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Frabjous Day

He feels listless, following the wisps of vile purple smoke that spirit away his dearest friend once again, the vibrant teal and deep amber hues encasing the brilliant harlequin of his eyes dulling as she spiraled skyward into the ether between worlds.

Alice was gone.

Well, again at any rate.

Really it shouldn't have surprised him.

You could stay?

Why he'd said it at all he couldn't quite say, only that it had slipped past his lips no sooner than the errant thought had fluttered through his mostly lucid mind when she'd looked so very much like she'd wanted nothing more than to do just that.

What an idea… a crazy, mad, wonderful idea…

And then it was gone.

But I can't…

Oh he'd known - of course he'd known.

Known the very second he'd seen her traipsing out from the undergrowth of Tugley Wood and she'd sat down beside him at tea muttering about Time's propensity to mess about with himself in dreams. A fact he knew all too well, but she of course didn't.

She was almost Alice he'd noted with great intrigue, watching her watch him from the corner of his eye, yes he was sure, near certain of it in fact. The girl more and more like the Alice from his memories, yes indeed, just about done.

But she wasn't The Alice, with her muchness bursting from her lovely Alice seams. The Alice who embraced him, held him when they'd met like an old, most beloved friend and seemed to never wish to let him go. He'd felt it in the market place all those years ago as she'd pulled herself into his arms and oh how he wished he could remember why she'd seemed so familiar at the time.

Why the feel of her against him haunted his mind.

And oh how he'd wanted, in that single moment, as the dark madness within railed against his courtly confines like never before in his life and begged him to take her in his arms as only a man could and let the world fall away…

But this was not that Alice.

Not His Alice, not really.

Not yet.

And truly of her many acquaintances and friends in Underland he would know surely. An entire lifetime of knowing in fact once he'd pieced it together.

I'll be back before you know it…

No, no it most definitely wasn't surprise he felt like a lead weight bearing down upon his chest.

You won't remember me…

The familiar twinge of sorrow however.

Aye. He remembers that all too well.

As acute as the razor sharp sting of his favourite scissors or the burn of the glue in his workshop.

…..Horunvendush Day.

Oh yes, he and sorrow were old friends.

Of course I will…how could I forget…

He's not quite sure if he wishes for the madness to consume him so he too might forget.

Fairfarren, Alice…

But that is not who he is. Who he wants to, must continue to be - for her.

So he returns to Marmoreal at the White Queens behest and the restoration of Underland begins.

For he knows one day she'll return again as the woman he's always known her to be and hopes, dreams and wishes ever so adamantly to any deity in all the seven kingdoms whom might be listening that one day, one day very soon in fact, she would come home to Underland - to him - and finally, she would stay.

I adore Burton's Alice in Wonderland and while Alice Through the Looking Glass was everything I hoped it would be, I found it left a bitter taste on my tongue and an all consuming vendetta against people or parties whom interfere in things they shouldn't. My inner and outer Fan-girl is raging make no mistake.

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