AN: Alright, this is a crossover of Harry Potter and RWBY that was requested by 'Gaara King of the Sand'

A Rose Reborn

Chapter 1


"Come on Ruby!" he yelled, dodging a fired nevermore feather as he and his wife fled from a seemingly endless Grimm Horde. It had been almost seven years since the fall of Vale due to the manipulations of Cinder Fall. After Vale the rest of the four kingdoms began to fall one by one, Cinder going around and waking up the Mother Grimm of every other kingdom and even managed to unfreeze the one Ruby locked down at Beacon.

After the death of Pyrrah he, Ruby, Nora, and Ren had gone after Cinder to try and avenge their friend but it failed. Ren was killed when they were ambushed by some of Cinder's Grimm two months in, Nora stayed behind to try and avenge him. After that they went back to Vale to join the resistance group and learned everything they could.

From Glynda they learned the best use of Dust Spells.

From Ruby's dad, Taiyang, they were taught unarmed combat.

Qrow Branwen taught them basic weapons combat and helped improve their forging abilities.

General Ironwood and Winter Schnee taught them military tactics and strategy. With their help he was even able to unlock his semblance.

The problem though was that with the four Grimm Queens awake the numbers of Grimm Skyrocketed and the resistance grew smaller every day. After five years he and Ruby were the last from their part of the resistance and they didn't know if any other groups had survived like they ended up having to do by themselves for two years. But right now it looked like their two year streak was going to come to a close.

"We need a clear stretch!" his wife of four years snapped back, "There should be one up ahead so get ready to loan me some aura!"

"Right!" he yelled, pulling out Ren's old weapons, Stormflower, and emptied the clips at the horde to fell some and use their corpses to trip up others and buy them a few seconds.

"Alright!" Ruby yelled when they cleared the trees "Hop on!" quickly he got on his wife's back, her aura enhancing her strength so he didn't slow her as he pumped his aura into her and she activated her semblance. "Give me all you can!" Ruby yelled "We need to leave these assholes behind!"

"Got it love!" he yelled back, giving a yell as he was enveloped in a brilliant white light and pumping as much as he could into his wife. He wasn't prepared for the sound that echoed out as they shot forward, eclipsing the noise of any sonic boom as he swore the shockwave destroyed hundreds of the pursuing Grimm before his vision was enveloped by light.

He heard Ruby let out a startled yell as he felt her fall forward, the world still rushing around them before it came to a halt and they started rolling. Looking around upon impact he saw that they were in what looked like a neighborhood, definitely not anywhere near the Grimm infested forest from moments before. Before he could really pay attention to what was going on, he heard a small cry and saw a Baby wrapped in a blanket lying on the steps of a house.

Eyes going wide he grabbed his unconscious wife and the small child before taking off running, able to run faster than most huntsmen due to his aura control even if it wasn't at the level of his wife. He never paused to truly take in his surroundings, never saw the street lights were lit and the neighborhood looked inhabited, never looked around to see an unshattered moon.


Groaning softly, the last of the silver eyed warriors looked around in confusion as she didn't recognize where she was. It was a forest, like she had been in before losing consciousness, but not one like any she had seen on Remnant. "You're awake!" the relieved voice of her husband, Jaune, called out as he rushed over to her.

"Jaune!" she exclaimed as she leapt forward and kissed him, relieved that they had both managed to escape the Grimm. "Where are we?" she asked once they had separated for air.

"Not on Remnant." The Knight told her seriously as she looked at him in shocked confusion. "you've been unconscious for two days," he explained "since then I've been trying to get supplies for us and I found three things. One is that there are a lot of humans around here, no faunus though. Second is that there are no Grimm, or any sign that anyone here knows of their existence. The third is that the moon isn't cracked."

"What?!" she exclaimed before flinching when a baby's cry responded to the shout.

