Hello everyone, this is only an AN, the first chapter of the story is the next chapter. This AN is here to explain some stuff and warnings

This chapter 1 AN will be updated when I get questions and need to clarify some stuff that wont spoil the story

I do Not own One Piece

There will be violence, lots of violence, hence the rating.

It also contains sex and Male/Male relationships. (read the AN at the start of each chapter to know when a sex scene is and how to skip if you don't want to read it.)

Yes, Ace is still the son of Gol D Roger

Luffy and Sabo grew up with Ace

Sabo is alive, and both Luffy and Ace know this, I will explain this later

Ace and Shanks know each other pretty well

Luffy, Sabo and Shanks know about Ace being an assassin

Ace never ate the Mera Mera no mi, he ate an another fruit

Yes, Ace will handle the Teach incident

Yes, the Whitebeards is still known as the strongest crew in the world. This is because they are pirates, not an assassin like Ace

Why Ace is an assassin and not a pirate, will be explained

Ace is feared, not only by the government, but by other pirates to, thus explaining the ooc-ness of the Whitebeards in the first chapter.

This story will focus mostly around ace and the Whitebeards, how they will be connected will come later.

I will have references to other animes, literature and games, nothing big, but I have taken a lot of inspiration from different animes, literature (such as books, works or phrases) and games, if its important or a big thing i have taken, I will mention this at the end of the chapter, how often this is, i do not know

If you wounder about something else, feel free to ask