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Chapter 11: Resonance

January 29, 1963

Disneyland, California, U.S.A

7:30 P.M.

"If I hadn't said it before Jimmy I'll say it now; thanks for the ride" Wayne said to the driver of the red convertible car. With the hair of a Californian surfer and the body of an Olympian, Jimmy Wilson was probably the last person on Earth Wayne would've expected to be his best friend throughout the years.

"Come on Wayne we've know each other since high school, you know I wouldn't leave you in the dust."

Jimmy's eyes stared to the gift box Wayne was carrying that was so large that it covered his lap. "Mind telling me who the gift is for?"

"Sorry Jimmy it's a secret. I could tell you, but you would probably shout it out the moment you pull this car over."

"Is it for a special girl in your life" Jimmy raised his brows in suggestion.

"No" Wayne quickly replied. "It's for a relative of mine."

"Jesus Wayne! Your 24 years old and you still haven't found that special one? You have to find yourself a girl."

"I'm not sure if you're the guy I should be taking advice from."

"And why is that?"

Wayne replied, "I don't know probably because you married Elizabeth after knowing her for only a few weeks! Seriously, who gets married at 24 years old and in under a month?!"

Jimmy then went of the defense. "Okay first off, her name is Liz. Secondly, every guy ever since the end of the war in the Pacific. And thirdly, if you knew that nuclear war was coming then you would probably do the same. Who better to be with at the end of the world than with your soul mate?"

Wayne digressed.

The red convertible pulled up to the street that was close to the Disneyland Park, at which Wayne got out of the car with the large gift box he was carrying.

"I'll be back in half an hour okay" Wayne said to his friend.

"It's cool dude" Jimmy replied. "I'm going to eat out at that new place they call McDonald's. People say the joint is so good it will there will be all over the place and take over the world."

"Better them than the Russians."

Like that Jimmy drove off in his convertible as Wayne walked towards Disneyland with his gift. After clearing the security gate, Wayne made his way to the Sleeping Beauty castle where Walt created a special room called 'Escher's Keep' where their magical evil fairy could hide during the parks' opening hours.

Walking to the rear of the castle and to its sides where no one could see, Wayne approached a locked backstage door to unlock it with a key that only he, Walter, and Marc carried. Closing the door behind him Wayne then walk down the stairs taking him underneath the Sleeping Beauty castle. It wasn't easy to create this secret as the park had open only eight years ago.

Coming to another door, Wayne knocked on it and as expected Walt Disney was there to open it.

" how is she doing?"

"She's enjoying Marc's company" Walter replied, "Please come in."

Wayne entered the room and locked the door behind him. The two men were in a small storage room that mostly contained books from which Maleficent could learn from. The door nearby lead to a bigger living room, from which Wayne guest Mr. Davis and Maleficent were behind.

"She hasn't attacked him?"

"No Wayne" Disney replied. "She's hasn't done anything violent in the last year. Marc is lucky that his neck is okay because she really did it last year."

"I think she's finally sees that she isn't the all power mistress she believed herself to be."

Wayne put his gift to the side. Today was Maleficent's 4th birthday and because of Mr. Davis, Wayne and Walter were obligated to participate. Otherwise they would get on Maleficent's bad side, to which they were amazed hasn't kill anyone so far.

Which is why the men decided to get her out of the park.

"So Mr. Disney, is that special friend of yours coming over soon to see and move Maleficent?"

"Yes he is" Disney replied in dread as he looked to the door where Davis and Maleficent were behind.

"And who is he" Wayne asked.

"Mr. J Edgar Hoover."

Wayne's eyes widen with disbelieve and his mouth nearly dropped as he look to Disney. "The FBI Director?"

"That's right" Walter confirmed. "I serve as his eyes and ears over here in case there's any communist activities going on in the studios."

"Jesus. Why would you do that" Wayne asked, not knowing this dark side to his former superior. "Haven't you seen what happens to those who get black listed in Hollywood?"

"It's better to work alongside the Devil than to be in his path." Walter continued, "I told him that I have an asset that would be helpful in our conflict with the Soviets. After the missile crisis in Cuba last October, the U.S. will take anything that will serve as a trump card."

Wayne couldn't believe what he was hearing. "Are you serious?! You're giving her to the government?!"

"It's not like I have much a choice Wayne" Walter shouted! "She can't stay here in Disneyland or the Studio. Even if she can stay alive with the drawing we signed she can still kill someone. I'm not taking that chance here. I'm sure once Hoover sees what she can do then he will have no problem keeping her a secret and locked up safe, away from people."

"Wow. I can only imagine how that meeting is going to go."

Hoping to keep Wayne from going on tangent Walter said quickly "I told Maleficent this deal and she agreed to it."

"What" Wayne asked in disbelief. "Why?"

"She says she's been having dreams recently. Dreams that she thinks are of another life. I don't know if what she says is true, but a month ago she told me she'll agree to anything as long as she can explore the world."

"What dreams?"

The conversation was cut instantaneously by the sound of a musical flute from the other side of the door. Wayne and Walt in a moment notice felt a sense of tranquility to the healing melody of the music. Opening the door, the men were surprised to what they were seeing.

Maleficent in her fairy form, horns and all, was playing a wooden flute to Davis her in the middle of the large living room. It was ironic to see a women with the horns of the Devil playing music that belongs to an angel. The melody was so divine that it made all of them feel only peace. It was hard to tell if she this was an enchantment but they didn't care.

Once she was done playing, Davis sitting across from her applauded and said, "What's that song you just played for us? It's magnificent."

Maleficent looking at the flute said, "To be honest I don't know. I only hear it in my dreams."

"Well" Walter finally broke from the trance. "It's a beautiful song."

Maleficent ignored his complement and look to Wayne. "I know what you two were talking about and yes I agreed to leave. Thanks to those books you left for me I got an idea of who and what you're giving me to."

Wayne didn't like this idea of showing a real life cartoon to something as serious as the government, but then again keeping her locked up for 4 years in Disneyland was more trouble than the men could bare.

Walking back to get the gift, Wayne set the box down on the table before Maleficent. "If you're going to prove yourself in something like war, then you are going to need this."

Maleficent looked in slight distain at box which was wrapped up with a bow on it. "Do I look like a child to you?"

"Well you are 4 years old" Wayne expressed.

