A Dragon's Fire

I do not own Harry Potter or One Piece (If I did, there would be few changes so that I didn't have to cry so much but since there isn't, then it's not mine). This is set after The Deathly Hallows Part 2 with a few differences (One being that Fred is alive) and before Luffy begins his journey but this is not going to be following his story all the time, just when it's necessary. Also, there are malexmale pairings and possibly more besides the usual malexfemale pairings so if you don't like, don't read and I haven't decided yet but there may also be some mpreg so again, if you don't like these sort of things do not read it. You have been warned. Anyway, enjoy the new story my amigos!






"Den Den Mushi/Two-way Mirror"

{Familiar Bond}




Chapter 1: Leaving

When the war with Voldemort finally ended, Harry assumed he could have a normal and peaceful life. He would finish his last year at Hogwarts (Without having to fight for his life), take a little vacation with his friends and then perhaps find a job and maybe settle down with someone. Unfortunately for him, he had inherited the famous Potter luck which meant that none of that was ever going to happen.

He was just about to start re-taking seventh year when the Daily Prophet got a hold of information about his Animagus form, something that he, Ron and Hermione had felt would help in their fight against Voldemort. So during their time finding Horcruxs, they had also trained themselves to become Animagi.

Hermione's had been a Cleveland Bay Horse, standing at 16 hands and being the second largest Animagus form of the trio. Dark bay fur covered her body, except for a white star on her head, and she had completely black legs, mane and tail. Although, the mane and tail were very bushy compared to a normal Cleveland Bay. They were considered to be very intelligent, hardworking and honest creatures, suiting Hermione perfectly. Ron's form had been a Red Irish Setter, standing at 71cm with long, silky red hair. The distinctive characteristic with him was his bright blue eyes.

However, when it had come to Harry's turn, he didn't get off so lightly. Not only was he a magical creature (A dragon to be precise) but he was a thought to be an extinct race. He hadn't know what type he was, even after meeting another dragon on their journey which is also when he found out that he could talk to them as well, but the dragon only told him that they hadn't seen one of his kind for many years. It wasn't until after the final battle that they had found out what he was, having gone to Charlie who nearly had a heart attack when he changed in front of him, after which he explained what he was and even gave him a book on all the different types of dragons.

An Obsidian Scaled dragon. Not the most original of names, but there had never been that many to begin with and they were never found in just one place either. The few times that wizards and witches had ever been able to get close to them to study had been when they caught them in a trap, but they never lasted long in confinement. They were creatures of freedom and the longer they were contained, the more their life dwindled away until they died. What little information about them was found made wizards and witches all the more greedy to have one, even at the cost of the Dragon dying. Their scales made the strongest dragonhide armour, their horns, heartstrings and teeth made powerful cores in wands and other parts of their body could be used for any number of things, but their most desirable aspect was the emerald flames they controlled. The flames they produced could not only be hot enough to incinerate a person, but could also be used to heal if the dragon so wished it, no matter how life threatening the injury was. He might as well have gift wrapped himself to the Ministry.

He didn't appear any different from what they were supposed to look like, with black, leaf shaped scales that covered most of his body except for the inside membranes of his wing, which were large and bony and resembling a bat's but with rippled tips, and his underside. This meant that his underside was his weakest area but it was still strong enough to deflect spells and some swords. The underside was also a different colour from the rest of his scales, more of the black you would in the night sky with tints of blue while the rest of his scales looked black most of the time, but if the sun hit them just right, they would reflect a dark green. Four legs ended in four sharp claws on the front and one at the back, his long neck had silky black hair that started from in between his goat like horns [AN: think of Gamzee or Kurloz Makara's horns] all the way to the end of his neck. His tail was long and prehensile, but was clear of spikes. He stood at 25 foot to the top of his shoulders and was 60 feet long from head to the tip of his tail. There was only two ways to tell it was him, one being that instead of dark blue or purple eyes with yellow sclera typical of the species, his was his own emerald green with white sclera. The other was the damn scar above his eye, which was white and clearly noticeable. Seemed he was stuck with it in any form he took as not even glamours could hide it.

To put the cherry on top of all his luck, the Prophet also mentioned that he was in possession of all three Hallows! Of course, everyone in Hogwarts knew this already since all three objects turned up moments after Voldemort had been defeated and would just pop back in front of him no matter how many times he snapped the wand or threw away the stone. He was lucky that most had kept silent about it for this long, but apparently, it was wrong of him to think that the peace would last.

He was just lucky that Kingsley happened to be nearby when the Minister was planning to arrest Harry and sentence him to death for one: Being both an unregistered and dangerous Animagus, two: For apparently killing the Lord of the Ancient and Noble house of Slytherin and three: For being the next potential Dark Lord. No one actually knew that Voldemort had been the Lord of Slytherin, so it gave them a reason to pin something else on Harry's head and then they had more reason to bring him in, it could also lead to either imprisonment or an execution because the crime of killing a Lord of an Ancient and Nobel house, let alone a descendant of one of the four founders of Hogwarts, was usually punishable by death. And the whole 'next Dark Lord' was just to add fuel to the fire. That way, the public would turn against him once again, not that it took much for them to do so.

