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Ace made his way to his room when he saw his captain again. He walked up and stood beside him. Whitebeard glanced at his son who smiled softly at him.

"Good night Oyaji…"

"Good night Ace…"

Ace moved towards his room when he stopped suddenly and looked at his captain again.

"Oyaji can I…?"

"Of course…"

Ace smiled as both of them went to the captain's room. Whitebeard scooped up Ace and settled him on his lap. Ace simply smiled at his father before settling in his lap. Whitebeard slowly stroked his hair lulling Ace to sleep. Within minutes Ace was asleep. Whitebeard pulled a blanket over him and looked at his son with softness in his eyes. He then glanced out from the window of his room and he could see that many had fallen asleep. A calmness had settled over the area. Whitebeard mused softly looked at Ace again. Yes, life was good.

The morning rays of the sun shone in as Ace opened his eyes slowly looking into his surroundings. He was covered with a blanket and was sleeping on a moving bed? He blinked a few times before realizing that he had fallen asleep on Whitebeard. He looked up only to find his father grinning at him.

"Had a good sleep son?"

Ace nodded, yawning as he stretched. He was feeling very content. The nightmare which had happened at Marineford seemed like a distant memory. He quickly got down from his father's chest stretching his body before smiling at his father who simply looked amused at the whole thing.

Ace and Whitebeard came out of the room together and Ace noticed that most of the crew was sleeping on the desk. Luffy was slumped between Marco and Shanks his head leaning on Marco's shoulder and Chopper was sleeping in Marco's lap. Sabo was sleeping beside Marco while the rest of the straw hat were all sleeping beside other members of the crew scattered over the deck. Only Robin was awake standing near the railing with Izou both holding a cup of tea. Ace made his way over to them smiling at his brothers both sleeping with their heads slumped on Marco's shoulders.

"Good morning Ace!" Izou said smiling at him before greeting Whitebeard. Robin smiled politely at them. Ace politely smiled at Robin.

"Nico Robin right?"

"Yes. It's nice to properly meet you Ace-san."

Ace grinned before noticing that the old man who had sat on his chair and was pulling out a sake. Ace sighed. Some things never changed.

"Marco's going to yell at you Oyaji…" Izou said looking at the Old man with a cheeky smile.

"I live to take risks Izou."

"Yes, but nobody wants an angry Marco behind them."

"Gurara…he won't say anything!"

Izou sighed simply and looked over to where Marco was sleeping noting that his brother was waking up.

Marco blinked before opening his properly noting that both sides of his shoulders had some weight. He looked at smiled at both Luffy and Sabo hanging off his shoulders. He then noticed that Ace was awake along with Izou and Robin before looking at Whitebeard. With sake in a bottle. The usual he said closing his eyes before suddenly jumping which had both Luffy and Sabo waking up. Ace and Izou burst into laughter while Robin giggled. Luffy yelled in confusion which had all the hungover pirates to wake up. They then saw an angry Marco.

While the revolutionaries, Luffy's and Shank's crew wondered about why Marco was angry while the Whitebeard crew immediately looked at their captain. Understanding why Marco was angry they quickly moved out of the way dragging the guests with them while Marco's rage grew at the captain who was reading the newspaper, drinking his sake and did not know the impending doom.

"Oyaji" Marco said clearing his throat.

"Marco?" Whitebeard questioned looking at him.

Everyone was quiet. The guests looked at the whole scene in interest.

"What are you drinking?"


"And why are you drinking it?"

"Because I wanted to…"

"Ah I see!" Marco smiled pleasantly before bursting out "IT IS NOT EVEN NOON YET!"

"Yes Marco but…"




"Yes Marco…" Whitebeard sighed before handing over the sake.

"Good…Now Oyaji if I see you drinking today then the whole crew along with you will be banned from drinking for a month."




"Good now that you understand the repercussions I will be putting all the sake inside. Besides its only for a day. So don't try to coax him to drink."

"Marco I am the captain here."

Marco levelled a look with Whitebeard. "You said something?"

"Nothing son."


Marco walked away with the sake and everyone was staring at him amazed. Shanks looked at him horrified.

"If he was my first mate I would be dead by now."

Benn simply smiled at him before thinking thoughtfully.

"Maybe I should ask him to teach me..." he mused before going after Marco which had Shanks screaming "No Benn! I will reduce my drinking please don't do that!"

