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Yukio froze, as he heard a strange voice, not his brother's, coming abruptly from Rin's mouth. He stared at the brilliant, sapphire blue colored irises. Rin suddenly grasped his twin's arm and squeezed it.

"Something wrong with your hearing or what." Rin asked him threateningly, looking right into his eyes. Rin tightened his grip on Yukio's arm, which caused him wince from pain. "Will you be that courteous to give an reply when your father's asking, Yukio?" Hissed the boy.

"Satan." Yukio growled, trying to escape and run away from him. But the iron grip of his brother denied any chance of escape. This only made him angrier.

"Such a beautiful encounter with my youngest son. You must have been envious that Rin's got the chance to meet me, right?" Satan started with a kind voice, but ended the reply teasingly, prevoking Yukio even further.

Yukio finally yanked free from "Rin's" grasp, and unsheathed his guns. He pointed the guns right at his brother's forehead. His trembling hands and whole body made Satan laugh with amusement.

"You think a small bullet could cause any pain to the King of Gehenna?" He asked. "And you're pointing your gun at your family..." Satan added, but he saw the bitter grimace on teenager's face and skipped to the other topic. "You see, I won't do any harm to you. I just want to fulfill my only wish. The reason behind your birth…" He explained putting his hand on his chest. A small smirk worked its way to his mouth as he continued.

"So you want to take Rin as you vessel?" Yukio asked and immediately became defensive. "Like hell you are!" He spat, glaring at his possessed brother. Then he touched the trigger of his gun and waited for any action from the other side.

"Oh, how I love those eyes..." The demon said sighing thoughtfully, meeting his gaze. Yukio was a bit disoriented, he didn't know what he meant by those words. When finally he remembered the fight in Kyoto, when his eyes changed into demonic ones. He touched the side of his face with his free hand, still pointing his gun at the target.

"Maybe I'll have some use of you. But from what I can see, you're still weak, my son." Informed Satan, getting up from the bed he had been seated on. "Unlike your dear Nii-san." Satan teased, and stretched before heading up to the boy.

"Oh, and please excuse me, but I'm going to have some fun now." He said as he was suddenly engulfed in blue flame. He licked his lips and smiled creepily. Yukio didn't have a chance to stop him, as the whole room became covered in Satan's flames. Everything was burning, some of the shelves felt to the ground making a horrible crashing noise. Yukio's sleeve caught the fire, but he ripped it off and ran outside.

He got minor burns on his hand and arm, but the pain wasn't easy to bear. His vision became blurred and he was hearing a strange noise. Yukio felt to the ground. He managed to stumble over to the bathroom and retrieve a small bottle, filled to the top with a green substance. He opened it and poured small drops onto the burns.

"Argh…" He winced from the pain, tightening his fists and looking up on the ceiling. He couldn't relax, he had to search for his brother before something happen. He gritted his teeth and tried to stand up, using his own full strength.

Satan/Rin was wandering around the yard, looking for someone to slaughter. He went on laughing in the most creepy way. He had hidden his blue flames, so as not to get caught before he would end the play. If he was lucky, when Rin woke up to find blood on his hands, it would finally break him! And when somethings broken, you can always mold it into something new.

Yukio left the corridor, which was burning with bright blue flames. He covered his mouth, so as not to get poisoned by any fumes that might be in the air. When he had burst out of the dorm, he bumped into Shiemi, who fell to the ground. She kept on caressing her bottom, which had been hurting, due to the impact of falling.

"Yuki-chan?" She asked, as she brushed her blonde bangs out from her vision. She then noticed that he was really terrified.

"Shiemi! You have to run from here, now!" He shouted, without giving her any explanation. He headed up to the main building, where lessons was taking place. He ran up higher, checking each corridor on each floor, searching for his brother.

He began to lose hope, but then suddenly he saw his older brother, kneeling and shivering.

"Get the fuck away!" A terrible, frightened voice came out from the half-demon's mouth. Yukio shook from anger. No. Rin should never have to sound like that. Never. The older twin began to roll in pain on the floor, nearly choking himself as he grasped his throat.

"Why don't you try to act more like yourself, my son? Isn't it normal to seek blood, massacre? Just look, there is lots of people in the classroom…why don't you try and play around, just to relax?" A tempting voice of the ruler of Gehenna was echoing in his mind, without a single break. Rin began to scream, sobbing violently.

"SHUT UP! Shut up, shut up-"

"We both know you want to...don't lie to me Rin."

"STOP IT! Stop it, stop it, STOP IT!" Rin let out a wail, thrashing on the ground in pain.

Yukio ran up to him as fast as he could, trying to reassure his twin.

"Nii-san!" He yelled, grasping his brother's shoulders and shaking him strongly. He noticed he was crying. "Nii-san…" He repeated with softer voice. Soon Rin lost his consciousness, the pain, confusion, and voice in his head too much for a single soul to bear.

Both of them hadn't noticed that they made such a commotion, that everybody had come out of the classrooms.

"Why don't you just burn them? With your beautiful flames?"

Rin shook his head and looked around the place he was in. The cluttered room of his, but he wasn't alone. The sight of his own younger brother made him feel so relieved.

"What happened?" He asked, clearly not knowing what had just transpired. The question made the younger one a bit happier.

"Nothing. You just lost consciousness." Yukio replied in his common, rather harsh voice, but deep inside he was really relieved, that his brother couldn't recall anything from what had happened.

"What? I just simply…?"

"Nii-san. You're just unbelievable." He said laughing a bit and covering his mouth with a hand.


"Why are you running away, my dear son?"

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