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"And a one,And a two,a one two three four." Said the white tigeress at the front of the the end of her count,Judy and six other mammals, all of Judy's friends,started to swing and tap their paws against the scratched encouraged her friends to go with her to with her to a Tao dance evening had recently discovered that nick had taken tap dancing lessons when he was a kid for nine years and he was even a Tap champion of 2004 for under 14s. Finnick tell Judy anything that might emmbarras nick in any shape or and nick had been going out for a year and their anniversary was tommorow and they had made a packed to not give each other gifts in a literal this was his was actually quite impressed at how quickly she picked it up.

"What up fluff but." nick asked sticking his snout between her two fluffy ears. She looked up at him and thought how do I deserve was looking at them big,round soul melting violet eyes.

"Just thinking" she answered innocently.

"About me..?" He suggested with his typical sly grin.

"Mabey" she added blushing like there was no tomorrow.

"Aww...carrots is all loved up..soooo cute." He said deliberately trying to wind her up,as predicted it earned him a playful but still painful punch in the arm.

"You can't talk fox,the other day you couldn't get enough of me." She said as she tickled his chin.

"You got be fluff" he answered as he kissed her lightly on her forehead.

"I was thinking that we could go to the new plaza that opened up round the corner… My treat seen as though I won seventy five quid on the lotto. " nick said as sat down beside her on a red Spinny bar chair.

"that sounds ,what time do you wanna go Nicky?" She asked warm at his generosity and thoughtfulness.

"Bout half seven to get the nicest food."

"Well I suppose we better get ready. " she walked into their shared bedroom and started looking through her wardrobe on the inside of the doors was a picture of her and nick at his graduation and their first date she had also set the same photo as her wallpaper on her loved that photo. She knew this was a very posh place.

"Better dress to impress" she whispered to started searching for a outfit that she had been saving for somewhere nice but she came across nick's first. She unhooked it and turned to the king size bed behind her and laid it out.

"NICK,got ya clothes!" she exclaimed.

He came into the room and shot her a look saying thank you as he started unbuttoning his secretly was looking at him using the mirror next to her.

"Ah ha!"

She found it! Again she unhooked was a pair of black shorts and a blue and purple ormbred top.

She sat on the bed and lifted her top up over her turned to see if nick was ready yet he held his head in his hands gazing at her smugly.

"Nick!" She shouted

"Hey!what you're aloud to peak and I'm not I hardly think that's fair!" He said.

"Why are you so bothered any way?"

He added.

"slt fox...and Because I need to work out,I don't look very good." She replied meekly trying to hide her body with her thin gray arms.

"Well I can figure out a way to change that." Typical nick

"You will always be beautiful to me."

"I'm just gonna go to the gents"

Nick walked over to the brown they were just right for them .not too posh to wear gowns and tuxedos but not too shabby with drunk people were entertainment at the front on the lobby was decorated with red and cream and a rustic took another sip of the red wine from the crystal wine sat back and sighed with relaxation.

"This song is for the love of my life and my beautiful girlfriend and happy anniversary." Someone said toward the front. She turned around,the voice sounded strangely like nick. It was nick!Nick saw Judy's confused and surprised face.'what are you up to Nicky' she mouthed towards typical grin took over his red face.

"And mabey she would like to join me on stage.?"he asked with his emerald puppy dog eyes. She scoffed and dragged herself off her chair and onto the stage. Nick dragged a microphone stand next to him.

Judy knew exactly knew how this was gonna plan finally made nick had made her sing with him with the radio on.

"Ladies and gents for you tonight we ate singing 'wake me up' by avicii.

The music started playing Judy shook her head she still couldn't believe she was doing this.

"#Feeling my way through the darkness,
Guided by a beating heart
I can't tell where the journey will end
But I know where to start#" he loved nicks singing voice it was like velvet.

"#They tell me I'm too young to understand
They say I'm caught up in a dream
Well life will pass me by if I don't open up my eyes
Well that's fine by me#" she sung.

Nick gazed at her as she eyes came alive.

"#So wake me up when it's all over
When I'm wiser and I'm older
All this time I was finding myself
And I didn't know I was lost

I tried carrying the weight of the world
But I only have two hands
Hope I get the chance to travel the world
But I don't have any plans

Wish that I could stay forever this young
Not afraid to close my eyes
Life's a game made for everyone
And love is the prize#" they sung together in unison bonded by the art of music and true love.