McGonagall had quickly gotten him and some of his friends (Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Neville and Luna) out of Hogwarts to be holed up in Grimmauld place to scour the Black and Potter books to see if he could escape somewhere the Ministry couldn't find him. He didn't want to be trapped in a house forever, but it was better than being locked away in Azkaban. The Dementors would have a field day and his soul taken the minute he got there.

It was actually Luna who had found the solution to his problem in the Black family library. It was a pretty old grimoire of runes on the different dimensions out there, from places where metal giants inhabited a metal world to ones where magic had been replaced by science. Many magical creatures had the ability to do this as they had been retreating to other dimensions to get away from the increase of humans. One of the Black's ancestors had created the ritual in case wizards and witches had ever needed to do the same, but it got him disowned when the rest of his relatives scoffed at the idea of being overpowered by Muggles. He then proceeded to travel to many of these new worlds and documented them in the grimoire before returning to this dimension one final time so that he could give his work to his brother before he died. It did not say there was any copies but it had not been added to since the brother had died and that had been over three hundred years ago. It was the perfect solution and all he had to do was decide which one he wanted to go to. In the end, and thanks to his Gryffindor recklessness, he went with one that his ancestor had been planning to explore next before he found out that he was dying.

With an answer to his problem found, all he had to do was pack up everything he was taking, find a place to draw the runes needed to send him there and say goodbye to everyone. Almost everyone had popped in at some point to say goodbye and to give him another item to add to his trunk. The trunk being enchanted so that it had different compartments, filled to the brim with different items. One of these sections being dedicated to a variety of plants that he could use in different potions from Neville. While his flames were the ultimate healing ability, there were a few minor things that potions came in handy for, like the pain relief potion and the pepper up potion. Another two had all the books from the Potter, Peverell and some of the Black family books.

Molly had cried and hugged him for an hour when she and Arthur had dropped off a wizard's tent and enough food to feed an army, already having preservation charms placed on all of it. He hadn't seen what else everyone had put in because time was of the essence as it wouldn't take long for the Ministry to find out where he was hiding even with Kingsley delaying them. Although, he was curious about whatever the twins had put in there but he had a sneaking suspicion that they had pack all his pranking needs, courtesy of Weasley Wizarding Wheezes.

He had even ventured back into Gringotts, eventually, the goblins definitely not pleased that he had damaged their bank. They conceded after he paid for the damages and explained about the situation with the white dragon. Harry had changed briefly and had been able to talk to the elder dragon who had no longer wanted to guard the bank because she was getting too old, but she had said she would send one of her hatchlings who would be able to protect the bank better as the youngest of her clutches were only 280 years old. Once that had been all sorted, he had taken everything out of the Potter and Peverell vaults, after explaining to his accountant that he was leaving. The goblin was very understanding, knowing that the Ministry would try to seize it, he even went as far as providing a goblin made potion that would instantly change his words and such into the language being spoken while placing a goblin spell on his money so that would change to the currency. Turns out, that goblins were also one of the magical creatures who could go into different dimensions and had created them for this purpose. He left the Black vaults for Andromeda and Teddy, making Teddy the Black heir so that the Ministry could not try and take it away from them. They had been the hardest to say goodbye to so far because Teddy seemed to realise that he was leaving, his hair being a permanent pale blue for the past few days.

"Are you sure that you don't want us to come with you?" Hermione asked once again. She was standing in front the door to Grimmauld Palace with a worried look on her face, Ron and Ginny standing on either side of her. Neville and Luna had already headed back home, each giving him their own goodbye.

Harry stood in front of them with his trunk packed up and shrunk to fit on a chain around his neck. He had put on dark blue sweater and black pants suitable for cold weather along with a black belt which had his mokeskin pouch attached to it. His boots were comfortable but not made of dragonhide like most wizards and witches bought (He refused to wear or buy anything dragon related after finding out his Animagus form unless absolutely necessary, which had yet to happen) and a red and gold scarf was wrapped around his neck (A gift from Ginny). He had decided not to tell them where he planned to draw the runes for the spell just in case the Aurors managed to get the information from them, not that they would tell them but he wouldn't put it past the Ministry to try and get the information from his friends through truth serum or even torture.

Harry smiled at his friend, pulling her into a tight hug while telling her "Mione, we've been over this. You all have a life here. I'm not letting you lose it all to go into hiding with me, even if that hiding is in an alternative universe"

As much as he wanted them to go with him, he could not ask them to do it. Hermione and Ron were finally having a proper relationship and were working towards their dreams, Ron was going to become an Auror (He hoped to be as good as Moody was, even with all the paranoia) while Hermione was working to become an Unspeakable. Their lives were moving on towards the future, while Harry was stuck in the past and feeling lost.

He could hear a small sniffle from the brunette as she pulled back and handed him something from her jean pocket. When the item was placed in his palm, Hermione waved her wand over the item to unshrink revealing a mirror big enough to see his head and part of his neck.

"I already checked with the goblins and this two-way mirror should work. Call us when you're settled in and if you don't, I'll be screaming down the mirror until you do!" she threatened.

Harry nodded in agreement, not even arguing with the fact that she wouldn't know when he had settled in. He placed the mirror into the mokeskin pouch and getting another quick hug before she stepped back so that Ron could step forward.

