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Yang stirred in her bed, her eyes gulped with tears.

Everything was gulped down wasn't Yang? Beacon? Penny? Pyrrha? And what did you do?

Loose a arm for someone who just ran away? Like a coward?

Yang clutched her head her eyes sprinkling tears all over her bed sheets, which soon sprayed

onto her own white bed.

It hurt.

Not just the endless pain that sprang from her arm to the rest of her body, but it felt like

everyone she loved kept stabbing her heart, over, and over.

Over, and over, like the scene kept whooshing through her brain.

1 month ago

"Yang?" My eyes felt like a million pounds dropped on to them as I finally woke up from my


"Yes Uncle Qrow?" My voice wasn't as silky as it used to, it was rusty, broken, and tired.

"You haven't noticed yet, have you?" I cocked an eyebrow as I looked around at the

surroundings. Wooden walls, with, wooden walls? A blue bed? Where's the bunk beds?

Where's Ruby? Weiss? Blake? And why does my arm hurt?

"What do you mean? Wait, what happened to my-" Suddenly my eyes finally rested where an

endless amount of pain had escaped from. As I screamed out ,'what happened', Uncle Qrow

quickly hushed me.

"Shh it's ok, your arm has been-" His eyes were worried some as he saw my shocked

expression, but I didn't care, I was angry, angry as hell.


"Don't scream you'll wake up Ruby." You don't care, don't you Uncle Qrow? You care about

Ruby more than I? Don't you?

"Where's Blake? Why am I not in Beacon? What happened?!" My voice felt weak, streaming

tears swelled up in my lilac eyes, what happened? I was utterly confused, and foolish. I

shouldn't have asked that question it just brought more questions not answers. And hate.

"Blake ran off after we landed.. Weiss was forced to go back home, and-" I put up my pale hand

up shushing him from telling more. I didn't want to hear it.

Blake ran?



I lost a arm for Blake, and all she does is run?

Run from what? Me?

"Yang I'm not done…" But I didn't want to hear anything more! I didn't, and I know there is

more to be told, good news? No I doubt It would be good news taken by his sorrowful

expression. Bad news? More, there's going to be a lot of bad news isn't that right Uncle Qrow?

"Penny was a robotic, and I know you saw her, you know. Disarmed?" Was he making jokes

about me? About Penny? It wasn't funny, IT WASN'T FUNNY!

"We can't put her back together, no matter hard we try, it was just strange. And Pyrrha-" His

voice choked up like he didn't want to tell me, like it was beyond horrible. But I already heard

enough horrible things, I was prepared, was I? No not even close.

"She's gone, and so is Beacon." Everything seem to go in slow motion, Beacon? Gone? Pyrrha?

No,no, no, no, I could've done something! But yet I only helped Blake who didn't even care, she

just ran. Ran like a coward!

I knew tears were across my face by now, my face was boiled as if I just seen death.

I didn't see it.

But what I experienced was worse.

It felt like it was my fault.

But it was, wasn't it? WASN'T IT? Everything was slowing down, everything soon got blurry,

everything got mixed together, like a tornado.

Tornado that ruins everything.

Am I a tornado?

And then everything turned black. I was scared in the darkness.

Scared of seeing tomorrow.

Seeing anything.

Seeing Blake.


The memory kept flashing in Yang's mind.

Everyone left me.

Blake ran.

Weiss was taken away.

Ruby just got up and left to who knows where.

Qrow is now gone.

And no one cares.

"Mom if you're there?"

Should I even call her my mom?

"I need you."

I feel helpless.

"I need you more than ever…"


"I need you…"

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