Yaman Kurt

The Retrospection Part 2


He then got up and offered his hand to his ex cool ex friend, when he was on his feet and unsurely looking at him, Yaman talked. He told him that all this plotting wasn't necessary, he missed fighting and would have fought again if he had just asked. Yaman told him he once respected him but he would have to work to regain even a quarter of the respect he lost.

Then Yaman twisted ex cool kid's ex broken hand and growled into his ear that if he tried shit like that again then he would make sure he lives a long and painful life.

Story Time

It was at the end of 6th grade that they moved again. This time Yaman quickly fell for a girl a year below him, she had these exotic features found in gypsies and a tan skin and small figure and tomboy personality and all around uniqueness and beauty.

Yaman fell for her hard and the cruel kick to his heart was even harder when he heard her call him 'big bro'. He couldn't gather the courage to tell her his true feelings so just played around her and her best friend, another tan skinned cute girl that some think is prettier than the other.

And somehow everyone and their fucking grandmother's ashes thought he loved the second girl! Yaman wanted to headbutt the crap out of the girl he loved when she came to him to play the fucking cupid between him and her!

He was also very much bewildered by the high school girl of the neighborhood coming to him and telling him that if he was a true man then he would go out with the girl when he couldn't say that he fucking loved the OTHER girl!

Yaman then found himself after the charade where he was somehow 'engaged' to the girly girl instead of the tomboy, the one he loved. He just sat down and the word WTF echoed inside his mind for a few hours. Then he realized what the Fuck just happened and knew that he couldn't do it. He did not love this girl at all, she was too girly and stupid, she blushed like it was nobody's business and a dark skinned girl blushing isn't very pretty.

So the very next day he broke up with her, the way the happiness in her eyes died down made him terrible but he tried to elevate that feeling with the fact that he loved her best friend, he didn't feel anything towards her and lying to her would have made it worse as time passed.

The girl he loved came to him and quietly sat next to him then asked why. He calmly told her that he did not love her, he was shocked that they would think he loved her and couldn't find the place to say 'Stop! I don't love her!' or anything else.

They were silent after her nod then she asked who he loved and he turned to her and said 'You' she twitched then turned to him, her eyes wider than dinner plates and asked 'Seriously?'

Yaman turned away and nodded.


Yaman didn't need to think on a question like that and answered as soon as the word left her cute mouth: 'Because you are beautiful, smart, strong, confident, know how to joke around, don't blush like an idiot and unlike others you are one of a kind.'

She frowned and after her blush subsided asked what he meant by one of a kind.

The answer was the truth: 'In all the places we moved to I never saw someone like you, all the other people have similarities to others but not you. All the girls I met had this aversion of boys, like we are diseased or something, and the boys did the same to girls. You just saw me on day one, threw your bag into the seat next to mine, sat down close enough to touch me and introduced yourself. None other girl or boy had the guts to do that, no other girl I talked to had any interest in video games, no other girl I saw could play rough with others but you kept on even though you were hurt you didn't say anything. Don't try to lie, I saw your winces.'

She just looked at him unblinkingly but he kept his face facing forwards. Then she snickered, then it turned into a laugh that contained quite a lot of snorts in it. Yaman looked at her laughing like he told her the world's greatest joke. He just watched her before joining her laughter just cause.

When she stopped he asked her why she shrugged in a non-comitial answer and Yaman didn't ask further.

In the coming days they had gone out secretly because she wanted to hide it and made him swear not to tell anyone. They kissed with tongue and while Yaman wanted to move forwards she didn't and Yaman didn't press his luck.

The furthest he got was getting her half naked and sucking on her tiny nipples or groping her ass while watching porno. She usually sat on his lap and grounded her ass on his cock and Yaman loved it.

All in all Yaman thought that it was the best relationship he had so when told they were leaving in three months he felt terrible and spent all his time with her. Then two weeks before they left she pulled him to the woods and led him to a shack. She snuck in through the open window and opened the door for him but her clothing was different than her usual jean and shirt combo, she was wearing a green dress.

He took in her beauty and had to lick his dry lips which caused her to blush prettily. She then grabbed his hand and dragged him inside. He kissed her with barely restrained hunger and she gently responded to it.

After the make out session she looked up at him with half lidded eyed smile and pulled him to the second floor. He didn't look anywhere but her, her bubble butt swinging from one side to the next hypnotizingly in front of his face as she led him by the hand.

When there she made him lie on the bed and undressed him slowly, then she opened a bottle next to her and put it on her hand before giving him a slow handjob he sat through it with groans and let her do her thing.

Then suddenly she stopped and asked him to watch her in a vulnerable voice, she got on top of him slowly eased his dick into her, it felt amazing and he had a hard time keeping control of himself let alone not closing his eyes. She gently touched his cheek and he opened his eyes, the only thing he saw was how beautiful she was. Somehow even the sweat enhanced that look.

He pulled up and kissed her and murmured into her ear how much he loved her, with each word her warm hole pulsed and as he leaned back to see her flushed face he was alarmed to see her crying, he hugged her and asked why.

She just responded with she loved him too and then rambled about how much she loved him, each time she said it he pecked her lips.

As she started calming down she started moving, her hole had gotten used to the intruder. Yaman grabbed the sides of her ass and helped her bounce quicker and she then reached between her leg and did something that caused the constriction rate to be quicker. Slowly it became harder and harder to resist the euphoria but he kept going through sheer willpower.

It went onto 5 minutes, then 10 and finally 15 and he felt super strong constrictions which he correctly guessed was a symptom of cumming from the way his girlfriend's eyes rolled to the back of her head, her body turned limp and she groaned.

Yaman let go as well, the little muscle holding his load back took a well deserved rest but Yaman just slowed his thrusts and aimed for the G-spot or the point that makes the most constrictions. He didn't care if she got pregnant, he would heartily became her kids' father.

Then it ended, his balls felt like they had emptied themselves all inside of her and happy at the thought of accomplishing their destined job.

He slept with his unconscious girlfriend in his arms, his cock inside of her.

Author's Giant Nuts!

For those that didn't quite catch it the girl he loved was a boy, this is a world where English isn't the main tongue and He, She and It doesn't exist, their words do not specify which gender someone is.

Also the reason 'she' waited that long to finally have sex with him is because she trained her body during that time to have pleasure through anal sex. While it is pleasurable actually reaching orgasm through it is another thing entirely, and 'she' reached that orgasm only after using a vibrator on 'her' 'clit'(LOL!) and 15 minutes later which by the way is much higher for a virgin's stamina, let alone his first anal sex(usually ass is tighter than pussy) after a sensual too slow handjob.