Ron gave him a quick and awkward hug before handing him a bag of wizard sweets, this including chocolate frogs and Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans. When he looked at his friend questioningly, he saw that the red head's face was slightly red in embarrassment and he was rubbing the back of his head "You might get hungry on your trip and this was some of the first food we had together"

Harry smiled again and clasped him into another quick embrace, hearing him quietly mutter "Stay safe mate" before standing back next to Hermione, holding her hand to comfort her.

From Ginny, he received a bone crushing hug that rivalled Mrs Weasley in strength but he was still able to wrap his own arms around her, albeit with some difficulty since they were pinned to his sides. She whispered in his ear "Look after yourself and come back soon, and if you happen to bring back a boyfriend, I'm sure everyone will give him a lovely welcome" the way she said that had Harry thinking that it would be more of an integration than a welcome. He felt sorry for any relationship he did have, remembering clearly when Dean had first started dating Ginny that the twins had dragged him off for chat and he had come back looking like a he had just faced a Dementor.

Yes, Harry Potter supposed Master of Death, defeater of Voldemort and Boy-who-lived was gay. The kiss with Cho had been his first and last kiss with a girl and the only way he could describe it was wet. Sure, she had been crying at the time but he had never felt a true spark of affection at all. He hadn't even been affected by the Veela's charm from Fleur. It wasn't until much later he had figured out that he found the male populace of Hogwarts more attractive than the female side, but being brought up in the Dursleys had affected him with some of their ideals of normalcy and he pushed the feelings down because he feared people's reactions. He did not want to give wizards and witches something else to criticize him about. It was only when Hermione cornered him one day and demanded to know what was bothering him that he learned wizards and witches were more acceptable to same sex relationships than Muggles were, a lot of them believing in soul mates. However, he had not told anyone besides his closest friends about his sexual preferences. Ginny got over her crush on him and the last time he had seen them both together, she and Dean looked quite happy with their relationship.

Harry chuckled at the red headed witch, giving a tighter squeeze of affection as he did so "I'll try but I make no promises"

He didn't think it was possible but she managed to squeeze even tighter, mumbling under her breath "We'll all miss you"

"I know. I'll miss everyone too but this is for the best"

She to stepped back when she had finished with her goodbye, all three were now getting ready to leave, being very careful of Walburga Black's portrait.

Before they left, Hermione had one last thing to say to him "Just… try not to get into too much trouble"

"Really Mione, this is me we are talking about"

Ron scoffed at that "Which probably means that you'll be in trouble as soon as you step foot into that new world"

"I have you know that it has nothing to do with me, trouble just happens to find my company appealing" He received quiet laughter from all three, lifting some of the depressing air that had been hanging over their heads when they realised that Harry was going to be leaving them.

With nothing left to say, all three went out the door to Apparate away, leaving Harry alone in the shadowy hall of the Black ancestral home. A quick and final glance around the place and he knew that he would never see it again, even if he did come back. At least Kreacher would now be happy that no one would be intruding anymore.

Harry also Apparated away, not caring that he probably caused Walburga to start screeching worse than a Harpy since he could not hear her.

Scene Change

Popping into the middle of the Forbidden Forest was easy when McGonagall had keyed him into the wards. He had already been here before to scout out the perfect clearing in order to draw the runes and with the forest being so vast, it would take ages for anyone to find him. Unfortunately, the Minister could still come and go as he pleased, along with any Aurors he chose as long as he did not harm any of the students on the grounds. As Harry was no longer considered a student at Hogwarts, he had to be careful since the protection did not extend to him anymore.

The clearing he had chosen was a near perfect circle, devoid of tree roots and it wasn't home to any of the creatures so he didn't have to worry about anything attacking him. The clearing was actually large enough to fit his Animagus form and only a small amount of light could get through the thick foliage, it was quite peaceful looking compared to the rest of the forest.

He was glad that Hermione had decided to try and teach both he and Ron some runes in her spare time and while he was not on par with Hermione, he could probably achieve an E thanks to her. He took out a dagger from his mokeskin pouch and began to draw the appropriate runes for the ritual, making sure they were the same as what the book had shown.

A chirp from one of the trees interrupted him as he was about to start on the last rune. Looking up, he saw someone that he hadn't seen since the death of Dumbledore. Perched on a branch was a familiar bird, watching him with those intelligent black eyes.


The Phoenix flew down to land on where Harry had put his arm out for the orange, red and yellow bird. He must have gone through a Burning Day lately for when he landed on his arm (Despite being the size of a swan he was surprisingly light) none of his feathers were missing and the colour was as vivid as an actual flame. Putting the dagger on a nearby rock, he used his other hand to pet Fawkes "Is this where you've been hiding all this time?"

No one had seen the Phoenix since Dumbledore had died and he had sung his lament. Harry had been worried for the immortal bird and was glad to see that he was doing alright. Fawkes gave another chirp in what Harry thought was confirmation before letting out a croon from Harry's petting.

