Author's Note: Not too sure if I did this right… If you want to, let me know if I can do this better, and how.

"Self-Deprication and A Loaf of Bread"


Residential District (North), Fort Devas, Astral Plane

It was overcast, but the late-morning "astral sun" kept burning, kept beaming through the clouds like god rays.

I was holding a loaf of bread in my left hand. I needed to sit somewhere to eat it, so I did the natural thing.

"Mind if I sit here?" I asked.

Surprised, Kamui looked up at me from the castle's stone steps.

The ivory in his once-pure-ebony hair was slowly creeping outward—a memento of his mother, slowly fading as the present took center stage. I noticed that his back was still without its cape—then I mentally kicked myself for forgetting that he'd asked Trey to help him get it off.

"Oh, uh, sure," he replied. "Go ahead." He gestured to the empty step on his left.

Obliging, I sat down beside the exile prince. "Ahhh…"

I was holding a loaf of bread in my left hand. I figured I'd share it, so I did the natural thing.

"…huh?" Kamui did a double-take and the chunk I'd ripped off the loaf.

"C'mon," I said. "You didn't eat much for breakfast, right? Not smart." Especially when the consequences of your actions are finally fully dawning on you, I added mentally.

"Well, you didn't have to…" Then he gave up. "…Thank you, Bluefield."

I shrugged. "Mmm-mmm."

I was holding a loaf of bread in my left hand. I was still hungry, so I did the natural thing.

So please lay off my lack of etiquette, will you?

As soon as I was done with the little chunk I'd consumed, I looked back out over the fort grounds. I made a face. "…Y'know, I dunno why this irks me," I said.

Kamui looked at me. "What does?"

I gestured forward, toward the somewhat dark grounds and the god rays cast everywhere except here. "This. Maybe it's because I like it when it's bright enough, not more. Maybe it's because I'm an indoors individual. Maybe it's because I prefer just cloudy over also sunny." I shrugged again. "I'm not exactly sure. Then again, I haven't exactly been sure lately."

"Well, it's a first for myself," Kamui responded. "And, well, I find it to be rather beautiful."

I looked at him. "What makes you say that?"

The dragon prince swept his hand. "The contrasting elements associated with Hoshido and Nohr, mixed like this. It's…poignant, I'm sure that's the word, but also…"

"Ah… I see what you mean. Well, to each their own." I tore off another small chunk of bread and started munching again.

It took me a few seconds to realize that Kamui was staring at me. When I did, I turned to look at him.

"…What is it now?" I asked.

"Oh, no, it's just…well…I was just thinking about how different you are from Xander and Prince Ryoma."

I was holding a loaf of bread in my left hand. My right hand wasn't holding anything, so I did the natural thing.

I reached over.

"I see." Biff.

"Ow!" Kamui held the back of his head, mildly indignant.

I laughed. "Pffft-ha-ha-ha! Aaaaaand I just signed my own death warrant with the two biggest kingdoms of your world. So, good job with that, Bluefield the idiot!" Then I sighed, then ripped another chunk off. "Ahhhhhh… Yeah, I suppose you're right about that."

"No, you didn't—" Then he stopped. "Huh?"

"Well, for starters, I'm not leadership material. I'm certainly not leadership material capable of leading an entire freaking kingdom. But your elder brothers certainly are." I started counting on the fingers of my right hand. "Le'see what else: they've been trained in the blade for their entire lives, they are wiser in matters of politics crap—pardon my language—I don't look as good as they do, they smell better, they're more humane, they don't have to live on any form of life support, they never use strong language…eh…"

Kamui cut in, his half of the loaf significantly smaller. "Can you—Can you stop that? Please?"

I looked at him again. The guy looked pained, as if he'd overheard someOne insulting his friends.

Ah. Right.

"Uh, sorry," I muttered. I had about two chunks' worth of bread left now.

"I wasn't talking about your shortcomings, anyway," Kamui went on. "You have some positive points, too."

Propping my right arm atop my knee, I gave him a skeptical look. "You sure about that?"

"Yes!" I don't know how he was exasperated with me already, but he was. He stuffed the (rather small) final chunk of his loaf in his mouth, chewed and swallowed, then started ticking off points from his fingers. "Let's see: you're funny; you always take the first hit before your teammates; you're resourceful in battle—I wouldn't have thought to cause a cave-in, and I don't think they would have either—you fight for people when it doesn't always benefit you; you try to be honest, even if you tend to be brutal about it; you—"

"Heh, okay, okay!" I was smiling despite myself. "Good grief, I give, I give! I call uncle! Just stop…!"

Sighing, I stuffed the last bit of bread in my hand into my face. Om nom nom.

"…Well, I think that should for nourishment. For now." I scoffed. "I bet if Jakob heard that, he'd seriously disagree with me."

Kamui laughed. "I'm sure he would, ten times over!"

I was no longer holding a loaf of bread in my left hand. So I did the natural thing.

"All right, I'd better find something to do that doesn't involve killing monsters. Yet." I stood up, but before wandering off… "See ya 'round?"

"Oh, uh, sure! Of course."

…Well, that wasn't awkward at all.

"astral sun" - Shorthand for "Sun of the Astral Plane". Because they both make sense. —Blu

"The ivory in his once-pure-ebony hair…" - First, you lose your real mother. Next, you turn into a feral dragon out of grief. Then, you remember your forgotten past from a…I don't think he suffered a fugue state, but I could be very wrong. Anyway, Kamui's gone through a lot of sh*t in the span of a freaking hour. I was kinda worried he'd start going like Princess Corrin [of Nohr], but luckily, that hadn't been the case. —Dreyza

* BTW, why did Kamui's hair start turning white? It kinda reminds me of when we met Dysren in Ylisse. —Trey

* Who knows… —Blu

"…that he'd asked Trey to help him get it off." - Do we really need to spell out why again? —Kyoku

* Jerkass has a point, I suppose. —Dreyza

"…I don't look as good as they do…" - A truth that doesn't count for sh*t on the battlefield, thankfully. —Burna

"…I wouldn't have thought to cause a cave-in…" - Let's just say that I hadn't expected to see any ceilings in the Valley Canyon. —Blu