"marina crescent please." Nick instructed as himself and Judy slid into a driver nodded politely before setting pair sat there for a moment in calming relaxing silence.

"You are one sly fox officer Wilde." Judy stated,turning towards him and looking deeply into his eyes.

He did the same but sarcastically.

"And I'm a dumb bunny" she said

"*I'm a dumb bunny*" play the carrot pen that nick had kept on his person since it had came into his possession.

He replayed it over again and again.

"I'm gonna enjoy this" he chuckled.

"Nick! Cut it out!" She shouted sternly.

"If you want it come get it." He she pounced towards diver jumped and swerved a held the pen about his head and shook it matter how hard she tried she couldn't get it.

"Woah!" She had tried over his leg and landed on top of his glanced upward and he glanced eyes met in the middle. They had always kept the amount of chemistry between them the same and even higher. They kissed. Grins came across their faces.

"You planned that didn't you?" She asked.

"Maybe.." He answered.

"Nicky...are you awake?" Judy whispered softly in his ear as she stroked opened his eye.

"Yeah.." He pecked her.

"I'm hungry.." He added. Judy could not be surprised.

"Com' on..I'll make you some blueberry pancakes." She said slyly.

"I don't deserve you" he said as the pair jumped out of pulled down her shorts and top they had rid up while she was asleep they had one of her favourite kids TV characters "spongebob".Nick was wearing his Calvin Klein boxers.

"What this?" He said as he jumped on one of their were two theatre tickets on the table for the riverdance.

"I know our anniversary was yesterday but I couldn't get any earlier tickets and finnick told me that you liked tap so I got you both tickets tonight and you can drink as much as you like,I will take you there and back"

Nick was surprised and angry. Surprised at how thoughtful she was and angry that he told Judy about him liking tap 'I hope to god that he didn't tell her about me doing it' he thought to he was a bit upset that judy wasn't the one going with him.

"thanks Judy.I couldn't have thought of a more thoughtful gift myself!" He exclaimed as he kissed her cheek.

"Well I will pick you up at ten yeah?" She asked as finnick jumped out of the car.

"Yeah,thanks again babe" nick confirmed as he kissed her cheek then also jumped out off their SUV.

"See ya later." She drove off leaving the old buddies walked sat down in front row seats that were a velvety got his phone out and his it from the eye site if nick.

'We're in' he messaged had parked her car around the corner and was now waiting for his received his message and entered the was at the back.a door said 'staff only' she stealthily entered the door and walked up to her dance teacher.

"Judy,we have ten minutes till showtime your outfits are in the changing room on the left." The teacher stated. Judy went and got ,nick was trying to get finnick to agree to get judy to set him up with Lionheart stept into the centre of the stage.

"Its with great honour that I can present the annual riverdance!" He exclaimed walked off the dancers danced onto the last but not least Judy danced on the stage.

The dancers started their routine.

Nick scanned all of the of them were quite good one of them at the bunny,nick thought.

"She looks amazing!" He whispered.

Finnick warmed him to think that his best mate,after everything he had been through he had found the one.

"Wait.." He got his phone out ready to make that face last forever of shock.

"Judy..?" He mouthed as he look at glanced towards him and his confused face and winked.

"What the! Fin is that fluff but over there?" nick knew that annoying little face to well.

"It is isn't it! And you knew!"

"All I'm gonna say is...She hustled you." Nick pulled back shocked.

"You told her didn't you! You swore you wouldn't say anything!"

"Nick ! Calm down man! Just think thats your lass!"

"That's my wifff..lass" the old hustle twins sat there both shocked at the last sentence spoken between them.

"Nick!?" Said heart began beating eye sight bacame once he became dizzy.

"I gotta..gotta go" he jumped up and ran 's heart sank had this been too much on nick reminding him of his childhood. She turned to fin he was displaying a shocked and confused expression.#BOOM#! Nick collapsed to the next to her and saw her asking to police training kicked in She jumped off the stage and ran to his aid fin running directly behind bent down next to him.

"He's not breathing"she screamed tears flowing down her stopped.