This is the first time I write a fanfic. But I saw Cate at the Tony's and she was so AMAZING I couldn't resist. Please note that english is not my first language. Any comments are welcome. Hope you enjoy.


The kids were sleeping now. Andrew was out with a friend and Cate found herself finally alone. A quiet and extraordinary moment for herself.

It has been some days since she was thinking about calling her. But the days and the nights rolled. The kids are so overwhelmingly good at taking her time, and she considered the new UNCHR role very seriously. She also had some new projects that came along. All this took the time to make that phone call that she thought every night she went to bed.

Today was the day. Was it?

Cate was feeling anxious. This is nothing like you, what the hell is happening it's just a phone call.

Her phone was charging in the kitchen table. Ok let's go. She had some texts from Andrew. "We're really having a great time here, I'm sorry you are not here with us. We should have called the babysitter. Are you feeling better? x" Cate felt an immediate urge to answer and say once again that she needed time for herself, but then why bother, she would only repeat what she had said before. Hylda also texted about work, she would answer later. Now it was time to call Rooney.

Cate dialled the number and while she was waiting for an answer she just travelled to two years before, right on the set of Carol if only we could go back in time, oh well.


Cate felt surprised she didn't recognize Rooney's voice. She regretted immediately making the call in the first place, but now there was no way back. She couldn't just hang up.

"Oh.. Hi, ahmm I was hoping I could talk to Rooney…"

"Oh she's taking a bath..." Kate was extremely amused with this situation.

Cate remained in silence for a few seconds and just thought this was getting worse, although the idea of Rooney in the bath was not bad at all.

"Ok, so I can call her tomorrow or something…"

"Don't worry, I let her know you called."

Cate didn't know to whom she was speaking, but it seemed they were pretty closed, judging by the amusement in her voice and the touch of intimacy "she's taking a bath…" Proud of herself she decided not to ask who was on the other side.

"Ok then. Bye." Cate hung up and she was feeling silly and sorry for herself. She shouldn't have called.

She breathed deeply and returned to the place where she was before. Having a quiet night for herself. Billie Holliday playing smoothly, a glass of white wine and the book she's been reading. Rooney is busy, that's that.

Rooney was now dressed and ready to have dinner with her sister. She went to the living room looking for Kate. But then she heard her sister's voice on the balcony where she was talking on the phone. She grabbed her phone, no phone calls, no texts. There was a small sense of disappointment. No one called, no one texted, ok!

"Hey you kiddo! Are you ready? Do you know who called?" She said careless.

Rooney acted surprised once she had just checked her phone. "Who?"

"Miss - dramatic pause - Cate Blanchett."

"What are you talking about? And when were you planning to telling me that? Did you talk to her? Why?" Rooney was upset now. The decision of her sister answering Cate really pissed her off. Why did she do that?

"Hey, calm the fucking down. I was delighted I had the chance of talking to the Queen Cate… she didn't know who she was talking to…"

Exactly… Thought Rooney.

A mixed of emotions just filled Rooney's heart that was beating really fast. I have to call her immediately.

She asked her sister to leave her alone for 10 minutes and went to her room to call Cate.

She sat on the top of the bed. Looking to the phone. She checked the last texts they exchanged 3 months ago. How could this be, we spent three fucking months without talking to each other. It was at the Oscars, the last and final Carol moment. They were both extremely sad about this closure, but it was a foregone conclusion. The last text was from Cate at 5 in the morning. "This was an amazing ride we took. It won't repeat but I will keep those moments in my heart forever. And only you know what remains between us and what we feel."Rooney didn't answer this, she was heartfelt with Cate, but now she just felt dumb. She found herself feeling that urgency again, the need to look at her again, Cate had that amazing look, so intense and pure. Suddenly she felt really hot.

Let's do this.

The phone rang. And rang. And Cate didn't answer. I can not believe I missed a chance of talking to Cate. Should I try again? Rooney tried once more.

On the other side a sleepy Cate answered, surprised. Hi!

"Oh did I awake you?" "Don't worry I just closed my eyes for a minute. How are you? I'm sorry…I…" Cate was acting weird. It was not like her, hesitating, having a trembled voice.

Rooney answered promptly "I'm ok."

"Ok." Cate seemed a bit disappointed. Rooney was distant.

But all of a sudden Rooney laughed and decided to clean the air, "You know you were talking to my sister…?"

There was a sense of relief in Cate's breathing. After all…

"Oh I thought…"

"You didn't think of anything common." Oh that American accent of Rooney's was the only one Cate could tolerate. She had that Newyorkish style, it was amazing.

"So have you moved already?"

"Yes we did, we are two hours from London now. And will be in the US soon…" That meant they would not be so distant, it felt exciting for both of them.

"And you dear, what have you been up to?" They were getting closer.

"Oh you know the usual, been shooting some new stuff…" "Are you excited?"

"Oh…ahmm yes, of course. But…well yes."

They were both looking for each other, but didn't find the correct words for this.

Cate took the risk.

"Rooney – she sounded really formal, I just knew some days ago that I'm going to attend the Tony's this year, they asked me to present an award. And since I'm going to be on broadway in the end of the year, I thought it's a go." She paused for a moment and heard Rooney's breath. "I was thinking…that we could spend some time together if you had the chance…" Now she didn't sound so formal, she was nervous, her tone changed a bit. If we could plan for me to go some days before. Well…it's just an idea…I don't even know if you are available..."

Before Cate finished the sentence, Rooney stated with her voice filled with excitement and love "it's a genius idea of you Miss Blanchett." Suddenly all was less serious and the atmosphere between them was relaxed.

"When is the awards going to happen, Cate?"

"June 12th."

"If it was up to me you would come two weeks earlier and we would spent all this time together eating the best of the best, going to the Met and strolling around NY."

Cate laughed. "Is that the only thing that comes to your mind?"

"Now I'm blushing, even with an ocean between us you have that ability, damn you!"

Cate laughed "I miss you, do you know that? I think about you…I can not avoid it."

"Me too…it's unbelievable."

"So I don't think I can make it two weeks earlier, I can not stay way from the kids that amount of time. But let's say 5 days? Are you available?"

"I'll make sure I will."

"Ok I will arrange the details later. I have to schedule a hotel…"


"I like teasing you, it's so damn easy."


They paused for a while and that silence felt so easy between them.

"Now I just want to hold you."

"Ok, let's say goodbye now or I will start to cry myself over this phone."

"Yes, let's. But I want to hold you in my arms anyway."

"Will you call me soon, please?"

"I will but make sure there's no girl around to answer your phone", Cate mocked.

Rooney laughed. "I'll make sure that doesn't happen again."

"Bye darling."

"Bye, see you soon."

Cate fell asleep in that comfortable sofa thinking about those days that were coming in june. The expectation was just amazing. It was just until Andrew arrived home that she woke up.

Rooney ran to the living room finding her sister Kate bored to death waiting for her to have dinner. They went out, and Rooney was feeling like a little kid, filled with excitement about this call, thinking of the possible ways she could take Cate to her favourite spots in the busy New York City. The city of lights and love.