A black van stopped in front of an abandoned building in the middle of the night. Two animatronic-like figures could be seen walking out of it. The figures walked into the building, equipped with flashlights. Once they walked into the building, they turned their flashlights on. Now you could see the figures, one dark grey wolf, one crimson red fox. The room they were in was all messy and debris was everywhere. It's walls were covered in various graffiti. There was no source of light, except for a large window, which remains of glass in it.

The two figures walked into the room and they were pointing their flashlights at various objects, like they were searching for something. The wolf was searching through some knocked out shelfs, while the fox was just looking out the window. Suddenly, the wolf stood up and looked at the fox

"I can't believe it. It's all gone..." he said.

[Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, 1 hour ago]

A dark grey wolf peaked through the curtains of the Pirate Cove. It was 11 PM so the restaurant was already closed. He saw that, to his suprise, the Fazbear Gang was still on stage, except of Foxy, who was nowhere to be seen. Suddenly, he saw the fox walking to the Pirate Cove. Foxy stopped in front of it, a smile appearing on his face.

"Oh, hi Spark, good to see you." he said looking at the wolf

"Hey, Foxy, what's up?" Spark said

"I think that Freddy is doing some sort of a meeting, or something. You better get going." Foxy answered as he started walking towards the main stage.

"Alright." Spark said as he started walking out of the Pirate Cove and towards the main stage. A half a minute later the two animatronics reached the main stage, where the rest was waiting for them.

"Good to see you guys, I have some important info for you." Freddy said through the microphone

"But wait, aren't we going to wait for the others, or something?" Spark said

"What do you mean?"

"You know, Mike, Goldie and Marionette" Spark said

"Oh, right" Freddy said, and in the same exact moment Mike walked into the pizzeria through the front doors, and Goldie and Marionette walked out of the backstage.

"Alright, everyone is here."

Mike walked to where the group of animatronics and Marionette were.

"Hey guys, what's up?" he asked

"So, as I said, I've got some important info." Freddy said

Everyone was quiet, waiting for the information.

"Mr. Fazbear is going out on vacation, the restaurant is going to be closed, so we have like four days of freedom. That's all." Freddy said.

"Alright! What do you want to do in our free time?" Bonnie said, taking the microphone from Freddy

"I don't know about you guys, but I feel like going out with someone." Spark said.

"But we're animatronics, we can't just show ourselfs outside the pizzeria!" Bonnie said

"Chill, I mean that I wanted to go to my old restaurant with someone."

"I can go" Foxy said "I wasn't doing anything anyway."

"Alright, but we need someone who can drive a car."

"I can go with you." Mike said "I have my black van so we all can fit in."

"Alright, anyone else wants to go?" Foxy asked.

No response.

"OK, I guess it's the three of us then." Spark said

"Yeah, let's go." Foxy said

"Let's go." Mike agreed.

[Spark's old restaurant, current time]

"I can't believe it. It's all gone..." Spark said.

Foxy looked at him for a moment, finally he sighed and said

"Yeah, I know. I guess a lot of people came in here throughout these two years."

"I know, by the way, this place is abandoned only for two years now, and it looks like it was abandoned a decade ago or something."

Foxy nodded, and started searching through some shelfes, while Spark did the same on the other side of the room.

"Spark, can I ask you a question?" Foxy said, not stopping the search

"Yeah, what is it?"

"Why did we came here in the first place? I mean, not that it was a bad idea, but I'm just curious." he asked

Spark looked at the ground for a bit and said "I don't know, honestly. I just... I just wanted to refresh some of the memories i had here."

Foxy didn't answer, instead he kept searching through the shelves.

"I don't know. Maybe we should go to another room?" Spark said.

"Yeah, let's go." Foxy said, as they walked into another room. This one was a bit bigger and a bit less damaged, but still there were knocked out shelves, tables, graffiti on the walls.

"Spark, I have another question. Do you think that anyone survived?" Foxy asked as they walked in

Spark sighed and looked at his feet. By this time, Foxy knew that it had saddened Spark, so he immediately regreted that question.

"I don't know. I don't think so. Well, there was this vixen, Sylvia, she was pretty good at hiding and she was pretty smart so she maybe survived, but i seriously doubt it." Spark said after a while.

Foxy noticed an oil tear coming out of Spark's eye, he looked at him for a while and said

"Look, I'm sorry about that question, I shouldn't have-"

"No, no it's okay. I just miss them so much." Spark interrupted, wiping his tear off his face.

Foxy opened his mouth as he was about to say something, but he stoped as he looked at something. Spark noticed this and said

"What are you looking at?" he said

"Look, a door, doesn't look too damaged." he said as he pointed at a wall behind Spark.

Spark looked behind him and noticed the door too.

"Oh right, it is the entrance to the basement." he said

"Maybe we should check it?" Foxy asked

"Why not? Let's check it." Spark said, walking towards the door.

