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[Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, unknown date]

A light brown female fox leaned against the wall of The Pirate Cove. People were heard from outside the cove, arguing. The fox was alone in The Pirate Cove. The voices were familliar, she could recognise that they belonged to her friends, Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and her brother Foxy. She didn't know what they were arguing, although she heard them call her name a couple of times. Suddenly, she heard footsteps getting closer and closer to the cove.

"Freddy, stop!" a voice called "Whatever you're doing, stop it!" it was Foxy. He sounded angry, maybe a bit worried

"What are you going to do to stop me?!" Freddy replied. He was also angry. It wasn't the way that Freddy normally was.

Suddenly the Pirate Cove's curtain opened violently. Freddy stepped in, with Foxy following him, trying to stop him. Foxy noticed that Freddy's eyes somehow turned... purple?

"Sarah, run!" Foxy said "Something's wrong is happening with him" he said as he looked at the light brown female fox, trying to hold Freddy for a moment. Unfortunately, before Sarah could even react, Freddy broke free and attacked her.

"Stop Freddy!" Foxy shouted, trying to hold Freddy again "What the hell did she ever do to you?!"

Freddy though, didn't respond. He punched the fox in the face, knocking him out and breaking his jaw. He attacked Sarah again, and managed to flip the power switch at her back. She fell down and her vision started fading out...

Sarah woke up. She opened one of her eyes. She was in a pure white room, which looked like a hospital room, but the hospital looked like it was very old and abandoned. The room was lightened only by sunlight coming through a window. She was laying on some sort of a hospital bed, which was also very old. She also saw two animatronics standing above her. She couldn't tell what species they were, 'cause her vision was still a bit blurry, but she definetly never saw them before. Suddenly, a man opened the door and slowly walked into the room.

"Out." he said, pointing at the door and looking at the animatronics. They both nodded and left the room. As soon as they left he closed the door he put some sort of a document on a shelf and walked over to Sarah.

"How are you?" he said as he sat down on a metal chair next to Sarah's bed.

Sarah now opened her second eye and said "Who are you?"

"Call me Jeremy" he said

He quickly stand up and continued talking "Now, since you've been deactivated for 30 years maybe i should tell you what happened"

"Wait, what year is it now?" Sarah said rather suprised

"2017" Jeremy said "Now I'll explain what exactly happened to you, what is this place and blah, blah, blah"

Sarah nodded

"Alright then..." Jeremy said "So back in 1987 you were an animatronic at The Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. Your so called 'friends', they threw you away. They betrayed you. You know, the same thing happened to me. I used to work there. But the manager fired me. Now, the most important thing is to get revenge on them, do you understand?"

"Yes" Sarah nodded

"Ok. Oh i forgot to tell you something important. There was also a guy, his name was Vincent. He also wanted to get revenge on them but he was killed in cold blood. Guess who killed him? Your own brother." Jeremy said "So you probably also wonder what is this place?" he added

Sarah, once again, nodded

"So this is, lets say, my hideout. As you see, this is an abandoned hospital. But about more important things. So here we got something that is called 'The Alphas'."

"What are these Alphas?" Sarah asked, curiously

"The Alphas are, let's say, 'special animatronics'. They were trained in combat very well and they are much more powerful than these Fazbear losers for example. They all come from millitary-like facillities." Jeremy explained.

"Oh. Okay now I understand" Sarah said

"Alright, I don't have much time now. One of them should come to you to show you the place." Jeremy said "Now, I gotta do something important" he said as he picked up the document and left the room, closing the door behind him.

As he left the room he noticed a light gray wolf standing in the corridor.

"Ok, Skull, I'm done there." Jeremy said as he walked over to the wolf. The wolf had also red eyes, he wore short cargo pants and an kevlar vest.

"Alright. What you're gonna do now?" Skull said as he crossed his arms.

"Just follow me, ok?" Jeremy said as he started walking through the corridor. Skull nodded and followed behind him.

"You see this?" Jeremy said as he showed Skull the document "We can't let that female fox know about it."

"Well, what we'll do when if she sees it?"

"If that happens, we can lead her to the Torture Room" Jeremy said as he nodded towards a door that they just passed

"Or we can eventually kill her." Skull said as he chuckled.

"Alright. I'mma stay in my office for a while. You go find Frost, she will show that fox the building" Jeremy said as he stopped next to a door, took a key from his back pocket. He opened the door with the key, walked into his office and closed the door. Skull walked to a room at the other side of the corridor. The door had a piece of paper glued to it. The paper had words "The Alphas" wrote on it with a black marker. He opened the door and walked into the room.

It was a long room with many beds in it. It was basically the room in where The Alphas lived. Skull walked past a few beds, he stopped by a cyan tiger with white stripes who was laying on its bed.

"Hey Frost!" Skull said gaining the tiger's attention

"What is it?" Frost asked

"Jeremy says that you have to show the new fox the building."

"God damn it..." she said and slowly got up "Alright, I'll do it quickly" she said and walked outside the room. She quickly walked to Sarah's room. As she walked in, she saw Sarah still laying on her bed.

"Come on, I'mma show you the building" Frost said as Sarah slowly got up. As Sarah got up from her bed, Frost left the room, with Sarah following her.

"Alright now, We don't have a whole day. I'll show you the building quickly, after I do, you go to your room" Frost said in a harsh voice

Sarah nodded, as they were now walking through a corridor, that seemed like it was endless.

"Now, look at that door" Frost said as they stopped next to a dear with a piece of paper on it, with the text 'torture room' wrote with a black marker on it "You'll do something wrong, you'll end up suffering there." she continued as they started walking through the corridor again.

After a 30 seconds or so, they stopped as Frost saw a door with 'weaponary' wrote on it.

"I guess that don't have to explain what's in there." Frost said looking at the door "Only a couple of people can go there."

As Frost was done explaining, they were walking again. A couple of minutes passed before they saw another door. There were two doors, both at the opposide sides of the corridor, which ended, like 10 feet after the doors. One of the doors had 'The Alphas' wrote on it, when the other hadn't got anything wrote on it.

"This is basically the room, where we, The Alphas, live." Frost said as she pointed at the door with 'The Alphas' wrote on it. "I think that you know, that you can't go in there, right?"

Sarah just nodded, although nobody ever told her that before.

"Alright, the end of our journey. It was so interesting" Frost said sarcastically.

"Wait, you never told me, what was in that room!" Sarah said as she pointed at the door with nothing wrote on it.

"Well, that's none of your business." Frost said in a harsh word as she entered The Alphas' room, locking the door behind her, leaving the light brown vixen standing at the corridor, wondering.

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