Yaman Kurt

The Retrospection Part 1

Yaman Kurt was a henchman, a minion, a thug and all around no faced follower of a bigger idiot. He knew that and accepted that.

His start to life had been actually good, his mother, his father's head was cut off in a job 'accident', tried to raise him right with all she got… He wasn't the kid she deserved…

He skipped school from first grade, smoke his first smoke at age 5 or 6, kissed his first girl at age 4, gotten into his first fight at 3 and said his first word, which was a swear word at age 1.

His first trick with government was when his mother had to register him as his aunt's son since he was a bastard because his father was too lazy to go to the court to divorce with his ex-wife.

His second and first personal trouble was when he was in second grade and saw his friend alone against the first grade kids, cornered. He jumped in and fought with him but the first graders' teacher came and he, alongside his friend and another blonde kid were punished with extreme prejudice. He and his friend cried while the other kid didn't and glared at the teacher, later he became their 'boss'. He even gave buttons of old shirts to them to show their ranks, the gaudier the buttons were the higher ranked the kids were. He was mostly second in line but the friend he saved from the first graders didn't like that and things turned to shit quickly…

After the end of his second grade his mother moved them away from there because of a pervert around the neighbor and he never saw them again.

In the place they stayed during his 3rd and 4th grade, he managed to make an arch enemy, enemy, allies(not friends) and a girlfriend. The arch enemy happened because he thought that people with similar appearances have similar personalities, he was blond, his 'boss' was blond and so they could be friends right? Nope, the kid cursed his mother, something you did not do, even if you were a hero Yaman would somehow kick your ass in response to that.

After a little struggle the kid was below him and he was in the process of rearranging his face with his fists when an old lady separated them and Yaman was forced to leave the bastard's punishment for later, which he yelled to the kid that he would do so when they met next.

Then he saw the blonde bastard at the end of a winter school day, in the school grounds. Their eyes met and the next moment he was above the kid again, his damn launch box in the way of pummeling the kid's face in when a hand grabbed the neck of his uniform. He was lifted from the kid, flew through the air and bounced on the hard ground then as he tried to reorient himself a hand grabbed the front of his uniform and an earth shaking slap made his world go trembling.

Then as the next slap was coming a hand grabbed the slapping hand and yanked the older boy from him, a teacher saved him. Yaman ran away, the side of his face stinging and tears of pain making the hotness even more obvious. He hanged around until the hotness disappeared and then went into his home, he did not want to make his mother worry.

From then on whenever he met the blonde kid he couldn't fight back, the fear of his brother came into his mind and freezing his limbs…

During another time there, when the sky was pitch black and he was playing with the neighbor kids, the older kids, he hid below a tractor because the high school aged kid's kicks hurt too much. After a quick negotiation of not being harmed he got out and got his shit kicked which made him cry and hide behind his family home but got found out which caused his mother to go to the kid's house and yell at both the kid and his family for not teaching him how to play with kids… He was embarrassed but also a little happy that the big kid got what he deserved.

Another time, after he got beaten by the blonde kid, he started crying, he got so fed up of getting beaten that he finally started crying for real and didn't listen to the neighbor kids yelling about a dog, or maybe he did and didn't care… His walking was still a bit awkward but at least he learned that whatever was happening inside one's head didn't change what was happening outside, life did not stop going forwards just because you lost someone that was almost the whole of your life…

At 3rd grade he met this cute girl, he liked following her around and making her blush or laugh, though the time he learned the buffiest kid in his class was his cousin did not get into his favorite times list everything worked out alright in the end when he got the kid's blessing and later the kid even joined his fights since he was 'family'… At 4th grade he and the girl officially gone out and even kissed, the pecking kind of kiss, since kids that age did not know what real kissing was like or even felt anything remotely sexual to do something other than hang out.

In all the time he lived through this world he knew that there was always that one bastard, that one guy or even girl that just worked to make your life hell, as children it isn't as bad and you have to have some sort of teamwork in class but the jerks regressed to being jerks the moment that teamwork stopped. That kid was a black kid, he didn't know what his problem was but he and that kid became enemies, he did not fight, just the occasional slapping and gut punching etc. but the verbal sparring always gone on as long as he stayed there.

