AN - This fanfic will be based on the musical Tuck Everlasting, and the characters from this story will look like the actors and or actresses who played them in the show. So keep that in mind.

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I found out early that life isn't extraordinary, and it's full of disappointments. My parents, Merritt and Lillian Simmons, taught me that.

It's not like many happy things were in my favor. I've learned to accept that.

Age 4: My Bully

One of the neighborhood boys was the kind who liked to pick on any kids, even girls. His name was Henry Brown, he was a large boy for 6. He never needed anyone to help him in a fight, because he could take care of himself. As I played Hopscotch in the front of my house, I didn't see Henry speeding towards me on his bike. Before I jumped over the terribly written number five, he rammed into me, causing me to land facedown on the sidewalk; a bleeding knee, and blood running from my nose. I heard Henry laughing as he rode down the street. Being the sensitive 4 year old I was, I cried, running into the house, finding my father asleep on the couch. He smelled of that terrible smell, with the strange liquid dripping from the bottle, all the way down his front. I knew never to wake him when he had been drinking.

Age 9: Gone

My mom left. She left. The last time I saw her, her and my father were fighting. It was one of those fights about work, money, and other things. Part of it didn't affect me because she never cared for me, nor did my father. Whenever I made anything for her for Mother's Day, she'd throw them away. I kind of knew she was going to leave or my father, who, when he found the time took his anger out on me, physically and mentally. It's not like she stopped him from doing it, she hardly paid attention to me at all when she was here. Sometimes I miss her, but sometimes not.

Age 12: My First and Last "Birthday"

Birthdays weren't celebrated as you can probably guess. So it was a surprise when my Great Grandpa Nelson, on my dad's side showed up. I've only heard about him and seen him in pictures. The minute he saw me, he smiled a type of smile I wasn't used to. He even gave me my first present I've ever gotten. Granted, it was a watch, but it was still the best. Dad strangely seemed reluctant to let Grandpa take me out for the day, but after about an hour of them talking, Grandpa took me out for the day. He took me out on the town, out to get ice cream, and out to the wood our family has owned ever since I could remember.

Living in a town like Treegap, meant there was barely anything to do. Except for me anyway. The family wood was the one place I felt safe. When my entire world was changing that was the place that never would. I always thought the wood was amazing, but the story my Grandfather told me when we got to a clearing, was too amazing to believe.

A spring in my very wood that if you drink from it, it could make you immortal.

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