A Dragon's Fire

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"Den Den Mushi/Two-way Mirror"

Familiar Bond




Chapter 2: The Emerald Flames

Panthera Island, considering that it was full of giant carnivorous cats and in the Grand Line, was generally a peaceful island compared to the others ones.

Not that Harry had ever left to go to the other islands. He got the information from others who had sailed the seas before and had stop to settle down on the island. He couldn't risk going to the other islands on his own where people could accidentally see his other appendages and then try to catch him. The many stories about how those with Devil Fruit abilities were highly sought out as slaves made him weary of leaving the island on his own because knowing his luck, he would be mistaken for one until they put seastone cuffs on him and they did nothing to inhibit his magic. Then they'll want to get him even more because of his uniqueness. He didn't match any descriptions of the Skypieans who had white and feathered wings, or Fishmen by his lack of aquatic features. He'd more than likely be shipped off to Sabaody Archipelago to be sold and he definitely did not want that.

The people on the island were nice and would always make sure to warn him of any ships coming, that way he didn't go walking around with his wings and such showing. He was very grateful of them for it but he felt a bit guilty for telling them that he ate a Devil Fruit. The only ones who knew that he wasn't a Devil Fruit user was Asami, Natsumi, Dr Stones and the Mayor.

In return for their help and allowing him to stay with them, even if Asami said that she didn't mind, he helped out any way he could in the bar that Asami owned and also helped with food by hunting in the jungle. It was a way to drain his energy by hunting the much larger predators in his hybrid form. Although, he had found out that didn't use up much energy in either his hybrid or in his full Animagus form, but the animals that were large enough to challenge him were a small number compared to the rest of the felines. He also didn't want to scare anyone who happened to be in the jungle at the time so he didn't change completely all that often thus, he had to find more ways to use up his power.

The other thing he did to help out was by looking after the children if their parents were busy. He always did have a soft spot for kids. The children didn't seem bothered by his appearance either and they were simply ecstatic to go flying with him or to just pet Fawkes while he told them stories; both of the ones he had learned and of his life a bit (Not that he told them the more sensitive parts or that it was real and of his life). One of the adults (He had no idea which) had been passing by the group and commented on how he looked like a mother surrounded by her children causing him to have his face flushed red from embarrassment when it led to him gaining the title of Mamma Dragon and the kids as his hatchlings.

Dr Stones was the only doctor on the island and seemed to have taken a shine to him, especially since he had ways to heal people that he had not known about and were quite effective. Most potions, regarding medical needs, didn't need magic to create them and almost all of the ingredients needed were in this reality so Harry helped him out by teaching him how to make the potions he could, such as the Blood-Replenishing potion. He only used his flames for the more grievous of injuries, the same going for Fawkes tears. The only things he couldn't teach him to make were potions like Skele-grow. Any doctor of this world would have been flocking to the island if news ever got out of them but if he decided to teach anyone else how to make them, they would have to be tested beforehand.

Waking up in a hammock that was swaying side to side as sunlight streamed in through the window was a great way to wake up, especially when it was one of the nights where he wasn't plagued by nightmarish memories. The island was in a permanent state of summer, making up for all the rain that he had endured in Britain over the years. He could sleep in a normal bed, and even on his back in a bed for short periods of time, but he much preferred the constant felling of being suspended in the air so he had shrunk the previous bed down so that Asami could easily put it back for when he did leave. He would leave one day, he couldn't stay and put them in danger for helping him which is why his trunk was in the corner of the room with everything in it, just in case the Ministry found a way to follow him. The rest of the room was mostly bare. The only other items being a perch he had gotten for Fawkes that was right next to the window, allowing him to come and go as he pleased. There was also the full length mirror from when he woke up the first time and the chest of draws that he didn't use, except to keep the mirror that Hermione gave him on.

He looked over to said mirror and sighed. He hadn't called them once since he got here for two reasons. The first being that the Aurors could be monitoring them and the second was because he didn't want them to see him like this. He was definitely a freak now and he'd rather not see his friends' reactions to his freakishly new appearance. He knew he was being ridiculous but a small part of him still thought that they would abandon him.

He just sighed again as he sat up and stretched his arms above his head, mindful of his horns, when there was a sudden knock at the door but one quick sniff of the air told him that it was just Asami. Her natural scent consisted of a mixture jasmine and citrus fruits, mostly limes but with a hint of oranges

"Harry, you need to be careful today. A Marine ship docked earlier on and I don't think they'll be going for another hour or two" Asami said through the door.

"Thanks" he called back as he got out of his hammock and threw on a pair of soft, loose black bottoms that he had gotten out yesterday. The material they were made from wouldn't aggravate the small amount of scales on his legs and had a hole in the back for his tail, the hole not noticeable when the glamours were up. He then pulled on a pair of thick, black boots that stopped halfway up his calf where the ends of his trousers were tucked in leaving a tiny bit to hang over. All of his tops he had now were made by the seamstress who had made them all to accommodate his wings, as well as to make sure they are not restricted in any way. The top he was putting on was a dark green and a bit baggy, but nowhere near as baggy as the clothes from the Dursleys were. Hikari, the seamstress and one of Asami's closest friends, had made it so that all his tops had low backs so he could simply push his wings through, although he had to be careful to not rip the fabric when doing so. The sleeves ended halfway down his upper arm and if he was to move his sleeve up a little bit, people would be able to see the Deathly Hallows symbol tattooed on to his skin, while the top ended further down at the back than it did at the front which would have been just above his tail. Two black, metal bracelets; that only he could take off, encircled his wrists where he had one engraved with protection runes and the other one had a crystal clear diamond, seemingly melded in the middle.

It was this that allowed him to hide his dragon appendages without knocking anything over. Normal glamours may be able to hide them but they didn't stop people from feeling them. Conveniently, some books from his ancestors had helped solve this problem. However, this time it was his Potter side that helped him. The Potter line had been creating items like his for centuries, helping to hide magical creatures amongst the muggles. The only problem was that he couldn't keep it up forever as it used the beings own magic and energy to power it, the most he could keep it up was four days before the drain became too much and he had to stop using it to let his magic replenish. That only took a few hours with his core but he never knew when he could need that extra boost so he only used it when there was someone unknown on the island and he had a high chance of bumping into them.