Then they moved from there and he made new friends. The first friend he made was the cool guy of the neighbor, he already had a 'close friend' which Yaman secretly dubbed minion #1. The minion was silent and supportive of the cool kid, Yaman didn't remember much of the minion other than him smoking the non smoked parts of thrown away cigs.

The cool kid was very cool, Yaman didn't remember why he was cool but he just was cool… Maybe it was the personal computer, the porn he watched with Yaman or something else he didn't know. Yaman liked him and followed his lead all the way like a good henchman, even when it was to bully other kids.

Then one time they were bullying a kid his mother saw it and told them to play nice with him and suddenly the kid became a member of their team. The cool kid, him and the new kid became a team, and Yaman realized that he liked it better, it was more like friends than the relationship between a henchman and master…

The new kid asked what he wanted to play when thinking of what to play, the new kid gave them all candies in equal amounts, and the new kid voiced what he thought…

Then one night while they were playing roughly Yaman had accidently gone too far and broke the cool kid's arm…

The cool kid cried and he told him not to worry, that it probably wasn't too big a deal. The reason he said those things was because whenever his arch enemy beat him his nose would bleed pretty heavily and while it would look bad the bleeding would stop soon enough.

Then he learned the cool kid's arm was broken, Yaman bowed his head and begged for forgiveness, it was one thing to hurt a bit and another to hurt badly enough to need bandages in his eyes and seeing the cool kid's whole arm in plaster brought back the worry and regret he felt when the cool kid cried and multiplied it by a thousand. The cool kid forgave him, Yaman felt more respect for the cool kid than all the respect he felt for all the teachers he had, excluding the one teacher that saved him from beating(whom he was still sending the occasional praying to).

Then things were back to normal for a 2 to 4 months, with only difference being him trying to be the best friend he could be to show how grateful he felt to the cool kid…

Then one day he, the cool kid and the new kid met in the abandoned building and sat down. The cool kid sat back and watched as the new kid explained how they didn't want to be friends with him because he was a 'bad influence', because he swore when he learned at least half of it from the cool kid, because he was violent when the cool kid took him to fights…

Yaman watched in disbelief as his friends left him there, he felt furious that the new kid stole his friend!

He waited for a day and cornered him. He learned that all the things new kid said were the words of cool kid, he sat down and looked forwards blankly, Yaman didn't remember what he felt then or maybe he did and suppressed it but he remembered crying and the new kid consoling him and promising to make cool kid accept him back…

What followed next Yaman could only liken to an Omega wolf trying to join a pack where the pack leader all but outright attacks the Omega for thinking it could join his pack.

The cool kid and new kid were joining another group for a mission of sorts, the target was a single kid, there were around 12 kids around and they were all following and just harassing the kid and Yaman wasn't quite as good with none fighting type of aggressiveness and the cool kid knew that from all the times he brought Yaman to these kinds of gatherings but Yaman still tried his best to show that he was good and should be taken back to the group…

He looked at the cool kid to see whether he appreciated his effort and saw response snarl…

Yaman knew at that moment that he could never ever be in the team again. He left the group and went home, along the way he bought a chocolate with caramel and started twisting it to release some of the overwhelming emotions he felt.

The 'new' kid came to him and asked why he left, he said what he thought, he cried and the new kid patted his back. Then the next day the new kid was at his door, calling him out to play, Yaman played with him all day and kept his questions of why he wasn't with the cool kid back.

He saw cool kid glare at him from time to time and bowed his head in response each time, the cool kid may not like him anymore but he was still the cool kid for him and he respected him. He felt like he was stealing the 'new' kid from the cool kid and that made him feel guilt.

Eventually he asked why the new kid why he chose him over the cool kid…

The answer threw him for a Large, Long, LOOP, the new kid loved him…

He didn't understand why a boy would love another boy so he rejected him, he was not gay!

Then as time passed he felt lonely and went to his home and called him outside to play.

In time they explored their sexuality together but Yaman just didn't feel attracted to his friend like he was to his friend's older sister or her fried and his friend accepted it, they watched porn together.