"I know," Jaune said, quickly moving over to a baby and rocking it gently "It shocked the hell out of me too. It doesn't help though that nobody here speaks the four languages of Remnant. I found this little guy abandoned on the front steps of a house just after we landed and before I realized we weren't on remnant anymore."

"Wait…"she froze as she looked at her husband "does this mean…does this mean we're really away from the Grimm? From that dying world? That…that we're safe?"

"Yeah Rubes," he said, his eyes tearing up slightly "we're finally safe. We can be safe and Happy here once we find a way to settle in, maybe finally start a family."

"It looks like we already have." She giggled as she gestured to the now happy baby in her husband's arms.

"Yeah," Jaune grinned happily "I guess we have. I don't' know who left him there but what kind of sick bastard would leave a baby outside in the cold like that?"

"That would be one Albus Dumbledore." A new voice spoke up as, before she could blink, Jaune had put the baby in her arms and moved them both behind him.

"Who are you?" her husband demanded, Drawing Crocea Mors and pointing it at the diminutive pointy eared creature.

"My name is Griphook!" the suddenly wary creature exclaimed quickly, its eyes locked on the tip of the sword "I came here because of our records indicating this was where Hadrian Potter was!"

"Wait," Jaune paused "how are you understanding me? I haven't heard anyone else speak my language."

"This," the gobbling tugged at a pendant "it's a universal language translation charm, a simple piece of magic."

"Magic?" she asked, unable to stop the childlike intrigue she felt at the word.

"Yes magic," 'Griphook' frowned "don't you know about magic? Our detectors indicate that you both have very powerful cores."

"It's a long story." Jaune sighed before explaining the situation which took several hours.

"Now this is intriguing." Griphook said with genuine intrigue "An entire world of people who can use magic, or aura as you called it, but who also train with weapons to be able to fight like true warriors. It is a shame at what happened to it, I would have liked to see such a place in its prime."

"You wouldn't have been welcomed by most." Jaune admits sheepishly "My world tended to be pretty racist against anything that wasn't Human. There were several that didn't act like that but it seemed most of them…well I saw it too much for my liking."

"Now could you please tell us about this world?" she requested, gently rocking the now sleeping baby who was nuzzled up against her.

This was another long story to just get the basics but by the time the 'Goblin' finished, "So then we come to what happened earlier this week." The goblin began to wind to a close, "The Dark Lord I told you about, Voldemort, tried attacking the home of that infant you have there. Voldemort managed to kill both of the parents but when he tried cursing the child it failed and rebounded, destroying the terrorist and giving young Harry that scar on his forehead. After that one Albus Dumbledore, who runs both the magical school and our court, took him to wherever you found him…where did you find him actually? Our sensors couldn't find him until you removed him and then we had to track him."

"He was left on the front step of a…muggle, neighborhood." Jaune answered, struggling to remember the new word "We didn't realize we weren't on Remnant so I grabbed him and my wife and bolted, finding this forest and set up a tent."

"Muggle…the Dursleys." Griphook said with a scowl "I saw the Potter family Will before Dumbledore had it sealed which stated that he wasn't supposed to go to them. Coincidentally the same day that the boy's godfather was sent to prison, without a trial I might add. He'd likely be able to legally have the boy removed from you as he managed to get himself declared as the boy's magical guardian."

"So there's nothing we can do?" she asked, clutching the child protectively.

"There is one thing." Griphook said with a grin, "And I'm positive that the Bank Director will agree to the plan. The Goblin clan has a ritual known as blood adoption so we could use it to make the two of you just as much of Harry's biological parents as James and Lily Potter."

"Why would you do this for us?" Jaune asked warily, her husband putting a protective arm around her.

"We really don't like Dumbledore." Griphook shrugged "He keeps trying to find ways to control the bank and so this would truly alter or even ruin many of his plans. That and we are a warrior people, we respect our fellow warriors."

"Then there's only one question left." She said with a grin as she laced her fingers with Jaune's "When do we begin?"