I have decided to rewrite Baby girl, I have you now. I have decided that Rachel is only going to be 9, going on 10 rather than 11 going on 12. I think it will make things more realistic. I also thing that I have changed my writing style a lot this past year or so therefore I think it will make the story more interesting if I rewrite it.

"Get off me" she screamed as she was pulled out of the van. She couldn't remember how long she had been sitting in the van for but she knew it was for a long time. It must have been about 2 days, at least. She curled up into a ball as she was pulled by the arm and leg and dragged a few feet away before being dropped. She didn't want to get up, she curled into a deeper ball. She didn't like these people, she was scared of them. She hurt her more than she had ever been hurt before. She pulled the sleeve of her cardigan to hide her face. Her cardigan was at least 2 sizes too small. It was a white cardigan but it was no longer white as it covered in dirt and stained brown.

"Where are we?" Rachel asked quietly.

"We are finally getting rid of you" The man shouted.

"Stand her and when you see someone at the back door give this to them" The woman explained. Rachel nodded.

"And if you ever tell anyone about what happened between us or between you and your father, you will regret it. I will find out" The man said before giving the girl a good kick in the side before leaving. Rachel fell sideways and scrapped her knee on the floor. It started to bleed, she really didn't like blood. It made her feel faint. She held her head in her hands.

"Are you okay?" A woman asked Rachel. Rachel looked up and noticed that the woman came from a big crowd. She wasn't aware of what had just happened and only noticed the girl sitting on the floor.

Rachel nodded softly.

"Where are your parents?" The woman asked and Rachel shrugged her shoulders

"I don't know where they are" She said nervously. "I have this"

Rachel nervously handed over the envelope and the woman opened it. Her mouth dropped open.

"Come here" She said as she held her hand to the young girl who accepted. She then guided the girl over to the crowd and they made there to the front.

"Let me passed, I have a special guest" The woman shouted and Rachel was very confused.

"What?" The guard asked.

"This is Shelby Corcoran's daughter" She whispered to the guard and handed over the envelope. He read the letter before looking at the young girl. She looked very similar to Shelby.

"Come with me" He said to Rachel and Rachel's eyes widened. She was scared.

"No, please don't hurt me. Please I'm sorry I will do better" Rachel said and the man was confused.

"Sweetie, I'm not going to hurt you. I just want you to come with me to speak to Shelby" The man said. Rachel looked around for a minute before nodding. She followed behind the man nervously as he led her in doors.

"Just stay here for a minute" The man said as he walked into a room. It was reasonably large, like the size of an average bedroom. It had a sofa and a table.

Rachel sat down on the sofa and nodded. She was terrified she didn't understand what was going on. She was taught not to speak to strangers but she knew no one. She needed to speak to someone.

"Mike, what can I do for you?" Shelby asked.

"Em well, this is a little difficult to ask" He mumbled as Shelby looked at him questioningly.

"What's wrong?" Shelby asked and Mike looked down. He needed to say it.

"Do you have a daughter?" He asked and Shelby bit her lip before nodding. This shocked everyone.

"How old is she?" He asked.

"She will be 10 in December" Shelby said.

"Well, we have a terrified little girl in the green room and accordingly she is your daughter" Mike said and Shelby looked confused.

"She is meant to be with her Dads" Shelby replied.

"She isn't" Mike said and Shelby suddenly stood up.

"I need to see her" She said pushing passed everyone and running to the green room. She noticed a crowd of people standing around the green room.

"What is going on?" Shelby asked.

"The little girl is freaking out. She is shouting and screaming at us not to hurt her and now she is hiding under the table. She isn't listening to anyone" One of the members explained and Shelby nodded pushing passed everyone.

"Can everyone please leave this room and close the door behind them" Shelby shouted and everyone listened to her.

Once everyone was out, Shelby knelt down in front of the table that Rachel was under.

"Hello sweetie, do you know who I am?" Shelby asked and Rachel shook her head.

"My name is Shelby Corcoran and I am your mom" Shelby explained and Rachel's eyes widened.

"Don't hurt me, I'm sorry" Rachel said.

"Don't worry sweetie, I will never hurt you" Shelby explained. "Can I join you?"

Rachel hesitated for a minute before nodding. All Shelby wanted was to pull her daughter into a massive hug and hold her close but she didn't want to scare the girl.

"Where are your dads?" Shelby asked softly as she sat down next to the girl. She just fitted under the table but had to duck her head.

"Daddy died and Daddy is well things have changed" Rachel said before bringing her legs up to her chest.

"How about we go to my dressing room and I will get changed. Then we can go home" Shelby explained and Rachel nodded. Shelby untangled herself first and climbed out. She then put her hand down to help the girl up

Rachel accepted her mom's hand and Shelby jumped at just how cold her daughter's hands were.

"Baby, your hands are freezing" Shelby said keeping a hold of her daughter's hand and then guiding them to her room.

"Call me lawyer" Shelby said as she passed her assistant. They arrived at Shelby's room and she sensed that Rachel was nervous.

"I just need to tidy up quickly and then we will go" Shelby said and Rachel nodded. Rachel nervously stood in the corner of the room while Shelby ran about sorting out her bag and tidying up. She suddenly noticed her lawyer at the door.

"I'm so sorry for calling you this late, Tom" Shelby said.

