Chapter 108: Eternally Yours (Epilogue)

Light filled a room filled with prepubescent teenagers as they sat in chairs listening to their teacher drone on about the history of their country. "Okay," the teach spoke, as he pushed the round glasses up his nose. The middle aged man seemed to glare at the teens. "Listen up as your classroom representative gives her report of the Kingdom of Kouka as it was ruled by King and Queen that saved our country from destruction."

There were snorts of laughter as a young girl with dark brown hair stood up from the back of the class and made her way to the front. Big round violet eyes looked around as she stood before them. "My research has found that, in texts of the story, that the legend of the dragons was used. The Princess Yona married her guardian, who turned out to be the Ryokuryuu of the time. His name has been lost over the centuries, even though he became King, while his wife became the Queen." she spoke, her voice strong and loud over her boisterous classmates. "They ruled together for thirty years, brought together the kingdoms of Xing and Sei after the war. Xing married into the Kouka royal family through Lord Su-won, while Sei was tied in through the marriage of Lady Xoru to the Hakuryuu named Kija and the marriage of Lady Fa-long to the Seiryuu, named Shin-ah." She lifted her notes up so she could read them. "They also had four children, a daughter named Aiko, a set of twins name Miri and Mora and a son whose name has been lost to history, like his father's has. Their three daughter became the heirs to the throne after both the King and Queen died days apart of each other. Princess Aiko had the approval of the rulers of the tribes and subsequently the generals as well. Her sisters were given into marriage to the King of Sei's son, Jae-won, who married both sisters."

"Poor bastard." one of the boys interjected causing everybody to laugh.

The young classroom representative blushed at his words. "With help from her sisters husband in Sei and her cousins in Xing, Queen Aiko gave into a campaign against Kai." she said with a smile. "The texts I read stated that the campaign lasted four years, but that afterwards the Kouka boarders expanded to the great mountains of Kai. That Queen Aiko freed the slaves of Kai, enough peace to the region and united the country under her rule by the time she was twenty years old. Like her mother before her, she was a brave young woman who brought peace to a place no one thought peace could come to." she flipped her page over. "She married the son of General Lili, named Tae-hon. They had three children, one daughter and two sons. Her eldest son name, Kye-gi is where the present royal family can find their lineage to." she then walked back to her seat.

"Thank-you Miss Souta." the teacher told her as he knew it had taken awhile to gain all that information. "No, for your assignment this week..." his voice became drone out of the ears of his students as Miss Souta looked outside as the sun was beginning to be covered by greying clouds.

During lunch, Miss Souta found herself sitting alone as always. Her eyes watched her fellow students as they mingled with each other. Her two best friends were sick today, so it left her feeling alone. Suddenly a hand landed on her shoulder causing her to jump slightly and give a surprised gasp. Turning her head to whoever it was that had surprised her, she found herself staring into the most beautiful pair of emerald green eyes.

"I'm sorry." the voice that came from the owner of said eyes was as smooth as silk. "I'm new here." she heard the person say. She looked from the young man's eyes and looked him over. He had long mid-back length black hair, soft skin and beautiful skin. He looked like a model and was so very handsome. "My name is Li Jae-ha." he held his hand out for her to shake. "But you can call me Jae-ha."

"Souta Yona." she said as she took his hand and shook it. "I'm Yona to my friends." She couldn't help but be mesmerized by the boy. None had ever caught her eye in all of her sixteen years of life, until now.

As their hands touched they both felt a warm tingling sensation fill their bodies. For Jae-ha it was as if everything around this girl blurred and only she was in focus. For Yona, it felt as if a piece of her heart that she hadn't known was missing was suddenly found and filled in.

Do I know this man? She wondered as she felt a flush come over her.

Do I know this girl? He wondered. It feels as if I'm being pulled towards her. He watched the flush come over her cheeks. "Beautiful." he mumbled causing Yona's face to redden.

Above them the heavens smiled as the two souls that had been torn apart by time and multiple reincarnations were finally brought back together. Only time would tell how long they would be together in this life or if it would be their next life where their vow would finally be accomplished in, but no matter what life it was; it seemed their souls would forever be tied together.

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