This is the epilogue of: The main Emotion. I decided to bring you the epilogue through Joy's diary because, if you remember the first chapter, I used it but it was too short. Enjoy the epilogue! :)

Warning! This epilogue contains spoilers of the Inside Out movie. (but I think it's not necessary I say this… or it is?)

Dear Diary.

Daddy told us we are moving in a new place and it will be as beautiful as Minnesota. Everyone in the Head Quarters is starting to be upset: Fear is scared for the dangers in this new city, Anger is getting mad every time Fear begin that argument, Disgust is already thinking to the bad foods that we will eat once we are there. And Sadness… I don't really know what is her purpose but for now I saw all bad things and every time she touches the console, Riley starts to be sad. She is useless then. She just want to stop me from making Riley happy all the time…

Dear Diary.

We arrived in San Francisco, our new city. We are sleeping now. Every one is sleeping now. The situation doesn't looks so good for us, but I can't stop right now. The suspects are starting to emerge. Anger said that there's no reason that Riley should be happy right now, but something changed when our mother came in our room. She asked us to try to stay happy for our dad: he is starting a new company in San Francisco and if we try to smile, our dad will be less upset. My friends in the Head Quarters agree with this 'plan'.

But today something happened… something really weird and scaring: Sadness touched the memory of the dinosaur and it turned blue. I don't know why she did that and why it turned sad but that's not all. She opened the core memories container and a memory rolled out and after that moment, she was about to turn in blue a core memory. I didn't make a progress with her. I asked to Sadness to try to think something funny and all I had was 'the funny movie where the dog dies' and rain… sad, gray and heavy rain. I'm currently on Dream Duty now… not actually to be honest. I turned off the console due to a scary dream from the Dream Productions and I'm watching Riley on the ice while writing this page. I have a plan for tomorrow. Tomorrow is the first day of school and I'm pretty excited! We need to make a good impression and, indeed, I'll ask to Disgust to deal with that. We also need something in case Riley gets bored and Anger will be on it with the day dreams. And of course, I'll ask to Fear to write a list of all the possible things that could go wrong on our first day to school. I'll make Riley happy for all the day and try to avoid Sadness because she could be the only obstacle on my path.

Dear Diary.

I returned to write these pages after a year… and nothing good happened but now we're fine. In the first day of school, the teacher asked to Riley about the life in Minnesota. I tried to answer with the happiness but Sadness turned a memory from happy to sad. After a while, Riley started to cry and I see this new core memory but it was blue. I fought with Sadness to avoid that memory to take place with the others and… how I was selfish in those times. A transfer tube sucked us out from the Head Quarters with all the core memories. The Islands of the Personality started to fall one by one because every time Riley tried to use one of the Islands, it would fall in the Memory Dump. We went in a lot of different places in Riley's mind and we met someone by the way: he was Bing Bong, Riley's old imaginary friend. After we jumped on the Train of Thought, which was the fastest way to get in the Head Quarters, the Honesty Island fell with destructive consequences. The train fell in the Memory Dump and all the memory shelves around us were falling into the void. Luckily, we found a not covered transfer tube and… I still regret that choice, even in a distance of a year. Bing Bong and I, fell in the Dump, while all Riley's mind was being destructed on his own pieces. Once I fell there, I tried to climb but nothing. I cried once I was there and that was literally a trauma for me. After that, I remembered Bing Bong's rocket and with that, I tried to fly above the Memory Dump but the rocket broken on the third try. We literally lost all our hopes in that moment and, after Bing Bong faded, I cried even louder. If it wasn't for Anger, I wouldn't survive to the Dump. Indeed, he threw a repair kit from a random mind worker in the Dump's direction, I used it to repair and make the rocket less heavier. Once I went out from there, I tried to find Sadness and I looked for her everywhere. I even have followed a blue line of memories but nothing. I didn't remember much of that moment but when I returned a year later in the Head Quarters, my friends said that I was out of myself because I got lost in the Long Term Memory. My period of return in the HQ lasted a night only because I tried to kill Anger and steal the new core memories. But, as I said, I was unstable in that moment. I escaped in the Long Term Memory. Sadness explained to me why I didn't find her and this is what she said: "Because Anger found me first."

She explained that Anger took the leadership and he went through many threats to keep Riley happy. How Riley could be happy without me? Anger, thanks to Sadness, discovered the M.E.P. (Memory Emergency Plan) This plan allows the other Emotions to create a memory of the missing Emotion. For example, when you make a person remember a similar moment, it creates a memory of the same color of the projected memory. But someone wanted his death: the imaginary friends were looking for Anger because he is unknowingly responsible of Bing Bong's 'death'. Disgust told me that one of the imaginary friends tried to poison her. The police found the first one of the imaginary friends, and they said to Anger that he can go to visit him but Anger lost his temper and he threw him in the Dump. He was pretty close to Disgust at those times. Someone called at Sadness' phone: it was the second imaginary friend. He said to Sadness to betray Anger because he was the threat. Sadness agreed but she pretended to agree. Anger went to the spot where that guy was waiting him. If I understood well, he was with two mind workers but those two mind workers were warned by Sadness. Instead to kill Anger, they killed the imaginary friend. Fear told me that the police found his body and they started to look for Anger. The law changed because since we can create all the memories, it's all more several now. Fear also told me that Anger was hiding in the Head Quarters because the police was knocking to our door almost all the days. Many imaginary friends were looking for Anger and the police as well. The next day, the police obliged Fear to bring Anger in a certain place or he would be locked for 7 years in the Subconscious Prison. Fear obeyed and he followed the police's instructions. Anger forgave Fear for revealing his position to the police because Anger was the enemy of himself… and he knew that and he also knew that would happen soon or late. Before to go, Fear has been warned by Anger to visit the Subconscious Prison to find me because they cured my craziness… exactly. After 1-2 days since my return, Fear was weird and upset. We still didn't know why he was acting like that, but we discovered that he brought Anger straight to the death. I comforted him because I knew what he was going through. I felt his same pain and… I kissed him. It was the best thing I've ever felt in my life. Everyone listened Fear's confession and we forgave him. I was surprised when Disgust forgave Fear, because she was in love with Anger but everything has been solved in the better way… Anger solved everything actually. We're currently living our lives now.

And that's it. This is the epilogue of the story as Joy's diary described to us. I'll see you soon with another story. This chapter is shorter than my usual average of words (2000-3000 words) because it's the epilogue. Mean reviews = creepy guy with a mask aka Predator.

P.S: is this just an epilogue?