I do not own Castle. If I did, I would have left the shooting part out and just skip to the happy ending.

So this is my take on what could have happened if we had gotten a season 9 with both of our main characters alive and well. And of course I took a few liberties. Enjoy.

The elevator doors open and LT. Jo Holliday steps out and into the hallway. She admires the style of the Broome street apartment building, but that's not the reason she's here this morning. She recalls the conversation that she had with her superior about a half hour ago. She was told to head down here and investigate the shooting of an NYPD Captain and her husband. Ambushed in their own home. She knew that she had to ask the question of how a police Captain's able to afford a place on Broome street, but she knew the answer already. Her husband, Famed author Richard Castle of the Nikki Heat and Derick Storm series. She knew a lot about these two from stories that she heard over the years. Especially when then Detective Beckett was able to arrest US senator William Bracken, a man that was going to run for President of the United States, of drug dealing and murder. It was hard not to notice that one.

Jo continues her walk down the hallway into the apartment with the rest of the uniforms and detectives are inside. She watches as she sees the Medical Examiner, Dr. Pearlmutter if she remember his name correctly form the last time she met him. standing over a body with two detectives with him. The ones that she guesses are Ryan and Esposito. They look over the body as Ryan looks up and sees Holiday for the first time.

"Can we help you?" He asks. Ryan takes one look at the new cop in the room and knows that she's brass. He think that they are not going to like this one bit. Holiday holds up her badge.

"LT. Holliday what have we got? " She really wasn't in the mood to deal with the territorial officers, she's here to do a job and she's going to do it. But she knows that she needs these guys to trust her and it's hard to trust someone when you just met them. When neither of them responded to her question she tried again. "Look, I get it, don't trust the new girl, and I don't want to step on anyone's toes here, but I was sent by your former Captain to investigate this shooting. A shooting that for all intense and purposes you two really shouldn't be investigating, but I know that this is where you need to be so if you guys give me some leeway, I'll give you yours. So I'm going to ask again, What have we got?"

Ryan knew that Holliday wasn't the type to mess around so he spoke first. "Dead guys name is Caleb Brown. He worked as a public defender." He knew he had to ignore Esposito's glare as Ryan recapped the dead guy on the floor. Holliday also noticed the silenced gun that was in Brown's hand.

"Is there any explanation as to why a public defender would come into a Police Captain's apartment with a silenced weapon?" Holliday knew the answer to that question, she was no fool. All the background that her mother gave her on this case was a must if they were going to close this whole thing. Again Ryan spoke up.

"He was working with some big time drug dealer that went by the code name Lokstat." Ryan gets another glare from Esposito, but Holliday decides to surprise them both.

"Right, Mason Wood." She got shocked look from the two of them. "I do watch the news detectives, go on." Esposito finally chimed in with a very important piece of information.

"The thing is, this guy was dead already." That was something that she didn't know.

"What do you mean he was already dead?" Her mother wasn't kidding when she said that this would be a strange one.

"We found what we thought were his charred remains in the trunk of a car the day before last. DNA test stated that it was Caleb Brown." Esposito point to the body that's in front of them. Holliday looks around the room. She sees the blood smeared all over the floor. She sees wear they were shot, where Beckett crawled across the floor to husband. She wonders how long they were there, laying in their own blood, before help arrived. That thought brought her to her next question.

"Who called 911?" She was thinking that maybe a neighbor heard the shots and called.

"That would be me Lt." The very male, robotic sounding voice echoed in the room. The group turned towards the sound of the small pyramid that sat on the counter.

"Who said that?" Holliday was making sure the sound she heard was coming from the device that was on the counter.

"I did Lt." The artificial life form responded. computer but

"And you would be?" Not liking the fact that her only reliable witness at the moment.

"Linus, home operating system. I was made aware of Mr. Castle's considerably low heart rate. And was able to call 911." Holiday still trying to wrap her head around the whole thing at the moment.

"Linus, what time did Captain Beckett and Mr. Castle arrive home?" She decides that she she's just going to go with it.