Ignoring Wayne's comedy Maleficent's nails began to flow with magic, making them turning in claws. With a single swipe she torn through the box so fast and powerful that it not only tore off the gift wrap but also left claws marks that penetrated through the cardboard box. Opening it she look upon a human weapon in which Wayne allowed her to use in recent months."

"I assume that this is both my shield and sword" Maleficent asked.

"Yes it is" Wayne replied as she closed the box and put it aside. "Say good bye to swords and crossbows."

Resting herself she look to Wayne and Walter. "You two can go. I like to talk to Mr. Davis alone."

Davis look to the men and nodded them silently to comply. "Left a little bit of cake for you over there Wayne. Enjoy it when you get home."

"Fine by me, I think my friend is probably on his way back so I'll see you later." Wayne picked up the left over cake and left the room to leave the park.

Walter noticed near Marc the black case that is supposable his gift. He now understood why Maleficent wants him to leave and so he did. Before he closed the door he said to his old friend "Be safe ok..." Disney was stopped mid-sentence as he cough really hard.

Davis asked, "Are you okay Walt?"

"Yes I'm fine" he replied. "Doctors say it's because I smoke too much."

"Well lay of the cigars before they kill you" his friend said in a comedic sense.

Walt merely gave a smile and said, "I'll you later my friend."

A few minutes after the two have left, Maleficent look to her creator.

"Why do this?"

Davis, surprised by her question, then asked in return, "What do you mean?"

"Why did do this small celebration for me? They didn't even stay here for long."

"Knowing you I think we can agree it's better that way" Mr. Davis replied.

"I tried to kill you" Maleficent said as a point of reminder. "So why do you care about me?"

Sitting up straight and looking back at Maleficent, "Well…knowing you I'll cut straight to the point. I feel guilty for your suffering and so I feel obligated to ease it as best I can."

Maleficent frowned in slight disgust. "You're taking pity on me?"

"I do remember that day you nearly choke the life out of me, but I also remember that was the day I saw you break down. To answer your question yes, to a degree some of it is pity."

Rising from her chair in anger, she said in a rising voice, "If you really take pity on me, then why didn't you tear the drawing that keeps me alive into pieces? Why burden yourself with me?"

Seeing a moment all too familiar in deal with her, Davis remained seat but changed his demeanor to that of when he was a chief animator at Walt Disney Studios. A demeanor that to a boss. "Do you believe in those dreams you've been having?"

Maleficent's anger was quickly extinguished.

"Do you think that song you played for me came from nowhere?"

He had a valid point to counter her questions, making her feel fell slightly humiliated for her sudden outburst.

"I'll take your silence as a yes." Davis continued, "I pity you not because you're weak but because you refuse to accept the joy in life. After all the horrible things you've done to yourself I was close to tearing your drawing to shreds. I was very close."

Bringing back unpleasant memories, Maleficent sat silently, slowly looking away as she didn't have the courage to see her creator in the eye. "So why did you not do it?"

Taking a deep breath he replied in complete honest. "I didn't kill you because of a dream."

"A dream?" This caught her curiosity as she look to him. "Do share."

Having never said it before he said "To this day I have this dream for you that one day you would be in your human form, walking to a car at the edge of the park ready to take you where ever the road goes. You would know the world and you would be prepare to face it."

Maleficent could tell he was hiding more. "And?"

Taking a deep breath he continued. "And on that day I would be there to say good bye and wish you luck. Then at that moment you would look to me silently and I would see you at peace. No anger. No fear. Just a final and quiet farewell."

His words resonated with what she's always wanted. Her stoic express was replaced with a hint of despair. Wanting to distract herself she telepathically turn the television in the room on. "As we approach the late news hours, we will finish our broadcast with news overseas where a band called The Beatles is gaining rapid popularity in the United Kingdom. Stay tune after these commercials."

"You should go" Maleficent said to her creator as she watched the television. "It's getting late."

Feeling it was best to leave her be, he got up and left his gift on the table. "One day you'll understand what I mean."

Davis then took his coat to leave. As he step thought the door Maleficent asked, "Will you give me one last gift before you go?"

Finding her question odd he replied, "And what would that be?"

"To answer a question I've always asked myself."

Now it made sense why she didn't want to open his small gift. This was what she truly wanted for her birthday. "Okay. What's your question?"

Maleficent, looking away from her creator as she sat in her chair, mustard the will to ask the question she has never said out loud before."Why am I here?

Knowing that she must have asked this question to herself many times, Davis replied with the only answer he could give to such a question.

"You are here because you are."

The room was silent for a time.

"Thank you" Maleficent replied still looking away from him. "For both this small engagement and your honesty."

Sensing that she wants to be left alone, Mr. Davis exited the room and through the second door. A few minutes past till Maleficent was alone with only her thoughts. Her special talent is that she rarely expressed grief but if the conversation had gone on any further she would have humiliated herself.

She then pick up the small black box that be left for her and with it came a note.

'For your receptors. Helps with the electronics.'

Tossing the note aside, she open the black case to look upon the gift he had bestowed to her.

A pair of silver bracelets.

(Present Day)

Maleficent closed her journal titled ' January 1963' and touched the silver bracelets upon her horns. Even though her creator was gone she could still feel his care in the cold metal. How ironic that the smallest of gifts are the most impacting ones in a person's life.

For the first four years of her life she had done was find ways of killing herself out of grief. The moment Davis spoke of those events she remembers vividly of the many attempts she tried in killing herself. Now looking back she would probably punch herself in anger to such disgraceful wasn't until the new millennium that she finally understood why he didn't kill her. He believed that there was more for her to live for than just drowning herself in angst and grief.

Resonance is such a pain.

Placing the journal on a shelf in her bedroom, she turn the plasma screen on and telepathically turn to local news coverage to see if her work was being reported. Luckily it was.

"We open our news hour with the destruction of the apartment belonging to Sashi Mohammed, the victim of last weeks brutal hate crime. Residents say the fire broke out at around 9:00 a.m. when neighbors screamed in terror to small explosion outside of the apartment unit. The resident of the unit was later identified as Sashi Mohammed and was occupied by her two brothers, Tomar and Abdul, along with her teenage son Ahmed. Thankfully no one was killed in the arson attack, but the two brothers are believed to be missing. This arson attack is being reported by Orlando Police as a hate crime in relation with the rising tension in minority populations across the country. This today shows that only more fuel is being poured onto that already raging fire."

