Yaman Kurt

The Retrospection Part 6


Yaman was pushed away and watched as he hobbled away from their secret 'hideout'. The moment he was away from peering eyes he straitened his gait and ran to the mosque, he washed his face and the bits of blood on his shirt before dipping his head under the water to cool down. He got up and shook his slightly long wavy hair and shaped it so that he looked good then walked home with a jaunty tune and a giant grin on his lips.

Story Time

Yaman Kurt was a simple teen back then, how he ticked was easily understandable. Hurt him and he would hurt back, stab him in back and he would make you wish for death, beat him without an even remotely understandable and he would make sure you lived.

Now The Bastard had pushed all three of those buttons but thankfully he didn't manage to anger Yaman enough to make him be murderous and so Yaman's plan revolved around a mental and social battle. He realized that he had fought enough for several life times, that if he was stabbed then his mother would have cried nonstop and that manipulating people was Fucking FUN!

Yaman always thought that fighting was freeing, in the hum of the 'battlefield' Yaman felt like he was truly alive… Compared to the 'battle' he had against The Bastard where he didn't lift a finger it was nothing. Yaman felt like he was a conductor, making people play their part as he saw fit with a flick of his wrist. He felt like a God at that moment.

Yaman had sat on his bed, eyes wide open, mind moving between thoughts faster than lightning and lips stretched wide in a grin. He had decided on what to do for the future. For The Bastard he decided to be overly friendly with him and his minion as if they didn't do anything to him and also be a charming overly social person to others from his class. If the bastard or his minion tried to attack him then he would do his best to humiliate them. Also he would search for the martial arts clubs around the neighborhood so that he could be more prepared for his possible bout of one versus many fights.

So the next day Yaman skipped school and at first searched the internet for the locations, then he asked the neighborhood big shots while acting like a naïve idiotic kid when they were together with their girls, he made sure to look as cute as he could though his cute times were about to pass he still had it and managed to charm the ladies to push the big bastards into helping 'the poor kid' since he wants to be 'strong like his big brothers'

Yaman wanted to gag at the thought of calling those tattooed, alcohol smelling freaks brothers but kept his act up until he wrote the places down. Then he went to the places and noted how their buildings were.

There were 5 close enough to go regularly without problems so Yaman threw the other 8 out of the list.

The first one, the one closest to his home was an underground place and other than the signs at the door not a place he would look twice, the doors were closed so he moved onto the next one.

The second one was a big government operated place where a bunch of other clubs were, from swimming to sauna to American football to karate but Yaman knew the price could be too much with how high-class the place both looked and sounded like.

The third one was very near the wrecking yard where glue sniffers were, thankfully cocaine or anything other than thinner and weed was very rare around these parts so it wasn't that bad but Yaman knew better than to go to the places where those crazies could shank him in a fit. Yaman did not understand how they started their addiction to thinner when weed didn't have any of its bad side effects.

Yaman walked to the fourth one on the list, it was close to his school and opposite to the places he just looked, Yaman didn't like their condescending attitude but the place seemed like a family club so after getting used to him Yaman knew they could get better. He moved onto the last one.

The final one's place was weirdly out of the way, Yaman questioned why that was until he saw that it was more of a gang hideout than a club, the floors were littered with booze cans, there was a yellow bra on the sandbag and the person who opened the door for him looked like he had sleeping problems and was dumbfounded that he would want to join them but other than that the place was good enough. There were all kinds of fitness equipments, sandbags and different weights…

Yaman knew that he had two options. Option 1 was to join the family like club and get a healthy if a little slow training and option 2 was to join the gang, learn how a real gang worked, get their protection, be butt of many jokes amongst them until he proved his worth and managed to get laid…

Yaman groaned in indecision, the gang would be free and he could potentially get money if he did jobs for them if they gave him any, the family would give him a real one on one martial arts fighting experience, proper training and possibly tournament awards. The gang would give him more equipment, street fighting experience and access to illegal things like guns and prostitutes…

Yaman flipped a coin, head he would choose the family and tails would be the gang.

Author's Giant Nuts!

I may make another story for the coin landing on the opposite side later, or maybe landing up and doing both together though that would make the school to lag behind so socializing would become harder for the future henchman. Though the temptation of making Yaman do impossible quests like stealing a jet from a military base for the gang would be quite hard to resist.

Especially as I think of a girl in school asking him what he did last night to be so sleep deprived and him responding with 'I was just forced to break into a military base and steal a jet which I had no prior experience flying, or any other aircraft really, then I was forced to watch as they scrapped the plane for parts when I had just started having fun flying it…' he slams his head back down and mumbles: 'Same as always, no big' she stays silent then interprets that as him playing video games and starts scolding him…