Underneath those bracelets were two black, fingerless gloves that ended at his wrists. Glamours and the bracelet were great but they couldn't hide scars done by strong dark magic. Meaning the one that told everyone in the Wizarding World who he was, his scar from Peter Pettigrew (The blade being a nasty dark artefact) in fourth year and the ones from his stay in Malfoy Manor were on display all the time. Even the scars from his detentions with the pink toad was still there and the people from this dimension could definitely read it because Natsumi had asked why he had those words on him. This had led him to cover those words up so he didn't have to think of something to explain why he had it every time someone noticed. The metal linked chain was still around his neck, it just didn't have his trunk attached to it 24/7. The Potter hair was still its usual mess and had grown a bit, most of the time it looked like he had just rolled out of bed and for some reason, his hair had decided to defy the laws of gravity more than usual. His skin hadn't changed much as it was still very pale, even with all the sun. The only thing he truly disliked about himself was his height which was also the same as when he got here, at 5.4. Gryffindor's sword was in its sheath, attached at his side via a black, buckle up belt. Neville had given it back to him before he had left since none knew what dangers he would be facing and the sword might come in handy.

He could actually use the sword now thanks to the help of the fraternal twins, Riley and Cody. One day, when he had been walking around the village, they had jumped out from a bush demanding that they teach him how to properly use the sword and not let it go to waste. Harry had been so stunned that he had agreed instantly but regretted after he saw the identical smirks on their faces. He regretted it so very, very much.

Riley, a 25 year old swordswoman with long, wavy lavender coloured hair and aquamarine eyes, took vindicated pleasure in using her time to teach him, or to be more accurate, to beat him almost black and blue. If it wasn't for his toughened skin (They had found that his skin was actually made up of really small but soft scales that mimicked his skin) he would have had a lot more cuts to deal with. Her brother was less violent but was equal to his sister in skill. They shared the same eyes but he had short, spiked black hair instead. If he had to compare him with anyone, he would say he was a mixture of the Weasley twins, with always trying to find a way to make people smile, as well as the side of Luna that people usually saw, chasing after myths and legends that may or may not exist. According to them, he could at least hold his own against most of the typical Marine swordsmen and women, besides the ones that actually knew what they were doing.

With him completely dressed and sword strapped securely at his side, he walked over to the door of his room, leaving Fawkes to rest for a little bit longer, tucking his wings closer to his body so that he could get through it. The pub had two levels, the upstairs being the living area for them while the downstairs was the actual bar and kitchen where Harry helped the cook, Waldford Trevor. He was an eighty five year old man with a small amount of snow white hair on his head. He also used to be head chef on a Marine ship but retired at the age of sixty, finding solace in the only town on the island. Bright blue eyes always made him seem like he was laughing on the inside and not many things got him down.

"Good morning Harry" Natsumi greeted from the bar stool when he walked down the stairs. Her blond hair had been put into its usual two plaits that fell halfway down her back and her brown eyes were alight with energy. She pointed towards a steaming plate and a glass filled with orange liquid next to her "Mummy left your breakfast there while she goes shopping"

Harry smiled at the nine year old, who smelled of baked goods and fresh fruits, ruffling her hair as he walked past her to sit on the stool next to her. He had to be mindful of his slightly clawed hands when doing an action like that, but he never had or ever would hurt her on purpose.

He looked at his plate to see a giant mound of eggs, toast and various meats. Even though he tried to protest against it, Asami had tried to feed him as much as she could, claiming that he was too skinny even with his muscles building from training. After avoiding the questions to why he didn't eat so much, he made a deal with her. He would eat one large meal a day and the other two would be his own size (Which was fairly small). She wasn't happy with the arrangement but seemed to understand that this was one of the things he wouldn't be swayed from.

"Didn't she go shopping yesterday though?" He questioned, after swallowing some of his breakfast and taking a sip of his juice.

She kicked her legs back and forth as she chirped a reply "Yep! But she needs to get some extra ingredients along with new pots and pans. The old ones are starting to brake so she thought she'd get them today along with some extra fruits before it's all used up tomorrow. I'm going to see if she needs any help in minute"

Harry was halfway done with his food when he said "Well I'm sure Fawkes would love to go with you if you want. You just have to go wake him up"

A bright smile bloomed across her face as she jumped down from the stool with a cry of "Yay! Thanks Harry" she called out as she ran upstairs to wake up the Phoenix.

Harry simply shook his head in amusement. By the time Natsumi came bounding downstairs with a basket in her hand and Fawkes following close behind, he had already eaten the last of his breakfast and was just finishing cleaning his dishes.

They left at the same time and using his prehensile tail, he shut the door behind him, giving one last wave to Natsumi and Fawkes before heading towards the jungle. There was a festival tomorrow and Harry was helping to stock up on some meat for it.

Looking across the town, he couldn't help but think how peaceful and beautiful it was. The biggest building being the library in the middle of the village that was also the meeting place when the Mayor needed to get everyone together. The jungle almost completely surrounded the village, except at the front which looked out into the ocean. Asami's bar was at the very edge of the jungle while the market was on the pier, a few more shops were dotted amongst the houses behind it and fields of crops behind them that they both sold to other islands and for themselves. While England had its own type of beauty, he was glad that the Panthera did not look like someone had taken a cookie cutter to the houses, making it further away from being even remotely related to Surrey, or more specifically Private Drive, that Harry felt happier. However, looking out to the vast ocean, he wished to find a way to travel this dimension in some form of safety. He had heard that sailing these seas was one of the freest feelings in the world and there was supposed to be never a dull moment with the amount of islands in the Grand Line or the New World.

