As Jak and Daxter were heading to the Underground hideout, Daxter had noticed something about Jak. He noticed Jak walked as if he was avoiding people and I don't mean trying to be far as possible, but as if he was avoiding bumping into people like in a crowded sidewalk. He'd seem like he'd get a small nudge here and there. He'd also some times make his strides longer than others like he's trying to not step on something.

Daxter thought about asking, but as he was about to say something, Jak made a quick right turn down an alleyway, picking up speed in his stride.

"What's up, Jak?" Daxter asked, a bit curious as to why Jak took this way. Isn't a bit longer to get to the hideout?

"Nothing." Jak said in a low mumble and kept walking, making different turns through the alleys.

They finally arrive at the hideout, ten minutes later than Torn had expected them to be,

"What the hell took you two so long?" Torn snapped at them as they entered.

Jak walks up to the older man's desk,

"There was a patrol of KGs following us." Jak said with a serious expression, hoping Torn will believe it.

Daxter knew Jak was lying so he decided to back up Jak's little white lie,

"Yea! Those goons think we're that stupid to fall for an old trick like that? Ha! You've shoulda seen them when they lost track of us! Pfft morons." Daxter gloated.

Torn stared at them for a moment then he bought it, hook, line, and sinker,

"At least you led them away from here. Now for the mission, the scopes have picked up some metalheads in the forest. Go and take them out." Torn informed them.

So with that Jak and Daxter head out for the forest.

When they came out through the warp gate, Daxter thought it was time to get some answers,

"Can I ask you something, Jak?"

"What?" He said as he broke open some KG crates to collect some ammunition.

"I've noticed the way you avoid things that aren't there, what's with that? You know you can tell me, buddy." Daxter asked with a bit of concerned in his voice.

Jak hesitated for a moment thinking about if he should tell him or not. Wondering if Daxter would think he's going mad. He sighs thinking,

' He wouldn't think that, would he? He is my friend..'

He takes a breath and answers,

"Dax, I...I can see things that no one else can." He says as he slowly loads his gun.

Daxter sits there processing what he just heard. Able to see things that others can't? Did he hear him right?

"Really?" Daxter asked not in a sarcastic way but in a curious way.

Jak nods,


"What kinda things?"

"Spirits. Not like the dead, but the spirit spirits. They have different forms, according to their element." Jak says as he rubs his arm, a bit nervous of what Daxter thinks of him now.

"Their element? Like eco elements or something else?"

"Like the woodlands, fire, and water. Stuff like that." After he say this, he starts to see the woodland spirits come out.

"What do they look like?" Daxter asks.

Jak squats down to the tiny spirits,

"The woodland spirits take the form of small rocks, mushrooms, pieces of moss, just different things. Heh, they even have eyes. Kinda goofy looking."

A tiny spirit that looks like moss manages to climb up Jak making tiny squeak sounds like it's grunting then sits on his shoulder guard next to Daxter and smiles seeing it try to sit like Daxter.

Daxter notices Jak looking in his direction and looks at where he's staring,

"What? Is there one here?" He asks as he points to the place where Jak is watching.

Jak nods,

"Yea, it's looking at you."

Daxter smiles as he watches Jak, he's never seen Jak act carefree since Sandover. He just seems so calm like a child quietly playing with his old cherished stuffed toy. He smiles, liking seeing Jak like his old self again.

Jak helps the little moss spirit down then stands up and walks, watching the tiny spirits move so not to be stepped on as Jak makes his way to the floating platform. He places one foot on the platform holding it in place seeing how some of the tiny spirits wanted to ride as well as the rest of them go their the tiny hidden tunnels in the earth. Once the ones that wanted to ride was on, he carefully places his other foot on the platform making it move to the forest.

Once there, he steps off completely with the spirits following him down the cliffs and all the way to the great tree. Jak looks around, remembering the mission and looks for any sign of metal heads as gets up on stone blocks looking over the rest of the forest,

"See anything, Dax?"

Daxter helps scan the forest,

"Nope. Maybe they left once they caught wind of us coming."

"Funny, Dax." He says as he goes down the ramps, heading for the pond.

As they approach the pond's edge, Daxter looks at the water,

"You said there's water spirits to, right?" Daxter asks, kinda curious.

Jak looks at him then at the water,

"Yea there is. They take the forms of air bubbles, water particles, sea weed, and other things."

"Cool." Daxter comments as he looks at the water trying to imagine them.

Jak squats down to look at the tiny water spirits convers with the woodland spirits. As he did, he felt like he was being watched, he also notices the water and woodland spirits scatter and hide, comfirming his fear. But before he could react, he was tackled from behind. The force causes Daxter to fall off his shoulder as he and the metal head go into the water and start sinking. Jak tries to fight the metal head off, slowly becoming lightheaded seeing how he didn't have time to get enough air in his lungs.

A little air bubble spirit conjures up the courage and with determination in it's eyes, it bolts towards Jak to help him. When it gets to him, it touches Jak's slightly blue lips, telling him it wants in his mouth.

Jak, knowing what the bubble spirit wants he opens his mouth and the little bubble shoots in and down his throat, giving him the ability to breathe underwater for at least ten minutes, just enough time for him to take care of the metal head. Jak manages to get the metal head to release him then he gets the metal head in a choke hold as they sink closer to the darker part of the water. Seeing the dark water spirits start to go crazy with hunger for one of them, Jak chokes the metal head til it stops moving then releases it watching it sink towards the hungry dark water spirits, watching them tear into the dead carcass.

Jak breaks the surface and sees Daxter and the tiny woodland spirits sigh with relief.

"Don't do that ever again, ya hear me?!" Daxter yells, glad Jak is alright.

Jak smiles, but as he was about to speak he hic ups causing the little brave bubble come falling out and into the water. He smiles at it and holds his hand to it letting it rub up against his hand and whispers his thanks to the little bubble.