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"Are you sure this is it?" Olivia asked as they came towards the rundown apartment. She turned to her brother who pulled out the card and examined the address before looking back at her.

"Ya, this is it."

The two stared at the very poor kept building before Jack led them up the flight of stairs to the lobby, where they were met by an odor of mold and the air saturated with dust. Olivia began coughing and wheezing slightly from the dust. Jack quickly pulled out the inhaler he kept on him for her allergies and placed it in her mouth and told her breath in. The medicine rushed into her mouth and down to her lungs, releasing medicine that caused the lungs to relax. They stood in the rundown lobby until Olivia overcame her asthma attack to continue up the rickety old stairs to the third floor where they heard voices bickering. Jack let go of Olivia's hand when he say J. Daniel Atlas in all his smug glory.

"No way." He practically shouted. The two men looked at the twins. "J. Daniel Atlas? Dude, I've seen everything that you have ever done. You're like..I idolize you. Seriously, I'm a true fan, it was so nice to meet you."

To say Jack had a obsession with Danny's tricks was an understatement. He was devoted to Danny. He watched every show, studied every trick, followed him everywhere and anywhere. He idolize Danny to the point that Olivia was certain he secretly kept a shrine of him in his closet.

Jack shook Daniel's hand hard, startling him. Jack could feel his nerves shaking as he pulled away from him and back towards Olivia, who just smiled in amusement as she watched her brother go weak at the knees for some magician who wasn't any more famous than the two of them. Olivia coughed Jack diverted his attention to Olivia.

"Wanna tell them who you are." She joked.

"Oh I'm Jack by the way." He pointed to himself and then Olivia. "And this is my sister, Olivia."

The man with the balding head and fedora spoke up. "I'm Merritt McKinney." He shook both twin's hand before reaching into his coat pocket and pulling out his own card. "Question. Did you get one of these?" He flashed the card at them.

The two nodded and reached in their pockets (well Olivia did, Jack fumbled, still in shock and awe that he was standing next to The J. Daniel Atlas), and produced their own cards. Daniel pulled out his.

"Yes..Death." Jack said.

"The Lover." Daniel showed.

"Hermit." Merritt blushed.

"The Gemini." Olivia said proudly.

Daniel whipped his head towards her and stepped forward, snatching the card right out of her hand and ignore her sounds of protest. He stared at his card and her card, side by side. The Gemini and the Lover in the Tarot cards were connected. Unfortunately he wasn't sure how they connected but he knew that if they were to draw one of the cards, the other would follow in suit. Olivia snatched back the card before Danny could look at it further and stepped away from him.

"So what are we..." Jack started.

"The door's locked." Merritt and Danny explained. The twins looked at each other.

"Oh no, nothing's ever locked." Danny and Merritt watched as the twins walked forward towards the door. Olivia pulled out a shiny black bobby pin from her hair and bent down to the key hole, sticking the pin inside and listened for the tumblers to lock into place and swung the door open. Merritt and Danny were amazed and watched as Olivia stepped into the darkened place.

Jack pushed his way in front of Olivia, grabbing her. Olivia rolled her eyes at her brother's protectiveness and pulled away from him, pushing passed him.

When the quadruplet gathered in the main room, they were all in disgust. Mold was crawling up the wall, trash covered the place and it smelled horrible of rotting wood and fungi. Olivia scrunched her nose up and placed a sleeve over her nose to keep the air from infiltrating her body.

"Ugh, What is this place?" Jack asked as the walked around the room.

"Oh wow. I thought my apartment was nasty." Merritt commented, wiping a finger down the dusty window.

Olivia looked below them and saw a carving in the wood floor made of bulky lines. It dug beneath the floor and looked like canal tunnels. In front of the carving was a single white rose, a vase half filled with crystal water and a small placement card. She called over to the three boys and walked towards the rose. "What's that?"

Danny pushed forward and stopped her from picking up the rose. She looked at him funny. "What? It's not gonna blow up into a million pieces." Danny ignored her and picked up the card.

