Sasuke brushed off the last bits of dirt and soil off his clothes as he stared directly at Naruto alongside the tear-tracked face of Sakura. They both stared at Naruto as he laughed at his squad mates.

"Last I checked, we weren't the ones that had finger shoved up our-" Sasuke snarled before Naruto cried out with indignation before getting right into the prideful Uchiha's face. Words about his stuck-up-ness on the tip of his tongue before a fist collided with the top of his head with a familiar amount of pain.

"Sakura-saaan!" The blonde whined pitifully.

"Shut it Naruto!" She yelled. "You said you had an idea for how we can get the bells, so stop bugging Sasuke-kun and tell us already."

Naruto huffed in annoyance and crossed his arms. He was quiet for a moment, relishing the small amount of time when he has something over both of his former school mates. His face broke into a foxish grin, it told a tale of promiscuity and fun. "I will distract Kakashi-sensei using the strongest move in my ninja arsenal."

Young Sakura took a moment to ponder Naruto's declaration, before her face twisted into scowl. "You better not be thinking of using kage bushin and that pervert jutsu of yours." She clenches her fist in front of his face threateningly. "Or I will end you."

"Sakura-chan, do you really think so little of me?" Naruto said, while he was thinking of powerful god-killing technique. Those two techniques combined…would be unstoppable, he thought."I have a super secret technique that even the Hokage told me to keep quiet about until I became a genin." His tone was solemn and serious, instantly drawing in the other two genin.

"I can summon." Naruto stated.

He could see Sasuke bit back a scoff on the tip of his tongue, while Sakura looks to him in something akin to how other perceive a crazy person out in public.

"I'm serious!" Naruto whined. "I can summon. Just watch." He bites his thumb hard enough to draw blood and slams his palm down onto the ground. "Kuchiyose no Jutsu!"

Chakra smoke filled the air, while both Sakura and Sasuke tried to peer through the haze with senses of awe and skepticism, the latter far more than the former. Coughs and hacks came from within the fog, before other people spoke.

"You used way too much chakra Naruto!" A familiar voice snarled. "Why did you use so much? You know we were in the village, not in the middle of Hellgondo right?" Another spoke up crossly. A coughing fit turned into a laugh. "Sorry, sorry!" Naruto said nervously. "But this is the first time I summon you all for combat-"

A girl interrupts him, "You're in combat!?" She exclaimed shrilly. "Quick, everyone assumed the formation, just like we practiced." She ordered. Both Sasuke and Sakura sighed as they the smoke dissipated among the shuffled limbs. The two other members of Team 7 (in-trial), groan in frustration at the sight of Naruto trying to shuffle around the four village girls that they have seen hanging out with him in the village. The purple haired one in a wheelchair cried out, "No! We were too slow!"

Sakura rubbed the bridge of her nose as she quenched the roaring fire of her anger toward the blonde idiot. "Naruto, summoning people is pretty unique, but how are four civilian girls suppose to help us against a ninja, let alone a jounin." She asked rhetorically.

Dalyla chuckles loudly. Her purple ponytail wrapped around her neck as a makeshift scarf, while her blue eyes narrowed into slits. "Foolish human." She said, the air of the training field soon became enveloped by an air of wannabe-menace. "Don't compare us to you pathetic weaklings." She sneered.

"You humans thought that just because you had a few hundred years playing with your chakra, you thought yourselves as the masters of your own fate…" She drifts off as the girls moved into a four-point formation. "But you have nothing on the clans of Mon-" The wheelchair bound girl collided with ground when Naruto bumped into the chair. "OW! NARUTO!"

"Ishiko pushed me Dalyla-chan!" Naruto whined pitifully. He tried to stand the chair up, only for a scaled tail to whip out, surprising Sasuke and Sakura, and slaps him forward and into the dirt. She mumbles under her breath, while her green and brown stripped tail pushed her and her chair upright. "We had an entrance and everything." She mumbled.

"Enough of this nonsense, Naruto." Sasuke ordered with bite in his tone. "Will you and your summons hurry it up?"