Taking one last quick sweep of the beckoning sea for any ships and only seeing a lone Marine vessel anchored at the docks, Harry turned back to the jungle and headed in to start hunting.

POV Change

Natsumi was running down the street with Fawkes flying above her. She loved having him and Harry here but even she knew he wanted to go out to sea. She may be 9 years old but she was smart, she could see the pain and loneliness that he gave out. Even when Fawkes or any of the other children were with him and he was smiling, the pain was still there, just hidden. It showed the most when he was looking at the ocean or other families so she knew why he felt that way. He needed to be as free as he could be with a family that could protect him as much as he could protect them, something this island could not offer him. She had overheard her mum and Dr Stones talking about finding someone to travel with him but so far, nothing had come out of it. Marines were definitely out of the question. Dr Stones being a retired Marine knew that they weren't always truthful and Harry would feel caged by joining them. Merchant and civilian vessels were also out so the only good idea was to find a pirate crew for him to join. The only problem being in finding the right one, one that would be strong enough and not one that was going to stab him in the back later on.

Natsumi got a bit distracted on her way to the pier, having stopped to talk to a few of her friends that she had passed and seeing some new items in some shops. She had just turned round a corner of a house, only to have her vision filled with a sea of white and blue. The port was filled with men wearing white, short-sleeved shirts that had the Marine emblem on the back. They all also wore a blue neckerchief, dark blue trousers and a baseball cap with the word 'Marine' across the front. This wasn't the first time that she had been around Marines and she knew that Doctor Stones used to be one, but the man watching the others moving the boxes on their ship made her uneasy. She didn't know what it was about him but he looked very intimidating and scary. She couldn't make out much of his features and she didn't plan to go anywhere near the man.

Fawkes must have felt her discomfort because he landed gently on her head, his tail feathers going down her back and tickling her neck a bit. It always amazed her how the Phoenix didn't weigh a thing so she could walk around with the flaming bird with little effort.

Unfortunately for her, she came out in the middle of the port while her mother was further down, looking over a few pans. It just so happened that she would have to walk past the very Marine she wanted to avoid but she wasn't going to let her fear control her so taking a deep breath, she clutched the basket closer and walked over to her mum.

She had just past the man when a voice called out for someone to stop. She might have thought that the voice was talking to someone else, had it not been for the hand that was suddenly clamped on her shoulder. She looked up to see coal black eyes staring at the bird on her head.

"I've never seen a bird like that before" the man commented, not looking away from Fawkes who was probably eyeing the man up and whatever he saw, must not have been good because she could feel that his posture went from relaxed to tense. Now that the Marine was closer, she could see that the white coat he was wearing showed that he was a Captain and underneath it was a white suit with a black shirt and shoes. Mud brown hair fell to the man's chin which had a little stubble on his thin face. Two swords were attached to a belt along with two black, square pouches next to them. A chill went down her spine when those eyes turned towards her and he made what she guessed was supposed to be a reassuring smile, but it only succeeded in her wanting to get even further away from him "Is it your pet?"

From the corner of her eye, Natsumi could see her mother had noticed her and was sending her worried glances, moving at a brisk pace to where she was. Natsumi focused her full attention back onto the Marine Captain, whose hand had moved from her shoulder and was inching closer to Fawkes. Declaring quietly but in a clear voice "No, HE'S not my pet. He is my friend and I wouldn't try to touch him. He might bite"

A small crowd had started to gather around them as the Marine raised an eyebrow at the statement. The hand that had been reaching out towards Fawkes did not stop its approach as he stated cockily "Oh really. He seems pretty tame for not being a pet"

Whatever Fawkes saw in the man caused him to dart forward and bit him hard enough to draw blood as soon as the man's fingers were close enough.

"Shit!" He cried out, pulling his hand back from the sharp beak. His cocky expression from earlier was now replaced with an angered one.

"Stupid animal!" The man shouted, raising his hand to strike the bird. He would have succeeded had it not been for a frying pan smashing into his face. Following the hand holding the kitchen appliance, Natsumi saw that it was her mum who had come to her rescue.

Even though her mother was obviously panicking a bit at the fact that she had hit a Marine (Who was holding his face as blood trickled between his fingers from his probably broken nose) she stood tall and unflinching when she said "Stay away from my daughter and Fawkes. She warned you that he might bite and you refused to listen. You have no right to raise your hand at either of them"

A crowd of people had gathered around them, both villagers and Marines staring at the spectacle with dropped jaws but the Marines were quick to lose that look. The captain was still holding his nose, his head tipped back to try and stop the blood. When he looked back down at them, his nose had stopped its bleeding but there was still some on the lower part of his face and his hand. His dark eyes radiated rage at her mum and his hand shot out to wrap around her neck. The pan dropping to the floor with a clang as he lifted her off the ground. He wasn't squeezing enough to cut off her air but she was definitely in a little pain as she tried to remove the large fingers with her much smaller hands.

Natsumi was slightly distracted from the display when she felt Fawkes tensing up, she knew she had to think quickly before Fawkes tried attacking the man. While the bird was quick and she knew that he could more than likely hurt the man (Harry had told her how he had saved him from a giant snake) but she didn't know if he would be able to hold off both the Captain and all of his men before someone who could actually fight came to help.

"Fawkes, can you please go get Harry, he can get here the quickest" She whispered quietly so that only the fiery bird could hear her. He gave a small croon as if to say no, probably not wanting to leave her alone with such a dangerous man but Natsumi was quick to think of a reason to why he should leave "No one here could even take the average Marines on, let alone a Captain and Harry's the only one you can talk to"

Fawkes still didn't feel like he wanted to leave but he knew that having Harry here would help so with a final chirp, he fiddled with her hair reassuringly and then flew off her head towards the jungle.

Those dark eyes looked away from her mum (Who was attempting to pry the hand off her throat with no success) to watch the flame bird fly away, his face full of annoyance. When he looked back at her mother, the annoyance was replaced by a deadly calm that scared Natsumi even more, especially since the comforting presence of Fawkes was gone.

