Giggles echoed off the walls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Mouths agape with shock and confusion could be seen up and down the halls. Many stopped and parted out of the way for the strange sight in front of them. Many were unsure how to react, or even if they should react to the sight of what appeared to be a care free Professor Potter walking through the halls seemingly many months pregnant.

This by itself was odd, but it alone was not what was causing the giggles to outnumber the confused looks from the many students in the halls. It wasn't the carefree smile on his face, nor was it the small waddle that he appeared to have gained overnight. No it was the bright yellow polka dot pregnancy dress that he was wearing in lieu of his normal black robes lined with emerald green trim and his now customary silver tie with the Hogwarts crest.

Seeming unware of the looks he was receiving from all the students and now many of the portraits on his way to his classroom Harry Potter was a sight to behold. His long hair was pulled back and tied low with just enough of a fringe to cover his famous although thin and faded scar. A bright red bow held is nearly untamable mop in place in lieu of the usual silver length of cord. His normal black dress shoes were replaced by a pair of tan flats. His tanned skin unblemished by the dark hairs that normally ran down his legs.

Whistling a jaunting tune Harry Potter walked through the halls towards the defense classroom. He was in no way oblivious to the looks he was getting from his students, nor was he oblivious to the whispers. The truth of the matter he simply didn't care; years of ignoring the stares from first being the boy-who-lived to then being the man-who-conquered meant that very little swayed him while in the public eye. The held true even more so when in Hogwarts. There was very little they could say or do that he had not already handled before. The carefree attitude in this particular instance was due to the fact he knew exactly way looking. It was hard not to stare if he was being completely honest with himself. It was not every day that one saw what appeared to be a severely pregnant man walking around in a bright dress whistling Don't Worry, Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin.

Harry Potter was more intrigued by the looks of surprise that came from more than a few students. It was not like this was the first time since becoming a professor that he had been in a compromising situation. As the son, godson, and nephew of a marauder meant that he did indeed enjoy a good laugh; often at his own expense. That was not to say that he encouraged bullying between students, but the occasional outlandish stunt was not unheard of between his wife and himself along with their longtime friend Neville the current Herbology Professor. In fact the current stunt could be laid at the feet of the one and only Mrs. Hermione Jane Potter. The equally pregnant Transfiguration Professor had decided in one of her more rant happy moments that both he and Ron should learn to keep their mouths shut.

Author's Note

This is a plot idea that I have had. I am not sure where exactly I want this to go. I do have a method already decided on how he ends up in his current state. It really shouldn't be that hard to figure out. The hint is that it starts out with a muggle idea. Anyways. .. I am not sure when I will update this, but I wanted to see what people thought. Any ideas would be welcome on how to further the plot. At the moment I am thinking this story will not be more than 20 thousand words if it even gets that high, but who knows.