Both the girls and the dirtied Naruto grumbled and complained, but eventually gave in to the Uchiha's demands. "We NEED to do our introductions first." He stated, refusing to back down, much to his fellow genins' ire. "Sakura-san, Sasuke-teme," He punctuated Sasuke's name with the usual glare. "You are looking at Konoha's first, and only, Monmusu Clan Summoner." He thumbs his nose with pride before dashing off to the side revealing the girls standing at the ready, their faces alight with various states of pride. Naruto continues to speak, "These four are my personal summons, assigned to me by the Boss Lady, Monster Lord of Hellgondo, Alipheese Fateburn the sixteenth, herself." A wave of his hand towards the girls behind, he then says, "The most dangerous group of bandits of the entire clan." Much to their displeasure, Sakura and Sasuke had to deal with Naruto's own brand of dramatic flair now.

The orange haired girl with the large, worn hat, years of use had rendered it ragged, she smiles with open glee. She tore off the ragged clothes covering her frame, revealing the crème coloured tunic, edged with sandstone orange borders. Beneath her tunic, bandages were wrapped around her torso, binding her chest tightly to her waifish frame. The most glaring feature however, was the large single horn that poked through her helmet that was underneath the hat. "The Bandit of the Crushing Earth-" Naruto announced, while the unmasked girl pricked her thumb against one of her fangs before smearing blood on across a kanji on her left bicep, unsealing a Warhammer standing as tall as her at four foot 8, something that looked to be an impossibility due to her body's stature. "Ishiko, the Goblin!" The now named Ishiko slammed her hammer down, sending up a large cloud of dust.

The dust in the air was blown away, revealing another girl, obscuring her features were layers of clothes, especially another large hat and boots many times too big for her. Her amber eyes slide into reptilian slits as she pulled down the collar of her coat, revealing her mouth. Where Ishiko had only a couple of fangs, this girl had a mouth like a knife set, teeth made to tear into whatever they bite. Naruto spoke with awe for her introduction, "The Bandit of Burning Flame-"

The girl leapt up, kicking her feet free of her boots, left then right, as they flew off into the bushes as she landed in a crouch, revealing her scale-covered legs, with three claw-toed feet. She tore away the heavy coat to reveal her inhuman arms, of interlocked scales that stretched along her forearms and ended with five-fingered claws. Her hands flexed dangerously, while body was covered in a single raiment, dull-grey in colour was tied to her body with a leather belt. It left the sides of her body open, freedom of movement. Sparks of fire spit from behind her teeth, as she looked upon the two genin like an alpha predator. The wings upon her back, once tiny things when she was a child, now encompass her entire back, flapped once creating a gust of wind that ruffled everyone's clothing. The iris coloured hair was wrapped tightly in a ponytail, as she looked down at them with superiority. "Nemei the dragon!" She blew a gout of flame from her mouth, blinding Sakura and Sasuke.

When they were able to see again, Nemei had switched places with Dalyla, still bound with her wheelchair. She grins slyly, before lifting away the blanket covering her lap and legs as Naruto spoke, "The Bandit of Shifting Waves-" The snake-like tail from before comes into view, as it slides out from underneath the chair and Dalyla slithers forward and extends to her full height, towering over everyone. Silver bangles covered the snake woman's forearms, they glinted in the sunlight. She wore a taupe coloured tunic, a peplos, that was fastened to golden hoops at her right waist and left shoulder. Her mauve hair tied up in a ponytail with a ribbon with blue pins. "Dalyla the lamia!" Her forked tongue slid from her mouth to taste the air extending nearly a foot away.

Finally, the red eyed girl stepped forward, Sasuke noted that compared to the others who hid their inhuman appearance beneath layers of clothing, this one only had a black cloak draped around her shoulders shrouding her body from sight, the collar bent upward. Her blonde hair flowed behind her head and down her back, not a single strand out of place. "The Bandit of Blistering Wind-" Naruto announced. The blonde girl steps forward, her smile a firm line that spoke of confidence and pride. Her hands grip the sides of her cloak and she flips it open, "Viorica the vamp-" Naruto cries out and covers his eyes.

Sakura is transfixed.