When he stopped the petting, Fawkes hopped up on to his shoulder where he proceeded to mess with his raven locks, earning an amused chuckle from the wizard "It's good to see you Fawkes. A lot of people miss you around Hogwarts"

Even though he understood Fawkes couldn't actually respond, he knew that the bird could tell exactly what he was saying to him. He kept on talking as he picked the dagger back up to finish the final rune "The war may be over but the Ministry is as stupid as ever. They've set the Wizarding World against me again, but this time, it's because I have gained too much power. It's funny really. I try to get stronger to stop Voldemort and now I'm apparently too powerful to be left alone. All I've ever wanted was to be left out of the fame that I had nothing to do with and have a life with a family that cares for me. Now I'm putting everyone I cherish at risk. I can't do that to them again. We just got out of a war and they need a life where they don't have to look over their shoulder 24/7. If going to a different reality protects them from more pain, then that is what I will do" Harry finished, completing the last rune as he did. The calm feeling that the Phoenix gave off made him want to talk about all the things that he had been keeping bottled up for so long. Like the fact that he feared for everyone he considered to be his family getting hurt because of him. It had already happened on numerous occasions, especially those he considered his parental figures. First it was his dad and mum, then Sirius, Dumbledore and Remus. Even Snape, in his own weird way, he would consider to be on a parental level considering how hard he tried to protect him even though he hated him. He couldn't go through the pain of losing anyone else because he was weak and unable to do anything.

"That's not going to happen anymore. I'll get stronger and learn to control my magic so that I can protect the ones I care for!" Harry thought in determination, placing the dagger in the mokeskin pouch for safe keeping.

Fawkes gave an affectionate nip on his ear and a coo to show he understood. Taking a deep breath, Harry told the Phoenix "You might want to get out of here Fawkes. All I have to do is push enough magic into the runes and the ritual will begin. I don't want you to be caught up in it"

Fawkes didn't seem to care. If anything, he looked like he was making himself comfortable on his shoulder. Harry attempted to remove him but the Phoenix shook his head and held on tight, his claws ripping his jumper a bit to make sure he stayed put.

With a raised eyebrow at the bird, Harry asked uncertainly "You... want to come with me?"

This time, Fawkes bobbed his head and let out a happy chirp in agreement, leaving Harry in shock. Why would Fawkes want to go with him?

Looking into Fawkes' eyes, Harry could understand why. He was alone, just like Harry was. The only connection (That Harry knew about) Fawkes had to this place had been Dumbledore and with the grandfatherly wizard gone, Fawkes had no one.

After staring at the bird for a few more seconds, Harry let out a sigh before looking directly at the bird's black eyes "Are you sure Fawkes? I won't be coming back for a while and I don't want you trapped there if you want to return" he had no idea if Fawkes could teleport between dimensions. If he couldn't, Harry did not want the majestic bird to be stuck with him if he didn't want to.

Fawkes made no indication that he was going to leave so Harry guessed that was his answer. He just hoped the Phoenix did not regret his decision. Although, he did feel a bit happier knowing that he wasn't going to be alone on his journey.

With everything set, Harry stood in the centre of the ritual with his arms outstretched and pushed the magic into the runes. His magic had become easier to control ever since the Elder Wand and the rest of the Hollows had merged with him, forming a tattoo of the Deathly Hallows on the upper part of his right arm. Even after snapping the wand and losing the stone, all three items had turned up after the Final Battle in front of everyone and refused to leave him alone. Not that he would ever get rid of the cloak but he did not want the fabled power of the three items and tried to get rid of the other two anyway he could think of. After the thirtieth unsuccessful attempt of ditching them, they turned up again except this time they appeared in the form of the tattoo. He could materialize them outside of the design whenever he wanted but as soon as he thought of getting rid of one, it reverted back into its tattoo part. With the wand being permanently on him, it was like he was doing wandless magic all the time, the wand seeming to sync with his body and magic.

The runes began to glow white as he pushed more of his magic into activating them. In a few more moments, the portal should open as long as he did everything right, but he had looked over the runes at least twice and they looked exactly how the grimoire described so it should be fine.

It's funny that when he thought everything was going right and the plan was actually working, it all just started to go pear shaped.

The sound of a twig snapping made him quickly drop to the floor just before he heard multiple spells being cast in his direction. Fawkes had flown off his shoulder as soon as he felt Harry start to move, hiding amongst the tree foliage. There was a few stunning charms thrown at him but there was also one or two spells with a more harmful intention such as a few Diffindos, one of which caught his shoulder. The cut wasn't too deep but it was still uncomfortable, a few drops of blood falling to the floor because of it. He stayed crouched until there was a pause in the casting. When he looked up in the direction of where the spells had come from, his sight was filled with multiple witches and wizards. If Harry had to guess, he would say that they were most likely Aurors.

"Harry James Potter! You are under arrest by order of the British Minister of Magic. Resisting capture is futile and will lead to unnecessary force being brought upon you" one of the now confirmed Aurors stated, keeping his wand trained on Harry. There was a total of six wizards and witches in his line of sight but he sensed another eight magical signatures, none of which he recognised.

Harry was very glad that he no longer had Voldemort's Horcrux leeching off of him because he now had better control over his magic due to his magical core no longer being constantly drained to sustain it. It turned out that he had a natural affinity to seeing the different energies surrounding people, whether they were magical energies or their auras. It was something that had apparently been passed down through the Potter line, similar to the Black's line passing down the metamorphmagus trait but with the Horcrux attached to him, he had been unable to use it. It was a miracle that he could perform any magic with it taking half of his core, but thankfully he had an abnormally large magical core compared to other witches and wizards.

