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Spoiler Alert: References characters and revelations from Season 5 Episode "Family Reunion".

Author's Notes: A - hopefully unique- theory about how Face ended up in the orphanage and how Bancroft came to possess a photo of Face in his high school football uniform.

Summary: Maybe A.J. Bancroft wasn't a completely absent father after all.

With Love from Daddy: by LAGC

4. Sudden Scholarships. 1966


Seventeen year old Templeton Peck was packing the last of his personal possessions into a large suitcase. Between the said possessions and his complete wardrobe the young man's material life fit into two pieces of luggage. He took one last look around the room he'd lived in for the past three years. The nuns organized the wings of Angel Guardians according to school years. There were the grammar, junior high, and senior high wings.

Originally this room had housed four boys. Barry Green had been adopted about eighteen months ago. Andrew Mickleson had aged out last year. So that had left Templeton and Lester Johnson as the occupants of room 440. While the young men were not enemies they weren't friends either. Temp had to admit to himself that he wouldn't miss Les, but he still missed his buddy Barry. The teen once again muttered a silent prayer that Barry was happy and loved in his adopted family.

With barely a backwards glance Templeton lifted his bags and made his way down the hallway. He'd already said his good-bye to Father Magill. The priest had been the best source of consistency and stability in Temp's tumultuous life. Sister Catherine, his other anchor point, had asked to see him in her office before he departed for the bus that would take him off to his new life in college.

He knocked gently on her office door.

Immediately she responded, "Do come in Templeton."

He entered and placed his cases discretely on the floor by the door.

"Sit my child. Sit." Sister Catherine said indicating the chairs in front of her desk. "All packed I see."

"Yes, Sister. My bed is also made up with fresh linens, ready for the next feller. I know there are a few kids moving up to the Senior High wing next month."

"I am going to miss you deeply my child. You've been a true asset to us here. An apt scholar, star athlete, and a humble leader." she said as she swiped away several heartfelt tears.

Templeton blushed under her praise and emotional outpouring.

Regaining her composure the nun continued, "Very well enough of that. I have something to give you, Templeton. Yet another proof that the Good Lord always provides for his hard working children. This arrived in today's post. It was addressed to me but intended for you."

The nun handed Templeton a letter.:

Dear Sister Catherine,

Please pass this along to Templeton Peck before he leaves to attend the university. A fine athlete and scholar such as he has certainly earned it.


A Football Fan

When Templeton finished reading the short, cryptic, typed note he glance back to the nun, confusion swimming in his eyes.

"I've called the bank and spoken to the manager. He confirms the authenticity of this. It's completely legitimate, Templeton." she said handing him a piece of paper. Her smile was radiant.

He accepted it and scanned it quickly, suddenly understanding the joy in the nun's eyes. It was a certified bank check made out to his college for the entire amount of his tuition as well as room and board for his Freshman year.

"Who?" he stammered

"An angel from God my son. The bank manager refused to tell me anything about the person who drew the check. He cited privacy and confidentiality rules and protocols." she replied "You must simply release your curiosity and be grateful for this anonymous act of generosity."

"Wow! This certainly takes a lot of pressure off of me. I'll have to put in a lot fewer hours at my work study job. That will help me keep my grades up, and to make you and the Home proud, Sister."

"We are always proud of you, Temp. Use this blessing and the opportunities it brings wisely. Now I do believe that your bus is due shortly. You best set off. Are you sure we can't drive you to the station? The convent's car is available."

"No thank-you, Sister Catherine. I'm fine. I think a farewell walk through the neighborhood will be a good thing."

They both stood up. Templeton retrieved his suitcases and Sister escorted him to the gateway of Angel Guardians. They gave each other one last parting hug. Then the young man strolled off leaving behind the only home he'd ever known to seek out his future. He hoped it would be filled with adventure.

Author's Musings:

Thank you for sticking with this tale.

I am certainly no fan of AJ Bancroft, so writing this piece was a surprise to me. The idea festered in my brain and simply had to find a life on the written page. The cannon fact that AJ had that photograph of young Face has always gnawed in my gut and brain because it was proof that he abandoned Face more than once. I also always wanted to know how he acquired it. This story was all about answering my own questions.

I hope, that if you had similar questions, that this story offered up plausible theories about the role -albeit an inexcusably minor one- that AJ Bancroft played in Face's life