Sasuke averted his eyes with reddened cheeks.

The cloak billowed behind Viorica, her naked form was unleashed upon the world.

With the exception of the proudly nude vampire, the other monmusu groan with exasperation. "We've talked about this Vi, you can't fight naked." Dalyla commented. Viorica huffed, not in the least perturbed as her cloak flapped in the non-existent wind. "I am on the cusp of blossoming into a beautiful woman. There is no reason for me to hide my body from the world."

Nemei and Ishiko were laughing openly as Dalyla and Viorica argued about "battle costumes" while within the Elemental nations.

Eyeing the vampire with envy as Sakura held her hand against her un-buxom bosom, she turned to the sky, as if looking for an excuse to bypass this entire situation. As the sun rose higher in the sky, Sakura found an out. "We have twenty minutes before the test ends."

"Can we please focus on fighting the jounin?" Sasuke yelled out, avoiding eye contact with the vampire in front of him.


After that little show ten minutes ago between the little genins and the junior summons, Kakashi was not expecting much. Flustered by a nakedness. There is so much they still have to learn. He flipped the next page of his Icha Icha book, his eyes scanning his surroundings in the corners of his eyes. Here they come.

Naruto was the first to strike, as expected, with his mob tactic from earlier in the morning. Kakashi remained unimpressed. Even a one-trick pony gets bored and tries something new.

"Taju Kage Bushin no Jutsu: Dogpile Style!" Naruto cried out as hundreds of Narutos flooded the clearing, coming out of the woods like an infestation of orange colored ants. Kakashi did not even bother with them as he jumped upward, trying to think of the best way to dispel all of the clones while still keeping his page in Icha Icha Paradise.

A shadow above him blocked out the sun, he looked up to see the goblin girl above, her hammer raised to the sky.

"Earth Crashing Goblin!" She swung downward crashing toward the earth.

Well, this will be a bit awkward with one hand. Kakashi thought before the glancing blow from the hammer knocks him aside while thundering into the ground and dispelling the hundreds of kage bushin.

Landing lightly on the ground, Kakashi now understood why Mitzuki had to be drinking food out of a straw. Getting hit by something like that would be devastating. Now only if they do something like that without telegraphing miles away.

Realizing that it would be best to put his book away before it could get damaged in the crossfire, only to find that he had dropped it in the commotion. It really was not that big of a deal, he had at least half a dozen copies at home, being a ninja means always having a replacement at a moment's notice after all. The silver-haired jounin is still concerned however, last thing he wants to deal with is one of these genin finding the book and screeching in their shrill prepubescent voices of how much he is a pervert and blah, blah, blah.

He then finds his little orange book in the hands of the lamia, Dalyla. Joy. She was reading the page with a look of deep thought. Her face scrunched together as if trying to figure something out. Kakashi could not help but to think that she must be one of the more sheltered kids, confused by what she was reading. Taking a glance at the sun reaching closer to its zenith, he figured he had time to watch these kid's reaction to it for a little chuckle.

Dalyla then reads out an entire passage about the beautiful Midori as she performs various acts of sexual activities with her current lover.

In the corner of his eye, the copy ninja saw both Sakura and Sasuke, each of the blushing deeply in their own separate hiding places. He laughed to himself, only to be cut short by the huff of indignation by the snake girl in front of him.

"Is this all the humans of this world have to offer for erotic books?" Dalyla states, as if the series was not known as one of, if not the best, series of erotic novels known across the Elemental nations.

She was then joined by the vampire and dragon, both reading over her shoulder as they started to complain about just how boring the book was. Viorica was rather put out as she commented, "It's all just so…vanilla."

Nemei nodded along, agreeing with her. "This Midori is just so plain.-"

Plain!? Everyone has to be a critic.

She continued, "Two arms, two legs, and a one head."

Her description was memorized in his head. A woman whose hips fill your hands and body that fills your vision with the very personification of pleasure.

"Where's the six-tupple breasts?"

...Excuse me?

"Or a tongue that could-" Dalyla pipes in, only to be interrupted.

"The fangs to tease his-" Viorica states, deep in thought, only to be interrupted again.

