"Um hi Penny. Thanks for the save.." Blake said awkwardly as she reached to shake the girl's frigid hand and made her best attempt at a smile that seemed more like a grimace in the end.

"No problem my friend. I couldn't just let you go and get hit by a car. That would just not me the human thing to do ya know?" Penny shook her hand almost mechanically with a smile plastered across her face.

The hairs on the back of Blake's neck stood on end as she watched Penny continue to watch her with unblinking eyes. "Well thank you, but I really should be going now…" said Blake as she pulled her hand away from Penny's.

"Are you sure you don't want to go out for a coffee? I mean I did just save your life… but I totally understand if you have other more important things to do. I mean this is a busy city after all." Penny's tone was warm and friendly but Blake just couldn't shake the feeling that something was just off about Penny.

Blake bit down on the inside of her lip for a few seconds before saying, "I could spare a few minutes for a cup of tea. What I have to go to can wait a few minutes I guess."

Penny lit up and grabbed Blake's hand in and iron tight grip. Pulling her away and down the block to the nearest café. By the time they arrived Blake's shoulder was beginning to ache and if she didn't sing and dance show tunes for a living she knew she would never have had the capacity to keep up with Penny.

The café was small and was seemingly sandwiched between two larger buildings. While all signs outside of the shop spoke specials on the coffee and tea. Blake was sure if she hadn't been lead here she would have gotten lost on the way and never found it. It was the kind of space that if you didn't know what your were looking for, you would most definitely miss it completely. The building sported a dull white exterior with brownish-red accents along the roof and borders of the windows and door. The letters painted across the top with a darker shade of red paint said 'Pride, prejudice and coffee' with a small pair of roses painted on with the same paint that had been used to paint the letters.

Blake would have rolled her eyes at the word play of one of her favorite novels if she hadn't had Penny almost yanking her arm off to drag her inside the small building to be met with its rustic theme. The scent of fresh baked goods instantly hit Blake's nose and she could almost see the disheartened look look her father would have given her if he discovered she had gone to a rival up an coming bakery/ coffee shop.

Don't even go down that path of thinking Blake…

Penny was excitedly waiting in line talking Blake's ear off about how great the baked goods were in this particular bakery and Blake had been forced to hold her tongue and not mention her father's bakery. She really didn't want this woman to know too much about her for her own safety.

With every passing moment Penny seemed more and more like a normal person and Blake began to doubt her original assumption until she would be proven right every so often when Penny would just stare for a little too long and Blake could almost feel her skin begin to crawl with distrust for this woman. When they finally finished their drinks Blake had let it slip about her going to to hospital and instantly regretted it.

The smile that stretched across Penny's face was almost eerie when she said, "Oh I can drive you! My car is just where we met."

"Oh no no you really don't have to do that. The hospital really isn't too far of a walk and I'm sure I can make it in no time." said Blake as she attempted to hide the panic in her voice.

"Don't worry about it! We're besties now and I'll totally take you to the hospital free of charge." Penny hopped up out and out of her seat, grabbing Blake's hand along the way, and again to lead her out of the shop and over to her car. All while Blake is trying to figure out a way out of this and not seem rude in the end.

Okay options… I can snap my hand out of her grip and hope it doesn't sprain as I book it into the city. No she saved your damn life, you can't just be an ungrateful jerk to her no matter how on edge she puts you. Okay so what if you tell her the wrong hospital? No, because then that leaves you with no real way to go back since you've long forgotten how to use the overly confusing bus system in this city. Smoke bomb? What are you a ninja? No of course not.

Blake continued to list her options as Penny zipped her to her small orange beetle and half forced her into it. "So what hospital is it?" said Penny as she jumped into the drivers side.

"Sacred heart hospital." the words slipped out of Blake's mouth before she could stop them and she instantly began mentally berating herself for it. Well you're all ready in the crazy girl's car. There really isn't much you can do other than maybe hop out and run for your life… In that moment Blake began to almost reach for the handle but was forced forward by the speed of the car forcing itself back and out of the small parking space it had crushed itself into previously.

And just like that you're kidnapped and dead. You totally got into the car of a serial killer of your own free will. Blake continued her conversation with herself as Penny drove remarkably slow compared to the forced exit of the parking space.

"So Blake what do you do for a living? You never got around to telling be because that stupid bus boy that kept distracting you." Penny said as she gripped the ivory colored wheel a little tighter.

Blake shifted slightly in her seat before answering with a half truth. "I'm currently unemployed. I used to work with this group but my dad got sick and I had to help out."