Sabo stared at Marco's retreating figure and turned to Ace who was laughing at the whole thing and the way everyone was responding. Luffy looked confused but Zoro looked just like Shanks did at the moment while the other straw hats were giggling at him.

"Does this always happen Ace?" Sabo questioned pointing at the whole scene.

Ace smiled at him. "Always"

"You know it might be true that the strongest person in the world is Whitebeard"


"Yeah. But I think someone is stronger than Whitebeard on this ship." Sabo said grinning like an idiot.

Ace chuckled before looking at him "Yeah? Who is it?"

"Oh its Marco" Both the brothers burst into laughter which had everyone looking at him.

-After some time-

Rayleigh smiled looking at Whitebeard's ship which was sailing with Shanks and Luffy's ship. He had come with an intention to talk to the straw hats. Having looked at the war footage he was sure that it was about time that the pirate king wannabe should train.

Rayleigh was positive that Luffy and his crew mates would agree to his plan. But the question was where would they all train. He would think this over after talking to them. Besides he wanted to meet his captain's son and know more about him.

Rayleigh sailed to meet his future possible student, an old student and an old friend/rival. But importantly he sailed to meet his best friend's son.

-line break-

Brook looked over from Sunny doing the day watch at the moment. He played his violin as he looked over the horizon. He then spotted a small boat sailing towards them. Brook looked into the telescope to see who it was before laughing. Looks like he had to find his captain.

"Luffy-san!" Brook called out looking at his captain who was chatting with Whitebeard.

"What is it Brook?"

"Rayleigh-san is here."

"Rayleigh!" Everyone yelled.

It was after sometime that Rayleigh stepped aboard the Moby smiling when he saw Luffy sitting near Whitebeard.

"Rayleigh." Whitebeard commented.

"Whitebeard" Rayleigh nodded back "It's good to see you."

Whitebeard smiled at him and Luffy bounced up to him.

"Rayleigh! Why are you here?"

"Luffy I wanted to talk to you and your crew."

The Straw hats looked at each other before coming forward. Rayleigh nodded at them while Ace, Marco and Sabo looked at the scene in interest although Ace was looking at Raleigh tensed.

Rayleigh began to talk about his plan for Luffy and his crew to become stronger so that they could survive in the new world. Everyone was a bit confused at first but later started thinking at what had been said by Rayleigh. Whitebeard was impressed by Rayleigh's plan. This man was the reason Roger survived all these years. His quick thinking reminded Whitebeard of the way Marco solved things. They were quite similar as far as their intelligence goes.

Luffy thought for some time before agreeing to what Rayleigh had said.

"Yosh! Let's train for two years and then go to the New World!"

"But I want to know if all of you have training areas?" Rayleigh asked looking at the crew. Everyone nodded at that. Rayleigh nodded before turning towards Ace who tensed a bit.

"Can I talk to you Ace?" Rayleigh asked looking at him.

Ace nodded slowly and they both walked over to Ace's room. Ace motioned him to sit on the chair while he sat on the bed. Rayleigh cleared his throat before looking at him calmly.

"You should relax first. I am not going to harm you."

Ace sighed before relaxing slowly. "Well you are his crewmate so I am a bit tensed."

"I can understand that Ace. But I want you to know that he was a good man."

Ace leaned on the wall closing his eyes for a minute thinking about all that which had been said about Roger. He then opened his eyes and looked at Rayleigh.

"Can you tell me about him?" He asked tentatively. Rayleigh smiled slightly and nodded.

"I will but before that I wanted to talk to you about training."


"I think you should learn Haki."

Ace frowned at that. "Marco had started teaching me Haki a little bit but then teach and all that happened."

"Then continue to learn under Marco. He is a good instructor."


Rayleigh smiled and proceeded to talk about Roger and about Rouge to which had made Ace very happy. It was almost evening when Marco knocked their door claiming that they should come for dinner.

-line break-

It was a few days later that the Straw Hats began to leave for their training destination. The ship made its way to Amazon Lily knowing that the island would be close from there. Sabo was the last to leave along with Robin with a promise to visit in the New World and that he would be in touch. Ace after hearing his whole story had threated Sabo not to forget again. Sabo had of course been threatened by the Whitebeard crew and had to promise that he would never forget his brothers.