Foxy put his hand on the door, trying to open it. A smile appeared on his face, as the door opened. He motioned for Spark to get in. Spark entered the staircase which led to the basement. Spark noticed that Foxy tried to follow him, so he said

"Foxy, wait here, ok?"


"Because if nothing useful is here, there is no point in you entering the room, right?"

Foxy nodded, as Spark started walking down the stairs again.

He walked down for half a minute, to his suprise, the basement was not even in a bit damaged. There was only some dust on the floor and some boxes and shelves, all clean. Suddenly, he heard a noise behind him, like footsteps.

"Foxy, I told you not to come-" he said, turning around only to see a figure pointing a kitchen knife straight at his face, causing him to fall on his back. The figure took out a flashlight and flashed it directly at his eyes.

"Who are you?" a female voice said.

Spark closed his eyes because of the light flashed at him. Suddenly, the figure turned the flashlight off and looked at Spark like she realised something. The figure was a vixen, maybe a bit shorter than Spark, she had silver fur with white elements and yellow eyes.

"Wait... S-Spark is t-that you?" she said, obviously shocked

"Wait... S-Sylvia, is that really you?" he said, standing up.

"Oh my God, I thought that you were dead!" she said happily as she pulled Spark into a hug, tears of happiness falling out of her and his eyes.

"I thought that you were dead too!" Spark said "How did you survived though?"

"I just hid in the basement when... it happened." Sylvia answered "How did you survive, and why did he kidnap you?"

"Long story." Spark said, as they stopped hugging "I will tell you later."

"Alright, but why and how did you get here?" Sylvia asked

"Just to refresh some memories, I guess. And I came with my friends because they had nothing to do anyway." he answered

"Wait, so you have friends? I wanna meet them!" she said, with an excited look on her face

"Ok, so follow me!" Spark said, as he started walking up the stairs. As they walked up, right before the door, which was left open, Spark signalised for Sylvia to wait. He walked up into the room to talk to Foxy. The fox was waiting at the other side of the room, leaning against the wall, with arms crossed.

"You heard what happened?" Spark asked quietly as he walked to Foxy

"Yeah. Yeah I did."

"OK. I'll go get Sylvia." Spark said as he walked away, Foxy followed him shortly after. When Spark got to the stairs where Sylvia was waiting, he signalised to her to go out.

As she got up she her eyes met Foxy's

"Hi, my name's Foxy. Nice to meet you." Foxy said as he offered his hand for her to shake

"Hello, I'm Sylvia. Nice to meet you too." she said shaking his hand.

"Hey guys, anyone has an idea what hour it is?" Spark suddenly said

"I think it's like 3 AM or something." Foxy said scratching the back of his neck.

"OK, I think that we better go back." Spark said.

"Yeah, but wait here, I'll go tell Mike about Sylvia, so he won't be too suprised." Foxy said as he walked out of the building.

After a couple seconds of silence, Sylvia asked "Spark I have so many questions I've got to ask you..."

"Alright, go ahead." Spark said

"First, who is Mike? Second, where are we going 'back', and third how did you guys even met in the first place."

"Ok, so Mike is a human friend of ours, we are going back to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza and about when we met I'd say later because It's a long story." Spark said

"Wait, like THE Freddy Fazbear's Pizza?" Sylvia asked "I've heard a lot about this place."

"Yeah, exactly" Spark answered.

Right about then, Foxy walked in the room.

"Alright, Mike said that he will text Freddy and Mr. Fazbear about it." Foxy said walking into the room

"But wait, isn't Mr. Fazbear like on vacation?" Spark asked

"Yeah, but I guess that Mike will text him anyway." Foxy said "Now, guys, let's just go back, ok?"

"Okay." Spark and Sylvia said in unision

The three animatronics walked out of the building where Mike in his black van was waiting.

"Alright guys, I texted Freddy and he says that they can give Sylvia a place to stay." Mike said "Oh and by the way, I'm Mike" he said as he noticed Sylvia

"Yeah, Spark told me. Nice to meet you." Sylvia answered as she, Foxy and Spark, went to sit in the back of the van.

"Alright, so let's go." Mike said as he turned the vehicle on...

OK guys I'm alive! Sorry that the story wasn't updated for a month... A F*CKING MONTH.

But I got a couple of things to say: if you didn't read Deactivated, and/or it's last 5-6 chapters and/or if you didn't read Spark's short description in my profile you probably haven't understood this chapter at all. So if you're lazy and don't wanna go check Spark's description or Deactivated, then I'll tell you what the chapter was about. So basically what happened is that, in Deactivated Springtrap killed Spark's family and kidnapped Spark, who found himself in a cell with Foxy who was also kidnapped. The both escaped, and Spark managed to save Foxy who almost died. Ever since he lives with the fazbear gang.

Ok and I got some fun facts about the chapter:

1. When I was writing this the first time, I accidentaly deleted the chapter after finishing it, although don't worry 'cause the current version is a lot better

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3. In the first version, Sylvia was supposed to be a wolf

4. Also in the first version, Foxy was the one to go to the basement.