3rd Person POV

La Push

Two Native American women stormed out of a cottage. One looked furious and the other, desperate. "Pammy, please don't go! It was all a misunderstanding! I'm so sorry!"

The young woman turned and looked at her little sister's scarred face in anger and betrayal. "A misunderstanding?! A MISUNDERSTANDING! You called Children's Protective Services and lodged a complaint against my husband and I for child abuse!"

"No I didn't! They called me and asked me questions, but-" Emily began, but was immediately cut off with a hard slap to the face.

Her sister hissed at her, "I work as a clerk at the Neah Bay Sheriff's Department! Did you honestly think that I wouldn't have access to the recording of the phone call? You probably didn't, did you? You always were stupid, Emily! Evil and stupid!"

Emily held a hand to her rapidly swelling cheek and stared at her sister in shock. She thought she was being so clever by using a disposable phone. She didn't know that CPS recorded anonymous reports. Sure the accusations were all lies, but she never expected any of it to trace back to her.

Besides, she planned on giving baby Claire a wonderful home. Its not like Pamela couldn't have more children. She knew her sister would be selfish and deny her request to raise little Claire as her own, so she took steps to make it happen. Pamela would eventually get over it. This could be Emily's only chance at a child. It was a slap in the face when the Doctor diagnosed her as barren. She felt even worse when she heard Sam plead for Leah to never leave him during his sleep later that night.

She and Sam barely made ends meet and with the Pack duties always coming first, they'd never be considered as acceptable by the foster system. But as close family members, they would be the ideal choice to attain custody of her niece. The stipend that she and Sam recieved from the tribe would increase because of his status as a Tribal Protector and Claire's status as their dependent. Once the adoption was final, she would rename her niece Samantha Emilia Uley. A baby would be the perfect thing to bring her and Sam closer together. Things around the Uley home had been rockier than ever.

Tuning back in to her sister's rant, neither of them noticed the Pack slowly making their way out of the forest in human form.

"You have never once in your life thought of the consequences of your actions! Even as a child you stole clothes, attention, even our toys! As an adult, you couldn't find a man, so you stole your best friend's. You can't have a baby so you try to steal mine."

Emily couldn't hold back her gasp at this. Pamela Young smirked at her scarred sister. "What? You didn't think I knew? You probably shouldn't have drunk dialed Mom looking for sympathy after she'd already disowned you. I never thought she could be even more disgusted with you than she already was.

You stated that my child was covered in bruises! She only had a skinned knee that she got in your house, around the overgrown teenagers that hang with you and that husband of yours! My husband had finally been accepted into the Fire Dept. He was to leave for the academy next month. They rescinded his acceptance beause of the open investigation. That's all over now, thanks to you! Something like this is going to follow us around forever! I guess he'll just have to stick with construction work when its available. It's all we can do to keep our current jobs with the fingers pointed at our backs."

Emily could no longer keep her head up as she started to sob. Pamela, however, was not quite done. "Mom told me that you were toxic to everyone that had the misfortune to care about you. But I felt sorry for my little sister who was all alone in the world now. It was your own fault, but I didn't like the idea of you being down here all alone. And what did you do? You find a way to stab me in the back like you did Leah."

At this Emily, looked up and realized that the Pack was witnessing her humiliation. She decided to fall into her old role of victim. She needed them to believe she only did this for Quil's sake. She missed their adoration, but she'd take their sympathy. "Pammy, there are things you don't understand. Claire needs to live on this reservation or someone could be hurt by her absence." She inwardly smirked as she saw Quil move restlessy at the treeline. Embry and Jake both put a hand on his shoulders in support.

All of the emotion left Pamela's face. She stepped close to Emily and asked in an icy voice, "Are you threatening me?" Oh, shit! Emily knew that face. She'd gone too far to save face in front of the Pack and now her big sister looked ready to strangle her. She tried to step back back and create distance between them. She nearly snarled when it looked as if the Pack (her husband included) couldn't be bothered to protect her.