As the ship made its way to Amazon Lily, Marco was worried on the way in which his crew-brothers led by Thatch would behave in front of the ladies of the island. He just hoped that they would not do anything stupid.

The ship came near Amazon Lily and Luffy, Ace and Rayleigh followed by Whitebeard and his commanders got down and Marco kept an eye out for anything that might happen.

Suddenly Hancock came happily skipping followed by others. Everyone on the ship started calling her but she ignored them her focus more on the straw hat captain.

"Luffy! It's so good to see you again!"

"Hancock! It's good to see you too!"

"Kya! He called my name again! Are we married now?"

Engaged? Marco could not believe it. Luffy had the most beautiful woman in the world in love with him.

Hancock continued to smile before her eyes landed on Ace who smiled politely and bowed at her.

"Thanks for helping my brother at the war Hancock-san."

"it's okay…" Hancock muttered staring at him a bit before holding his hand which had many in the crew to start yelling at Ace saying that he was lucky.

"Shut up! You fools will not speak to my brother-in-law in that fashion!"

"Brother-in-law?" Marco and Ace said at the same time.

"Hai! When I am married to Luffy…" Hancock went off into her own fantasy which had both Ace and Marco sweat-dropping at the same time.

It took a lot of convincing that they had to take Luffy to the next island but Hancock leading her crew to came in their own ship. They then came to Rusukaina which was to be Luffy's training ground for 2 years under Rayleigh.

"This island is perfect" Rayleigh commented as they landed there "It has 48 seasons a year which changes weekly. It's a harsh island."

"Heh really?" Luffy said before laughing.

"Luffy!" Hancock said suddenly "I'll bring food for you every day from the Maiden island."

"What! Really Hancock?" Luffy exclaimed happily "Then could you bring me the specialty gorgon-something too, it was something tasty."

"O-of course" Hancock said from behind the rock.

"Kya Snake princess-sama!"

"I will bring as much as you want…and that was the 10th time you said my name! I-It means we are engaged now!"

"What kind of logic is that?" Ace whispered to Marco who simply shrugged confused.

"No it is not that!" Gloriosa said "And why are you backpedaling? You said that you were married a while ago."

"Hancock!" Rayleigh said suddenly "I don't want you to spoil Luffy. While he is training here, the Kuja are not allowed to visit him!"

Hancock immediately grabbed Rayleigh's neck. "What gives you the right to decide those kinds of things Rayleigh?" Hancock said furiously "I'll turn you into a stone depending upon your answer!"

"We can find things to eat in the mountains, forest, rivers and the sea. If you can't live like that then you should give up on being a pirate. Besides it's for Luffy's sake!"

"Luffy's sake?"


"If it is for Luffy's sake then I will be patient."

Everyone sweat dropped at that.

Ace simply shook his head before coming forward. He stood in front of his brother and smiled.

"Luffy do your best! I will be waiting in the New World. We will go on an adventure together."

"Yeah!" Luffy said before coming and hugging him tightly which made everyone smile. Slowly they broke apart.

"Old Man Whitebeard! Marco-niisan!" Luffy said looking at them "Take care of Ace for me!"

"You got it." Both of them said laughing and smiling at him.

Luffy raised his hand waving them all a goodbye as he left for his training. As he left slowly the Whitebeard crew got onto the ship waving at Luffy. Ace stood between Marco and Whitebeard as the rest of the commanders stood behind them.

Ace looked at the sky. 'I know I hate you Roger' he thought 'But look out for my brother along with mom!'

Ace then held his hat and looked at his captain. "Shall we head for the New World? Or the Grand Line, Oyaji?"

"Gurara…Marco lets travel in the Grand Line before heading for the New World."


Ace slowly walked back to his crew and started speaking to his brothers. Impel Down and Marine Ford were like a distant dream. He smiled at the sky. It was a good day.

"Marco let's start my training!"


"I can't let Luffy go ahead! Now let's start"

"Okay" Marco laughed "Let's go Ace."

Luffy ran behind Rayleigh as they started his training.

'Zoro, Ussop, Sanji, Nami, Chopper, Robin, Franky and Brook' Luffy thought 'We will grow stronger….'

Luffy slowly surpassed Rayleigh as they ran

'…And Ace and Sabo I will surpass you both and even everyone else. Then I will get stronger than Marco and even Whitebeard and then…"


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