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A long time ago in a galaxy far far away...







The cold and vassness of space,silent and still with the stars twinkling and a planet soreing in its place.

In the midst of it all a small damaged ship comes out of light speed and makes its way toward the planet,in the ship are two young men,one was in his late teens who had black hair and hazel eyes and was trying to steady the ship.

"Unidentified planet mayday mayday this is Jedi padawan Neo sumdac requesting permission for an emergency landing!" He said into a communicater but received no response.

"Master,what do we do?" The other boy said.

He was in his early teens with blonde hair and blue eyes.

"I'm not your master,and we have no choice but to make an emergency landing so strap in."

As the plane entered the atmosphere flames began too form around as Neo steadied the ship into the planet and came pass the clouds and closer to a vast ocean and impact was soon approaching.

"Brase for impact."Neo ordered.

" Yes master."the other boy said.

"For the last time I'm not your-."The final thought never came as the ship crashed into the ocean.


On Kyoshi island the Avatar named Aang was enjoying breakfast with his friends Katara and Sokka,the trio had arrived on the island the day before so Aang could surf some elephant koi and then were captured by the kyoshi warriors,too which Aang revealed he was the avatar who disappeared 100 years ago.

" Alright desert for breakfast!"he said excitingly as he ate the food that was in front of him and Katara while Sokka sat in the corner.

"These people sure know how to treat an avatar, Katara you've gotta try this."

"Well maybe just one bite." Katara said.

"Sokka what's your problem eat?"

"Not hungry." He said sulking.

"But your always hungry."

"He's just upset because a bunch of girls kicked his butt yesterday." Katara said teasing her brother.

"They snuck up on me!"

"Right and then they kicked your butt."

"Sneak attacks don't count."

Sokka got up and started talking jibberish while grabbing some food and walking out leaving the two alone.

"What's he so angery about?"Aang asked.

" It's great here they're giving us the royal treatment."

"Well don't get to comfortable,its risky for us to stay in one place for to long." Katara warned.

"I'm sure it'll be fine,besides did you see how happy I'm maken this town they're even cleaning that statue in my honor?"

"Well its good to see you being excited about being the avatar,I just hope it doesn't all go to your head."

"Come on you know me better then that I'm just a simple monk."

Aang then walked over to the window and a bunch of girls screamed in excitement causing him to smile and katara too do a raspberry.

On the shore of the island ,Neo and the other boy were walking up to the forest Neo holding a napsack with a bunch of supplies (including his and the boys lightsabers).

He was warring a dark outer robe and purple grayish linens and a red under shirt.

The boy was warring tan robes and a white under shirt.

As they came to the middle of the forest looking for civilization, Neo turned towards the crash site of the ship.

"That's the second time I've been involved in a crash landing involving water." He said.

The two continued walking into the forest.

"What do we do now master?" The boy asked.

"We go look for any civilization,and stop calling me master,why do you keep calling me that Eli?"

"Cause we're all we have now,now that our masters and friends are gone."

Neo hearing this looked to Eli with pitty realizing he was right, they were most likely all that was left of the order with no knowledge of what happened to masters windu,Kenobi,or even master Yoda, in a way he and Eli could very well be the last of their kind.

"I know it seems pretty bleak but we'll make it" he said trying to cheer up the young padawan.

"But I'm not your master I'm still a padawan just like you and still have as much to learn as you do,but we'll face it together."

Eli lit up a little at this and then noticed smoke in the distance.

"Mast-I mean Neo look."

"Smoke,and where there's smoke?"

"There's fire?"

"Well yes that too but also a village, good eye Eli."


Just as Neo was about to walk again,he stopped and had a serious look on his face.

"What's wronge Neo?" Eli asked.

"We're not alone." He said.

Neo looked up in time to see about four females warring green dresses with white face paint on falling from the trees surrounding him and Eli ready to strike...and they did.

Neo threw the napsack to Eli.

"GET DOWN!" He said as he used the force to push the four girls back.


He and Eli then took off running as the girls got up shocked.

"Did he just...?" One girl began.

"...Push us back without touching us?"Another finished.

They then took off after them.

Neo and Eli kept running through the woods when Neo noticed the girls in the trees.

" Keep going I'll slow them down."He said.

Neo jumped to a tree and spun around and did a fly kick to one of the girls then grabbed one of the arms of another and threw her into another and blocked a hit from the last one and threw her over his shoulder and took off by jumping from tree to tree.

"Who the heck is this guy?" One girl asked and the four took off after him.

Meanwhile,back at the village sokka(still fairly peaved about the day before)decided to show off for the ladies by acting all cool and tough.