"Oh is that who you're going to the hospital to see?"

"Yeah he's been sick on and off for awhile now so it's not all bad."

Penny nodded and let the conversation drift off for a beat before going right back to it after a particularly aggressive turn. Penny honked at the other car in her way and yelled, "Move it or lose it jackass!" out her window. She didn't even take a breath before she switched back to her calming tone and said, "Well I hope he gets better soon."

Blake had been so tense she was sure her fingers digging into her leg were definitely going to leave a bruise. She had been so distracted with her own thoughts that she hadn't noticed Penny pull up to the entrance of the hospital.

"Well here we are." said Penny as she turned to face Blake. She placed her hand over Blake's, seeming not noticing it tense further. "I would really like to see you again beautiful. In a-" Penny slid her hand from Blake's and slid it farther between her legs. "better setting.."

Oh hell no. Thought Blake as she used all of her will power not to just slap Penny's hand away from her. Instead she gently tugged Penny's hand away and undid her seat belt. "Uh maybe another time… I really have to go now byeandthankyoufortheride." Blake rushed out of the beetle not daring to glance back at Penny. Who's plastered smile had quickly dropped to a sneer.

When Ruby spotted Penny's car from the no smoker zone she all but had a heart attack on the spot. "On no no no no. Yang Penny's here! I need to hide asap! She must be stalking me again because she saw me in the restaurant with Cinder the other day." whispered Ruby as she tried to figure out an appropriate escape method.

"What?!" was all that Yang said while looking around for that familiar mop of red hair. "Where is she?"

"Over there in the ugly orange beetle and before you tell me it could be anyone's car she's only one in town to drive a car in that make and color so I know for damn sure it's her car." Ruby began to sink down in the bench as she tugged down on her hood.

"Wait is that Blake?" said Yang as she stood to get a better view of the brunette rushing out of the car.

Ruby instantly stood and only caught the last few whips of dark hair before she was out of her line of sight. "What the hell is Blake doing with Penny? Doesn't she know she's dangerous? Especially when she has her hooks in you?" Ruby turned to Yang for answers but only received a shrug in response. "Oh god I have to warn her… oh shit I can't do that because she hates be and things are weird with Cinder."

"Yeah I can't really give you any advice on this one… I mean Penny can't be that bad… right?" said Yang as she sat back down and pulled out another cigarette.

"Yang she handcuffed me in her basement for the week the first time I even attempted to break up with her. I don't even know where she got handcuffs!" Ruby ran a hand through her hair as she began to pace in front of Yang.

"One. When the hell did that happen? Two. How the hell did you get out? And Three. Why didn't you tell me so that I could kick her scrawny ass?" The anger built up in Yang to the point she was sure she had crushed her cigarette to bits in her hand.

"She let me go free once I agreed to tattoo her name on me and told her I would love her forever and Yang you aren't really the most dependable since Weiss died…" Ruby froze. The second the words slipped out of her mouth she knew she had fucked up.

Yang almost saw red as she tossed the useless cigarette to the ground and stood in front of Ruby. "And what do you mean by that?"

Ruby grit her teeth and steeled herself for the argument that was years in the making. "I mean that ever since Weiss died you're not yourself anymore… I really don't want to fight about this Yang. We have more important-"

"More important things that you not trusting me and bringing up my dead fiancé to explain that you don't trust me? Not even telling me about how bad it really got with Penny? Ruby you only ever told me that she was crazy and didn't take the break up well. You never told me that she changed you in a basement!" The sting of betrayal stung in Yang's heart as she fought for her own self control.

"I didn't tell you because you're always too busy for that Yang. I have to have some kind emergency for you to even notice I exist sometimes. I even stopped wearing the colors white and blue because you wouldn't even look at me if I wore them! ...Yang that week I was in the basement you didn't even notice I had been gone…" Ruby's voice broke as she fought off tears.

Yang was stunned into silence as Ruby continued her rant, "Like I get it. You lost the love of you life in a really bad way along with our parents, but I lost them too Yang… I lost a best friend and my parents too and in alot of ways. I lost my sister too…"

Yang's shoulders slumped as she tried to come up with words. "I- I'm -Ruby I'm sorry… You should have told me."

"Yang you shut me out in every way possible. After awhile I just let you grieve on your own and that seemed to help even if I wasn't there to help you every step of the way."

Yang wrapped Ruby up in a tight hug. Feeling tears in her eyes as she tried to remember the last time she gave her sister a real hug.

"I'm still so very sorry Ruby."



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