For the second time... Another One-shot!

Title: Dead Rose

Pairing: BoiFang (Kali ini, Boboiboy seme-nya)

WARNING(s): Character death, Future!AU, Teen!AU, Shounen-ai, BoyxBoy

Rated: T

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters used for this story. Boboiboy and his friends rightfully belongs to Animonsta Studios. I own the plot only.


Boboiboy was holding back his tears, desperately holding it until his eyes stings.

He tried to reach for the boy in front of him. Slowly, his hand reached the boy's hand.



'Dead.' He thought cruelly.

He pulled himself closer to the body, reaching out a hand to touch the boy's violet hair. He almost choked after touching the dry blood on his head.

"Fang…" He managed to choke out. He hugged Fang's lifeless body, calling out his name numerous times.

His friends were watching, letting out all their tears, crying for their friend who lost his life, and for their friend that was crying in pain and agony.

"Boboiboy…" Ochobot cried out.

"I'm sorry…" Boboiboy let his tears out. "It's… it's my entire fault." He whispered.

If only he listened.

If only he waited.

If only he stayed.

"Boboiboy! Wait!" Fang called out.

"Come on! Just run!" Boboiboy shouted.

Fang was having a bad feeling. As if something was going to come. He tried to catch up with the other until he felt rumbling. Both of them stopped and looked at the wall, white light was seen from behind the cracks that had formed.

He looked up to Boboiboy. He quickly ran to him and pushed him just in time to save them from the blast.

Unfortunately for him, Fang landed hard on the floor causing a massive wound on his head. Blood was oozing out. Slowly he felt cold.

He turned his head to where Boboiboy was, glad to see him okay. But Boboiboy was still. He knew what was going to happen to his friend.

Fang gave a weak smile, and managed to say a few words before the darkness took him fully.

A year has passed.

A boy was seen standing in front of a grave, a bouquet of red roses in his hand.

He rested the flowers slowly onto the graveyard, and wiped of the dried leaves accompanying the grave.

He tried to offer a smile, yet what came were only tears. "I- I love you…" He choked out the words.

"I love you… so much…" He cried. "I'm sorry… That I never said it to you…"

A hand touched his shoulder. He looked up to find his friend, Yaya.

"He knows you love him too, Boboiboy." She spoke.

Boboiboy continued to let out his tears, accompanied by his friend, and also a soul watching over them.

Boboiboy still remembered clearly what Fang has said to him when he was slowly going away, three words that were very sincere, beautiful and managed to leave a huge scar in him.

"I love you too, Boboiboy…" The soul spoke.

Hope you like it! I almost cried while writing this. My first time trying to make a 'Character death' fic.

OMG, can you see the other shipping I put in?