Walking up to the dojo he saw the girls doing motions with their fans.

"Sorry ladies didn't mean to interrupt your dance lesson." He said a little cocky.

"I was just looking for somewhere to get a workout."

"Well your in the right place." The leader said.

"Sorry about yesterday,I didn't know you were friends with the avatar."

"It's alright normally I'd hold a grudge but seeing as how your a bunch of girls I'll make an exception."

"I should hope so,a big strong man like you...we wouldn't stand a chance."

"True,but don't feel bad,after all I'm the best warrior in my village."

"Wow,best warrior huh,in your whole village?

" Maybe you'd be kind enough to give us a demonstratetion."

"Oh..well...I...I mean."

"Come on girls wouldn't you like him to show us some moves?"

The girls began to giggle knowing what was about to happen.

"Well if that's what you want I'd be happy to." Sokka said over confidently.

"Alright you stand over there,now this may be a little tough but try to block me."

As sokka went for it the leader blocked him by hitting his arm with her fan.

"Ah good,of course I was just going easy on you."

"Of course."

"Let's see you if you can handle this!"

Sokka went to kick her,but she duncked and pushed him back on Hus butt.

Not happy Sokka went on the attack,trying to hit her, the leader just grabbed him and spun him around until she took his belt,tied one arm to a leg causing him to hop on his leg till he fell too the floor.

"Anything else you want to teach us?" The leader asked as the other girls giggled much to Sokka's embarrassment.

Just then the leader saw someone she didn't recognized run pass the door.

"Who's that?"she asked.

Suddenly something came through the back wall,causing the warriors and Sokka to look,only to see a young man about their age get off the floor and look up.

" How many of you are their?" He asked.

He glanced behind him and saw the warriors that had been chasing him coming,causing him too take off again.

He sled through the group and jumped out the door and took off.

Three of the warriors continued after him and just when the leader was about too follow the fourth warrior stopped her.

"Suki," she began.

"There's something you need to know about that boy."

Neo kept running till he came to a building and jumped on it And climed causing the warriors too follow.

He ran from rooftop to rooftop when two warriors got in his way,but he jumped over them and kept running making the two look at him in shock.

Eli ran behind some buildings when he came up to a giant white furry beast,as soon as he realized it was alive he turned to go the other way only to run into a boy with a arrow on his head and a bunch of girls.

"Hi." He said sheepishly.

"Hello." The boy said.

Eli and the boy just stared at each other for a minute till Eli took off again.

"Who was that?" One girl asked.

"I don't know." The boy said.

"Let's follow him."

They then took off after Eli.

Neo kept running on the roof tops as the warriors came up on him,one of them was about to strike with her fan but Neo blocked the hit,turned her around,and pushed her into her friend.

He then slid down the roof and grabbed the edge and jumped through a window.

When he looked up he saw a girl messing with water as it was floating in mid air.

Neo and the girl looked at each other for a minute till the warriors came charging in causing him to jump out the window and roll on the ground where he was surrounded by the warriors.

One warrior attacked him,but he blocked each hit and then swiped her feet out from under her.

Two more warriors attacked and he jumped over them when another started to attack he grabbed her arm and threw her in to the other two.

"Neo!" He heard someone say,he looked over and saw Eli come running with the napsack and a group of children after him.

One of them was a boy with a blue arrow on his head,this boy caught Neos attention as he could feel something coming from him.

Next thing he knew he was smacked in the back of the head and was knocked out by Suki.

"Tie them up." She said.

"NEO RUN!" A voice said.


The sound of lightsabers clashing was heard.

" What are we gonna do?" A female voice said.


Neo gasped awake and found his hands tied with Eli tied up next to him and face to face with Suki,Sokka,Katara,Aang,an elder,and two more warriors.

"Who are you?" Suki asked.

"Where did you come from?

" How did you find our island?"

"Jabba the hut,my mothers womb,went for a walk." Neo answered.

"I do not care for sarcasm."

"And I don't like being attacked for no reason,but here we are."

"You were trespassing on our island we were defending ourselves."

"So was I."

"How were you able to to push my warriors without touching them?

" you can't be an airbender there nearly extinct,besides the avatar."

"We're not airbenders whatever those are and I don't know what the avatar is."

This caught everyone by surprise, doesn't know who the avatar is or what airbending is.

"How's that possible everyone knows about the avatar and bending?" Katara asked.

"Well we're not exactly from around here." Eli said.

"ELI!" Neo berated giving a look.


"What do you mean not from around here?" Suki asked.

Neo sighed.

"You wouldn't believe us if we told you." He said.

"Try us."

"If you insists.

" Eli and I are not of this world,we come from beyond the stars."