"Or a tail to prod inside his-" Nemei mentions offhandedly.

The copy ninja did not bother to check on the genin still hiding nearby. They are probably a bit scared of the knowledge the blonde idiot's summons know.

With his full speed, Kakashi stole his book back and stuffed it back into his pouch on his hip, jiggling the bells attached to his belt with his frustration. With their distraction now gone, the girls turned their focus back on to him.

Kakashi did not even look up as he was surrounded on all four sides by the monmusu, nor did he show any real interest when the tree above him were filled with dozens of Naruto clones. Each clone had shuriken and kunai at the ready. It was all too easy to figure out Naruto's new plan of attack. At least he can make a basic battle strategy, even if it is a little too easy to figure out.

The vampire steps forward, her cloak pulled around her. "Hatake Kakashi, jounin ninja of Konoha." Viorica stated, her tone formal but firm. The previous pow-wow forgotten. "Our summoner, Uzumaki Naruto, orders are absolute. Give us the bells, or perish." She ordered.

Looking at his surroundings, he may actually need to pay attention so that these kids don't even get the small chance of ruffling up his clothes. "Perish? Now I'm pretty sure that you're all a little too green to think you can actually harm me." He was tempted to make a show with his killing intent but thought better of it. The kids need to actually pass the test first. "It's been a few years since I've fought a monmusu, so let's see what you can do."

If they were surprised by this information, it certainly did not show on Viorica's face before her cloak was blown open, revealing mismatched pants and shirt, and a blast of lightning surged toward him. Kakashi slid to the left, allowing the bolt of lighting to pass him, before the vampire was in front of his face. "Eyes of Obedie-" The copy ninja poked her in the eye before she could finish as she yelps in surprise, then pain as he kicks her back where she came, rolling in the dirt while rubbing her eye.

He could hear a small set of lungs taking in a deep gulp of air before fire was blown toward his open back, he bent forward at the waist, the fireball sailed over his back, then his head before dissipating. He heard the growl and the thuds of approaching feet and twisted his body around and easily parried the dragon's claws that slashed left and right. She had a decent amount of strength, she could probably leave a good bruise or two with little trouble if he lets her hit him.

A battle cry coming from his made him leap back to avoid the hammer that would have broken a few ribs before creating a deep dent in the earth. The goblin girl could definitely cause him some trouble if she hits him with that weapon. Seeing that she was slow on the pull back, Kakashi put his foot on the handle, forcing his body weight on the hammer. The increase in weight caused Ishiko to stumble as she tried to pull it free, while Kakashi grappled with the Nemei as she tried to wrap her claws around his throat.

Vicious one isn't she? He asked himself.

The snake girl in background called out, "Rain Death!" and Kakashi saw the air filled with dozens of shuriken and kunai. Between the grappling dragon and the goblin trying to reclaim her own dangerous weapon, he did not have enough room to dodge the sharp rainfall. So, it looks like he would have to block it.

Reversing his grip on Nemei's arms, he pulled her forward and used her as an impromptu shield, as the ninja weapons harmlessly bounced off her skin and scales, though her multiple cries of "ow" were a good sign for him though.

The kage bunshin apologise to Nemei alongside the lamia but, Kakashi doesn't allow them much time to talk before he throws Nemei into the unprepared Ishiko, who had her arms up to protect her face from the ninja weapons. With the loud, oof, as the air was pushed out of the goblin's lungs as both her and the dragon were tossed backward and slammed into a tree.

Kakashi turned his attention to Dalyla, who immediately started to pull backward, wary of his attention. Compared to the other summons, she seems like the one least likely to face him in direct combat. He wanted to test that theory. Hatake ran forward at what he considered a light jog, while the dozens of Naruto clones dropped from the branches above him to slow him down.

They "poofed" away with no trouble and Kakashi had no trouble keeping pace until he was right in front of the young lamia. Dalyla yelps in fear and cowers on the ground, her eyes shut tightly waiting for him to hit her. Kakashi thinks he's found the weakest link.

