June 13th, 2016

What: Shooting at local gay bar

Roleplayed by: Ashfur (shooter), Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, Jayfeather, Leafpool, Scourge, Rainflower, Oakheart, Snowfur, Tigerstar (members/ visitors to local bar)

The Starclan Gay Bar was packed with Warrior friends who supported gay rights or were LGBT. As the friends hung out, they had no idea of the tragedy about to strike.

One mile away, Ashfur smiled to himself. With the hidden gun in his pocket, he was ready for anything. And everything.

Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather were laughing in the far right corner- Leafpool, Scourge, and Rainflower in the left one. Snowfur was standing behind the bar. Behind a tapestry that hung loose from the wall, Oakheart and Tigerstar were making out.

Suddenly, the door opened with a bang, and there stood Ashfur. All the cats (expect Tigerstar and Oakheart, who were still kissing) turned. In one fluid, practiced movement, the gray tom pulled out a gun. In one more movement, he was firing.

There was screaming and blood. Jayfeather was sobbing over Hollyleaf's dead body, Lionblaze at his mother's. Scourge and Rainflower ran in different directions. Scourge screamed a warning to Oakheart and Tigerstar before getting killed. The 39 other cats were yelling like wild, each one soon silenced. Rainflower ran to Snowfur and they hugged- and before anyone could say anything, they were kissing. Soon Snowfur was holding a dead body, and a few seconds after was one herself. Only Oakheart and Tigerstar were left at this point, and Ashfur slowly advanced. The police were coming; sirens were approaching, and as Ashfur heard these, he ran towards the tapestry. Flinging it open, he fired. Tigerstar ran for the blow and caught it. Oakheart kissed him one last time and died with his loved one.

Ashfur knew what awaited this kind of crime- but he didn't care. He had done what he'd meant to do. Grinning, he waited for the cops, knowing there was nothing they could do.

Okay, so I only know a few details about this terrible shooting- there were 49 killed, it was at a local Gay bar, etc. I know I probably got a lot of details wrong, but I am young. I don't watch the news and have only heard a bit. I only did this to honor all those lost. I couldn't post one regularly, not fanfic, so I adapted it.

See you at the next tragedy!


P.S. I am not responsible for anyone's thoughts about LGBT people, nor their beliefs. These are mine, and I intend to share them. Apologies to any offense taken.