"I have every right to deal with the brat as I see fit. Her pet bit me, Captain Castor Thorn, and both should be punished for going against a Marine. You however, went further by attacking me and must be dealt with a more severe type of reprimand. There is a reason why I was made Captain dear. Do you want to know why?" The Captain sneered as he tightened his grip on her mum's neck before dropping her. She rubbed her sore neck muscles and watched with uneasiness as the Marine Captain pulled something out of his right pouch. He held it up to inspect it, revealing that it was a small vial with a black substance inside of it.

"You see, I'm quite proficient with poisons and I just happen to carry around a batch that I can use to either kill someone in an instant" here, he fingered the vial containing the black sludge like substance before putting it back into one of his pouches and bringing out a purple liquid. He smirked down at her mum who looked very concerned as she caught on to what the Marine was implying "Or I can slowly torture them"

Quicker than she could follow, Captain Thorn had materialized a dagger and had dipped the blade of it into the purple liquid. Two lower ranked Marines stepped forward and each took a hold of her mother's arms, holding her in place as the Captain sliced the knife across her cheek and causing her to cry out in pain. A few drops fell from the dagger and trailed down her cheek, leaving behind a trail of reddened skin. She could also see small tremors running across her mum's body, she wanted to jump forward and help but she was suddenly restrained by another villager, who it was she didn't know, her focus solely on her mum. She did however, see that other people were trying to get towards her mother but were being held back by a wall of Marines who had both guns and swords drawn.

Captain Thorn had a nasty smile on his face and Natsumi was becoming even more scared for her mum. She didn't want to lose her like her daddy. He became lost at sea when she was 3, but with the Grand Line, it was almost certain that he was gone in a way that he would never be able to come back and her mum will be the same if someone didn't do something soon.

When the Captain was just about to do it again, this time to her other cheek, a different Marine ran up to him and caught his attention by saying "Sir, the ship is ready to set sail and most of the men are back on board. It is necessary for us to leave now while the wind is still strong in order to make it back to the inspection on time"

A small amount of hope swelled up in Natsumi's chest, if the Captain needed to be somewhere then he might let go of her mother in his haste. Unfortunately, the little bit of hope was stomped on when after looking at the lower ranked Marine that had told him that information, Captain Thorn was silent for a few seconds before a sadistic look replaced the blank one.

"Well if we must be going... I'll just have to continue your punishment on the way there" he declared, turning away from the alarmed looks of the villagers. Sounds of protests came from all of them as they tried even harder to get to her but the Marines just knocked out anyone who was becoming more violent.

The nine year old couldn't believe this was happening. Her mum was smiling not that long ago and now all she could see is the pained filled face as the marines holding her dragged her away. Deciding that she no longer wanted to stay silent, she called at the top of her voice "No! Leave her alone!"

Her mother's brown eyes were now full of fear as she looked back at her. She knew it wasn't herself that her mother was fearing for. No, it was her she held fear for, especially since she had just drawn attention to herself.

Captain Thorn made no move towards her, only gave her a sideward glance as he told her "You should be grateful brat. Your mother has given me an opportunity to test my creations against a new variable" he then returned to walking on to his ship, her mother in tow.

"Let me go! Let me go!" She shouted. The arms around her gripped tighter and a voice (It sounded like Hikari but she couldn't be sure) was trying to tell her to calm down. She couldn't do that though. She had to do something. Anything to help her mum but all she could do was watch as she was dragged aboard the ship. The rest of the Marines soon followed on-board and were like a well-oiled machine as it wasn't long before all the Marines had taken away the gangplank, unfurled the sails and hoisted the anchor. As they were leaving, she saw that Captain Thorn was watching them all with a mocking smirk on face. The man left to go somewhere else when the crowd of people and herself could no longer make out the features of his face, it made her feel sick at the thought that the only reason why he had left was because he could no longer see their stricken faces.

"MUMMY!" She screamed at the top of her voice, tears running down her face as the ship that had her mother on aboard sailed away.

Harry's POV

Harry was perched in one of the many trees of the jungle, waiting for his prey. For the past week he had been stalking a giant tiger looking cat but there was a few differences between this one and the ones in his own dimension. For one thing, it was a lot bigger than an average tiger, about four buses stacked together high and its fur was yellow with purple stripes instead of orange and black. It also had two tails instead of one.

When he had first heard about the giant variety of wildcats living on the island, he had been sceptical until he was reminded by Fawkes that he was no longer in his own world and should expect the unusual (Or in his case; the even more unusual). A few of them looked exactly like the ones in his own dimension while others had minor differences (Like their size or the colour of their fur) and some looked completely different but he could still recognise what species they resembled.

After getting use to all the different animals on the island (The News Coo had reminded him so much of the owls back home that he had flashbacks to the painful memories of Hedwig's death, but it was also a small comfort to have another familiar thing to remind him of home) he had begun to hunt some of them to both hone his new senses and to bring in some meat for the bar. While he wasn't the only one to venture into the jungle, he was the only one brave *cough*crazy*cough enough to step into the larger (Meaning anything larger than a double decker bus) beast's territories.

This particular tiger like feline he had decided to hunt had been a pain in the arse for the past few weeks. Having been disrupting the other prides of cats and causing them to get closer to the village so Harry had tasked himself with getting rid of him and as an added bonus, use the remains for the festival that was tomorrow.

His ears twitched slightly when they heard paws land softly on the grassy ground. He would have never heard the approach of the massive feline without his new and enhanced senses, even with his Sight. He had managed to place himself so that the wildcat wouldn't be able to smell him on the wind but he could still smell the cat.

The yellow and purple tiger slinked through the trees, smaller branches breaking as his body passed by them. He was only a few feet away from where Harry would have descended on the unsuspecting feline, his hands completely covered in scales so that he could use the clawed hands in taking the tiger down. Training himself to shift parts of his body into its dragon part had been a great idea but the more he changed, the closer he got to his full form and that meant getting bigger.

