HP:AK — Deleted Scenes & Scrapped Plots

Some of you have sent me PMs or reviews worrying about this story. This one gets to stay, because it was the first thing I published that ever got a bit popular.

As an apology for scaring you all, I've decided to post the ideas and scenes that were planned out, but didn't make it into the final story.

Confession: I may have acted like I knew where the story was going, and from a certain point of view that was true, but I was mostly making it all up as I went along.

What I mean by that is that I knew Godzilla vs. Obscurus Voldemort was the story's climax, but I really had no clue how to get there.

So without further excuses, here's all the cut content!

Reintegration in Detail: There was going to be a lot more about the conflict between regressive HP wizards and scifi Godzilla-verse muggles. Specifically, before Voldemort was found and revealed, there were going to be a lot of Death Eater skirmishes with UN peacekeepers outfitted with alien tech. The professor with the freeze-ray was a private nod to that concept.

Callbacks with Dire Consequences: Mechagodzilla's remains were buried — by Godzilla no less — in the Japanese countryside, and in–canon, nobody ever dug them up or even mentioned them again. One option was a magitech Mechagodzilla, summoned out of the ground by magic and enchanted, but reassembled and controlled by people willing and able to: specifically, the Death Eaters would have made a deal with the Red Bamboo, a terrorist group that debuted alongside Ebirah, the shrimp kaiju. Both groups would've had plans to backstab the other in the end, but I didn't flesh that out too much.

The other option was a rematch: Voldemort would place King Kong under the Imperius curse to be the counter to the muggle military and to Godzilla.

Yog's Other Creations: After I decided to reference the less well–known movie Yog: Space Amoeba, some friends and I brainstormed a whole bunch of creatures Yog might've modified depending on how the story progressed.

Acromantulas would've basically all been Kumonga, but much smarter. However, this is fundamentally a goofy story, and one of the possibilities this lead to was the reveal that Kumonga was a female and gorgeous by Acromantula standards, causing the kaiju-fied males to switch sides en masse, becoming fathers of future baby Kumongas and future meals.

A dragon can be subdued by 10 well–trained wizards. A nundu has never been confirmed in–universe to be brought down by less than 100, but its basic design (a big cat that spreads plagues) didn't fit the story.

The chizpurfle is a type of parasite in HP lore that eats magic and electricity. That would've been the most potentially deadly creature of all.

Blast-ended skrewts would have been a whole lot of fun, and make me very sad that the story evolved to finish before 4th year. A kaiju-fied skrewt was going to fire its blast at Godzilla, and have it countered by the atomic ray, getting forced back into its butt and causing it to explode!

Also, Harry would have adopted/tamed one of the normal–sized skrewts and started using it as a makeshift jetpack. He would've burned his butt the first time he did this, but afterwards he'd have started wearing flame resistant pants.

Speaking of 4th Year: In the early stages of the story, before I had settled on Breaking the Statute of Secrecy via the basilisk, there was a lot of craziness planned for 4th year.

Harry and the Hungarian Horntail were going to get into a roaring and fire–breathing contest. Harry was actually going to cow the mother dragon until he reached into the nest, and when her courage returned to defend her eggs he was going to show her the fake one.

In one version, Godzilla and Minilla showed up to watch Harry compete, although they would be distinctly bored by all three events. When Harry was abducted during the Third Task, Godzilla was going to hone in on his location and fly there!

In the graveyard, Harry was going to KO Wormtail with a fair amount of ease, only to be subdued by the upgraded Nagini. Specifically, Harry was going to try to roast her, only for her to respond in kind, then knock him out with a tail swipe.

In another, Voldemort had the fake Mad–Eye tamper with the contract that the Goblet was enforcing in addition to the Goblet itself, and everything would be moved to Skull Island! (Technically Farou Island since this is the Shōwa era, but I was going to tweak canon to involve dinosaurs or skullcrawlers.) That of course would have tied in with Imperius–cursed Kong.

A subplot that a friend requested and that I yo-yo-ed about was Kong abducting Draco or Lucius Malfoy because they're blonde and effeminate.

The Head Horcrux: This wound up being a Chekhov's Red–Herring, but I wanted it to go somewhere and there were a couple of different plans for it. Manda had a vague idea of what it was, in the sense of it not being a natural part of Harry, and Mothra knew it was something evil, but not what it truly was, nor did she know a way to remove it without killing Harry.

In his debut movie, Varan was worshiped as a demon, so he might have known but I hadn't decided. Another idea I had just because it would've been so funny was for Megalon, Seatopia's stupid beetle–kaiju–god, to be the expert on horcruxes.

The third and final idea I had was to invoke something only ever mentioned in Shōwa canon. In the movie Atragon, Manda debuted as the god and guardian of Mu, and according to what I've read, the people of Mu constantly invoked "Manda's Black Curse" upon their enemies. Suffice it to say that Manda's Black Curse is reserved for those Manda holds personally in contempt, and the Manda-scale wand was a weird sort of test. Voldemort failed it, and Manda's Parseltongue incantation was going to purge his soul and all its fragments.

Other Stories: These ideas and characters were mostly rejected for taking the focus away from the Harry & Godzilla plots.

Harry was going to grow into a figure I can best explain as "wizard Steve Irwin" and to underline this, he was going to get a new friend; a serpentine OC named Francis after St. Francis of Assisi who (according to what I've read) was renowned for his kindness to animals. He was also going to be a dragon–rights activist because of how the dragons in Gringotts are treated.

The Merfolk were going to get many more rights and fairer treatment for two reasons. First, polluting the ocean is no longer okay on account of an entire civilization living in it. Secondly, the Merfolk are in–universe the only way to keep track of deep sea kaiju. I was going to make a couple of tweaks to canon to reveal that the Merfolk know where Ogra and Gorgo are, as well as Ebirah and even Titanosaurus.

A second, subtler middle–finger to the racism in the wizarding world was going to be a Shape of Water style romance between one of the Hogwarts Merfolk and one of the field researchers on–site, because HP:AK is fundamentally goofy yes, but also fundamentally optimistic, which is inspired by what I see as a few really important moments in the Shōwa canon.

In the original Mothra vs. Godzilla movie, the people think Godzilla needs to die, and even the elder Mothra and the Shobijin come to think that... but the twin larvae who hatch subdue Godzilla through martial pacifism without hurting him at all.

At the end of Godzilla vs. Monster Zero, at least in the English dub I watched originally, after repelling Planet X's invasion and undoing all the mind–control, humanity decides to reopen negotiations with Planet X, and even formally send an ambassador.

Finally, at the end of Destroy All Monsters, the canonical finale of the Shōwa era, humanity leaves the kaiju to live on Monster Island in peace.

The Shōwa era gets a lot of crap for being silly, using stock footage, and special effect failures, but the Shōwa era believed that humanity could and would do better, and I hope that this story channeled that.