"Mr. Castle and Captain Beckett arrived home at 7:42am." The AI had informed Holliday. Esposito and Ryan were going through the apartment as they listened. Holliday had her notepad out when she asked her next question.

"Linus do you know when Caleb Brown enter the apartment?" Hoping that this thing was able to give her the information that they all desperately needed.

"An unknown person entered the apartment at 7:03 am." Ryan and Esposito look up and at each other before they looked at Holliday.

"Linus and chance you have a video of the exchange?" She knows that it's a long shot but anything that can close this case and end this whole thing would be a great help.

"There is video footage of the unknown person entering through the front door." Holliday was writing in her notepad when a though had occurred to her. She looked to Esposito.

"What time was that news report on the raid?" Esposito and Ryan looking at each other. Neither of them really sure of the answer. That is when Pearlmutter finally spoke up.

"That report was on around six thirty this morning." All three looked at Pearlmutter, Esposito with his head tilted to the side. Pearlmutter continued, "I was already up when the news broke." Holiday nods and writes in her note pad.

"Okay that means that Brown had about a half an hour between the news report and him entering the apartment. Which means he wasn't very far when he heard the report."

"Meaning that he was the backup plan if Mason couldn't get the job done." Esposito chimed in. Holliday nods and looks at the pair of detectives.

"I saw a camera outside the front door. Where are we on that?" Holliday looked at Ryan when she asked that question. From what she knew of the detective he was a little more tech savvy than his partner so she had a better chance of getting her question answered from him.

"Yeah, security's running that for us now. Video records off site and we should be getting in about half an hour." Just as Ryan answers her question, Esposito's phone goes off and he checks the message.

"What is it?" Holliday asks. Esposito looks up from his phone and looks at both Ryan and Holiday.

"That was Lanie. Beckett and Castle are out of surgery." Holliday saw the brief look of concern on both of their faces. She knows that they are torn between doing their jobs out of respect of their Captain and wanting to be there for their friends. So she makes the decision for them.

"Go. I got this." They both give her a look of uncertainty, so she continued. "Go be with your friends. I'll keep you updated. Go." Both detectives nod and walk out of the apartment. Holliday looks to the M.E. as he and his assistants wrap up the body and put it on the gurney. "This looks like it's pretty cut and dry, I'll come by later for your report." Pearlmutter nods at her.

"I'll have the initial autopsy done later this evening." He tells Holliday. She nods and Pearlmutter and his team roll the body out of the apartment. Holliday looks around the apartment as they exit. She studies the blood trail that's smeared across the floor. Picturing both Beckett and Castle crawling across the floor, towards each other. Thinking that if they were going to die, they were going to die together. Holding each other. Holliday believing that no two people shouldn't have to have those thoughts in their head. Holliday is so engrossed in thought she almost doesn't notice the older woman standing in the doorway. Almost.

"Are you sure he was the last of it?" Holliday straightens her head, turns around and faces the woman in the doorway. "Or are they going to have the spend the rest of their lives looking over the shoulder?" Rita moves from the doorway and walks towards Holliday.

"He was the last. It's over. The Agency is going to have a lot to answer for, but at least we can say that all those who were responsible are either dead or awaiting trail." Rita looks at the room and stares at the blood on the floor. "We better make sure that all this is cleaned up before they come back."

"If they decide to come back. How many times has someone broken into this apartment? Castle either needs a new security system or they need to fire their doorman." Holliday tells Rita.

"You know how these people work, Jo. In and out without ever being seen." Rita tells her. Holliday walks over to where she believes Brown was standing.

"Which is why I decided not to play the game. Spies, I get. But how does a public defender know how to break into an apartment unseen?" Holliday looks back at Rita. "Unless he wasn't really a public defender. Who was he really?" Rita walks over to the counter where Linus sits.

"We're still trying to figure that out. Wood had him completely backstopped."

"So the burned body that found yesterday morning?" Holliday's pretty sure that she knows the answer to that question, but she the cop in her needs the confirmation. Or as close to a confirmation as she was going to get.

