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Anyway it starts of when the navy ship with Luffy and co is heading to Marineford. The straw hats meet and they go together to save Ace. Any way onward with the story!

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Luffy watched the sky as Jinbei steered the ship towards Marine ford. The place where his elder brother Ace was to be executed. As if Luffy would allow that. Ace did not deserve to die and he would save Ace even if it meant his life. For Ace was the most important person to him apart from Shanks and his nakama. As he sat at the head of the navy ship they had taken to go to Marineford he thought about his brother all shackled up and being taken to his execution. Luffy decided that he would save his brother and they would both go somewhere where there was good food for Luffy knew that Ace wouldn't have proper food and Marine food sucks anyways. Maybe he could get his crew to have a feast. Oh yeah! Ace had to meet his new nakama. He also had to see the sunny. Then Sanji could make lots of meat and they could celebrate. But first he would save Ace.

"A ship!" Ivancov yelled suddenly.


"Over there"

Luffy looked towards where Iva-chan was pointing and there indeed was a ship which was coming in their direction.

"Whose ship is that?" Jinbei asked looking towards it.

"Hmph.. Give me the telescope" Buggy stated as one of his followers got a telescope.


"WHOSE SHIP IS IT?" Jinbei yelled.





Luffy grabbed the telescope and looked. It was the Sunny! But why was it here.

"We'll let the ship come closer to this ship" Jinbei stated as he turned the ship slightly towards the Sunny.

Aboard the Thousand Sunny:

"I see Luffy" Ussop yelled.

"That's good"

"But it is a marine ship!"

"That's bad"

"But there are no marines and Luffy is not in cuffs"

"That's good"



"Anyway let's pull over" Zoro stated nodding towards Nami who nodded before giving Franky the signal to go towards the Marine ship. As they came closer Zoro could see Luffy smiling brightly at them. He was sure that was the first time he had smiled in the last few days since their separation."

"You guys…." Luffy smiled at all of them "I'm so glad you all are okay!"

"It's good to see you too Luffy" Robin smiled at him

"Luffy! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?" Chopper yelled at him and started fussing over him. Zoro looked at his captain who looked like he had been through hell.

"Doesn't matter what happened to me. I have to save Ace!"


"We are here to help you shitty captain" Sanji said exhaling slightly "We want to save Ace too"

"You all….."

"That's right Luffy" Nami said smiling slightly at Luffy "Ace is our friend too"

"Luffy-san even though I never met Ace-san I want to help him" Brook said brightly "So all of us will come along with you to save Ace-san"

"You guys…" Luffy said tears in his eyes "THANK YOU!"

Everyone smiled at that. Luffy had helped all of them and now they would help him by giving him all the support that they could give.

"Hang in there Ace" Luffy thought looking towards Marineford "We are coming to save you!"

Meanwhile in Marineford:

The Whitebeard Pirates had invaded Marineford with the intention to save Ace. Ace watched as his crew fought for him. His especially looked at his father, Marco his best friend and Thatch who he had thought had died. It made him happy that he had not lost his life when he had been stabbed by Teach. As he looked at his family he also couldn't help worrying about Luffy who had invaded Impel Down to save him. He just hoped that Luffy had escaped. He never was the one to believe in God as he had been considered a demon but he prayed now that his brother was safe.

Suddenly there was a noise from above. He glanced up and was shocked to see a ship falling FROM THE SKY. There were yells as everyone ran away from the falling ship. As it crashed Ace was surprised to see that it was a Marine ship. He was even more surprised when the people in the ship turned out to be the prisoners from Impel Down being lead by Jinbei.

Jinbei grinned up "Any minute now"

Any minute for what?

Suddenly a ship blasted off from the frozen bay and landed beside the Moby Dick. It was a sunflower? No a lion. Ace glanced up at the flag and froze. That flag showed a skull having a straw hat. The whole of Marineford was silent. Whitebeard glanced towards the ship and Marco and Thatch stared at it from beside the captain. Footsteps could be heard. Eight people emerged on the deck

Pirate hunter Roronoa Zoro.

Sogeking Ussop.

Cat-Burglar Nami.

Black leg Sanji.

Cotton candy Lover Chopper.

Devil's child Nico Robin.

Cyborg Franky.

Humming Bones Brook.

Luffy's crew.

There were more footsteps as Straw hat Luffy came and stood in the middle.




Everyone looked towards the straw hat captain.




"It's the whole of the straw hats crew!"

"Even Jinbei and Crocodile are here"

"Those people are the prisoners from Impel Down"

"So that is Ace's brother"

"Kind of like Ace right?"

As Ace looked at Luffy's crew he bit his lip in worry hoping that his brother would survive this war.


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