A fire that Maleficent was careful not to grow. She wanted to make good on her promise from last night, but if she were to do so then that would cause forces beyond her control to get out of hand and would lead to a potential massacre somewhere else in the States. If that happened Disney would raise their security over night and make it more difficult for the DHIs to find Walt's pen. That she couldn't allow.

At least I have images to show the fool.

She took out her smartphone out to make a call to the DHIs. Closing her eyes to focus, she remembered the full names of all the DHIs to mentally call them on their cell phones at the same time.

Yet before she could a green wisp once again barged into her room silently.

"Now what" she asked in frustration.

The wisp telepathically told her that the older bomber she captured hours earlier is in good health and that all traces of their intrusion was erased.

"I guess those healing spells are still good to bring back limbs then" she said to the wisp. "I'll have some fun with him later. Now get out. I need to make a call to those kids."

The wisp then disappeared and she focused once more on calling all the DHIs at once.

Terrance Maybeck was right on his doubts.

September 10, 2017 (Tues.)

Freedom High School, Orlando

12:00 P.M.

Come on line. Move faster. Finn said in his mind.

Despite having been shot in the stomach that couldn't stop a teenager's need to eat after hours in class. Today it was chicken fried steak with mash potato, gravy, a side of corn, and the usual ice cream sandwich for desert. That's the torture about knowing what's on the menu, having to read it while waiting to have some. Although it was better to think of food then to remember the gory scenes from last night.

Then he felt his smartphone vibrate in his pocket and he took it out. The caller ID number had only zeroes, something Finn had never seen before. Fearing that this could be some techno genius trying to hack his phone, Finn ignored his call and got his food from the cafeteria. Then just as he was about to leave with his tray...


Finn as well as everyone in the school cafeteria took to the source of the sudden shout. Dead in everyone's eyes was Maybeck.

Looking around him he quickly said, "Sorry guys I uhh…" He then quickly got his backpack, slung it across his good shoulder, and quickly threw away his trash before dashing out of the cafeteria with his cell phone glued to his ear.

Ignoring Maybeck's outburst, Finn walk along and went outside to where Dillard and Jezebel were sitting down.

"How you doing man" Dillard ask as he finished lunch.

Jezebel, writing in her journal, looked to Finn and took notice of him holding his stomach in discomfort. "Are you okay?"

"Oh yeah" Finn replied to her, "I'm okay. I'm doing well."

Sitting down, Finn quickly ate his lunch so he could have a little bit of social time. Suddenly, Maybeck burst through the doors and ran towards Finn. "Jesus man, why are you out here. I need to tell you something."

"Well can it wait after lunch?"

"NO" Maybeck quickly replied, "It's an emergency. For real."

"What kind of emergency" Dillard asked to boy Finn never introduced fully.

Seeing that he couldn't do this in front of people, he looked to Finn and said, "Okay I'll tell you later. But shut down your phone. We don't want 'a certain someone from last night' to call you."

Finn could hear Maybeck's hint and the idea hadn't fully hit him.

"I'll going to go tell the others because they're not answering their phones." And like that Maybeck shot back inside, but then Finn follow him.

"I'll help you" Finn turn to Dillard and said, "Sorry man but I need to go."

"That's cool Finn I'll just..." Before he could finish his sentence Dillard saw Finn run inside with Maybeck.

Jezebel look to Dillard to ask, "What do you think wrong with him?"

"I don't know."

Dillard sat down once again to finish his food. Meanwhile Jez phone rang and she picked it up.

"Yes…..I'm sure they'll be there…..What?...Why me?...I understand….I'll do it….I'll see you when you pick me up after school…Okay." Jez then hung up her phone, looking to Dillard who was just minding his own business. For her she felt their friendship as odd. Despite the fact she rarely talks to him or Finn, they still come outside to sit with her.

"I know this is a little late to say Dillard, but why do you continue to sit out here?"

Dillard turn to her. "Do you always like to ask deep questions now and then?"

"Just answer the question."

Doing as she demanded he replied, "Well I guess we really have nowhere else to sit inside, so Finn and I have just one place to eat."

"Then why don't you sit somewhere else" she asked. "We really don't talk and I can tell from you and Finn feel awkward being close to me. I can stand on my own, so I don't mean to be disrespectful but I'm not one who wants friends around her constantly."

"Oh I know that" Dillard replied. "But trust me when I say that lunch time is the only time where you can talk with your friends."

"But Finn is your true friend."

"True friend or not everyone needs company."

Jez stayed silent for a few seconds before asking, "Well do you enjoy my company."

Dillard pondered and said, "Well you are quiet. But that's cool. You don't need to be a loud mouth fat man like me to be my friend. But it would be nice if you share something once in a while."

His mind then wondered to Finn. "Besides, I think I'll get more from you than Finn."


"He talks a lot at lunch but on the bus and at home he's hasn't been saying much. He's quiet from time to time but this is something else. I think there's something he isn't telling me."

The bell then rang and everyone outside collected their trash to throw it away. Before Jez could leave Dillard quickly said, "You know what I think all of us should go to Disney World."

Jez turn to him, surprised that this invitation was so suddenly. "What?"

"Yeah. Finn gave me a Disney VIP park pass not too long ago. Said it was an extra for being a hologram. I think a trip there for the weekend will cheer Finn up and heck even you."

"I don't know if I can go."

"That's okay. But if you can just tell me."

Like that Dillard walk towards the door leaving Jez standing still. She found Dillard's behavior to be the most awkward type she's ever seen. Even with concern for his companion he still manages to find the good stuff in life and gets to his feet quickly. She's imagined the behavior many times in her mind but to see it in person was unique.

Maybe it was because her mother had never found the joy in living as Dillard has.

Whitman Residence

3:15 P.M.

"Okay fine I'll go with you to the park on Saturday" Finn said.

"Don't give me that man" Dillard said, "Trust me I think you need it. You've been down lately and this will lift your spirit up."

The doors to the school bus open and the two boys got off their stop. Finn went down the street to his house and Dillard walk towards his.

Upon opening the door for her son, Finn's mother gave him the usual welcome. Asking him about his day, how things were going. But before Finn could go upstairs to take his afternoon nap, like all high school students take, his mother asked, "Did you get a call from Disney about that commercial you have to attend?"

Not knowing what she was talking about, Finn asked "What are you talking about?"

"Apparently Disney says they need to do a DHI commercial for the holograms and they need you and the others to go in at around 6:00 tomorrow evening."

"Why would they ask us to do something like that and not give us a heads up" Finn asked, not knowing at all what was going on.

