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This story is a combination of the TV show and books.

Sansa stayed in the Vale, Val is included in the Night's Watch/Wildling storyline, Gendry was not sold to Melisandre and stayed with the BWB, Brienne did not find Sansa and Lady Stoneheart is included.

This story jumps around from the day after the stabbing of Jon Snow to 10 years later.

Pairings/ships include: Jon x Val, Arya x Gendry, Sansa x Tyrion, and light Jaime x Brienne.

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The Wall

10 Years Ago...


Her chambers were different from the ice cells below Castle Black - though they kept Val a prisoner just the same. She had been locked inside the room for "safe keeping", or so Ser Allister Thorne had said. She was no fool - she knew what the Night's Watch was planning. Jon Snow had been killed - stabbed by his own sworn brothers - just one night ago. Immediately, Thorne and his allies had found her in her chambers and promptly locked the door from the outside. She was helpless, trapped. Unable to find Jon and get him away from these horrible, wicked men.

"I do apologize, Princess." Thorne had sounded triumphant upon his return, proud of confining Val from her people. Proud of killing Jon. "But with our Lord Commander no longer with us, we cannot risk an uproar of your Wildlings."

"They will rise with or without me," Val snarled back, though the great heavy door stood between them. "You were a fool to kill Jon Snow!"

Ser Allister laughed. "Do not worry, Princess. You and your Wildlings will see Lord Snow soon enough." And then he was gone.

They plan to kill me, the answer wasn't as surprising as Val thought it might be. With Jon dead, what did the Night's Watch care of her people?

Ghost howled throughout the night, crying in pain, loss, and guilt. Val listened until he'd grown hoarse of voice and settled for whimpers and growls. He's caged, most like. Just as I am. Her heart ached for the beast. I will free you, Ghost. I swear on the Old Gods, as soon as I can escape, I will come let you free. And you can run wild beyond the Wall, hunting, and living as you should be. There is no one left for you here.

Her heart ached again and she laid in bed thinking of the North and Ghost and Jon Snow. Soon tears wet her pillow and her body had curled itself into a ball.

By morning Val found herself still alive. She spent it waiting for her inevitable execution. But instead of the stomping of men rushing to her doors, nothing. Midday came and went, with only silence save the howling winds of the North. No food, no water. Nothing but the still tension as she waited, staring at the chamber door in anticipation.

Eveningfall found Val leaning back in a wooden chair with her feet crossed and resting on the table under her window. She wore her white leathers and furs, as always. But her favored white boots sat by her bed.

Her new boots were stolen. A brother of the Night's Watch decided to drink too much and tried to rape her three nights ago. In return, Val pulled a dagger from her belt and stabbed the man in the side. His boots were her reward.

The Night's Watch brothers were not happy about the incident. But Jon Snow had kept her safe from a hanging. "He tried to rape a Princess, you fucking fools! Wildling or not, she has more honor than he."

Val smiled, remembering. He wasn't so bad. For a Crow. Tears pinched her eyes and for a few moments she blinked. He wouldn't want me to cry for him.

Softly, she heard footsteps outside her door. Ser Allister, Val thought. Come to take me to my death. She rose, grabbing her dagger from the wooden table and faced the door. She was a Wildling, a Princess to these Southerners; she would not die meekly.

Her chamber door creaked open. And Val gasped.

He stood before her as whole and alive as ever.

"Val," Jon breathed out her name in a way that dripped with relief. Ghost came padding in after him, looking at her with the same intensity.

Without a word, she dropped her dagger to the floor, quickly crossed the room, and threw her arms around Jon's neck. Tears pricked and threatened to spill, but she didn't care. Jon Snow was alive. "You were dead! Thorne said-said.."

He enclosed her in his own embrace and held her for a moment. "Ser Allister is dead. It's alright." Val clung to him. "Are you well?" His voice was low and laced with concern. As always...

"Well enough," she did not let go of him when she answered. "They wouldn't let me out of this cage."

"No, they wouldn't have," Jon nodded. "The Night's Watch fear the Wildlings would rally behind you and Tormund. They fear you." He loosened his wrap about her and Val slid out of the fold.

"They fear my people. They fear our numbers. They do not fear me. Half of them have tried raping me!"

Jon smirked, "And none have succeeded."

Val grinned. "Aye. Not a one."

