Chapter 1: Kidnapped

Scared didn't describe what was being felt by the eight year old child that was covered by a burlap sack. Her mouth gagged and a blindfold over her eyes. She shook with fear. Undeniable fear coursed through her veins. She'd been looking at some pretty trinkets when the stranger approached her and asked if she wanted him to buy her something. She'd said no as politely as she could and turned away from him hoping to catch her friend and cousin's eyes but found they had vanished amongst the throng of people. That had worried her but she hadn't had the time to worry long as the man had suddenly snagged her arm. She'd cried out, but nobody had paid attention to her. Next thing she knew she was in a wagon cart being taken away from her city and her home.

Crying made it hard to breathe due to the gag in her mouth. She feared that something bad was going to happen to her, but she didn't know what that bad thing could possibly be. She'd always been a good girl. Always done as she was told. Tried her best to be polite, except for when teased by her childhood friend. She did her studies, like her father told her to do. Never touched a weapon because they were dangerous. So why did she leave the castle and go into the town?

I was curious. She thought tearfully. I just wanted to see all the different people that lived in our city. More tears began to fall down her cheeks as the ropes that tied her arms to her sides began to cut into her arms. Her legs squirmed but the ropes holding them stayed put as the cart she was is jiggled at the bumps in the road. As the man who had kidknapped her got further and further away from the town and it's castle with every step he took, the child wondered would anybody save her and would she'd ever see her family again?

Meanwhile at that very moment a flash of green could be seen flying through the clouds covering the earth tribe. The young man was smiling happily as his heart raced at the height he was at. Each bounce of the dragon leg seemed to take him higher and higher, allowing him to feel the mighty wind and to have the freedom he'd always longed for as a child. Having been born into the cursed Ryokuryuu line with the green dragon in his right leg, he had been chained to the wall of his predecessor for years, escaping a few times only to be caught and forced to return and deal with a punishment. In the end he had escaped with the help of said abuser, now having tasted freedom for the last eight years and being a healthy seventeen year old; the world was his oyster and he was going to take advantage of it.

Stopping at the crossroads that led to the capital of Kouka or towards the capital of the Earth tribe the green haired young man closed his eyes. Deep within his soul he could feel the other dragons, though for some odd reason the yellow dragon had once again vanished from his sensing capabilities. Neither of the two others were close to him, one being near the boarder of the Fire tribe and Kai Empire, the other being deep within the mountains of the Wind tribe. Nodding he smiled as he came to a decision and turned towards the capital of Kouka.

It might be interesting. He thought. In the eight years of his freedom he'd never been to the capital. Afterwards I'll take off for a port city. He though remembering a village he'd stopped at that had been talking about a certain port city, one called Awa. Perhaps I'll have some fun there and see something beautiful too. His smile got broader as he thought of all the beautiful things and people he'd see soon enough.

All too soon it became dark. The tied up child was no longer crying, having cried herself to sleep. The cart had come to a stop and her kidknapper lifted the burlap sack to check on his cargo. He smiled down at her with evil intent. His grimy hands touched her beautiful ruby red hair. "You'll bring me a fortune in the Awa black-market." He sneered at her. "Are you scared?" He asked and heard a whimper as he roughly grabbed her hair. "Mmm..." He inhaled her scent as he leaned his face into her soft curls. "You'll be more so once your new master buys you from me." He chuckled as he chucked her back into the cart this time not covering her up.

Turning away the man began to gather wood for a fire and soon began to make his dinner for the night, completely ignoring the child in the cart. By midnight he had begun to drink sake, the burning liquid felt warm in his stomach and made his mind hazy, so much so he didn't hear the rustling of fabric, nor the soft crunch of a boot as it landed on the ground nearby. His eyes were out of focus as he spotted a beautiful and youthful young man in front of him and smiled.

"Wanna.." Hiccup. "...drink young man?" He asked the youth by lifting his flask at him.

The young man with his droopy eyes looked at the drunkard. Not who I'd like to spend my night with. He thought as he took the flask. But I won't say no to a free drink. He tipped the bottle back and drank. He winced at the taste. Not the best I've had. He looked at the bottle before cocking it back once more. Definitely not the worst either. He handed it back to the man who began singing the worst kind of songs. The green haired man winced as the songs went in a out of tune. Not beautiful at all. He though as he looked at the cart as something moved in it. He raised an eyebrow.

"I'm ma gonna be...RICH!" The man suddenly cried out. "That bitch will make me rich, rich, RICH!" He began laughing maniacally.

"Oh?" The youth asked. "Why is that?" He asked the man took another swing from a different larger jug. " " he slurred. "It's soooo bweautiful." He snickered at this.

The young man looked at the cart.