"I don't know" his mother responded. "They said it was very urgent and that they'll pay you 1,000$ in cash if you attend."

This was something too odd for Disney to do. Not only that they wouldn't ever pay someone 1,000$ for something as small as a commercial, but also without word from Wayne. But then he remembered what Maybeck said earlier.

"Don't worry mom, I think Wayne hinted about that a few days ago. I guess it slipped my mind to tell you" Finn lied to his mother.

"Okay then. Just call him to get the details."

Then like that, Finn made a dash for his room, shut the door, and got his phone out to turn it on. He was surprise that he got text from all the others.


What is with this dinner invitation, texted Philby.

Why does she want us over there in person, texted Charlene.

I don't know why she wants me to draw all of us, texted Willa.

There were more of their texts, but Finn scrolled down his phone and to his missed calls. Apparently the zero ID caller had left a message. Finn touched his phone to hear the recording.

"Hello there" Maleficent's voice spoke through the quiet room, "I hope you didn't tell anyone about that little incident last night at the park. Not to worry, all is well and safe here at the kingdom. As for the five of you, I'm calling you to give an invitation."

Finn sat down in disbelief. He couldn't even begin to question how she could even call him.

Her messaged continued. "Have a great sleep tonight, because tomorrow I like the five of you to have dinner with me. You are my guests after all and so I must make you feel welcome to my home. You will come tomorrow afternoon to Fort Wilderness along Bay Lake not too far from the Magic Kingdom. There you will go down Big Pine Drive, then down Cypress Knee Circle Street, to a river that leads to a dam at the mouth of the lake. Cross the dam and go close to the forest where a wisp will guide you to me. Be there at 6:00 P.M. exactly. Don't worry about your parent's concerns. I'll take care of that. I advise it best that you come. I have a gift for you all that I'm sure you'll find fascinating. And Angelo, if you are hearing this, do draw your friends and yourself in Mr. Davis's art style. You'll understand soon enough. Now that we understand each other more clearly, let's come together and try this again."

Then like that the call deleted itself automatically from Finn's phone.

"Oh man. This isn't good."

(The next day)

September 11, 2019 (Wed.)

Cypress Knee Circle Street, Fort Wilderness, a mile southeast of the Magic Kingdom

5:30 P.M.

The bus going down Big Pine Drive pulled over to let off its passengers. Finn, Philby, Willa, Maybeck, and Charlene got off the bus an began their walk down Cypress Knee Circle Street. According to their maps a river that feeds to the nearby Bay Lake is only a 10-minute walk away.

As they walked Finn turn to Willa and asked, "So you managed to draw all five of us as cartoons?"

"Well it wasn't easy" Willa replied. "She said to draw us like we are in Sleeping Beauty but I don't get it."

"I don't know about that" Charlene said, "But I don't get how she could call us on are phones and at the same time."

"I knew this would happen" Maybeck said from behind.

Eventually they came to a sharp turn on the street and to their right was the river. Walking off the beaten path they followed the river, down the clearing, to a small dam that had a small street on top of it. With no one in sight they walked across the dam and towards the forest. Looking back from their vantage point they could see the Cinderella Castle and Space Mountain on the horizon. The Disney Contemporary Resort, or the futuristic looking hotel with the monorail going through it, was the one the other side of the lake. And dead in the center of the lake was a large island completely covered in vegetation.

"Hey what's that island over there" Willa asked.

"That's Discovery Island" Charlene quickly answered. "Use to be a pirate theme attraction. Then became a Disney zoo. Then after Animal Kingdom opened, they just abandoned the island and all the buildings as well."

Maybeck looked to her and remembered. "Let me guess, Disney documentary?"


They then wondered about, waiting for 6 o'clock to come about. The sun was still high in the blue sky but thankfully it was September and the weather was cooler than usual. After half an hour it was time.

"Well it's 6:00 P.M. right now" Philby said as he looked around, seeing if there was a green wisp to follow as before. Then out of nowhere a green wisp shoots out of the ground and circles around the group slowly.

"Well guys I think we're just in time" Finn stated the obvious to everyone as the wisp moved slowly into the forest.

The kids then follow the wisp through some thick grass before they came across a tire trail that was carved into the ground. The wisp followed the tracks to a very large shed deep in the forest that looked decades old and was no doubt abandoned. The five of them then opened the large wooden door to enter the shed and they found nothing, just the wisp floating in the center of the large open area as big as a garage.

"Umm…okay. What now" Maybeck questioned.

The wisp then dived to the ground and a green pentagram appeared beneath their feet. Before they even knew it their bodies flashed out of the shed and the forest was silent.

(Location Disclosed)

800 feet beneath Discovery Island

6:02 P.M.

All five of the teenagers were now in a dark chamber nearly devoid of light.

"Whoa" Charlene screamed to the sudden change in setting. "What just happened?"

"I think that we just used Maleficent's teleportation spell" Philby said.

"To where thou" Willa asked.

"My sanctuary" Maleficent's voice said from behind. Unfortunately she was behind Maybeck again.

"Christ" Maybeck took a few steps back, getting away from her quickly. "Why you got to do that?"

Maleficent, in her human formed smiled to his comical question. "I just want to remind you of how small you are Terrance."

"Yeah well if you want to tell us not to mess with you I think we got the message the night you killed those guys."

"Only the one man" Maleficent corrected. "I need one alive to make sure that they're weren't hiding any surprises. Thankfully they didn't kill anyone before they got to the park. So all is well and so you're still safe in the park."

Not with you in it. Everyone thought inside their head.

"Come now. I saved your lives will also foiling a massacre and this is how you thank me?"

They forgot that she could read minds at a distance.

"Why do you want us here" Finn asked, knowing that this had to be more than just another introduction with her .

Maleficent read his thoughts and replied, "If I am to be honest…I'm bored."

"For real" Maybeck said amazed to how nonchalantly she replied.

"When you're locked in a park for decades and have no one to talk to you'll take any company to keep your sanity at bay."

Snapping her fingers the dark chamber lite up to reveal a large collection of drawings and paintings. The colossal walls and the smoothness of the roof made the setting look like that of an art museum.

Out of curiosity Philby asked, "Where are we exactly?"

"At least 800 feet beneath Discovery Island" Maleficent answered. "You can't believe how long it took me to build all of this."

"Wait we're underneath the lake" Charlene asked in disbelief.