His smirk perked into a small grin and Jon held her gaze. He is a handsome one, Val reflected. She took in the sight of him. Tall, strong, with loose black curls and intense dark grey eyes. Sometimes Val swore his eyes were black, they were so dark. But standing close to him, she saw the difference. When her eyes reached his jerkin, she couldn't help but linger on the holes and slashes from his stab wounds.

"What happened?" She finally asked, bringing her eyes to meet his.

Jon took in a deep breath and held it before he answered her. "I...died." His eyes grew somber as he spoke. "They stabbed me and...and everything went black. And that was all."

Val frowned in confusion. "How are you standing before me?"

He looked to the floor and shook his head. "I don't know...The Red Woman, she brought me back, with dark magic."

Val snorted, "You must be some Lord Commander. And some fool to trust that woman!"

"I don't trust her!" Jon growled angrily. He fixed his fierce eyes upon her and glared. "I didn't ask for this. Seven Hells, I didn't want this!"

The pain in his voice filled Val with tenderness towards him. It was evident that Jon Snow had been tormented and weighed down by the responsibilities of his vows and role as a leader. Unfortunately his actions as Lord Commander of the Night's Watch had been considered traitorous by a select few of the brothers. Jon was murdered by his own men.

But here he stood before her. Alive again. And thanks to a Red Witch.

"And I'm not Lord Commander." Jon said softly. "Not anymore."

She smiled, "No vows then? You mean to finally bed me?"

"I could," He said it with conviction and gave her a firm stare. Val felt a chill at that. "But I won't."

She was going to speak, but Jon held up his hand to stop her. "We have to leave," he said firmly. "It's not safe here, especially not for you."

Val scoffed in protest.

"Val," he said with pleading in his voice. "Please, listen to me. I have to get you out of here. We need to go back to your people."

She had no desire to remain at The Wall with the Night's Watch. The constant stares and taunts spat at her. The fights that broke out between her people and the Brothers. The overwhelming tension of so many people all cooped together. Supplies were diminishing quickly and tempers rose higher and higher with each pass of the day.

And still, she needed the protection of The Wall against the greater threat. The Others… "My people need The Wall. We must pass to the other side. We -" She shook her head. "- I need to protect them."

"Val, you are not Mance. His quest should not fall to your shoulders."

"Mance was our King!" She countered. "And Dalla, my sister, our Queen! Now both are dead and their babe gone. I am all that's left of Mance and Dalla. It should be me who continues their fight!"

Jon pursed his lips together and let a frustrated puff of air out through his nose. He stared at her, not budging. Val matched his frigid stature and tilted her chin up.

Finally, Jon sighed and spoke. "You are a Princess. Maybe not to the Wildlings, but to those South of Wall and my Brother's. Let them make you that. If you are aiming to command, then do that. Command your people, in the name Mance Rayder, to be peaceful among their stay with the Night's Watch. And find places for them to go."

"And where would we go, Lord Snow?" Val mused. "Tormund awaits beyond The Wall with an army of wildlings, and there will be more heading south sooner than we know."

Jon nodded, "We'll go to Tormund first. Tell him what needs to be done."

A smile tugged at Val's lips. We'll go? He means to join me.

"You need alliances," Jon continued, lost in thoughts of strategies and the upcoming war. "Safe havens, inns; places where you all must adhere to the rules. Make peace with the Brother's of the Night's Watch. Leave Tormund and give him most of your army to help defend The Wall."

Val shook her head, "He won't like that."

"Doesn't matter, command him." He gave her a stern look. "Then travel south of the Wall and make peace with the Lords of the North. Tell them what your people have seen of the Others and what you have done to keep yourselves alive. Teach them how to fight. Teach them the old ways, how to survive among the harsh winters. The North and South need each other right now."

Val shook her head, "What Southern Lord would take me and mine into their castle?"

"Start in the villages," Jon answered. "Spread the word, everything. Tell them you've come to help and only want help in return. They know nothing true of the Wildlings. They call you Princess, let them take you as just that."

"And you?"

He frowned, "What of me?"

"How do you take me, Lord Snow?" Her voice was soft, almost timid. Does his opinion matter so much to you?

His jaw dropped slightly, his brow rose up, both from surprise. "You're…" He looked her up and down, taking in her appearance. His eyes swept over curve of hips and swell of her breasts. A smile tugged at his lips when he looked upon her face. Jon Snow had the extraordinary fierce Stark eyes, and when he had finished looking her over, he bore them into her own soft grey set. "You're Val."

She smiled at that.

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