"What does it say." Merritt asked. They all clumped around Danny, looking over his shoulder as he unfolded the card. In blue reflective print it said 'NOW YOU DON'T' Danny read looking back to the group. Merritt and Olivia broke away while Danny and Jack continued to examine the note. Olivia looked down at the single rose beneath her feet and picked it up.

She flaunted the single rose at them. "A rose by any other name." She quoted. She then turned, plopped the rose into the vase and continued towards Merritt who was examining the windows and walling opposite them. Danny laughed at her quotation of Shakespeare, which he did enjoy in his free time and Jack eyed him slightly and Danny muted his laughter.

Suddenly, the sound of rushing water caused all of them to jump back in surprise and gawk at the floor. The water from the vase with the single white rose rushed from its place in the cup and began spreading out along the boards. It then flooded into the carving, following the bulky lines it consisted of until it was filling the whole sculpture.

"Guys, what's going on?" Jack asked the group. Nobody responded.

Without warning, the carving dug deeper into the floor and a surge of smoke rose up from the floorboard. Everyone gasped loudly and moved even further back.

"It's gas!" Olivia screamed but Merritt shook his head and stepped forward.

"Relax, it's just dry ice." He explained and moved around the smoke that swept over the flooring.

The group circled the around the carving and the smoke that seemed to stay within the carvings reach and everyone was in awe.

"Wait. What do you think this is all about?" Danny asked and moved towards Olivia's side. Olivia looked at him and shrugged and then looked to Merritt and Jack.

Merritt rose a hand to his temple and closed his eyes. "Wait, hang on. Hang on." He took a deep breath, concentrating hard before opening his eyes and shaking his head in frustration. "Nope. I got nothing."

Olivia giggled at Merritt's actions while Danny rolled his eyes at Merritt's "act of mysteriousness."

"Okay. Thank you. Thank you for that delay."

"I was just trying to create the space for wisdom."

Danny, unfortunately was not having any of Merritt's little mind game and did not find it helpful or whimsical. "Oh so you're like Buddha now? If he wasn't so enlightened."

"And you're like Jesus if he was arrogant and all his miracles were fake." Merritt quipped. Danny stepped forward with another retort but Olivia grabbed hold of Danny's upper arm and shook her head.

"Okay, lovebirds, get a room." Olivia dragged Danny away from Merritt and had her follow him. "Okay, be honest." She asked when they were out of earshot from the others. "Did you do this?"

Danny shook his head as they explored a corridor off the main room. "No. Wait did you?"

"I wish?" Olivia admitted. "And if I did do it, wouldn't you think I would have said something?"

"Well unless you wanted element of surprise." Danny retorted. Olivia rolled her eyes. "Also you dragged me away from them so maybe you were trying to pick us off one by one."

"Oh don't think so highly of yourself. I pulled you away so you wouldn't argue with your husband." Olivia smirked and moved towards a light switch, flipping it a couple times before calling out "Power's out."

Danny smirked at Olivia's remark before shining a light down another corridor. He saw a wooden door, paint chipping off in various places and a small, black camera attached the the middle of one of the carved panels. He looked at it curiously and started towards it.

In the main room, Merritt stood under a three glass shade ceiling lamp. He raised his arm towards the tiny, silver cord attached the the center of the light. "Well lets see." He said as he pulled it and simultaneously as the lights went on the projector near Danny bursted to life, shooting multicolor lights towards him and his shadow casted onto the floor. He whipped his head around in the direction of the lights. Similar actions occurred near Jack and Olivia, shining light between the two and darkened the side of their faces. Merritt's figure blocked the light but once he moved it shot out like a cannon. All three of the lights met at the center of the room, above the carving. It began forming pictures, diagrams and word. They flashed out before flickering to another diagram. It looked scientific and it reminded Olivia of the chemistry equation she would do in high school. Ones that stretched across the whiteboard and when someone looked at it, their brain hurt from all the different colors and information placed in front of them.