A sudden pull on his bond had him stopping short on his attack when he realised Fawkes was coming towards him. Standing up silently, so he didn't disturb the oblivious animal, he jumped from the branch he was on and spread his wings to glide silently away from the tiger. He could always catch it later but he felt the panic coming from Fawkes' side of the bond and right now, Fawkes won over the tiger.

As soon as he landed on the jungle ground, Fawkes came flying through the trees to land on Harry's outstretched arm where the wizard hybrid asked the immortal bird "What's wrong Fawkes? Why aren't you with Natsumi?"

{Natsumi sent me to get you after a Marine Captain went to strike me. I would never allow for that to happen to myself or the hatchling but before I could do anything, her mother took matters into her own hands and hit him in the face with a kitchen appliance}

Without needing to explain more (Knowing an action like that could get Asami into a lot of trouble) Harry flapped his wings and was soon soaring out from the Jungle, Fawkes right beside him.

"Where are they right now?" Harry asked, knowing Fawkes would be able to hear him.

{They were on the pier when I left them. Almost all the humans who can fight are not in the village, they're out collecting wood along with fruit and vegetables that are specifically found in the jungle}

"Double shit!" Harry cursed in his mind. He wished he could Apparate but even if he could, he didn't want to give away any of his powers that weren't related to his Animagus form. Since there was a high possibility that they were still there, he would have to push himself and hope he got there on time.

A few weeks after arriving in this world, Harry had attempted to Apparate a short distance from one end of the pier to the other. It did not go very well since he ended up in the middle of the sea, halfway from the island. Each time he tried to Apparate, he ended up with similar results and it had greatly confused him until Dr Stones had told him how each island had created different and special magnetic waves. Not even the Point Me spell worked because of this. A Log Pose was the only way to navigate the Grand Line, and the only place a normal compass would work would be in the Four Blues. Harry had concluded that the magnetic waves were so different and wild from his own world, that he couldn't Apparate unless he was on an island with the same as his own. Fawkes could still use his own teleportation because his magic was different from a witches or wizards, more wild and untameable.

"Did they see any of your powers?" Harry asked worriedly. He did not need them also storming over the island trying to find Fawkes because of his powers.

{No. I flew here so they didn't see anything}

Harry let out a small sigh of relief at the news but even with him pushing his wings to the max, it still took him a while to get from one side of the island to the other so his worry was steadily growing back up. What he came upon was a crowd of people watching a Marine Vessel sail away. It probably only left about 5 minutes ago, but there was a strong amount of wind to carry them out to sea so they were already pretty far from the island. He landed behind the cluster of people who, upon noticing his appearance, separated to make a path for him. When he saw who was at the edge of the docks, his anger skyrocketed.

There, in Hikari's arms, was Natsumi, desperately trying to get out of them but not succeeding due to Hikari's hold on her. Tears were streaming down her cheeks as she stared at something in the distance, or more specifically, the Marine ship that was sailing further and further away.

"What happened?" Harry questioned, hiding the anger away in his voice but he was sure his tensed stand told everyone what he was really feeling.

Angry hazel eyes looked away from Natsumi and focused on the wizard, replying with "That bastard of a Marine Captain took Asami!"

The anger was increasing more and more as the flow of Natsumi's tears became less but her sobs remained "Why did he do that?"

"He tried to hit Fawkes when he was on Natsumi's head and would have hurt her but Asami swung a frying pan and hit him in the face. He didn't like the fact that she had managed to draw blood so he had his men restrain her and used a poisoned blade to cut her. I don't know what it was but she screamed as soon as it touched her" he could see that she clenched her fists and if Harry had to guess, he would say that she was remembering the experience very vividly since she looked like she wanted to go find this Captain and stab him, repeatedly with both swords and her needles she used in creating clothes until he resembled a human pin cushion "He was going continue torturing her right in front of us until another Marine informed him that they needed to go, otherwise they would be late for an inspection. We thought he might just leave it at that and let her go but he decided to take her on his ship to deal with later. There was nothing we could do to stop him without receiving the same treatment, it was just lucky he didn't decide to take Natsumi as well" she finished just as Natsumi finally wiggled out of her arms and ran over to Harry. The wizard dropped down so that the nine year old could wrap her arms around his neck, continuing to sob into his neck.

"I don't w-want to lo-loose mummy too. I want her b-back" her muffled voice said as he rubbed soothing circles on her back. Not being able to stand hearing her distressed tone, he pushed her back so that she was looking into his eyes.

"I promise you that I will get your mother back. No matter what, I will return with her even if I have to fight that Captain myself" Harry promised, his eyes showing nothing but sincerity.

The sobbing had quietened down and only small sniffles remained now, but her eyes were still shining with a few more tears that wanted to be released "You mean that?"

"I swear that I will save her" he swore, continuing to look directly into her eyes to show that he meant what he said. When she realised that he wasn't lying, she gave a tiny nod as he wiped her eyes dry. He then stood up and handed her back to Hikari. Looking over to the bird that had landed on top of one of the stalls, he asked "Fawkes, do you think you can stay here and calm everyone down please? I won't be long"

{No problem Harry. But I must ask that you do try and be careful. That man had a very tainted soul and I didn't like the way he was looking at me or Natsumi} Fawkes warned, beginning to sing a song that Harry knew would make the crowd feel like that they swallowed a drop of warm liquid. He could see some of them already relaxing their shoulders from the beautiful melody.

"Noted" Harry acknowledged. Flapping his wings, he lifted off the ground and made his way to the ship that was already far away from the island but no matter what, he was not going to let Natsumi's only family member left die. That Marine Captain didn't realise it yet, but he had just gained a deadly enemy.

POV Change

Castor Thorn was a man who cared very little about anything. The only thing he loved more than inflicting pain on others was money. At first, he had often wondered why he had become a Marine instead of a Pirate with the way he acted but the truth was glaringly obvious. The Marines were so corrupt that at times, they were worse than most Pirate crews. With the added benefit of most islands trusting them on site, he could get away with anything with no one ever catching him or just blaming it on Pirates. This included slavery.