"No problem Shelby, your assistant and bodyguard have updated me. I have read everything that is in the envelope and I noticed that it is custody papers which is signed by Leroy Berry. Hiram Berry was not present to sign this due to his passing. Now, I need you to sign this and then she is yours" The lawyer explained. "Now, I also called the CPS and they want to have a word with the pair of you"

Shelby nodded and signed where it was needed.

The CPS officer walked in and Rachel and Shelby sat next to each other on the sofa.

"So Rachel how did you get here?" The CPS worker asked.

"In a van" Rachel whispered.

"With Leroy?" She asked and Rachel shook her head.

"With the man and the woman" Rachel said quietly.

"Who were they?" She asked and Rachel shrugged.

"Dad told me to go with them" Rachel said.

"Did they hurt you" She asked and fear raised in Rachel's eyes.

"I don't want to talk" Rachel said looking at Shelby.

"It's okay" Shelby said holding the girl's hand. Shelby's pleading eyes looked at the officer, surely they didn't need to do this now.

"Okay Rachel, that is enough for just now but I will need to speak to you more tomorrow" The worker explained and Shelby nodded while Rachel just looked down.

"Shelby, you may take Rachel tonight but I will be around tomorrow to check your accommodation" The worker explained and Shelby nodded.

"Come on, sweetie let's get you home" Shelby said as she stood up and held her hand out for her daughter. Rachel nodded and stood up. She held her mother's hand.

A car was waiting for them outside. They quickly walked to the car as much of the crowd had left. Shelby looked at her watch and noticed that it was after midnight.

"Just to my apartment please" Shelby said as they climbed into the car and the driver nodded.

Rachel placed her seat belt on in silence.

"Rach, I need you to listen to me because this is very important" Shelby said Rachel looked up at her mom "I am not going to leave you"

Rachel nodded her head nervously.

"Am I going to live with you now?" Rachel asked and Shelby nodded.

"You are, it's just going to be me and you, kid" Shelby said before leaning forward and kissing the girl on the head. Rachel smiled.

They arrived at the apartment and took the lift up to Shelby's penthouse. Rachel was amazed.

"Do you want to have a shower before you go to bed?" Shelby asked and Rachel nodded.

They walked into the bathroom and Shelby grabbed two towels for the girl before setting up the shower for Rachel. She told the girl to call her if she had any problem. Rachel nodded before Shelby left and closed the door.

Rachel undressed and looked at her battered body in the mirror. The tears slipped down her face. Who could love her? She just stood listening to herself for a few minutes before remembering she needed to have a shower.

Rachel got into the shower and cleaned herself. She felt dirty. She looked at all of Shelby's body washes and used nearly all of them. She climbed out of the shower but there wasn't anything for her to change into.

She wrapped a towel around her body and then threw the other towel around her shoulders before walking out of the bathroom. She nervously noticed Shelby in the kitchen sitting at the breakfast bar.

"I don't have any nightwear" Rachel whispered quietly.

"Oh god, sorry I completely forgot" Shelby said as she walked into her room. She quickly found a wicked top and pair of shorts for the young girl.

She knew that they would be too big for Rachel but it would do for one night. Rachel thanked Shelby before going back into the bathroom to get changed.

She emerged and her top was more like a dress on the girl. It came down to her knee and her elbows.

"I'll get my assistant to get you some clothes tomorrow" Shelby explained and Rachel nodded. She had her dirty clothes in her hand.

"I'll wash these while you get into bed" Shelby said and Rachel nodded and went to leave the room. She wasn't sure where she was meant to sleep and was really thirsty. She froze and Shelby looked up at her.

"Are you okay, sweetie?" Shelby asked. Rachel bit her lip.

"Can I get a drink?" Rachel asked and Shelby nodded.

"Of course you can sweetie" Shelby said. "What do you want?"

"Just water please" Rachel said. Shelby quickly got a drink for the girl and handed it for her. She quickly drank it before placing it in the sink.

"Where shall I sleep?" Rachel asked. She was getting tired now. Shelby led the girl to a room. It was right next to her room.

"Thank you" Rachel said climbing into the double bed.

"I'm just in the room next door. Any problems, just come through and get me. I don't mind what time it is" Shelby explained and Rachel nodded.

"Good night darling" Shelby said kissing the girl on the head. Rachel smiled before cuddling down.

Shelby walked into the kitchen and started sorting out Rachel's washing. She noticed that all the clothes were very dirty. She noticed that the panties almost had a slight bloody tint to them. They were dry but Shelby was sure that there had been blood in them although possible washed but only with water. Shelby sighed, she could have to speak to the girl about this. Rachel was only 9, somehow Shelby didn't think that it would be the girl's period.

Once Shelby had finished tidying up, she went to bed. She quickly changed into a tank top and shorts before climbing into bed. Just as she got settled, she heard screaming. Shelby jumped out of bed and ran to the spare bedroom next door.

"Rachel" Shelby said as she ran over to her daughter's bed as the girl kicked and screamed.

"Get off me, don't hurt me please. I didn't mean it, I'm sorry" Rachel begged.

"Oh sweetie" Shelby said trying to wake the girl up. Rachel woke up and was instantly embarrassed.

"Come here" Shelby said pulling the girl into her arms.

"Mommy's here, no one is going to hurt you now" Shelby said as she rocked the girl back to sleep. Rachel slipped into a deep sleep holding onto her new mommy. Shelby looked down at her daughter sleeping against her holding onto her like she was holding onto the edge of a cliff. This was the first time, Shelby had held the girl since she was born and she knew that it wouldn't be the last. She loved this girl with all her heart and was never letting go.

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