One day his gaze met the cool kid's and before he could avert his eyes he saw the cool kid's legs were leading him towards Yaman, for a second Yaman felt excitement for the possibility of being friends with the cool kid again then that turned into fear as he thought of the new dynamics of his friendship then all those thoughts dispersed when the cool kid slapped hard enough to make his head turn to the other side.

Yaman looked at him in confusion and hurt. He asked what happened only to get another slap, this continued until Yaman cried which is when the cool kid spit on him and left.

Then later the minion appeared on his door and said to him that the cool kid was summoning him, Yaman didn't even think of refusing it, he thought that maybe he did something wrong but all his mind could come up with was blankness.

He met the cool kid and he slapped Yaman once then grabbed the front of his clothes and said that he heard Yaman was bragging to someone about breaking his arm, Yaman opened his mouth to say he didn't do it only to get beaten there. When Yaman fell down the cool kid stopped attacking and started monologing about how he would beat him until Yaman found the kid he bragged to and apologized to him for lying.

Now Yaman wasn't a super smart kid that could see the tells of a lie but the hits he took disoriented him enough to believe that. He asked cool kid to take him to the kid who told him that and started once again telling that he did not brag about what he did to him but a slap shut him off quick enough.

The cool kid yammered on about not knowing where the kid lived but told him that they would go to where he met the kid, he took a few moments to answer the question of what the kid's name was and that started the nagging feeling of this all thing was a big fat lie. He just meekly followed though, not understanding why his old friend would do something like that and dismissing the thought.

On the way Yaman focused ahead but from the corner of his eye he noticed the cool kid seemed like he was dreading something and puffing up his rage towards him.

As they neared the school the cool kid told him that he met the kid who told him that he bragged about breaking his arm at the basketball field, Yaman asked where he had gone or if he had any idea where he could find the boy and that caused the cool kid to explode. He started yelling and pushing and slapping Yaman before anything else could happen though a figure stopped him.

Yaman looked at the imposing shadow of his girlfriend's cousin and thanked god for looking out for him. Long story short he kept the cool kid from doing anything and sent him off, then took Yaman to explain what the fuck was going on, as Yaman retold everything from the start he started to notice the things he missed before and the way they fit together. By the end of his retelling Yaman felt a very strong and potent anger different than any other kind he felt before, this was more controlled and the only words Yaman could find to describe it would be Cold Fury

If hot fury boosted his physical power then cold fury boosted his mental capability. His senses were razor sharp, his mind clearer than purest water, every point of interest were examined to utmost detail and then compared to each other to try to form a line that didn't lead to cool kid orchestrating everything to fuck him up.

He couldn't find one, if there was one then he was missing details but to him he had all the evidence to prove to himself that his ex friend was a bastard that was targeting him…

Now think of a child, one who grew up in the tough crowd and fought regularly, and was bullied by someone who was weaker than him because he was afraid of the repercussions of replying in kind to his harassment before finally becoming free of the weight of those fears by moving away. Then think that kid being forced to look back to those days and see that he should have fought back because the pain of his emotions was worse than any of the physical pain he felt before.

Lastly imagine that child remembering his ex friend's promise to become his tormentor because the words 'I will beat you up if you don't find that kid' seem awfully like the promise of tormenting him since that kid did not exist.

Yaman thought of what to do then and out of all of them only the options of A) Kick the cool kid's ass black and blue so that he learns not to mess with him, B) Fight back when the cool kid tries to attack him but do not try to find a fight, or C) Corner him when he is alone and make him admit the truth before making him see reason one way or another.

Yaman decided to take the passive option, he would wait and wouldn't attack but mostly passively protect himself and if the cool kid angers him too much then the kiddy gloves would be teared apart and stuffed into somewhere the cool kid wouldn't want them to be.

The next few days passed without trouble until Yaman saw the cool kid walking confidently towards him with his minion, Yaman had previously told his friend, previously called new kid, what happened and a few more inputs from him that supported Yaman's theory later they started planning a plans to implement in response to the cool kid's actions.

Since he was coming towards him with only one guy to support him should a fight broke out his friend stood where he is and Yaman took two steps forwards and looked at his ex friend in the eye. The action caused the smirk on his ex friend's face to drop.

He stopped one step away from Yaman and frowned at him. His first words weren't asking for whether he found the guy who told him he bragged about breaking his arm but rather a comment about how he needed another lesson. Yaman opened his mouth to comment before cutting himself and punching his ex friend's left cheek hard.

