Not really a fic… more of a… script?

Title: Impossible to Imagine

Pairing: Slight!BoiFang, Slight!KaizoxFang

WARNING(s): Slight!Incest, Slight!Shounen-ai, OOC

Rated: K+

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters. They belong to Animonsta Studios. I only own the plot- chu.


Kaizo: My little brother is so cute~


Kaizo: Kawaii~

Fang: …

Kaizo: It's true you know. *turns to Boboiboy* Ne, Bob-chan?

Boboiboy: Hai!

Kaizo: Alright then. Boboiboy?

Boboiboy: Hai?

Kaizo: Between Pang and a neko-

Fang: FANG!

Kaizo: Which one is cuter?

Boboiboy: *thinks*

Fang: I'm not cute, stupid brother.

Boboiboy: Neko.

Kaizo: *shock* NANI?!

Fang: *smirks*

Boboiboy:But… Fang is beautiful!

Fang: 'Even worse.'

Kaizo: *dances* Cute and beautiful, right?

Boboiboy: *dances along* Right~

Fang: No.

Kaizo: Really, really cute~

Boboiboy: Beautiful. A princess!

Fang: I'm. Not. A. Princess. *dark aura*

Boboiboy : …

Kaizo : …

Fang : …

Boboiboy : Ne, Fang ?

Fang : What?

Boboiboy : Angel.

Fang : ?

Kaizo : *holds laugh*

Boboiboy: You're my angel, Fang!

Fang: Wh- why me?! *blushes*

Kaizo: It's because you're beautiful. *smirks*

Fang: GET LOST! BOTH OF YOU! *calls out Harimau Bayang*


So yeah… I wrote this at school and I was laughing hard when my friend pointed out that it was impossible to imagine Kaizo like that.