"And you managed to build all this" Maybeck gestured his hands to everything.


"How thou" Philby asked.

Maleficent replied. "Determination."

She then turned her attention to Willa. "You have the drawings Isabella?"

Taking out her backpack with her art journal inside, Willa took out five papers to give Maleficent. Taking the papers, Maleficent was impressed that Angelo could mimic Mr. Davis's art style.

"It's a good thing that you draw Mr. Davis's style so vividly" Maleficent said with a smile on her face. "You can't imagine how much I wanted to hurt you for not paying your respects."

Everyone froze in terror; thinking back to the night before. Willa on the other hand look to Philby in and said with her face 'See! I told you she would be angry with me.'

"Not to worry I forgive you" Maleficent said sensing Willa's fear. She then turns her attention to the others. "Please do look around. I created these over the years but art isn't complete without an audience to see it."

She then walked towards a large painting. "I think this is a good place to start."

The kids could see from afar that the artwork was a black and white drawing that showed a cottage upon a hill with a small farm growing near it. In the background was girl looking at a fire beneath a tree with a castle barely visible in the far distance behind.

"So what's the piece called" Willa asked?

Maleficent didn't label any of her artworks as their titles were only for her to know. Not having anything fancy on her mind she replied to Willa's question with the only word she could think of looking at this farm cottage.


At that moment they then knew why she brought them here.

"You invited us just to see a your life's story" said Philby.

"That wasn't the original intent. But I feel this as a little means of enlightenment to your dwindling imaginations."

Charlene ask "So what's the original intent?"

"You'll see soon enough." She then turned to the kids. "I know all of this is so sudden, but I can assure you that you're not going to be hurt. I am a lady of my word and I promised you that no harm would come if you do as I say. And what I'm saying to you now is to relax and enjoy this day. While I enchant Angelo's drawings I want you to take pleasure in seeing my story; from myself and not from the perspective of simple minded hypocrites."

Maleficent then teleported herself out of the chamber and left the five kids alone in the large art gallery.

"Enchant" Willa said confusingly.

"So she's just leaving us" Maybeck said, "Just like that."

"Well" Finn said to everyone. "You heard her guys. Let's look around."

"Gotcha" everyone said together.

Like that, everyone split up to look at each artwork by themselves. Not that they were excited to see art, but that they didn't want to offend Maleficent.

The chamber they were in had large openings leading to other chambers with more drawings. The walls were nearly two stories tall and painted in clear white. The floor was black marble, the ceiling was lite by chandeliers, and the whole place was air conditioned. They found it hard to believe this was all underground and beneath a lake.

Finn look upon a painting where teenagers were fighting in the courtyard of a castle. In the center were two teenage girls training with a sword and wand in each hand; facing each other off in a duel of some sort. One of the girls had black raven hair and was fair in beauty and strength. Her challenger was a white hair girl whose skin was silk white who was equally beautiful and powerful as her opponent. From their stances they looked like they really wanted to overpower the other. Finn knew the black hair girl was Maleficent but he couldn't help but feel like he had seen someone like that before.

Charlene stare to a painting which showed a large citadel structure that was enormous. The building was saturated on a large island that covered the entire painting and looked composed of three sections. In the center and set on a large platform that reached for the sky, was a beautiful castle that was surrounded by clouds. At the bottom on each side were buildings that looked similar to a high court having columns and stone décor. One of the court building look to be angelic with the statues having bird and insect like wings. The other building opposite of it was decorated in a dark demeanor with dragons and with wingless statues wielding swords and magic. At the bottom of the painting was the sea and a small boat with two people on it. Both of them appeared to be teenage girls and they were only staring at the colossal courts and castle in the sky.

Maybeck was staring at an art piece that was different from the others in turn of its setting. Instead of the fantasy setting of Europe, the setting of this drawing looked as if it was in Persia or the Middle East. The image was that of a party, the crazy sexy kind, in which all the men and some women look to a dancer with long black hair in the center. Seeing how little she was wearing, it was obvious she was a slave girl. In the back of his mind, Maybeck hoped this wasn't who he believe to be because all the girls' curves were….

"Nope" Maybeck said quietly to cut of the disturbing idea.

Willa's attention was towards an art piece like the drawing Maybeck was looking at; that being the setting being somewhere that clearly isn't European. This drawing appears to be in India, with the background having a Hindu temple with a large river at its base. In the foreground were two tall women looking upon the sunset; one having long black hair and the other having short hair.

Philby stare to a drawing where a queen fairy was performing some sort of knighting ceremony to a row of women dressed in robes and knelling with their staffs held behind their back in a store of special stance. The fairy queen was obvious to see as she was wearing a golden crown, a dress covered in jewels, and large insect like wings that were like a butterfly. The fairies upon which she was knighting were very different. Those who had blond or brunet hair had insect wings, and those who had black or red hair were wingless. Yet the fairy that caught his attention was one with long black hair and Philby could easy tell that this fairy is Maleficent.

Each of them took turns looking at each drawing, painting, and work of art; curious to see the events that shaped Maleficent's life.

One painting showed her in mediation with an Asian monk in the high snowy mountains. In the back ground they could see large snakes flying in the background. Soon enough it was discovered that they were Chinese style dragons flying in the back ground that had no wings as the traditional dragon.

Another showed her in a dense jungle preparing to fight a large African man in hand to hand combat. The match was set in the center of a village surrounded by humans and giants that towered over the trees. Behind Maleficent and her competition were African women who looked to be the teachers of their given students; meaning the match was really a show of student vs. student with their mentors looking to see their efforts in action. The women behind Maleficent was beaded in jewelry, having chocolate skin, and had similarities to the village chief who was seeing the match from a high throne.

The next art piece was set on a beach with a dark storm out upon the horizon. On the sandy shore was Maleficent standing with another woman close by. Both of them were witnessing a man conjuring magic and displaying it by creating a bird of fire, most likely a mystical phoenix. The man was clearly a sorcerer showing or teaching magical arts to his two students.

So far none of the paintings the kids had seen depicted Maleficent having her signature horns.

The next showed Maleficent sitting with three other women on the balcony of a high castle overlooking a rolling countryside. All of them appear to just be enjoying time together in a reunion sense. Some of the women were seen in the previous drawings but in this art piece they were in great detail. One of them looked similar to Maleficent's younger appearance, but her face was more expressive and her long hair was tied in a French braid. Another look significantly older having a sharper face and had short hair which made her appear more dominating. The last woman in the picture was overly expressive having a sense of pure glee and having crazy curled hair.