"The man in trunk was named Caleb Brown. He was a public defender for the state of New York." Rita tells her.

"But he's not the Caleb Brown that NYPD knows. This guy stole his identity?" Holliday asks her.

"As far as we are able to piece together so far. Now that Mason Wood has been Identified, it's been a lot easier to go through his entire network. But we still don't know the true identity of this man." Rita tells her. She knows that it's something that Holliday doesn't want to hear, but it's the only answer that she can give her at the moment and Holiday knows it.

Holliday looks around the room again. Her eyes land back on Linus, who sits on the counter. Suddenly a thought comes to her. She knows it's a long shot, but she really doesn't really have much to lose. "Linus, is there any video footage you have of the shooting this morning?"

"I have no video footage of this morning but I do have an audio recording." Both Holliday and Rita look at each other. Holliday looks at Rita like she might be on to something. Rita looks at Holiday as if she doesn't know where she's heading with this.

"Can you play the audio, Linus." Holliday waits as Linus lights up, looking for and loading the audio playback that may or may not have a clue as to who the man pretending to be Caleb Brown could be.

The audio begins to play and Holliday has her eyes closed. She plays the scene out in her head as she hears the Captain Beckett and her husband's voices. Her husband wanting nothing more than to make his wife breakfast after the night that they had. Hearing him make a point that if Mason had an incinerator in his basement they why did he leave Brown's body where it could be found. She also hears something that most people wouldn't think twice about.

"Wait. What did he say? Linus, can you go back ten seconds?" The AI rewinds and plays the audio back.

"I told the old man that you would figure it out." Brown's voice is heard through the speaker. Holliday has Linus stop the recording. Rita stands there and watches as the wheels in Holliday's head begin to turn. It always intrigued her to watch work things out in her head. Rita knew that Holliday would have had a great career in intelligence, but she knew her heart wasn't in it.

"Jo, what are you thinking?" Rita finally asks her. Really wondering what in the world was going on in her head.

"He says that he 'told the Old man that they would figure it out.'" Holliday looks at Rita and realizes that she's not really following her train of thought. "Who would use the term 'old man?'"

"Someone who really has no respect for his elders?" Rita throws in, but finally realizes where she's going with this.

"Or someone who happens to be talking about their father?" Holliday was on a roll at the moment.

"You really think they're related?" Rita asks her.

"Why else fake his death to begin with? Wood was trying to save his son. It makes sense." It was the only thing that was making sense for Holliday at the moment. If Mason Wood wanted Brown dead for switching sides, he would have just thrown Brown's body in the incinerator without a trace. "Do you have Mason Wood's DNA on file?" Rita nods at her. "I'll ask Pearlmutter to run a Paternity test to be sure."

Rita's impressed with Holliday, but she never expected anything less from her. Holliday turns back towards Linus to ask him another question.

"Linus, can I get a copy of the audio file?" As she asks the question, Linus opens one side of that houses a USB port. As Holliday starts to check her pockets, Rita holds up a flashdrive. Holiday just looks at her.

"Here, take mine." Rita offers the flashdrive to her and Holliday just looks at it and then at her.

Holliday looks back at Rita as she takes her own flashdrive out of her pocket and places it in the USB port. Rita smirks and Holiday as she waits for her copy of the audio file.

"You don't trust me, Josephine?" She asks her.

"You're a spy. Of course not." Holliday says smirking back. Linus finishes uploading the audio file onto the flashdrive and Holliday takes the drive out of the USB port. She places the drive in her pocket and turns to Rita. "No offense of course." Holiday turns toward the door.

"None taken, Jo. Just make sure you get the answers you need to officially close this thing in a neat little bow." She tells Holliday as she walks towards the door. Knowing that she will, without a doubt, be able to wrap this up.

"You know I will, now if you'll excuse me, I have an investigation to finish." Holliday calls back as she walks out of the apartment and past the officer that's standing just outside the front door. Holliday looks at the office as she walks out the door. "Make sure she leaves." The officer nods and Holliday makes her way towards the elevator.