What most didn't know about him was that he kidnapped humans, Devil Fruit users, Fishmen and exotic animals to take to Sabaody Archipelago. But unfortunately for him, he hadn't had time to collect new merchandise to sell as his crew had been delayed by a storm and now they were late returning to base where they had an evaluation coming up. Some of his superiors actually did this for the justice and to protect people so he didn't want to draw attention to himself by missing one. If he kept his illegal activities under the radar, then he could work his way up in the Marine ranks and could use his new position to get even more exotic creatures and people to sell.

Panthera Island had been his last stop back to base and they were only stopping long enough to get supplies that they had lost in the storm. He hadn't thought he would find anything of value on the island but his luck must have turned as he spotted a magnificent bird, perched on a child's head no less. Never in his life had he seen a bird like that and he had studied many books on different species that had been found, but he had not come across a bird with feathers like flames. He knew if he could get that bird then he could sell it for a very good price and he had thought it would be quiet easy with only a little girl owning it. If worse came to worse, he could find a way to take the girl as well (A lot of nobles did like young slaves) but then the blasted thing had bit him! He was ashamed to say that and the little girl's attitude caused him to forget himself but he was not going to let that woman get away with striking him. He would admit that he very much appreciated the way he looked and dressed so when he felt that his nose was broken and saw the blood that stained one of his best suits, the woman had signed her life away. He also would not be made a fool of in front of anyone, let alone his own men.

"Captain Thorn sir, what should we do with the woman?" His second in command queried. The man held his ground when he turned his gaze on him. Had he been anyone else, the man would have been shaking in fear of being his next potential test subject for any new poisons he created. But this one had gotten used to the treatment, having spent numerous times as one himself to try and keep some of the new recruits from the pain.

The woman in question was still being held between two Marines, her face pinched in pain but still glaring defiantly. Well, if she wanted to continue being a nuisance, then maybe he should give her some extra attention than he did to his usual subjects.

Moving away from the bow of the ship, he made his way over to the woman who had been pushed to the floor so that she was kneeling. Crouching down to her level, Thorn sneered at the glare he was receiving. Pathetic really. He had faced much worse.

Taking another small dagger from a hidden compartment in his sleeve, he took out three vials of different poisons from his pouch, including his newest and most deadly one to date.

He left that one alone for now and instead, dipped the dagger into a vial filled with acidic green liquid while talking to the female "Now, I have been meaning to test these out on different people, see the different reactions they cause to certain people" taking a hold of one of her arms, he dragged the green coated dagger across the skin on the inside of her arm, from her wrist to her elbow, grinning in sick delight when she let out a shriek of pain that he loved to hear.

"This one works by attacking the nervous system, causing the muscles to violently contract. As it travels through your body, the intensity of these convulsions will increase until all of your body starts to jack-knife back and forth. If left untreated long enough, you'll lose control of the muscles required for breathing" already he could see that her arm was shaking as it lost the strength to hold it up. That feeling travels slowly on an average, healthy male so he wondered if there would be a difference in time compared to and average, seemingly healthy woman. He had already started counting in his head as soon as his blade touched her flesh.

He dropped the used dagger into a box that one of his men had placed next to him for that purpose (He'd sterilise them all later so that he did not get contaminated results). He would only mix poisons when he wanted to give someone a quick but painful death and right now, he wanted this woman to suffer for humiliating him. He would just love to do the same to that brat but seeing her devastated face as he took her mum away was enough for now.

Instead of using a dagger like before, he got out a small syringe from another hidden compartment in his sleeve and filled it up with the second poison which was a sickly pale pink colour. The men kept her other arm in place while he injected it into one of her veins "This one however, will cause your cells to slowly grind to a halt and the essential operations in your body will cease since there will be no enzymes being produced. This is a slow processing one and while it doesn't hurt right now, you'll soon feel the effects of it"

Now that two of the three poisons were in her system, Thorn stood back up to his full height to watch the results, his fingers caressing the final vial almost lovingly.

"Looks like it's working faster than normal" Thorn thought as he watched her arm lose all its strength that she couldn't even lift a finger. All it could do was spasm uncontrollably, the jerky movements increasing with each passing second. With that arm no longer an issue, he signalled for the Marine holding it to let go, allowing it to fall at her side where there was an occasional spasm from the pain the poison was causing her.

Using one of his fingers, he lifted the woman's bowed head so that she could look him in the eye when he told her "This is what happens when someone goes against me. They get hurt badly. But do you know what the best thing about this situation is?" He asked rhetorically, leaning in even closer to get a better view of those lovely pain filled orbs "Not only do I get to kill you for harming a Marine Captain but I also get to hurt you daughter with your death. I'm even thinking of returning here at a later date so I can retrieve that bird. It would go for a very good price in Sabaody and I bet your daughter would as well"

"No… leave them… alone" the woman gasped out, once again trying to stand up but her attempts only made him more amused at her struggles. Looks like his second poison was taking longer than it would have on a male if she still had enough energy to even try and get up. He made a mental note of that before wishing that she'd stopped the actual talking, getting a little fed up at her weak demands, so he decided that now would be the perfect time to use his final poison.

Once again, he displayed the black sludge type poison (He really was starting to favour this one) directly in front of her face so that she could get a good look of it "I'm afraid, my dear, that our time together is nearing its end but before that, I'd like to explain a bit about the beautiful poison that will be the main reason for your death. Now, I could use a dagger or inject it into you like the others but I find that pouring it down the throat is the most satisfactory way. As soon as a drop is inside your body, you are dead. There is no cure and you'll die within a minute of its administration. It multiplies and targets all of your organs, filling them up so that they explode inside you" he finished explaining as he finally took the secured top off the vial. He relished the feeling of the absolute power he held in his hands, the power to choose if someone lives or dies and he was this woman's executioner.

