A gray sheet of clouds covered the city of Vale forcing the chill of winter to set in. The freezing winds traveled through the city chilling the bones of one particular girl. Ruby shoved her hands deeper into the pockets of her thick red coat as she made her way over to the Belladonna Bakery of which was only a few blocks down from her home.

"I hope Yang is done making the hot chocolate by the time I get back with the bread. I'm freezing my ass off out here. I think it might even snow this year." Ruby smiled weakly at the prospect of being able to roll around in the snow with her friends.

As she made her way to the small hole in the wall bakery, she took extra precautions to look were she stepped in order to not splash any of the large puddles that had formed from the rain that had showered the city through the morning. Still wishing she hadn't forgotten her rainboots she arrived to the bakery in record time. Ruby stopped a few stopped a few steps away from the bakery and took a second to admire what had quickly become their family's favorite bakery in all of Vale.

The bakery itself was an off shade of white with the name printed across the top in black curvy lettering, and what Ruby believed to be their family crest on the sides of it, a foot or two above the door. The store to the left of it was a rundown convenience store that was an ugly shade mustard yellow with the name 'Ren's store' painted across the top of it in dark green and to the right side of the bakery was a family owned boxing gym named 'Valkyrie's Hammer'.

Ruby pulled the light weight the glass door with metal framing open and walked into the shop allowing the door to shut behind herself, rattling the open sign hanging on the door. There was only room for about six customers to fit in the shop comfortably in front of the display that held variety of breads neatly organized in rows inside of it. There was a space to the right of it for the cash register and a small space of table that was able to be lifted for the cashier to walk around the display and restock the glass door display that held a variety of drinks such as milk and juice.

Behind the counter stood the most beautiful girl Ruby had see up to date. She had her long dark wavy hair tied back with a ribbon that had been neatly tied into a bow above her ponytail. She wore a black long sleeve shirt with her sleeves rolled up to her elbows and a long white apron covering the rest of her.

"Hello, can I help you?" asked the mystery girl with piercing amber eyes.

"Um uh, can you get me about a dozen chocolate chip cookies and a loaf of bread?"

"Sure, but you'll have to wait a few more minutes on those cookies. The morning rush just passed and we just put more cookies to bake not too long ago." said the girl as she began to bag the loaf Ruby had asked for.

Ruby shrugged and tried to calm herself, "It's fine I have nowhere to be anyway."

The girl raised her eyebrow and looked at the beanie Ruby was wearing and back at her a face. "You sure about that?"

Ruby was confused for a few moments before she realised she was wearing her old Beacon Academy beanie and because of her face she still looked seventeen instead of twenty. "Oh you think I'm a teen skipping don't you?"

"Well it wouldn't be the first time someone waltzed in here to grab some cookies after they ditched school."

Ruby sighed and slipped off the beanie as she ran her other hand through her hair. "I am not ditching, I'm twenty years old and this was the first warm thing I found when I was looking through my winter clothes."

"I'd ask for some I.D. but since it's not like you're buying alcohol so I'll just take your word for it." the girl winked and smirked at Ruby when she noticed Ruby's blush as she looked down at the red tiled floor.

"So uh are you new? It's usually Tukson that runs the shop."

The girl frowned and said "My dad's been really sick lately so me and my sister have been taking turns taking the shop and taking care of him."

"What?! Is he gonna be okay?" Ruby said in a panic.

"...We don't know."

There was a long pause between them, the girl clearly not wanting to talk about her father's health.

"So anyway changing the topic something lighter um so… how's working in a bakery?"

Gosh you're stupid why hell would you ask that? You just got done talking about her sick father, who owns the joint. Stupid Ruby. Stupid stupid stupid. Ruby continued to mentally berate herself as her payed close attention to the girl's reaction.

"It's been… okay so far, the occasional customer here and there complain about the bread to try and get a refund but that's about it, but you're making my day ten times better." Ruby looked at the girl's face for the slightest bit of sarcasm and grinned when there was none.

"Oh yeah? How so?"

"W-" the girl began to speak but was cut off by the green haired baker walking in with a cart full of cookies and other breads.

"Hey Ash here are the fresh breads." said the baker before going back to the the back to continue baking.

"So you're name is Ash?" asked Ruby.

The girl sighed as she began to bag the cookies, "No it's not it's just a nickname... they call me Ashes or Ash for short because I'm horrible at baking. I burn pretty much everything I try to bake. I can cook pretty well… it's just baking that gets me."

"That can't be good."

"Tell me about it. A baker's daughter that can't bake? It's pretty laugh worthy. At least my sister can bake, but she wants nothing to do with the business and is only helping out because of dad but what can you do?" The girl shrugged and finished up bagging the items.

"Nothing much I guess." said Ruby with a sad smile Ash mimicked.

Soon after the girl rung her up and gave her the bread and cookies. When Ruby had said goodbye and was about to walk away the girl said "See you when I see you" and gave her a quick wink before Ruby gave her one last smile and left.

As Ruby walked home she felt as though she was walking on air. Even the light rain that had started up again wasn't enough to deter her good mood. When she arrived at her home she opened the gate with the keys she had fished out of her pocket and began to walk down the short cement path that lead up to the which had a wooden bench swing that hung from two metal posts as it gently being swayed with the wind.

Ruby opened the screen door with one of the different keys on the chain and unlocked the wooden door behind it with the same key. Ruby entered the modest three bedroom house with a wide smile that only widened when the smell of chocolate hit her nose.

"Yang I'm home!" yelled Ruby as she turned out of the small hallway and into the living room that connected to the kitchen.

"Just in time." answered Yang as she poured two cups of hot chocolate and brought them over to the dining table in the kitchen.

Ruby sat down on the wooden dining room chair across from Yang sipped on her chocolate as she told her sister about the new girl that worked in the bakery when a sudden realization hit her square in the face.

"Oh my fucken gosh Yang…" Ruby set down her mug and slammed her forehead against the table. "I forgot to get her number…" Ruby lifted her head and slouched heavily in her chair. "I don't even know her real name, all I know is that they call her Ash because she can't bake." Yang began to laugh as Ruby groaned and slip further and further down her chair.



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