"Well I'll be" Maybeck said from behind everyone. "Looks like she could make friends after all."

"How many places has Maleficent been in her life" Charlene asked, "It is likes she's been to almost everywhere in the world."

"I never figured she was such a wondering traveler" Philby expressed in disbelief. "That's assuming what we are seeing is actually what happened in her life and if this is real world related."

Finn then suggested, "Speaking of the real world, you got to wonder if any magical beings in ancient times realized there were two continents across the ocean."

"Maybe they did" Willa answered from behind, "But they didn't want to come here."

Walking into another chamber, the kids continued to view certain events in Maleficent's life, but then they came across something odd.

"Why this painting all black" Finn asked staring and a black canvas with nothing drawn or painted in it.

Willa suggested, "Probably an empty chapter in her life that isn't filled in."

All of them nodded their heads to that. They continued their look into Maleficent's story as there was more to see.

To everyone's surprise the first artwork they came upon showed Maleficent in union with a man within a forest with pixies in the background. Here Maleficent was no doubt an adult and the man in which she was holding was clearly her lover. They could tell he was a fairy based on the blue light his body was emitting. Seeing how handsome he was with his large muscles and clear brown hair it was no surprise that Maleficent chose him.

"Damn the guy makes me want to love him" Maybeck said quietly from behind.

Everyone looked to Maybeck in an awkward sense. Until he burst out laughing.

"I'm just joking you guys!"

Charlene looked to the painting once more and said, "You know Donnie, he may be just a picture but he's more of a man than you."

Maybeck's laughter was quickly extinguished. "So what does that make me?"

"A dork" said Charlene.

"A goofball" said Willa.

"A juvenile buffoon" said Philby.

"Wow" Maybeck said with his arms in the air. "You guys came up with that pretty quickly."

"Well it's nice to be prepare" Philby said.

Finn returned his attention back to the painting. I wonder who he was to her.

Moving on, the next picture showed the white-haired girl fighting Maleficent once again except they were both grown up and that the duel was in an arena with the Fairy Queen in the background with the Fairy King present as well. The two competitors carried only staffs instead of having wands and swords. Here the looks on their faces were of anger instead of determination, making the kids see that this was clearly someone that Maleficent didn't like.

The empty canvas nearby was blank with nothing but black.

Then when all of them were looking upon a painting with Maleficent sword-in-hand standing on top of a ditch which was filled with dead men, women, children, and babies. The thing that makes it stand out is it's the first art piece in which Maleficent had horns growing from her head. Only they were small and hard to make out from the charcoal style drawing.

From then one they saw only destruction in the works of art with a few blank pictures.

One show the colossal castle and court houses that Charlene saw earlier ablaze in fire. The whole structure was a blazing inferno with the castle high in the sky crumbing down it's high pedestal. Below at the sea were thousands of fairies looking at the sight in disbelief and horror.

The following artwork was one of a total hellish landscape. The sky was blanketed in smoke as castles across the land were burning in great fires. Winged creatures and European style dragons were flying upon the red horizon that was not lite the sun and a red moon in the sky only reinforced the apocalyptic setting. It was hard to tell if this was Earth or Hell.

The painting next to it showed a battle between winged fairies and wingless fairies. Upon the ground were a dozen fairies with staffs being lifted into the air and lighting was arching across the grey storm. Winged fairies were in flames and dropping out of the sky.

The following pictures all had one thing in common and that was Maleficent fighting against the civilizations she learned from. The many pieces of art were showing Maleficent in combat against her teachers, from the African woman, to the Chinese monk, to the sorcerer on the beach, and so on. Maleficent's horns grew larger with each foe she faced until they were her signature appearance.

Then out of all the gloomy pieces, there was one all of them recognize. Maleficent casting a spell at a princess's baby shower. Finn, Philby, Willa, Maybeck, and Charlene at this moment came to lose their sense of reality. The fact Maleficent was real and that they were watching her life in art, the sight of seeing the fairy tale from their childhoods appearing in this limbo of fantasy and reality made all of them question a great many things.

But after the Sleeping Beauty painting, there was only another blank canvas. Mostly like to resemble another empty chapter in her story that hasn't been filled.

When the kids exited the hallway to another large chamber the tone of the collection they witness mostly death.

Here they saw one piece showing Maleficent in her true fairy form stripe naked and bounded in chains. In the painting she was being paraded across a human and fairy spectacle as a form of public humiliation. They could see the lack of life drained from Maleficent's face but she was stoic. No crying. No anger. Nothing but a sense of inevitability.

Then the next picture showed many winged fairies looking at a tall tower set upon a cliff arching out into the sea in coming storm. Near the base of the tower was a priest ringing a bell in a ritual sense. At the top of the tower was a fire and the smoke bellowing out from it was carried by the wind to the raging sea. The kids couldn't make out what was burning upon the high tower but they had a good idea that this was an execution ceremony and of who was on top.

On the wall opposite of the kids, there was painting that showed many magical creatures deteriorating and vomiting blood. On each creature was a black stain that was clearly the source of their pain and agony. In some fairies they could see creatures bursting from their bodies and transforming into a horrifying form that was mechanical but also organic. These demonic creatures were tall being covered in metallic armor, having two arms with swords in each hand, and a smaller pair of hands were in the center near their chests. These creatures flew in the sky and were killing those who weren't infected. Whatever pestilence the magical creatures were enduring it was one that they could clearly not endure.

The picture next to it showed what appeared to be a flower in the night sky bursting a huge ray of light, burning and incinerating all things magical creature of all kind. Pixies, giants, fairies, dragons, heck even a unicorn was in the picture. However at the bottom there were small animals that were not effected by the light's rays.

The final art piece in the gallery was similar to the first one Maleficent point them towards; that being the one with a cottage upon a hill, a tree nearby, and a castle in the background. But here the cottage was wore down, the castle in the distance was gone, and the only thing that wasn't any different was the tree with nobody sitting beneath it.

"I guess what goes around comes around" Charlene said from behind.

The kids then decided to enter the final room, which they would have walked in a square. However, the door didn't open.

"Finished already" Maleficent's voice asked from the other side.

"Yeah" Finn responded. "I think it's safe to say you have a quite a story to tell."

"I'm amazed. You actually have an imagination to piece them all together. You're going to need that talent of disbelief for where we're going."

Everyone had no idea what she was talking about.

