Yaman Kurt

The Retrospection Part 7


Yaman flipped a coin, head he would choose the family and tails would be the gang.

Story Time

Yaman looked at the coin in his hands and shrugged and went home. He lied to his mother about the math teacher being sick and letting the class out so he changed his school uniform to a black shirt with a skull, brown cargo shorts and a cowboy hat so that he wouldn't look like he was trying to be a grown up. He was a child and couldn't do the same jobs as others but he had his own uses…

Then he was in front of the gang hideout and knocked at the door hard and repeatedly. The hungover man that threw open the door looked very much homicidal as one can be with huge frame, red eyes snarling lips and growling which all stopped as he looked down and saw Yaman looking at him with wide eyes. Yaman thought that he was a much better example of a thug than the guy before. But even though he was scared Yaman didn't cower and bluntly said: 'I want to join you guys'

'Awuh?' was the awesomely intelligent response Yaman got.

'I want to join your club, gang or whatever, kay?' he said with a roll of his eyes.

The man looked at him like he was crazy before snorting: 'Go away you damn crazy brat!' and smashing the door on his face…

Yaman growled, drew back his hand and punched the metal door as hard as he could and kept his wince of pain in: 'If you don't open the fucking door I will keep doing that!'

He waited two second then drew his fist back, closed his eyes so that he wouldn't pull his punch and punched, then opened his eyes in horror as he saw the mighty form of the doorman gangster fall down clutching his jewels.

Yaman forced himself to walk inside and dragged the unconscious man inside and closed the door, he patted the man's clothes for weapons he could use on him to avenge his nuts. Yaman gulped as he pocketed the heavy pistol, the knuckleduster knife, the spiked gloves which he put on as he liked them and phone because he didn't want him to tell bad things about him before he had the chance to meet the boss himself. Then he stuffed the unconscious man into the open room which he wasn't allowed to go into when the tired as fuck man let him look around. The room looked like some of the BDSM rooms he saw on porns and he locked the man into one of them. Then he walked around in search of anyone else in charge but found the place empty…

He noticed the doors of backroom were open, Yaman cautiously stepped in and looked around in awe, there were game consoles, bongs, painted walls, more booze and mountain of thrash.

Yaman's eyes were drawn to the consoles and as he sat on the couch he saw a laptop below the desk TV was on, he took it out and opened it out of curiosity. The damn thing needed a password and Yaman wrote the name of the gang: 'Zubat' and voila! It opened, like any normal teenager's Yaman's eyes were drawn to the porn file and he opened it after looking from side to side to check no one was watching him.

The file contained women of all ages, including Holy Fuck You Sick Fuck level of underage being raped, he didn't know whether he was special or these guys were abnormal but he never had any kind of sexual feeling towards kids under age 11, and these stuff showed girls younger than that…

Yaman looked down and saw boys still in their teens and in the same positions, he took in the wounds and obvious signs of abuse and knew that he couldn't let this shit continue. These men were monsters that needed to be terminated, so Yaman thought of how to do just that. Cops were out and he wasn't idiotic enough to think that real life gun fights were anything like games where he could heal in seconds unless he had superpowers like those superheroes and villains that show up on TV from time to time.

So Yaman decided that a good booby-trap would be the best answer to them, he searched around for anything to use and found many weapons starting from rifles to even grenade launchers. Yaman thought hard and decided that an explosion would be his best bet and remembered that one movie where the cooker was full on then exploded.

Long story short Yaman flipped the fuses off, cut open the light switch and messed with the wires and made them connect to a bullet, he used a flashlight to help him do that. He knew that the meth was an explosive or maybe it was the cooking part that was explosive but Yaman knew that it would at least be a good bait so he dipped it in gasoline they used for Molotov cocktail and left it near the door. Then he opened the cooker to full and used the spare keys to lock every door he could, then broke the keys with their tip inside the locks.

As he was doing that to all rooms Yaman found the boss' room which looked like a stereotypical mafia boss' room with the desk and rolling chair. As he looked around he poured the green alcoholic drink around because it had like 80% or something alcohol rate. Then he noticed how weird it was to have a single painting in the whole place, and even though that painting was of a naked dark skinned brunette beauty holding a riding crop framing it didn't seem normal to Yaman. On a hunch Yaman looked behind the painting and saw a case, he brought out the gun he took from the guard, used the pillow of the black leather couch to suppress the sound and fire at the parts keeping it from collapsing when opened and after a few tugs the case door fell and Yaman looked inside the overly stuffed duffel bag.

Yaman gulped when he found it filled with money, IDs, phones, two pistols(much smaller than the one guard used) with silencers and a large notebook that seemed like a cross between journal-accounting-history and whatnot book of Zubat Gang.

He threw away the phones and shouldered the bag after stuffing the knife, the gun, the laptop(alongside its charger) and his freaking cowboy hat into it. Then he decided against being seen with the bag and took out the thrash bag and spilled out most of the trash in it(all except for the metal bottles) to the place then stuffed the bag into the empty black thrash bag and finished the rest of the rooms quickly.

In the BDSM room he found the guard awake, Yaman took out the gun and after listening him to turn desperate to live shoot him, he didn't say anything and pushed his thoughts on the fact that he just killed to the back of his mind. He took the camera there and put it into the thrash bag as well. Then he left and thanked gods that the place was away from eyes.

He threw some dirt into his face and clothing to seem like a gypsy kid picking things from thrash and went home, on the way he passed through the park and washed his face from the dirt in the fountain.

Yaman looked up at his home and thought of what to say to his mother for a second before deciding to be honest, after all this money was hers as the one raising him and after she saw the things in the laptop Yaman didn't think she could fault him for doing what he did, she was the one who always said that rapists needed to be castrated right?

Author's Giant Nuts!

Did you know that the coin flips in this story are made with actual coins?

Yep I just flipped a coin and decided to go the way it said… Then I realized that I needed to make my character neutral kind of henchman or else the story would crash and burn quickly.

Most killers outside of America(which thinks prison rape is a normal thing, while that is actually why and how prison rape became a common thing there) think rape as something lowest of the low would do and most rapist get shanked or manually castrated in prisons.

Killing these people or trying to at least doesn't make Yaman a hero, it just makes him someone with some sort of moral code, he is just a kid so he couldn't be classified as Evil or Good yet either but right now killing them and his core personality is leaning heavily towards Evil.

So how would you react to your 14 year old boy coming home with a bag full of bloody drug money, a pistol which he says he used to kill someone and a laptop that has many rape videos of children boy or girl alike?

I want to make this story a bit realistic at least for now because Gamer skill makes shit unrealistic as fuck. Also the a little bit of realistic part is because the universe Yaman lives in isn't realistic with Super Powers, Mutants, Villains, Henchman and etc.

The universe's laws are different than ours so a child without professional training hitting and knocking out a fully grown buff man with a single punch to the nuts then that child killing his first time outside of games AND being able to push the emotions that comes with taking a life to focus on his work is more possible than it is in our universe.

Like The Unforgiving Mountain Jew's videogame plot fic in RWBY called Gamer Over

(It is a great story by the way, just wish the lazy bum would write more though, there is only 4 chapters and the amount of anticipation I feel would most old men)