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Chapter 1: Double Trouble

Come in closer...Closer….Because the more you think you see, the easier it'll be to fool you.

As the Brooklyn Taxi Ferry boarded more passengers for their trip across the waters Jack Wilder moved his way to the bow, behind him he held his sister, Olivia Wilder's. The twins stood above the crowd, scanning the audience.

"Ladies and gentlemen!" Jack called to the audience. Some of the passengers looked curiously at the twins.

"We are the next great magicians and we are prepared to give $100 dollars to anyone who can tell us how this trick is done." Olivia instructed the audience. She held up a crisp dollar bill. Its presence made everyone stare in awe and made their interest grow. Olivia smiled and gestured to Jack, who reached into his pocket and held up a gleaming silver spoon.

"I have an ordinary spoon from Mel's Deli right here in Brooklyn. Check it out." Jack demonstrated its normality by banging the spoon lightly on the railing next to him. "Now everyone please pay very, very close attention." He held it close to his face. "Because I'm about to bend this spoon with my mind."

The crowd gasped as the ordinary spoon magically began to bend in Jack's hand. Olivia moved towards the crowd, playing up the shocked expression and began asking many of them if they had any idea as to how her brother did such a thing.

A man next to her with black curly hair, square framed glasses and a sly smirk on his face slowly approached the two twins, who were bowing before the audience. Jack passed the spoon towards the crowd. "Thank you. Thank you. Pass that around."

The man pushed between the two and began grabbing at Jack. 'What are you doing, man?"

The man swiped the silver spoon from Jack's back pocket, the one he had banged against the railing and pulled out the one from his inner sleeve, which is the one he swapped with the bent one they had made earlier. He raised the two spoons up in front of the crowd, who booed and made gasp of understanding. Jack and Olivia looked at each other.

"Looks like we got a spoon and a stem."

Jack stepped forward to try and tame the crowd. "I've got other tricks." He gestured to Olivia to come forward. The guy turned to the twins.

"Or you could give me my 100 bucks." He held out his hand expectantly. Jack and Olivia looked at the man presenting before Jack reached for his wallet and pulled out a couple of 20 dollar bills. "You have a very good eye sir."

Unbeknownst to the crowd, Jack slipped the man's wallet into her waiting hands and shoved it into her coat pocket before the two rushed off the top deck. The man stared at his recent winnings with pride and went to place the money into his wallet but found that it was not placed where he had last placed it. He patted himself frantically before the realization hit him. He had been robbed,

"Hey stop those kids! They stole my wallet! Stop them!" He shouted and dashed for stern of the ship. He frantically searched for the twins and many who had been bystanders during their encounter joined him in his search. They searched the entire deck, below deck and the loading dock but they came up empty handed, questioning where the thieving twins vanished too.

Olivia and Jack had laughed the entire way to the shore line, mimicking the man's smug face, his confusion when he couldn't find his wallet and the look of befuddlement when he couldn't find the twins. When they had reached the shoreline, the twins pulled out their days catch and began rummaging through the leather wallet for money. They scored good today. $100 dollars.

Before Jack could toss the wallet into the water, something caught Olivia's eye. She grabbed the wallet from him and pulled out a bright blue playing tarot card with an eye imprinted on one side. It read "March 29, 4:44 pm 45 East Evan Street." On the other side was the Grim Reaper and under it was titled "Death."

Jack snatched the card out of his sister hand to examine the card more. When she shoved her hands into the hoodie pockets, she felt something and pulled out to see a similar looking card. This one had "The Gemini" written at the bottom of a very creepy picture of a young girl.

"What do you think it means?" Olivia asked as the two sat at the diner in Brooklyn. They were using some of today's earnings for lunch money and had chosen their favorite diner since they were kids. Jack slid into the other side of the booth.

"I don't know." He examined the two cards on the table. "You think it's from them?"

"It has to be. Who else could it be?" Olivia pointed out.

"People trying to punk us?" Olivia rolled her eyes. She picked up her card. It sent a tingle up her arms and through her spine. Something inside her told her that they had to go to the location written down. It was that feeling you get when you just know you have to do something.

After the food had arrived, they dove into their meal, ending their conversation about the strange cards but something in Olivia was tugging at her. Something wasn't right.

"Should we go?" Olivia asked. Her brother, with hamburger meat in front of shook his head.

"Are you crazy? This is what they teach kids not to do! Go to strange places with no information at all." He said with food in his mouth. Olivia's stomach churned a bit at the disgusting habit her brother procured.

"Come on Jack. What if this is a chance to be apart of something great. Dad alway said that the best things in life came from surprises and to never pass up adventure." A somber feeling washed over Jack and he set down his burger, the mention of his dad evaporated any traces of hunger in him. "This could be the adventure we were waiting for."

Jack stared out the window and noticed the many New Yorkers passing by them on their way to wherever. He hated to admit when his sister was right but she was. They had been waiting for an opportunity like this for years and when it finally comes around he is just ready to run with his tail between his legs.

"Alright fine." Olivia smiled wide. "We'll go but at the first sign of trouble we're booking it."