"Unnecessary force my arse" Harry thought, knowing they'll use force any way. He could already feel the portal opening, the white light coming from behind him turning into a pale blue glow as it siphoned off quite a bit of his magic in order to complete the task at hand. Harry cursed in his mind at what that meant "Shit! The ritual is already too far gone into the process. If I use any spells now or go outside of the ritual, it will break the spell and might cause some problems" Harry really did not want the spell blowing up in his face. With him standing in close proximity of it, the ritual could backfire at him and then who knew what could happen but he knew better than to stop something like this once it had begun. It was just as bad as trying to cast spells during one. He just hoped that these Aurors were smart enough not to try and step into it, less they wanted the potent and powerful magic of it to lash out at them.

Seemed they weren't going to wait for his answer because they began to cast some more spells, the earlier rules not applying to them since they weren't the power source of it. At least none of them would kill him straight away so they were obviously attempting to take him alive, but that didn't stop them from trying to rough him up a bit.

Even with him constantly dodging, he couldn't evade them all but so far, it was just a few more cuts and some burns from a few fire based spells. He might have been in more trouble had it not been for Fawkes dive bombing the ones behind him, distracting them and dealing his own damage with his beak, talons and fire.

He was suddenly hit across his chest by a Sectumsempra, tearing into his clothes and skin. It was by no means shallow but if he could get away soon, he could just use Vulnera Sanentur to heal himself. By now, the portal was nearly completely open and had begun to pull small objects into it like loose rocks and twigs.

"If I can't use spells then I have no choice but to change into my Animagus form" Harry thought as he quickly started the process of changing into his dragon form. Already, scales and claws were appearing and he could feel his bones shift and push out from his back, creating his wings. This type of magic didn't leave his body so it was a safe way to protect himself in these types of situations. It was lucky that Sirius had not registered his Animagus form because it was the only thing that ensured his escape from Azkaban. The Ministry had not placed Animagus transformation, restricting shackles on him so he had still been able to change and break out of the prison. But while Harry was occupied with this, he failed to notice that one of the Aurors had shot a spell at Fawkes and missed, making it sail past the immortal bird and hit one of the many runes, destroying it in the process.

He also didn't notice that the colour of the portal was fluctuating between its usual pale blue and a dark purple with some hints of white. He did, however, notice that the portal was attempting to take even more of his magic but that wasn't supposed to happen. It was taking a toll on his changing body from the rapid decrease of magic combined with his earlier injuries he sustained.

Luckily, the Aurors had stopped attacking once they noticed that something seemed to be going on with the ritual and were keeping well back from it. It was a good thing that they did because a moment later, the build-up of extra magic exploded outwards in a flash of white and noise. Harry, who had still been shifting into his Animagus form when it happened, was both blinded and deafened by it. Even closing his eyes did nothing to get rid of the light and now pain was coming from every inch of his body. It was nothing to the Cruciatus Curse but it was still quite painful and he was sure that he screamed, not that he could hear himself. The pain was increasing by the second and it soon became too much. As he slipped off into unconsciousness, he felt himself being pulled back, directly to where the portal was.

POV Change

Panthera Island, Paradise

* The spring has passed and the summer come again,
The new leaves glisten and twinkle in lush green,
Beyond the fields and hills, where the fog dissipated,
They rustle in the wind longingly,
The sea of deep green burst into sprouts,
As I walk alone in a small lane,
Before I realized, my mind silently drifts,
To remembrance of things past that tinged my heart with joy,

A young voice sang in a patch of flowers, the young girl who was singing it having started to sing slightly as she picked flowers to make a chain of them. The girl, who was only nine years old, was named Natsumi and had decided to do this when none of her friends couldn't come out to play with her but she didn't mind, she knew she would see them later so she decided to make them some flower jewelry while she waited.

I can hear poetry coming from a far distance,
As the crisp-sounding echoes ring,
I am surrounded by the everlasting nature,
And the clear, fresh scent of the deep grove,
The sound of bells 'ting-a-ling, ting-a-ling',
As I wander through fields and hills,
The sound of old rivers, gushing and rushing, crisp and clear,
My heart is soothed and calmed by them,

Natsumi loved singing the song her mum had often sung to her because she knew that daddy had done the same before he left. She might not remember much about him, seeing as she was only 3 years old when he died, but the song always made her think of a gentle hold, dark blue eyes and a male voice saying something that she couldn't make out. The song also reminded her of the island she lived on; Panthera Island. It was a summer island in the Paradise part of the Grand Line. Majorly dominated by a giant jungle, the sole village didn't even take up a quarter of the land provided. From looking at maps, the blond haired girl saw that the island was crescent shaped with small spots of land dotted around, similar to the moon and stars in the night sky.

The white plumes of hare's-tail cottongrass that colour the meadow,
Whispering softly and swaying in the summers breeze,
They gently take off and drift in the air, surrounding me,
If you listen careful, you can hear them,
The rustling leaves singing a gentle song,
The vast wetland that I feel with all my five senses,
And the clear, fresh scent of the flowers,

"That should be enough" Natsumi nodded to herself, placing the flower chains into a basket that was next to her. Standing up, she dusted off any dirt that remained on her clothes that she was wearing, this included a long purple skirt, white top and matching white sandals. She then began her walk back to her home. It was still a bit too early for any of the other villagers to head to the bar her mum owned for a drink, but someone would probably pop by since her mum also served food with the help of the cook Trevor.