"That's impossible no one can come from there." The elder said.

"You really expect us to believe your from byond the stars?" Sokka asked.

"This from the guy who was hogtied by a girl." Eli said.

Sokka fumed.

"I can prove it." Neo chimed in.

"Just untie me,give me my napsack and I'll show you."

Everyone was reluctant about it, but then Aang spoke up.

"Let him do it." He said.

"Aang are you sure?" Katara asked.

"Yeah I can't put my fingur on it but something tells me we should trust them."

"You." Neo said.

"Who are you?"

"He's the avatar." Everyone said.

"Still don't know what that is."

After they untied him,Neo asked for his napsack and reluctantly they gave it to him,he then pulled out a triangular object and gave the napsack back, standing in the middle of the room they were in,Neo held the object in his hands,closed his eyes and began to channel the force while standing completely still and clearing his mind.

Suddenly the object began to move and Flote in mid air and expand,it then showed a great vast solor system and amazed everyone(including Sokka).

"This is the galaxy of which me and Eli dwell in." Neo began.

"And this planet right here is Coruscunt the center of the galactic republic as well as the home of the Jedi."

"What's a Jedi?" Aang asked.

"And how are you making that thing do that?" Katara added.

"A Jedi is what me and Neo are." Eli said after being untied.

"They were peacekeepers of the republic who handled situations from diplomatic delimmas to civil conflicts and negotiations with other systems.

" they also tried to keep the force balanced."

"And the force is?" Sokka said skeptically.

"The force is what gives the Jedi its power,its an energy field created by all living things it surrounds us,it penetrates us,and it binds the galaxy together."

"Oh so its a bunch of hoblah."

"You will go pound your head against that wall." Neo said waving his hand around.

"I will go pound my head against the wall."

Sokka then proceeded to pound his head against the wall much to everyone's shock.

"Jedi mind trick that only works on the weak minded."

"You said were." Katara said watching her brother continue to pound his head against the wall.

"What did you mean by that?"

Neo and Eli kept quiet for a moment before Neo started speaking again.

"They were destroyed recently." He answered.

"We were betrayed by one of our own,everyone we knew our masters our friends they're all gone."

Everyone was shocked to here this,none more so then Aang.

"What about Jedi across this galaxy?" Katara asked.

"Couldn't they have survived?"

"Perhaps." Neo said.

"But they're all over,if we were attacked on our home turf then chances are they were attacked there too.

" In a way Eli and I could very well be the last of our kind."

That last sentience made Aang look down in greif,for he too knew what that was like.

Later when everything calmed down,Sokka decided to swallow his pride and asked Suki to teach him, to which they agreed but on the condition that he follow their traditions including dressing like them.

Meanwhile, Neo and Eli were eating in the hut where Aang and the others were staying while katara was practicing water bending.

"So your saying everyone on this planet can control the elements?" Eli asked with his mouth full.

"Eli manners." Neo said drinking water.


"No Eli,not everyone can bend,some people like Sokka are just normal people." Katata said.


"And Aang is the only person who can bend all four?" Neo asked.

"Yes,well not yet he still needs to master water,earth,and fire.

" We're going to the north pole too learn water bending,I can water bend but I'm not really that good, you guys can come with us if you want."

Eli pirked up at this until Neo spoke.

"Thanks for the offer but first thing in the morning we're gonna head out and start finding our way in this world." He said.

Katata had told them about the war and Neo told her about the clone wars and the last thing Neo wanted was to get involved in another.

Just then Aang walked into the room with a mischievous look on his face.

"Katara remember when the Unagi almost got me yesterday?" He asked coyly.


Neo could sence the tension from katara.

"Well I'm gonna go ride it now and its gonna be real dangerous."

"Good for you"

"Your not gonna stop me?"

"Nope have fun."

"I will."


"I know its great."

"I'm glad you know."

"I'm glad your glad."



Aang then walked away sadden by the exchange between him and Katara, Katara felt the same.

Eli then got up and started going after Aang.

"Where are you going?" Neo asked.

"I'm gonna go watch Aang." Eli said.

Neo sighed.

"Just be careful."

Eli nodded and left.

"You know,you seem to care more about him then you let on." Katara said.

"Well he is all I have left of the order.

" You care about him don't you?"

"Who Eli?"

"No Aang."

Katara blushed a little bit before answering.

"He's the last of his kind and has no one but Appa,so me and Sokka sort of became his new family.I just don't want him to get hurt.

" I mean he's the avatar and the fire nation wants him dead,I just don't think he seems to understand what that means.

"Eventually they'll find out he's here and come for him and it makes me worry."