His vision is obscured by the flapping leathery wings. The copy ninja feels pair of delicate arms embrace the back of his neck, and he immediately grabs hold of whoever is on his back and throws them into the lamia, knocking both Dalyla and the now known Viorica away.

The jounin heard both Ishiko and Nemei come up from behind him, the dragon rubbing the areas that were lightly bruised from being hit with ninja weapons, while the goblin twirled her hammer in her grip. He heard more shuffling in front of him, where both Dalyla and Viorica had separated themselves and stood ready for more (though the lamia seemed ready to run then fight).

Leaves rustled above Kakashi and he knew exactly who was up there. Naruto knows when to knuckle down. Summons are meant to aid him, not fight his battles for him. Give him a year or two, and he should be able to work fluently enough with his summons to fight any competent ninja to a standstill. The copy ninja smiled underneath his mask. The monmusu charged forward with claw, hammer, and jutsu. Naruto dropped from above, a kunai in each hand.

Ringing bells filled the air of the Training Ground 3, signalling the end of the test and lunchtime.

The jounin looked down to see Sasuke and Sakura, he was far too occupied with Naruto and his summons that he never noticed how close those two were able to get to the bells attached to his hip. Now let's see if they can show a little team spirit.


After he got rid of Naruto's summons, with a vindictive amount of pleasure, the copy ninja watched over the genin. The jounin was rather surprised. He certainly did not expect Sakura and Sasuke to share their food with him. Perhaps it had to do with the fact that despite his foolish, over-the-top plan with his summons was the closest way either of them got a bell, they had to admit that working as a team would be their best chance at success? It was a little late now for him to guess their motives. The jounin sensei that has never passed a team until today.

Hatake Kakashi looked upon his fresh, cute little genin and felt…content. They were rough, really rough. The three of them were nearly incompatible when it came to teamwork, but if pushed enough, they could work together. They certainly remind him of his sensei's team from over a decade ago, but he wanted to see how good they can really be.

"LET ME DOWN DAMNIT!" Naruto yelled.

The jounin sighed as he followed his other two students back to the village proper. This was going to be a lot of work.

"I'm telling the Boss Lady Kakashi-sensei!"

Best to let Naruto down before he resorts to that though.

OMAKE – Team 7 Q&A With Monmusu

Sakura knew she should have said no, when the group of summon girls chased her down at her home to have some "girl talk", but she had only read bits and pieces about summon clans and she was a curious girl. So, she said yes, and a motely disguised crew dragged her out to a restaurant that did not serve ramen.

Naruto not being there was an added benefit.

So, the new genin ninja found herself in a booth at a tried and true curry place in an older part of the village, wedged between the ones called Nemei and Ishiko while Dalyla and Viorica continued to talk about the book which they, thankfully, they were keeping it in low tones after the lady with red eyes glared them into submission.

After giving their orders to the server, Sakura finally asked a question that has been on her mind since the genin exam. "So, you are all monsters, right? Is there any truth to the myths?"

Viorica tilted her head inquisitively. "Depends, what do the myths say about us?"

With that blessing, Sakura took her chance to ask, "Since you're a vampire, how can you survive in the daylight?" She paused for a moment, before lowering her voice, "Do you drink blood?"

The vampire chuckles, before flashing her fangs. "I don't know where your people have been getting their information about vampires. Technically, we can survive out in sunlight with no problem, it just makes our feel like it's constantly itching underneath our skin. If we have enough energy to sustain our bodies, sunlight is no longer an issue. As for the blood- "She drinks deeply from her glass, filled with a thick red liquid. "What do you think Sakura-san?"

Sakura froze.

"That's tomato juice."

Viorica nearly spits out her drink. "Dalyla!" She chastised.

Sakura relaxed. "So, the whole blood thing is a myth, right? Its not like anyone can actually live off someone else's blood."

"Seriously," Nemei spoke solemnly. "She drinks blood."

The pink haired girl swallowed the lump in her throat. "Where does she get the blood?" Her eyes scanned the other girls' necks. There were no bite marks.

"From a few different people." Dalyla said airily with a wave of her hand.