The water surface that glitters under the sunlight shining through the leaves,
Shines in a vibrant copper green,
When I gaze upon it from the small lane lined with Japanese white birch,
My soul is healed by the world of soft colours.
I look up towards the hill of fresh grass,
And the blue-purple flowers that covers it,
I'm surrounded by all these beautiful vivid colours,
And the clear, fresh scent of the early summer.

With the song finished, Natsumi continued her way back home until she noticed a flash of light at the edge of the jungle. She never went too close to it because of all the dangerous, giant cats that lived there, but she was curious about what caused that flash so she changed her direction and headed over to where the light had come from. When she eventually got to where the flash had been, she was very confused at the thing that was in front of her, not really sure what it was.

It looked partly human but she was pretty sure that normal humans did not have giant black wings and a tail coming from their backs. Maybe it was one of those Devil Fruit users that Doctor Stones had told her about.

Instead of being afraid, Natsumi was even more intrigued as she placed her basket on the floor and cautiously moved closer. She had never met a Devil Fruit user before so she was really excited at the thought of actually meeting one. Seeing a stick, she picked it up and poked the person's shoulder with it, receiving a groan of pain in the process. She dropped the stick afterwards but not because of the man (At least she thinks it's a man, she couldn't really tell with his front laying on the floor and those wings covering most of the person's body) on the floor, another flash of light caused her to drop it so that she could cover her eyes. When she thought it was over, she lowered them to see that a beautiful bird had turned up and was nuzzling the unconscious man. A few feathers were missing but that did not take away the fact that it was the prettiest bird she had ever seen.

"This is both an amazing and weird sight" Natsumi thought, staring at both of the beings until another groan snapped her out of it. Now that she was looking more closely, she saw some dark patches on his sweater (This was another thing strange about the man since it was really hot and no one in their right mind would where one during the day on this island) looking exactly like blood and burn marks on his arms. There was probably more that she couldn't see so she decided that now would be a good time to get some help.

Moving closer to the bird, she held out her hand and didn't move all too much, remembering how her mum had told her that hurt or scared looking animals needed to be approached this way. When the bird's head turned to look at her, she kept her voice low and calm "Hello there. I'm not going to hurt your friend but I am going to go and get some help. Do you think you can watch him until I get back?"

The bird allowed her to pet his head a bit and he or she must have been really smart because he/she nodded at her! Trusting the bird to look after his friend, Natsumi ran as fast as she could back to her home, her flower chains forgotten in her haste.

Time skip

Harry's POV

Harry could feel it was going to be one of those days when, before he even woke up, pain radiated from all over his body, particularly from his back and head. Judging from what he was feeling, he guessed that he was laying on his front. The surface felt soft so it was unlikely that he was on the ground, unless wherever he landed had ground made of marshmallows. He could definitely hear some voices but they were muffled and for some odd reason, coming from below him.

Struggling to open his heavy eyes, he felt three separate things twitch on his back, similar to if he was moving an arm. When the feeling continued his eyes shot open in an instant.

His vision was filled with white as he attempted to push himself off what must have been a bed, only for his muscles to protest at the action. He didn't care about that though, only thinking about what the hell was attached to his back. He did stop however, when he had managed to push himself up only to find a few things wrong while he was looking at his now bandage arms. The first being that he could see everything clearly, even though he felt that his glasses were missing. Another thing wrong was that he was pretty sure that his nails had not looked so sharp the last time he saw them. But the thing that had made him still the most, was that going along the outside of his arms, where there was no bandages, were black, shimmering scales. The most seemed to be coming from the top of his arms while the bottom of his arms were unseen thanks to the white cloth.

"Oh Merlin no, please don't be what I think is there. Please don't be what I think is there" he repeated over and over in his mind, he turned his head as far as he could to look at his back only to find two large, scaly appendages exactly the same to the ones in his Animagus form.

He hadn't realise how close he was to the edge of the bed, so when he turned his head to check his back, he accidentally leaned too far to the side and yelped as he fell off the bed to land on his side, causing more pain on his already bruised side.

The voices from below him stopped momentarily but were quickly replaced with the sounds of multiple feet, running up wooden stairs. To him, it sounded like a herd of elephants but Harry ignored the loud sounds in favour of quickly scrambling to his feet and glancing around the room to find that there was only one entrance. The room itself was simple, containing a single, white wooden framed bed (The one he fell off of), a set of white, wooden draws that had the remains of his clothes rested on along with his shrunken trunk on top of them. A full length mirror faced away from him so that he couldn't see the full extent of the changes to himself. Although, when he looked down wondering why it felt like something was wrapping around his leg, he saw that his chest was also wrapped up as well as having a pair of what seemed to be white pyjama bottoms that were a little bit too big but had a string keeping them in place. The thing that was round his leg turned out to be a long, slender tail that had the same leaf shaped, black scales as the dragon he could shift into.

He looked back up in time to see the door open and three people enter the room, two adults and one child. The male looked to be about 50 years old and seemed to be a doctor of some sort, or so Harry guessed from the white coat and the stethoscope. A mint green, button up shirt could be seen along with brown trousers and shoes underneath the doctor's coat. His hair was completely white but was shorn close to his head, like you would find in the military. With his muscular frame and standing at least 6 foot 4, he certainly looked like he would have fit in with the army but his blue eyes only radiated kindness and he made no threatening movements towards him. All he did was slowly place a white doctor's bag on the ground next to him.

