Back again! Let's see whether Clarke gets to tell Lexa how she feels.

He walked past the guards, through the doors, walking into the throne room, dropping her on the floor in front of his Queen, then kneeling, bowing his head and saying, "I deliver Klark kom Skaikru, wanheda as ordered, ai Kwin."

Queen Nia smiled, replying, "Mochof, you may go now."

"You are welcome, ai Kwin," he said as he left.

Nia stepped down from her throne, walking over to her, looking down at her, bending down and cutting her bindings around her hands and feet. She grabbed her chin, pulling her head up, getting a better look at her.

She called out to her servants, "Tie her up and prepare her for my questioning!"

She went back to her throne and sat down; waiting for them to tell her she was ready for questioning.

She mused to herself, "Lexa, if you thought losing the first one almost killed you, then this one most definitely will kill you."

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