branded you just for me. You may have burned off the brand on your arm, but you can't do that with the one on your ass."

As she tried to formulate a reply, Bass moved again and was suddenly right in front of her.

"Nice tank top, Charlotte. No bra? Looking down and back up, he smiled. "At least part of you is very happy to see me." Staring into her eyes, Bass moved his hands to her waist as she gasped a tiny bit at his touch.

"No response? That's not like you. Tell me to stop." Holding her gently, he kissed her eyelids before moving his lips to hers. His kiss was tentative at first but when she didn't pull away, he deepened the touch, exploring her mouth with his tongue. She tried to hold back, but his desire fueled her own and soon she couldn't help but respond. She groaned into his mouth as his hands moved up to cup her breasts and he inserted his leg between her thighs.

"Tell me you don't want this." He nibbled the edge of her lip as he teased her nipples even further into small, hard peaks and his leg rubbed a rhythmic pattern on her rapidly dampening pussy.

"Tell me I've totally misread this thing between us….because if you don't stop me, you and I have a date with that bed over there, and we're not coming out until we're so sore, we have to hold each other up to walk. And then, I'm going to take you inside, put you into your bathtub, and wash you everywhere. There isn't going to be an inch of your body that doesn't belong to me, and there's not going to be an inch of my body that doesn't belong to you." His hands reached behind her and pulled her body more fully into his.

Shuddering, Charlie could barely stand as Bass stroked her. She wanted to fight...didn't want to give in too easily… but it felt like he was everywhere, and her body was on overload. Overwhelmed with need and feeling his erection prodding into her belly, Charlie finally understood what Miles meant when he told her to think with her heart instead of her head.

Throwing her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist, she arched into him. "Please…Bass."

Needing no other invitation, Bass slammed his mouth onto hers as he moved them to the bed. Climbing onto it, he ripped Charlie's tank from her body and pulled her to him as she frantically worked to get his shirt off. Both dazed with the freedom to finally be able to feel and taste each other, their first touch of skin to skin contact brought them right to the edge. Quickly removing the rest of their clothing increased the longing to a fever pitch.

"I don't think I can wait, Charlie. I need to be inside you now." Lining himself up at her entrance, Bass looked down at her, waiting, as his fingers confirmed that she was more than ready for him.

"Yes, Bass…now…" she panted as he thrust into her.

There was no finesse involved. It was just two bodies after a long drought of starving for the other one – craving what they hadn't been ready for until today. Unable to look away and finding the unison they had always had, the only sound in the room was harsh, labored breathing as they worked toward a physical culmination of feelings they had long kept hidden.

"Jesus, Charlie…it's too fast…I'm sorry…I can't…" Unable to finish a single thought, Bass tried to pull out only to be firmly held in place by Charlie.

"You're mine, too, Bass. I want this…want you."

Shuddering with a primal urge to mark her, Bass spilled himself inside her womb, shaking with one of the most intense orgasms he had ever experienced.

With his seed filling her, Charlie felt the spasms of her own orgasm pulling him in even further, trapping his cock so deep inside that neither one was sure where one body ended and the other began.

Melding their mouths together, Bass collapsed on top of her.

"This wasn't quite what I had in mind when I decided to seduce you," he smiled against her lips when he could talk again. Trying to lift himself off, she stopped him.

"Do you have someplace else you need to be after you've just fucked me silly?" Charlie pulled him back down to her.

"Are you okay? That wasn't my proudest moment." Bass asked as he pulled her closer, snuggling her body into his, a bit worried both that he hadn't really given her much of a choice and that it definitely had not been his best performance.

Giggling a bit, Charlie looked up at him. "Which part? The part where you gave me the best orgasm of my life or the part where I overpowered you and forced you to come inside me?"

Amazed at the ease of their conversation and feeling happier and more content than he had in a long time, Bass smiled down at her.

"Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, Charlie, but why'd you give in so easily? I expected a little more resistance."

Running her fingers down his back to cup his ass and keep a certain hardening member closer to her, Charlie sighed while trying to find the words to explain.

"I've had a lot of time to think since I left Willoughby and spending that extra time with Miles helped me understand some things. I had already decided to come back, so when Miles said it was okay to follow my heart..." Charlie looked up at the man who had become so much a part of her life. "I think he figured out why I ran. It's almost like he was giving his blessing, Bass."

"I think he was. He's the one who kept me grounded and helped me look for you. I went a bit crazy when I realized you had bolted and it was my fault. He…he said he hadn't seen me like this since Shelley. He even knew I asked Aaron to work on converting your hunting stand to a tree house, and he was okay with it."

"You know, we still have a lot to talk about," Charlie said as she helped Bass flip them over putting her on top and in the perfect position for a long ride.

"Mmm hmmm." Bass sucked in a mouthful of nipple as she leaned over him even as his fingers started to penetrate her core. One finger, then two, building a rhythm as she began to writhe above him.

Starting to gasp a little for air, Charlie felt compelled to continue. "But Miles did say… he'd see me when I… surfaced in a…couple of days… so… I'm thinking…shit, Bass…that feels so good" as he flicked into her bundle of nerves setting off a spasm of pleasure around his very talented fingers that eventually had her falling forward onto his chest.

Lifting her up to slide her down on his now very hard cock, Bass grinned.

"Plenty of time for talking, Charlotte. I'm not going anywhere. You're stuck with me."


Four days after dropping Charlie off at her house, Miles was back on her porch banging at the front door.

"Charlie, are you in there? Open up. Are you okay?"

After several minutes with no answer, Miles yelled, "I am going to break this door down in one minute unless someone comes and lets me in."

Picking up a rocking chair, Miles started to swing it as the door finally flew open and a grinning Bass stood back inviting his brother in.

"What the fuck, Bass? It's been four days. I haven't heard anything from either of you. You think I might be worried?"

"We were taking your advice, Miles." Charlie said as she strolled down the stairs looking thoroughly debauched and inserted her hand into Bass's. At his confused look, she continued. "We were thinking with our hearts and keeping our stupid to a minimum."

"Wait…so this thing between you two is really happening?" Waving his hand back and forth at both of them, a visibly agitated Miles was having trouble taking it all in.

"What exactly are your intentions with this?" he glared at Bass.

Looking at each other, Bass and Charlie held an entire conversation without saying a word. Then, to appease Miles…

"Charlie, do you…."

"I do. Bass, do you…."

"I do, too."

Pulling her into a searing kiss, Bass and Charlie looked up only after a red-faced Miles cleared his throat several times and then said, "Goddamn it, could you guys stop for two seconds?"

"Why are you still here, Miles?" Charlie asked.

Pulling Charlie with him, Bass continued, "I think we just made our intentions pretty clear. The honeymoon has started!"

"Excuse me? I did not just hear that." Miles groaned.

As they headed toward the stairs, Charlie sassily blew Miles kiss. "Send more food and lock up on your way out!"

"Who are you people and what have you done with my niece and brother?" he grumbled as they disappeared up the stairs.

Stomping back onto the porch and slamming the door behind him for good measure, Miles allowed a small grin to cross his face. The two people he loved most in the world had finally found each other...with a little help. Feeling pretty happy with himself, he sauntered down the steps and headed home under a bright, Willoughby moon.

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