The other adult was a woman who, to his slight annoyance, was also taller than him. Her hair was a dark brown and tied into a thick plait, ending at the middle of her back. Tanned skin, warm brown eyes and wearing a yellow apron with pouches on it made her seem harmless but Harry knew not to take something at face value. However, like the man, she made no sudden movements towards him and her light blue summer dress did not look like it could hold any deadly weapons.

It was only when he took a closer look at the little girl did he relax a bit, seeing that Fawkes was standing next to the girl and allowing her to pet him. If Fawkes was calm around them then they could at least be trusted, Phoenixes could see the good and bad within people. Besides, his own sight assured him that they meant no harm.

The man raised his hands in a peaceful gesture, showing that his hands held no weapons and he said in a deep, gruff voice "Easy there. We're not going to hurt you but you have quite a few injuries that I would like to check over"

Harry eyed them again but the weight of his wings were what made him decide to listen. The new weight was unfamiliar to him and was forcing him down. He was just glad that he didn't sit on his tail as he fell back on to the mattress.

The man moved forward slowly, one of his hands still raised while the other retrieve his bag as "My name is Dr Stones, I'm the doctor on the island" Dr Stones told him.

After the small introduction, it was silent in the room as the doctor moved closer to him and began checking his bandages plus some stitches when he was close enough. All the while, the other two stayed quiet but he could see the little girl was fidgeting slightly. When she noticed that he was looking at her, she lifted her hand and waved at him a bit shyly "Hi, I'm Makoto Natsumi and this is my mummy Makoto Asami. What's your name?"

"Hmm, that's strange. Maybe they're speaking another language and that's why the names are reversed. I'm sure I remember Hermione saying that Japan reverse their names so that their first name was actually their last name. At least I know the potion the goblins gave me works now" Harry thought. He smiled at Natsumi and said "My name's Harry. It's nice to meet you"

That seemed to reassure the little girl and opened the floodgates because in the next second, Natsumi had ran over to his side and was asking multiple questions "Is this your pet bird and if so what's his name? What type of bird is he? How did you get all those injuries? What about your wings, tail and horns? Are they a Devil Fruit power?"

Her mother decided to step in before she had a chance to ask any more questions "Natsumi give him some space, he hasn't long woken up"

The small pout on her face made Harry smile and decide to answer her questions. Besides, he was still not getting any bad vibes from any of these people and Fawkes seemed to like them so he saw no harm in answering the questions to a certain degree "It's alright, she's just a curious. The bird by you is a called a Phoenix and his name is Fawkes. I wouldn't call him a pet but he is a dear friend. I got these injuries fighting and as for my wings and other… appendages" Harry looked back at the only thing he could truly see of the mentioned limbs; his wings, before looking back at the little girl "This is the first time I've saw them but I don't even know what a Devil Fruit is"

Harry had a funny feeling that the extra parts and scales had come from whatever had happened to cause that overload of magic. He had already started to change into his Animagus form when he was knocked into the portal and the Aurors were flinging spells left and right. One of them probably messed up the magical energies of the ritual. Or maybe he was like this because he had went through during the change, he wasn't a hundred percent sure. He just hoped there wouldn't be any more side effects. The wings and tail were enough on their own but having scales, clawed hands and apparently horns was pushing it, he did not want to have to deal with anymore changes.

Dr Stones stood back up after replacing one of the bandages on his chest "The good news is that your injuries are healing at a faster rate than they would on other people but I would like you to stay in bed for a few more days. I have also noticed that the muscles in your back are not completely strong enough to hold up the additional weight of your wings for long periods of time. You're going to have to strengthen up your muscles to use them properly" there was a small pause before Dr Stones asked "Are you sure you haven't eaten any odd looking fruit as of late?"

Harry shook his head before stopping because the horns on his head were making him feel dizzy "No I haven't"

The doctor hummed in thought "You said that you don't know what a Devil Fruit is either" another small shake from Harry made the older man continue "Devil Fruits are fruits that can give whoever eats it different abilities, depending on the type of the fruit eaten but at the cost of becoming a hammer in water. There are three types of Devil Fruits, the most common type being Paramecia. These Devil Fruits give their users superhuman physical abilities or traits that affect their body, the environment around them or by producing a substance. I remember there is a pirate who can turn his body into diamond and his was a Paramecia. Then there's the rarest of the three Devil Fruit classes. Logia type Devil Fruits allow their users to transform themselves into an element such as smoke or lava. We think you're the third type, a Zoan, which means that you gain the ability to transform into an animal. Specifically a Mythical Zoan type since I've never heard of a lizard that can fly. There's a possibility that someone fed you one when you were unconscious"

Harry's head was spinning with all this information "Devil Fruits? Pirates? Just where the hell have I landed?" Harry thought as he rubbed his head, already feeling a headache coming on. He really wasn't expecting this when he decided on heading to a new dimension, but then again, he did pick a method that was only explored by one person and it was incomplete at that so he shouldn't have been so surprised.

Harry let out a barely audible sigh at his luck, but to Doctor Stones he said "Thank you for helping me"

"Your welcome. Now get some more rest, Asami has offered a place for you to stay for as long as you need and want. I'll be back tomorrow to check up on you. At the rate you're healing, I should be able to take out those stitches tomorrow" with that said, Dr Stones picked up the bag he had dropped by the bed and waved goodbye to everyone before going out the door, leaving Harry alone with the mother and daughter.