"No, Pam! I would never threaten you. You're my family!" Emily pleaded.

The ice never left Pamela's voice. "And we all know how you treat family." She then lean in even closer to her scheming sister. "I know you're talking about the imprint." she hissed.

All of the color left Emily's scarred face as her last bit of leverage to get back in the Pack's good graces evaporated. "Y-you know?"

Pamela's smirk returned. "My daughter is barely 3 years old. Did you honestly think that this would be kept a secret from her parents? Did you think that they would co-sign on your evil little plan to steal my daughter?"

In truth, Emily had planned to approach the Council with that very idea. She'd planned on acting like a dutiful Aunt concerned with the child's safety. She knew that she could sell them on the idea. She'd been persuading people around to her way of thinking all of her life. Of course, when she'd stolen Sam from everyone's Beloved LeeLee, no one fell for her timid act anymore. Once Leah left the reservation, everyone in the Pack had grown curt and resentful of her. Now the life she'd tried to build with Sam in La Push was falling down around her.

Emily and the Pack jumped when Pamela suddenly yelled, "Quil! Get over here!" Although he stood nearly a foot and a half above the petite woman and had the physique of a weightlifter, his shuffling steps and bowed head screamed of the intimidated teen that he was. He moved as if he were going to his execution.

"Visitation will happen once a week during the weekends when I or my husband have time off. You will ALWAYS be under the supervision of me or her Father. Sometimes, you will come to Neah Bay. Sometimes we'll find a place to meet in between. Other times when I come to visit Aunt Sue the meetings will happen in the Clearwater home. NO WHERE ELSE! After a year, your visits will go down to once a month or when you feel you need to visit." Her tone made it clear that this was final. Tension slowly left Quil's shoulders as he showed his relief at being able to see Claire at all.

There were a couple of groans and an eye roll from Jared and Paul as they heard Emily's whiny voice, "He may need to see her more often. I know when Sam first imprinted on me-"

Apparently, Pamela had had enough of her sister, "SHUT YOUR MOUTH UNLESS YOU WANT ME TO CUT THAT LYING LITTLE TONGUE OUT OF YOUR HEAD!" Emily jumped back onto her porch so quickly that she nearly lost her footing. After the mishap with Sam, she finally learned to be wary of standing too close to people she's pissed off.

After taking a couple of deep breaths, Pamela regained her composure. "Do you think that I will ever again believe another word that comes out of your poisonous mouth, Emily? I spoke with Kim Connweller and Rachel Black about the truth of the pull on both sides. I know that the only reason Sam felt the need to be by your side every minute is because you wanted him there. But, maybe I'm giving you too much credit, Sister Dear. It takes a weak man to give up a woman like Leah Clearwater for the likes of you." she finished with a hiss. Both Sam and Emily flinched at this statement.

She then turned back to Quil, "Like I said there will be some weekends that my husband supervises. If I find out for any reason that my daughter was anywhere near this scar-faced whore or her weak ass husband, I'll make sure you regret it." Emily's face crumbled at this.

As she takes out her keys and walks to her car, she turns and gives Emily one last parting shot. "I hope this one-sided competition you had with Leah was worth it. I hope he was worth it. You've just lost the last bit of family you had left."

The Pack silently watches as Pamela loudly peals out of the yard at a high speed with anger evident in her driving. Emily stares down at her feet trying to figure out how everything went wrong when she hears Quil quietly call her name.

"Emily? The next time you feel the need to stick your nose where it doesn't belong? Don't." He gave her a glare and ran into the wood unable to prevent his shift any longer.

Most of the pack members avoided eye contact with her as they followed Quil's howls to console their Brother. She did nearly cause him to have a year of agony with no contact from his imprint. When Sam was the last person left in the yard, she saw him looking at her with an unreadable expression on his face. After a long minute, he averted his eyes and slowly followed the Pack into the woods.