"You...wanna see?" The man asked looking at the youth with unfocused eyes. He then stood up on wobbly legs, walked up to the cart and proceeded to lift and pull somebody out of it.

The young man winced as he felt his leg tingle sharply and rubbed his left leg. When he heard a whimper his heart suddenly hammered in his chest and his blood felt frozen. Lifting his head up he watched the man kick a child into the fight light her eyes no longer cover as the blindfold had come down and drooped over her nose.

Violet eyes met his and in the moment the youth felt his heart seize and his blood rush as a voice filled his head of a promise made long ago and his heart grew heavy as he realized his freedom had just been denied. A moment later the youth felt such anger towards his drinking companion that he truly wanted to kill the man.

The man roughly yanked the child's head by grabbing her hair. "Bweautiful." He slurred as the young girl whimpered as she wiggled to get away from him. "SSStop wriggling!" He yelled at the girl and kicked her in the side.

The next second the man found himself on his back, the air kicked from his lungs. The green haired young man grabbed the child and quickly undid the ropes. "Are you alright?" He asked gaining a nod from her as tears ran freely down her cheeks.

"SHE'S MINE!" yelled the drunkard as he swung an ax, that had been in the cart, at the youth.

Grabbing the child he pushed himself backwards, almost being decapitated. Placing the child down he pointed to the treeline. "RUN!" He yelled at her and turned to take on the crazed man.

The eight year old child watched as the odd young man ran and kicked her kidknapper in the chest sending him flying into the cart. Turning on her heel she ran towards the treeline he had pointed out. Her little legs pushed her to go faster. Her silky dress getting tangled in the brush and becoming ripped in certain places as she ran and didn't stop. She ran over tree roots and bushes and climbed over down trees and still didn't stop until her foot tripped her and she went flailing into the darkness below. She gave a sharp high pitched scream that only lasted a second before she came crashing down on the sharp rocks below. Her eyes closed as pain that was too much for her mind to handle, overwhelmed her and unconsciousness took over.

The youth smirked as he finished tying up the kidknapper and gagged him. The sudden scream that filled the night froze him in place as dread filled him. Jumping into the sky he quickly found the path that his master had taken and ran after her. His dragon leg pushing him past anything in his way, when he came across the scene. The girl had fallen into a dry riverbed, sharp rocks had been what she'd landed on. Jumping down he approached her. Gently turning her, he found that she had minor injuries to her arms and legs. Her head, however had a large nasty gash upon it. Her eyes were closed though the expression on her face showed that she was in pain. Ripping the sleeve off his right arm he wrapped her head in it. Once more he was gentle as he picked her up he jumped out of the riverbed and into the sky.

His eyes quickly scanned the landscape as he flew through the night sky and found tiny village just beyond the trees. Pushing himself off a branch as he came down he pushed his leg to go farther until he reached the outskirts of the village. The first house he came to he banged on.

The door opened to reveal an elderly man who looked upon the youth as he held the injured child. "Please." He begged. "I need help."

The old man closed his eyes and sighed before side stepping to allow entry. The youth entered the house. "Place her on the table." The elderly man ordered him and wasn't surprised when the youth obeyed. Taking a candle he lit the lanterns that were over the table and got a good look at the child. "I use to be a very good doctor in these parts." He mumbled. "Age has taken most of my sight. However, even I can tell this girl will be okay. That bump on the head won't kill her. I'll dress it." He turned from the boy and began to rummage through the drawers nearby.

Suddenly violet eyes opened wearily and looked at the young man. "Who are you?" He asked in a whisper as his heart termed to know the name of his master.

"Yo-na." She mumbled before her eyes began to fall shut.

"I'm Jae-ha." He mumbled quietly to her though not certain if she heard. His eyes narrowed. Why should he care if she lived or not? This girl, this child, had just taken away the freedom he had just gained only a few years ago! Why did he help her? After all it was the Dragon blood that made home want to be near her. Nothing else. Why didn't he just let that man take her away? It would've been better if he had! No. He thought as he looked at a bruise appearing on her face and remembered his own abuse. No. I couldn't have allowed that. She's too... He looked at her and swallowed hard. "Innocent." He whispered his final thought outloud, before looking up as the doctor came back and watched him wash the blood from her head before putting on a salve and finally the bandage.

"She'll need rest." He stated as he looked at the boy. "You both are welcome to stay."

"Thank-you." Jae-ha sighed as he pushed his green bangs out of his face only for them to fall back into place. The old man gave a nod before leaving the young man with the child.

The green dragon look at his young master and though he knew he should hate her, that he should resent her presence; he found it oddly soothing to be near her body. To touch her skin and to inhale her scent. Laying his head down on the table he took Yona's hand into his own and prayed for her to have a quick recovery.

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