He was just about to open her mouth and pour it down her throat when he was interrupted, the voice of which actually caused a small shiver to pass down his spine due to how pissed off and deadly it sounded. It was so cold that he felt as if he was suddenly dropped straight into a Winter Island during a blizzard "If you touch her again, I can promise you that the hand holding that dagger will not be returned to you"

Harry's POV

He stayed close to the sea as he flew towards the ship, close enough that he could hold his hand out and touch the surface. When he got to the hull, he hovered there for a few seconds so that he could try and pinpoint where they were keeping Asami. It didn't take him long to find out that not only was she on deck, but he guessed that the man talking to her was the Captain and the more he talked, the angrier Harry became.

Flying up past and then landing on the rails, none of the Marines noticed his presence, to busy watching their Captain. He quickly cast a small glamour on his extra features so that they were hidden but he could still use them. He also cast a quiet "FIANTO DURI!"to strengthen his wings and basically turning them into shields. He should be able to protect himself and Asami (When he got her back) from bullets this way. He stopped the Marine Captain's actions by drawing attention to himself "If you touch her again I can promise you that the hand holding that dagger will not be returned to you"

When the man turned towards him, he caught his scent and he almost gagged at the strong smell of blood and disinfectant. He smelled as if he lived in a morgue and his energy was no better, being a putrid shade of purple. Those dark eyes were calculating as they roamed over his body, assessing if he was a threat. They stopped briefly on Gryffindor's sword but other than that, he did not look very impressed.

"Good. That means he'll underestimate me" he thought as he watched the rest of the Marines aim their guns at him. What surprised him though was that they didn't have any malicious intent towards him. In fact, it felt like they were worried and the concern was not directed at their Captain.

"Why would they feel concern for me? I can understand not feeling any worry for their Captain since I don't exactly look like I could take him on, but the feelings that I'm getting for him off his crew was a mixture of fear and anger" it confused him as to why they felt that way but decided to push that thought away for now and get back to the issue at hand.

"Who are you and how did you get on my ship" the Captain demanded in an impatient tone. To him, Harry was probably a nuisance that he wanted gone so that he could get back to what he had been doing. Too bad for him, the dark haired wizard wasn't even going to let him breath anywhere near Asami.

He shifted a bit so that his arms were cross before answering "Who I am and how I got here is not important. What is important is the fact that you have taken someone dear to me and I've come to take her back. If you get in my way there will be consequences"

The warning he gave left no room for argument and only made the Captain more enraged. He drew one of his swords and put the poison he had in his hand away. The man sneered as he pointed his katana at him "And what's a brat like you going to do about it?" He taunted.

Harry gave his own smirk as he drew the Gryffindor sword, the metal gleaming brightly in the sunlight. He jumped down from the railing, noticing that none of the other Marines were making a move towards him. He then told the Captain "I'm going to kick your ass"

He darted forward so quickly that the Captain was almost unable to defend himself but he parried the blow, letting the blade slide away from him. But Harry hadn't intended for it to do any damage, he just needed the man to be slightly disorientated so that he could get close enough to touch him. Making it seem like he had hit the carotid sinus in the right carotid artery (Which was on the side of his neck) he actually whispered "STUPEFY!" the red spell not being seen by the others with his close proximity, but it did its job and the man fell to the floor in a heap, his sword making a thud noise as it hit the ground.

He stepped away and heard several shocked gasps when the Marines saw what he had done to their Captain but he ignored them all as he sheathed his sword, walking over to where Natsumi was. The Marine holding her let go and quickly back away but he didn't care, he knew he was only following his Captain's orders and he could feel his guilt towards the brunette.

He swiftly picked her up so that he was holding her bridal style and noticed that she was unconscious. It must have happened while he was fighting. He didn't like the fact that she was literally covered in sweat and there was blood dripping from her wounds, staining the deck red. He also didn't like the smell of the ship, it smelled too much like death and he made a decision there and then to burn it to the bottom of the sea. He looked over towards the rest of the Marines who had been very quiet and hadn't even moved.

"I have no quarrel with any of you so I suggest you take your boats and leave. I'm sure another Marine ship will pick up but you have five minutes to get off this and sail as far as you can before I blow it up" he informed them all, causing a few to gulp in fear when they realised he wasn't joking.

Thankfully, someone took charge before they all started to madly dash towards the boats. None of them even tried to stop him which was good but he didn't let any of his defences down. As soon as they were gone, he was going to destroy this ship and fly back to the island so that he could heal Asami.

While they were all getting into the smaller boats, Harry shifted Asami so that he was holding her with one and used the other to drag the unconscious man to the middle mast, sitting him against the wood and then retrieving some rope. When he saw that the last of the boats go, he used his magic to tie him up and remove his other sword.

"RENNERVATE!" Harry cast as he pointed his hand at the Marine's chest, the man instantly jolting as he came back into consciousness. He had a dazed look in his eyes for only a moment before he noticed what

"Release me now and I'll make your death quick!" the man commanded. Harry noticed that the Captain said nothing about it being painless.

"You have hurt someone I care for which means you're not going to be leaving this ship alive. Now be a good Captain and stay silent as you go down with your ship" Harry said coldly. On the inside, Harry wondered when he had become like this. He was actually going to kill the man and he didn't feel any remorse about doing it.

"Maybe I should Avada Kedavra him first" Harry thought and was just about to give him a quick and painless death before he opened his mouth.

"That bitch needed to learn her place. She and that bastard of a daughter are nothing but a waste a space" he spat. Harry saw red and released the glamours surrounding him, the man's jaw dropping in shock as he allowed the dark flames to appear in his hands and for more to lick across his body. He put the flames in his hands close to the Captain's face so that he could feel the heat of them.

"See these. They are going to be your downfall. In a few moments, both you and the ship are going to be covered in them" Harry informed the man, the flames dispersing as he stood away from the dark haired man, lifting himself and Asami away from the ship.

Once he felt he was far enough away, he prepared to use the hottest of his fire; the ones from his throat. Taking a deep breath, he allowed the flames to build up in the back of his throat before unleashing the torrent of flames with a deafening roar. The green flames race towards the ship until it was entirely engulfed in its unforgiving flames. Seeing that his work was done, he turned away from the flaming ship and flew away.