"Anyway" Finn slowly said. "Why's this door locked?"

Maleficent answered, "I'm just covering my magnum opus."

Everyone looked to each other finding the irony in her sentence.

Finn push the door once again and it was open. There before them was Maleficent was sitting with her back turned to them, looking at the only art piece in the room. The art work was the largest they've seen, being almost 40 feet high and covering the entire width of the 60-foot wall.

Too bad is was encapsulated in a black field.

She turned to the kids and said, "Ah…just in time. I just finished chanting your sketches. I'm satisfied with your artistic talent Angelo. Do be the smart girl in the future and use your talent for real art and not to appease your self-indulgences."

"Uhhh…thanks I guess." Willa replied to the comment and not the insult.

"So if this is your magnum opus" Philby asked, "Then why are you hiding it from us?"

"Well how can something be a gift if it's not wrapped" Maleficent replied, thinking back to the days when Wayne wrapped his gift to her.

Looking back on the Sleeping Beauty art piece he had seen earlier, Finn asked "Is this gift of yours…magical?"

"Yes it is" she replied.

Everyone didn't feel good to where this was going.

"Is this a curse that's going to kill us" Charlene asked.

"Or makes us fall asleep for a long time" said Philby

"It can be either a curse or a gift depending on how you see it" she replied.

She then took out the drawings that Willa had drawn of them. The drawings then suddenly were on fire and Maleficent blew the ashes of the burning paper towards her magnum opus. The burning paper passed the black field and disappeared.

"What are you doing" Willa asked, slightly mourning the lost of her artwork.

"Only what's necessary for you to be one with the picture."

Finn as well as the others were confused to her statement. "To be one with the picture?"

"Yes, it's where we are going to dine and eat. It's for a special occasion."

The kids had no idea what she meant.

Knelling down and putting her hand on the marble floor, Maleficent imagined a particular symbol and it appeared upon the floor before everyone. The kids recognized the symbol and it was the DHI logo.

Why does this thing keep appearing, everyone said in their heads.

"It's the symbol upon which all magic was born from" Maleficent answered their mental question. "Now get together and stand on it."

Finn, Philby, Willa, Maybeck and Charlene did as she asks and they all stood upon the DHI symbol.

"Now relax and close your eyes."

The kids complied and Maleficent searched her memory to bring the picture to life. Her last art piece was of the place where she learned to accept her place in the new world. With the destination set she casted her magical spell and the DHI symbol illuminated brightly. The room was now empty with the kids and Maleficent disappearing.

Opening his eyes, Finn found himself in some forest that was…a painting? He noticed this type of style. It was the same used in the old Sleeping Beauty film. He felt as if he was within a drawing of the film.

"Whoa dude, what the hell just happen?"

Finn turned to Maybeck's voice and he jumped at the sight of seeing everyone as a cartoon! Looking at his hands they were animated like a drawing!

"Guys your all cartoons" Charlene said in disbelief before Finn could.

Willa looked at herself and to the others. "You're all just like I drew you. Your outfits are the same as they were on the papers." Looking at herself Willa was wearing red glasses, a short summer dress, and a denim jacket. Her hair was stylish, having a flowing style that ended in wavy curls.

Maybeck noticed his hair had grown and he now had dreadlocks. His outfit consisted of a high school varsity jacket, normal jeans, and high-quality Nike shoes. He appeared more like a senior than a freshman.

"Wow Wills. A little too much hair for my liking, but the jacket and the shoes fit me well."

Willa look to him and said, "I'm glad to hear that."

"Yeah well couldn't you have drawn me something a little more different" Finn asked from behind; wearing the usually T-shirt, cargo shorts, and tennis shoes.

Willa squint in a meme like fashion and said, "Sorry…I had to work on you in my last period class today."

Finn shrug his shoulders. "Nah it's okay. I really can't think of anything else really."

"Same here" Charlene looked at herself wearing what she expected. Her outfit consisted of a blank top, torn jeans, and colorful running shoes. Her long blond hair was in a ponytail, her right arm had a black arm band set around her bicep, and her left arm had an arm sleeve that stretched from the elbow to the wrist.

"I'm just glad you didn't draw me in some dress" Charlene smirked.

"I thought you like Disney Princesses" Maybeck said, remembering their old conversation.

"Uh…you think a big ball gown is made for the forest" she replied, reminding him where they were.

"Well I'm dressed for the occasion." Philby said from behind the two. His outfit consist of a buttoned shirt under a suiting vest, khaki pants, and hard closed lace shoes. His hair was had grown slightly, not as much as Maybeck's, and was wearing glasses even though he doesn't wear any.

Philby turn to Willa. "Why did you draw me like I was going to a dance or something?"

"I guess I just see a gentleman in you" Willa teased.

"Well isn't this adorable." A loud voice echoed through the sky. "Your outfits look perfect. You look like merchandise for Disney to sell."

Everyone looked up not knowing where the source of voice was coming from.

Maybeck asked to the sky, "God?"

"No Terrence. There is no such thing."

Philby not being able to take it anymore yell to the sky, "Okay Maleficent where are you! What did you do to us?"

Maleficent's voice echoed in the sky once more as if it was divine. "I told you it was all to be part of the picture. And now you are. If you want to return to reality, then you'll have to wait on me."

Charlene in confusion asked, "So…are we dreaming…or are we…"

"No; those are your real bodies in my personal world. So please don't try to hurt yourselves."

Maleficent continued. "Follow the stone path laid before you."

"And where does it go" Willa asked.

Nothing was said for a few seconds until Maleficent replied, "A castle."

"You mean your spooky mountain castle" Finn asked.

"No Whitman. That life has ended for me." Maleficent replied back. "I found a new castle and feel that it's appropriate for today."

Philby asked, "What do you mean?"

"Find me and you will know."

The sky was then silent. Philby asked again and still no reply.

"I think she just hanged up on us" Charlene said.

Everyone only look to themselves, amazed to see that they were in an animation form. Around them was a forest that looked like a European tapestry with the brush so thick they could barely make out the sky. A stone path was laid before them and having nowhere else to go, the DHIs followed the trail.

After all they have seen and all they've experience; the DHIs have finally decided to give up on the workings of the world they grew up in. Everything that has happen in the last few days have destroyed all that they've learned. Finn once said that their situation was a crazy one, but now they all felt as if they were in a world of insanity. Maybe they were in Wonderland and they're just desperately trying to find the door out. Assuming there is a door.

