I know i shouldn't be writing a new story but this all that is in my head. Don't Kill me. I wan't to thank Kittenanimegirl13 for being my Beta

Your POV

You sit at your vanity brushing your (H/L) (H/C) hair. You wore a pair of jeans and a blue t-shirt. You were getting ready for the day. You put your hair into a ponytail and went and sat down at your laptop. You decided to check and see if there were any new episodes of D. Gray-Man out yet. You clicked on a website and your screen went black. "Great! Now I probably have a virus!"

You were about to close your laptop when your screen flashed white then started to fade into a picture of Allen Walker. There was a caption above it that said 'Click Me' "Well what's to lose." You clicked on it and was surrounded by green light. Your vision started to fade to black. "What the" you passed out as you were pulled into the screen.

Your head hurt. You opened your eyes. You were in some sort of ally way. "Where am I?" You hear people walking. You get up and walk towards the noise. You reach the end of the ally and realize that the people were not walking but running. You hear a scream and peek your head out. You see a floating monster with cannon like guns sticking out of the body and firing at anybody they see. You go back to the ally and hide behind some trash. You look down at yourself. Your body looks animated. That is when you realize that you are in an anime. But not just any anime.

You are in D. Gray-Man