He ex friend fell down and his minion's eyes widened then turned tail and ran, Yaman started talking. His words were growled and threatening. He told his ex friend that he knew all the things he said were a lie and if he thought that he would let him hit him again then he should search for a good cheap doctor because he would need lots of doctoring.

His ex friend leaped to his feet and looked like he would punch Yaman but he wasn't a fighter like Yaman, he did not go into the frontline in the fights he brought Yaman to like Yaman did, he did not have a good enough reason to hurt the person before him like Yaman did, he didn't have it in him to truly harm anyone like Yaman did and last and most important of all, Yaman did not fear the person before him unlike his ex friend did.

As Yaman looked at the downed form of his ex friend clutching his red face and crying all he felt was slight pity. He asked why his ex friend did this to their friendship and the answer saddened him to the core.

His ex friend at first thought of Yaman as a little brother, then he saw his proves in fights and used it to his advantage and together he joined the fights people from his school gone to, he stood back or used a weapon while his 'brother' fought with his bare hands. He respected Yaman at first but slowly, as Yaman never said no to him he became something of a bodyguard that did everything he commanded him to. Then another came to his friend list because Yaman couldn't refuse him and since it was the first thing he asked for he agreed to be friends with him too. The new kid wouldn't come to the fights so their fighting time dropped down and not only that the new kid was more interested in Yaman than him!

The cool kid couldn't understand why and at first intrigued by the idea of Yaman having any dept of character so followed with it, then slowly it became a regular thing and he didn't mind it much. Then one day Yaman goes and breaks his arm during one of the rougher games and not only that but tells him to stop being a baby about it. The cool kid did not like that, at all.

As he was treated at the hospital, then at home resting, he thought of his time with Yaman and became scared of what he could and possibly would do to him if he rejected him. The cool kid also realized that this freedom Yaman got from the new kid was bad for the cool kid's standing, he needed Yaman back to as he was.

He slowly made a plan which was to make him lonely and desperate. The new kid told all the things he told him to say, that part was a success and if Yaman responded badly he would take the fire for him. The major failure was when the new kid tried to get him to accept Yaman back in a fight where he would break the new kid's spirits once and for all.

In the original plan if Yaman didn't react badly the cool kid would break new kid's spirits, which he had been slowly doing and during the joining another group to harass another kid the cool kid would point out a few things like how Yaman did these things and the same thing could happen to him etc.

But with the new kid being Yaman's friend his plans were down, if he tried to break him he would tell Yaman who would say something that would completely ruin his training.

So without any other way to get Yaman as his bodyguard the cool kid decided to go for the tactic of 'If I can't have you then no one else will!' by breaking Yaman. He knew from experience that Yaman didn't like to fight in girl fights or for other idiotic causes and generally played defensive in those fights.

The next was the same as Yaman knew…

Yaman sighed loudly once again as he looked at the scared and defeated looking form of his ex friend.

He then got up and offered his hand to his ex cool ex friend, when he was on his feet and unsurely looking at him, Yaman talked. He told him that all this plotting wasn't necessary, he missed fighting and would have fought again if he had just asked. Yaman told him he once respected him but he would have to work to regain even a quarter of the respect he lost.

Then Yaman twisted ex cool kid's ex broken hand and growled into his ear that if he tried shit like that again then he would make sure he lives a long and painful life.

Author's Giant Nuts!

Well sorry for the cut there but the chapter was getting a bit out of hand with how long it was for a first chapter. These are just the stuff from the past of the MC(main character) and the next chapter will end this shit and hopefully by 3rd chapter we will get the Gamer Powah!

Also sorry if you are confused with all the Cool Kid, New Kid, Kid etc. but I don't plan to use names for now as most people forget the names of people from their past unless they reminiscence frequently. Yaman remembers the faces and what he did in response to things but not the unimportant bits like names or the actions of unimportant people like the minion #1's.

The Gamer part will probably come around chapter 14 if the back story doesn't stop being so freaking interesting, seriously I planned to cut to the chase and make Yaman gain the Gamer power but with each chapter I detailed his past, what made him who he is, more and more!