"We have to be dreaming" Philby said from the back of the line. "We have to be. Just like when we're holograms at the park. This can't be the REAL us. This has to be a holographic dream or …something."

"Don't bother trying to make sense of this dude" Maybeck said in front of Philby. "I've given up trying to make sense of all this craziness after all the crazy things we've seen from Wayne and Maleficent."

Philby replied in frustration, "We'll excuse me for trying to find some logic in this sea of insanity!"

Everyone at the moment stop in their tracks and turned to Philby.

"I wouldn't bother" Charlene said, "My mother always told that that trying to find logic where there is none will drive you crazy."

Looking around herself at the beautiful forest and the small creak flowing next to them Charlene continued. "I just feel like I'm in Alice in Wonderland now. I think that is what's best for us to think."

"Your saying we just go down the rabbit hole" Philby asked.

Willa intervened saying, "I'm with her on this. The holograms, that pyramid, what Maleficent can do; I think it's best if we just let our imaginations do the rest."

"She's right" Finn said tossing his arms up, "I give up. I say we just go with the flow of whatever come and just go with it, because if I spend another minute trying to make sense of all this I'm going to lose my mind."

Hearing everyone around him, Philby's mind lost its will to think. He was now realizing that his intellect was meaningless in the grand situation they were in.

Maybeck, seeing the dismay on his friend's face, patted Philby on the back. "Sorry Dr. Phil, but it looks like you're going to have to get use to wearing a blue dress, a blonde wig, and being called Alice because you are in Wonderland now."

Philby looked to a small creek nearby and decided to walk to it. "I need to cool my head off."

Finn, Maybeck, Charlene, and Willa nodded their heads for not being able to get through his head.

But knowing he was a geek who wasn't one to get his cloths wet, Philby stop in his tracks and immediately turned around the to the group.

"Screw it" he said out loud.

Everyone look to him.

"Let's go down the friggin rabbit hole."

Finn turned his head to the stone trail. "You heard him guys. Let's roll."

AN: Finally after so long I've manage to give a hint of Maleficent's past in a Kingdom Keepers setting. I was hoping to share bits and pieces of Maleficent's fantasy life throughout the story but since the Keepers will not be interacting with her after the next chapter I felt it better to shed some light on the matter in this chapter. So let me share a few details into the making of this chapter

The 1960's:When I read the Return series, all three books, I found it kind of criminal that the series didn't bathed in it's mid 1950's setting. Yeah it got it's detail in old Disneyland correct, but apart from a nod to a few cars the Return series never gave you that feeling that you really traveled back in time. So here I somewhat made a comprise of the Return series along with the Kingdom Keepers series dwelling into Maleficent's years of growing up in the modern world. This alone shows how much different this reboot story is compared to the original series. This chapter shows that the world of the Kingdom Keepers going beyond the parks with notable events from the 1960's being mentioned. The close call with the Cuban Missile Crisis, the birth of fast food with McDonalds, McCarthyism, and heck even the Beatles; all small nodes help build the setting of the chapter. Yes, Walt Disney was in fact someone who knew FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover during the Red Scare in Hollywood. This is a fact that I don't think Ridley Pearson would've touched upon because of it's political context in U.S. History. For me this connection was a gateway for Maleficent's character to be more than just a cartoon villain come to life. If you had a being that is not of this Earth and has potential powers that could advance your fight with a foreign power; would you want to lock that person up in a kid's theme park? NO! You want to get her out and study her! Apart from that what I also wanted to do with this chapter was something that I'm amazed no one has attempt to do. That being the relationship between Maleficent and her creator. While some may say that it's kind of offensive for me to write words into a deceased animator, I find it more offensive for a fictional character called Amery Hollingsworth to take credit for her creation in the books. MORE offensive is not to credit Marc Davis AT ALL in the Maleficent movie even though he is the guy who drew and created her for Disney! [I'm serious here. His name isn't in the end credits of the movie!] So as much respect as possible I wanted to books to expand upon Maleficent's character in relation with her creator and to show a more realistic side to her than her cliché villain movie behavior in Sleeping Beauty. There was one thing I wanted her creator to say, but that was cut from this chapter and will be in the next one which will be the last time I'll have a nonfictional character speak.

Animated Keepers: Skipping to the end here I always wanted a realm where the Keepers can be in an animation form and in a way can co-exist with the fictional world of Disney instead of everything being live-action. I believe it would have been stronger for the books if there was the real world and within Disney is a fictional animated world where the Disney characters can escape. If the story was turn into a movie then this would work in colliding the two worlds. For this chapter I made that SOMEWHAT possible with a small world Maleficent has created for herself. What is it? That you'll have to wait for the next chapter. Sadly I have to say that there won't be any Disney characters in the next chapter because of the setting that is...forbidden in the REAL world.

Maleficent's Life Story: Originally I wanted this chapter to be about how Maleficent has learned of our world, but after thinking I decide to instead let this be a chance to explore Maleficent's back story in a fast and imaginative way. At first I wanted the DHIs to be animated from the first drawing and then 'leap' from drawing to drawing witnessing events in Maleficent's fantasy life. Instead I opt with the story-by-artwork idea because I didn't want this chapter to be just exposition. I want you, the reader, to fill in the blanks of what the Keepers have witness. It should be better than a cliché 'boyfriend stabs me in the back' story that Disney has decided to give her. I won't say anymore of what the DHIs have seen because that would ruin the point of the choice I made while making this chapter. As for how it relates to the Kingdom Keepers; for this story I REALLY want it to be a story that stands strong on it's own instead of being a Part 1 story like the book series. There is a lot more that I wish to write but what comes first as an author is to make a good stand alone story first and if it does well can one think about doing a sequel! I'm pretty sure most books series focus on having a good first entry instead of being a 'what till the next book comes out' kind of deal. Here I want Maleficent to be a full character on par if not more than the Keepers.

And that concludes Chapter 11. How was the chapter and what did you think of it? What worked? What didn't? Leave a review and let me know. The next chapter is one I've been preparing for a long time. Had to do so much research on the matter the same way Pearson did for the Disney parks. What am I talking about? Let's just say that while I was on vacation I finally went to the place I've always wanted to go as a kid. For me this place was my childhood castle that I've wanted to be on top of for as long as I can remember. Heck I wanted to go to this place long before I even thought of wanting to go to Disney World. This place was my first dream but when I got there it didn't come true.