The goblin taps her chin in thought, before her blue went alight with an idea. "She does have a preference though."

The air felt tense around the booth. Sakura was nervous, and she tried to fidget a bit to find something else to focus her attention on. She really could not move. Both Nemei and Ishiko were close. Real close. "What's her preference?" She asked, not really wanting to know the answer.

"People that annoy her." Dalyla stated.

"Do you know what really annoys her though?" Ishiko asked.

Sakura takes a big gulp of air.

Red eyes glared at her. "People that hit Naruto." Viorica stated. Her crimson eyes were filled with something rather sinister. "Even when he is being a bit of an idiot." She looks away as she mentions the little tidbit of truth and the feeling of fear disappears. "It makes me thirsty." And it came back. "Are we clear, Sakura-san?"

"Crystal." The young genin squeaked out.

"Food's here!" Ishiko announced. The tense atmosphere disappeared, replaced with joyous talk around the table. Sakura sat in the center of it, but she didn't feel hungry anymore.

OMAKE 2 – Kakashi and Guy's Punishment

Kakashi and Guy were in front of the third Hokage, and both of them were a little nervous. With Naruto's return from his unexpected disappearance, most of the village was breathing easy because their kage was in a much better mood.

As the Third Hokage was glaring them down, however the infamous duo of the Leaf village did not see any sign of this "good mood". The honoured elder ninja was giving them the hardest glare they've ever received in their entire careers of being ninja.

"Because of the lack of discretion, the two of you have displayed during your contests, you have caused the village, and me, quite a disturbance." Hiruzen stated. Without his pipe in his mouth, Hiruzen was quite an intimidating of figure. "The punishment for you two will be twofold." He ordered. "First, the majority of your chakra will be sealed for 48 hours, and for your own personal security- "And underneath his breath, "My amusement." He muttered, maintaining eye contact with his two jounin. "You will be under ANBU watch, but they are forbidden to interfere in the second part of your punishment." The Sandaime stated.

Guy was quivering, whether that was nerves or excitement, Kakashi can never quite figure it out. "And the second part, Hokage-sama?"

Sarutobi smirked. "The newest summon clan that will be assisting Konoha in the future, will be doling out your second punishment. As part of their duties, the ANBU squads assigned to guard you two will also take note of the abilities of our new allies." The Hokage's hands entwined with each other in front of his face. "Have fun."

Two days later,

Both Hatake Kakashi and Might Guy were in front of their Hokage's desk. Kakashi looked ready to collapse where he stood. With only his own endurance, being unable to rely on his chakra against a physically superior foe took its toll on him. His uniform was ragged and torn, and Hiruzen could swear he could see a love bite along the exposed collarbone of the copy ninja.

Might Guy looked…fresh as a daisy. His smile shined brighter than it has ever before. He had a twinkle in his eyes and every movement he made was that of assuredness. Hiruzen had a feeling that the punishment did not exactly work as intended against Guy.

He'll know for sure once he reads the reports from the ANBU.

Back in the Summon World

In the kingdom of Grand Noah, Dullahan tries to cheer up her fellow gladiator, Cerberus. She had recently returned from a task given to the Hellhound by the Monster Lord herself. She popped back into the coliseum barracks and collapsed into bed and slept for a whole day. Her fur was scruffy and matted in some places. There was a smile on her face. It was not a pleasant one, no. Dullahan has seen this smile before.

Cerberus has found her new favourite prey. Someone who was stronger than her, yet she had him in the palm of her hand constantly as he narrowly avoids capture at her hands. It reminds Dullahan of the myths surrounding the original Cerberus, the guardian of Hell.

Once it has the scent of its prey, it will chase them to the end of the world.

The armoured knight feels kind of bad for the poor schmuck that has her attention.

At the same time in the kingdom of Grangold, the Queen Ant and Grangold King are trying their best to keep a new idea from infecting not only the rest of the Ant Hive, but the citizens of Grangold as well.



So I wrote this the first time through, forgot to add my personal favourite part of the girls reacting to the infamous icha icha book. As much as I would love to expand on that scene, I made the goal to keep this story under a teen rating and I'm sticking to it.