"I understand,if Aang is as important as you say he has a huge responsibly." Neo said.

Katara nodded.

"But you need to remember one thing."

Katara looked at him in confusion.

"He's still a kid a child, and like any child he's gonna act up,he's gonna act immature, and not always take things seriously.

" But when the time is right he'll realize its time too grow up and take responsibility and when he dose it will all work out in one way or another."

Katara stared wide eyed at how wise Neo was for his age,after thinking for a bit she decided to go check on Aang.

"I'm gonna go check on Aang and Eli." She said.

"Of course."

"And...thank you."

"No problem."

After she had left Neo just sat there for a bit before he started senceing something he was all to familiar,it wasn't the warriors or Aang it was something around the lines of anger,diapair,and wasn't just because it was feelings that led to the dark side,it was because Neo himself had once felt these things.

Getting up from his spot of the floor he looked outside and looked toward the seas.

Hopping out the window and onto the roof,he ran and jumped from rooftop to rooftop and over to the statue of avatar Kyoshi and climbed to the top and looked out to sea watching for whatever was coming.

Over at the shore,Aang was in the water waiting for the unagi to come while the girls and Eli waited on shore,and the girls were getting impatient.

"What's taken so long?" One girl asked.

"I'm sure it will be here any second." Aang said.

He then pulled a marble out and started spinning it in mid air.

"What about this?"

"That's so awesome." Eli called out.

But the girls were not as impressed.

"Not that again...boring." Another girl said.

"Where's the unagi,its getting late?"

"Where are going don't leave?"

"Sorry Aang maybe next time."

As the girls left leaving only Aang and Eli they saw Katara walking up to them.

"Katara you showed up." Aang said excitingly.

"I wanted to make sure you were safe." She said.

"You really had me worried."

"But back there you acted like you didn't care."

"I'm sorry."

"Me too, I did let all that go to my head I acted Like a real jerk."

"Well get out of the water before you catch a cold you big jerk."

"On my way."

"So are you two guys like a thing or something?" Eli asked and Katara blushed a deep red.

"No,why would we be a thing we barely know each other?" She exclaimed.

"I was just-." Eli then noticed something following Aang in the water.

"Um, what exactly dose the unagi look like?"

Katara then looked out and saw the unagi following Aang.

The unagi then rose from the water and revealed itself to the three.

"WO!" Eli said.

"That thing is huge,Aang you might want to get out of the water!"

The unagi started spraying water at Aang who hid behind one of the fins then the unagi went to jab at him and Aang grabbed one of the face tails and the unagi started swinging Aang aground while he held on for dear life.

"Hang on Aang!" Katara yelled.

"Don't think he has much of a choice." Eli said.

The unagi then tossed Aang into the water and knocked him and Eli then ran too go get him as the unagi was coming up on them.

Katara got to Aang and pushed him and her back using water bending, Eli looked and saw the unagi coming and started running on the water back to Aang and katara.

"Thanks for leaving me behind to save your boyfriend katara." He said when he caught up to them.

"Sorry, and he's not my boyfriend."


After the unagi had sprayed water at them and left ,Eli and Katara looked over the rocks they were behind and saw a ship coming to the island.


"That's the guy who wants Aang right?"

Katara went to wake up Aang and then bend the water out of him too which he started coughing.

"Katara,Eli?" He said weakly.

"Don't ride the unagi not fun."

Neo saw the ship arrive and jumped down in front of the elder,Suki,and Sokka(who was dressed as a warrior)

"You need to evacuate the vilage and get everyone to safety now." He said.

"I already have the girls preparing to face them." The elder said.

"No offence sir,your girls fight all well and good but even they won't be able to hold them alone."

"What you think we can't protect ourselves because we're girls?" Suki asked offensively.


Suki looked at him confused.

"Because if these guys are as Strong as you say you'll need my help, I've fought alongside some female warriors in my time and there were even some powerful Jedi that were female who were even on the council.

" Even my masters wife beat me at some sparring whenever we visited her home planet."

This caught everyone by surprise,this young man actually respected woman who could fight.

"Now." Neo continued.

"We can hold them off long enough for Aang,Katara, Sokka,and Eli to escape."

"What?" A voice from behind said.

Neo turned and saw Eli with Katara and Aang.

"Your not coming with us?"

Neo just put his hand on top of Eli's head.

"I'll do what I can,now go with them and get everyone to safety."

Eli reluctantly complied and went with Aang,Katara,and the elder to evacuate the village.

"Good luck Neo" Suki said.

"You too." He said.

"Yeah good luck with handling these guys." Sokka said sheepishly before he started walking away.

"Hey Sokka."


"Nice dress."