Ace's POV

Ace was both bored and a little bit frustrated. The reason for his frustration could be seen clearly as he glared at the infuriating pink spot that refused to be clean. It was his and Thatch's punishment as their latest prank had resulted in the whole deck of the Moby Dick to be covered in a neon pink blobs of paint. It was only supposed to hit Marco, but the damn pineapple head had manage to avoid it and it had hit Izo instead. He had chased them around the whole of the ship with his guns drawn which had resulted in the deck being covered in splotches of paint. He and Thatch had been cleaning for at least two hours (Without any help) and he was so bored that a dark cloud of depression was cast over him.

"I will get that flaming turkey one day" Thatch ominously stated from next to him. The older pirate was cleaning the bottom of the main mast where some of the paint had landed. He was really regretting using nearly permanent paint.

Laughter came from Vista and Haruta who had been watching their suffering with great amusement.

"Thatch in all the time I have been here, you have never been able to prank Marco. Heck, no one has. He is unprankable even if you have an extra pair of hands to help you" Haruta explained.

"He won't be for long. I will prank him if it is the last thing I do" Thatch vowed, striking a determined pose as he did.

Vista snorted in disbelief before muttering "In your dreams Thatch"

The two finally finished cleaning after another 20 minutes but no sooner had Ace and Thatch put all the cleaning supplies away that there came a shout from Jozu who was in the crow's nest "We got marines!" The news instantly cheering up the fire user and Thatch along with a few of their other siblings who were hoping for a good fight. Pops was sitting in his chair with a tankard (Although it was more of a barrel with the size of it) of booze. The giant man didn't even have to shout to Jozu in order to be heard when he asked "Anyone of interest my son?"

Jozu was quiet for a few seconds before he answered "Doesn't look like it, seems to be just a typical marine ship"

"Then we will not engage if they attack" Pops told them, taking another gulp of his sake even with the nurses protesting against it.

Ace let out a deep and annoyed sigh "And here I was thinking we were going to have a fight"

Marco chuckled at that and tried to ruffle Ace's hair, his hat resting against his back from the cord, but Ace quickly swatted it away and put his hat back on his head before he tried again "Maybe next time, yoi"

Before he could shout at the blond for attempting to touch his hair (He was not a kid dammit!) Jozu said something else that drew all their attention to him "Its strange looks like they've deployed all of their boats and they're sailing away from their ship"

"Why would they do that? Are they dumb enough to attack us with just their tiny boats?" Vista asked.

Before anyone could try and answer that, a loud roar echoed across the sea, drawing everyone's attention back to the Marine Vessel in the distance. It was so loud that Ace was sure it made the water around the Moby Dick ripple a bit. What stunned them next was the sudden appearance of a stream of dark green flames that hit the Marine ship, surrounding the vessel in seconds. They were eerily beautiful and even from here, Ace could see that they were swirling around the ship wildly, refusing to act in a tamed manner.

"Whoa" Thatch breathed out in awe along with the rest of the crew.

"Something just flew away from it" Jozu suddenly shouted, practically leaning over the side of the crow's nest as he tried to take in more detail.

"Could it have been a Devil Fruit user?" Thatch pondered aloud. The flames were still going but now an explosion of normal flames could be seen as well. The emerald ones must have found the ammunition room and caused the explosion. All that they could see was left of the ship was its sinking remains. They weren't close enough to see if there was any survivors.

Jozu made his way down from the crow's nest so that he didn't have to keep shouting down to them. When his feet were firmly planted on the ground, he answered the pompadour haired man "Could be. It looked vaguely humanoid but I wasn't able to get a good look. It was heading in the direction of that island though" Jozu pointed towards the Island he had mentioned.

Theories were being tossed around left and right as more of the Whitebeard Pirates made their way to the deck. The only ones who were still silent was Marco, Pops and himself. Most of the Commanders were also there bar Blamenco, Blenheim, Curiel, Speed Jiru and Atmos. The first two were currently on Moby Two while Curiel and Jiru were on Moby Three making sure everything was in working condition. Ace was pretty sure that Atmos was doing something for Pops but couldn't remember what. Knowing Pops though, it was most likely something to do with booze.

"Marco, take one of the smaller boats along with Ace, Thatch, Izo and few of your brothers from each of their divisions to investigate. We need to know if whatever it is, is a potential threat. We also need to stock up on some supplies anyway so if the villagers start becoming suspicious, use that as your excuse for being there" Pops instructed.

"Aye Pops" Marco replied. He turned towards the other three Commanders and ordered "Take note of anything extra we might need and meet back at Mini Moby 1 in twenty minutes, yoi. I want us off the Moby in thirty minutes so it should take us under an hour to get there. Don't forget to bring anything you need to take" here he glared at Ace who put his hands up in surrender.

"Don't worry. I'll make sure to bring some Berries with me instead of doing a dine and dash" Ace smiled as innocently as he could.

Marco was still glaring at him when he warned "You'd better. I do not want to piss off whatever that was more than it already is, yoi. But knowing you and Thatch, you'll probably find a way to tick them off anyway"

A faked gasp of shock came from the chef at that, looking at the blonde in astonishment that he could ever think that "Marco dear brother, are you implying that I would cause trouble just to annoy you? Surely you trust your amazing, handsome and charming brother" Ace was pretty sure he saw sparkles coming from Thatch when he said that last sentence, especially since Thatch did an outrageous pose for each word to describe himself.

A tick mark appeared on the blonde's head before he replied "No. I don't trust you at all, yoi"

"So cruel!" Thatch exclaimed loudly, faux tears coming from his eyes.

Marco rolled his eyes at the display, telling Thatch "You know what you have to be doing so go do it before I decide to leave without you"

Knowing that the blonde would likely leave him behind just to annoy him, Thatch absconded out of there to find out what kinds of food they needed to get. The other three Commanders going off to do similar activities before they headed out to the island.

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