Fawkes flew over and perched himself at the end of the bed, allowing Natsumi to continue her earlier petting while Harry asked her mother "How long have I been out?"

"Natsumi found you on the outskirts of the jungle three days ago. You've been asleep ever since" Asami replied.

Before anything else could be said, a loud rumbling started to come from Harry's stomach, causing him to blush slightly in embarrassment. Asami giggled a bit "How about I go and make you some food. We've been feeding you soups while you were asleep but now that you are awake, you can eat some solid food"

"You don't have to do that. Really, you've done enough for me as it is" it was sort of weird how well they were taking this, most muggles (And some magicals) would not extend the same courtesy to something different to them, but maybe that was because he was not the strangest thing they had seen. Those Devil Fruits sounded like a crazy concept but they must be real, Dr Stones didn't seem like the type to make up those sorts of things.

"Nonsense, your hurt and need to rest so I don't want to see you out that bed until you are better or else" she warned as she pulled out a wooden spoon from one of the pockets on her apron. Wielding it in the same way that Molly Weasley would, Harry clamped his mouth shut on another protest, knowing better than to argue with someone with a cooking utensil close at hand.

Seeing that her message had gotten across, she placed the wooden spoon back into her pocket "Why don't you come help me make some food Natsumi?" Asami commented, walking into the room and placing a hand on her daughter's shoulder.

"Aww" the girl said dejectedly but followed her mother out of the room, waving goodbye as she shut the door behind herself.

Harry pulled his legs back onto the bed and ended up in a sitting position, looking out of the window besides his head. He could see lush, green grass leading to some exotic trees, like you would find in a tropical jungle, and while it was hot, it was not humid.

"So not only am I stuck as a half dragon, half human hybrid, but I've also managed to land somewhere where fruits give you powers. It would be me that this happens to" Harry said aloud but he couldn't help but smile humourlessly at that. Honestly, only he would have this kind of luck.

The sudden feel of sharp claws on his leg drew his attention back to the immortal bird. Fawkes' black eyes were staring at him unblinkingly. Now that no one else was around, Harry could think more about the situation he had landed himself in.

"How did you manage to get here Fawkes? I'm sure you were far enough away to not be pulled in" he queried, not expecting an answer. Then, something unexpected happened. The red and yellow bird began to glow with an inner light and with it, Harry felt as if his very nervous system was on fire. While the pain was a bit intense, he had felt worse so he clenched his jaw to keep the painful noises in. After a few more seconds, the pain ebbed away to be replaced by a soothing and comforting warmth, like he was hugging a hot water bottle. Suddenly, a voice that was not his own talked in his head {I'm sorry for that young one. It always hurts when a bond is first made but it doesn't last for long}

Gaping at Fawkes, Harry asked "Was that you?"

The Phoenix bobbed his head when he replied {It is}

"How is this possible?" Harry questioned. It felt weird being able to hear Fawkes in his head but it wasn't a bad feeling, it just had a strange sensation to it.

{I decided to create a familiar bond with you. I had been debating on it for a while and had just decided when I noticed you were in the forest. I held off creating the bond straight away so you could concentrate on the ritual but after arriving here and seeing what happened, I felt as if it would be beneficial to do it as soon as you woke up so that I can help you with these changes} Fawkes explained.

After the explanation, Harry breathed out a sigh of relief. Already, this journey was turning out better than he had thought it would. He had a familiar face with him and while these extra parts were unexpected, he could learn to adapt. He had never had a normal life since that All Hallows Eve night when Voldemort decided to pay a visit and he had been thrown into dangerous situations one after another. He could deal with this, just like he did with everything else.

"At any rate, I could at least pass myself off as one of these Devil Fruit users" Harry contemplated. He doubted there was any magic users in this world and while he had planned to use his magic in secret when he got to the new dimension, it was going to be a bit harder with the way he was now. Maybe there was something in one of the Potter, Peverell or Black libraries that he had shrunk into his trunk about something that would keep his new appearance hidden. He'll have to check when he can get out of this bed without toppling over or incurring the wrath of Asami.

"Thank you for coming Fawkes" Harry thanked the immortal bird.

Fawkes settle himself back onto the bedpost, his feathers seeming to glow with the sunlight streaming through the window but not like he had earlier {Think nothing of it Harry. We Phoenixes need a little adventure in our immortal lives and I have a feeling that I just joined the most adventurous one}

Harry laughed along with Fawkes, knowing that he was right. so far, his new life was off to a fantastic start.

The song is the English version of Shoka no Kaori (The Fragrance of Early Summer) which is from Hetalia: The World Twinkle Character CD Vol. 1 and sung by Hiroki Takahashi, in the voice of Japan. I did, however, remove one bit. After the fourth paragraph it says "In this season of fragrant early summer, the mizubashou in beautiful full bloom is an highlight. At Italy-kun's house, I heard that this is when the fields are completely covered in deliciously ripe tomatoes… I would most definitely want to visit them one day" but this does not mean I own the song or Hetalia: Axis Powers or Hetalia: The World Twinkle Character CD Vol. 1 or any of the characters. Only Panthera Island and anyone who lives on it are my own characters. Anyway, I hoped you all enjoyed my new story and I'll see you when I next update.