"Hey its a warrior's uniform."

"Worn by girls."

"Why you."

Neo just laughed.

"May the force be with you Sokka."

Neo then put his hood on and jumped to a nearby building while Sokka got into position.

A short time later the firebenders were riding into the village.

"Come out avatar." The leader yelled.

"You can't hide from me forever."

Suddenly the warriors started going on the attack and Suki began to make her way to the leader and just as he was about to shoot fire at her he noticed something in the corner of his eye, he look up and saw a hooded figure sliding off the roof and falling towards him delivering a punch knocking him off his rhino.

Zuko looked up and saw that his attacker was warring a hood to cover his face,he shot fire at him but Neo Dodged every strike.

As Zuko was about to fire again Neo blocked the hit and then punched him in the gut,then he threw Zuko over his shoulder and looked to see the village catching fire.

As Zuko was getting up Neo used the force and pushed him back much to Zukos shock and then he went looking for Eli and the others as the warriors continued to fight.

Neo found Eli with Aang and Katara by a house.

"Look what I brought to this place." He heard Aang say saddly.

"Its not your fault." Katara tried to cheer up.

"Yes it is these people got their town destroyed because of me."

"Then go." Neo said walking up to them.

"Leave this place,Zuko will leave to follow you.

It may feel wrong but its the only way."

"I'll call Appa."

"Suki call everyone back ."

"But this is our home." She argued.

"We're not given it up."

"Not telling you to,but pull everyone back and I'll handle the rest..Eli."

Eli walked up to Neo with the napsack.

"I need IT."

Eli dug through the napsack and pulled out Neos lightsaber. (it looked like the Skywalker design)

"Now go with them."


"Don't worry I'll be right behind you,I promise."

Eli reluctantly followed Aang and Katara toward Appa.

"What is that some sort of seacrit weapon?" Sokka asked.

"Sokka, I'm about to let everyone in on a big seacrit."

Neo then walked pass him and Suki and made his way to Zuko.

"There's no time to say goodbye." Suki said.

"What about I'm sorry."

"For what?"

"I treated you Like a girl when I should have treated you like a warrior."

"I am a warrior." She then kissed him on the cheek surprising him and causing him to blush.

"But I'm a girl too,now go."

Sokka then went and got on Appa with the others and Aang said yipyip and they took off.

Meanwhile, Neo came face to face with Zuko and the firebenders who began to fire at him,but Neo just stepped aside with each blast that came.

Zuko ordered his men to stop as they watched Neo who took off his hood and took out his lightsaber and caused it to come to life in a blue blade and then he got into a fighting stance.

"TAKE HIM!" Zuko ordered and the firebenders attacked.

One bender fired a ball at him and Neo caused it to dissolve by slashing it,he then use the lightsaber to cut the benders leg causing him to fall to the ground wounded and crying in pain.

He cut a spear in half and wounded another by cutting his leg and then used the force too force the last two into Zuko who crashed into the statue.

Zuko came to his sinces and found the blue blade in his face,feeling the end was coming he closed his eyes and braced for the final blow but instead heard a 'swoosh' opening his eyes he saw that Neo had put the blade away.

"I know your eyes." He said.

"I had them once...despair."

Neo then walked pass him and went into the woods leaving Zuko and his wounded alone.

Neo eventually went into a sprint and came up to a cliff where Appa came and got him,after climbing into the Saddle he saw the confused faces of Aang,Sokka,and Katara.

"What?" He asked.

He realized they must have seen the fight and told them that the lightsaber was a Jedi's weapon of choice in defense and combat.

Aang looked back and saw the flames of Kyoshi burning and felt bad for leaving.

"I know its hard but you did the right thing." Katara said seeing this.

"Zuko would have destroyed the whole place if we satyed they're gonna be ok Aang."

But Aang instead jumped off Appa and into the water.

"What are you doing?" Katara called out.

"He's growing up." Neo said.

Then Aang on the unagi came out of the water and put out the fire after which Appa came and picked him up.

"I know I know that was stupid and dangerous." He said after climbing back on.

"Yes it was." Katara said to which then she hugged him much to his enjoyment.

"I already asked." Eli whispered to Neo who just nodded.

"So what about you guys?" Sokka asked.

"Yeah,still wanna go out on your own?" Katara asked.

Eli looked to Neo who looked back.

"Actually, we don't really know anything about this world and I did just fight the fire prince,so I think it may be best if we just stayed with you guys."

"YES!" Eli shouted.

"Great welcome to the family." Aang said.

"Thanks and I think it might be a good idea if we gave our full names."

"Hi,I'm Eli-tal-gunn."

"And I'm Neo sumdac."

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