Mike drove his black van away from the abandoned building. Besides him, in the van there were Foxy, Spark and Sylvia in the back, they were talking about things as they had nothing else to do.

"So" Sylvia started "How have you guys met in the first place?" she asked

"It's a long story" Spark said scratching the back of his neck "It started two years ago when he took me away to that warehouse. I was tortured and asked about things that I had absolutely no idea about. A couple days later, Foxy got in the same cell with me. He already had a plan to escape to the Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, he gave me the instructions, and we did it. Foxy almost died along the way, but I managed to help him. That's it."

"Alright, but what happened to him?" Sylvia asked

"Springtrap?" Foxy said "He's dead. Me and Spark avanged your and Spark's family."

"No, no, no, actually it was you who did it, I was in a come back then, don't you remember?" Spark said

"Wait, wait, hold on for a second. Spark, you were in a coma? What happened?" Sylvia asked, confused

"It was like a final fight with Springtrap. From what I remember, he stabbed me with a knife, then when I stand up again to fight, he stabbed me again and sliced my hand, then I blacked out." Spark explained

"Oh..." Sylvia looked at Spark with disbelief

"Yeah, when I got to the roof to face Springtrap, I found Spark knocked out and bleeding. He was in a coma for almost 2 weeks after that." Foxy said

"Alright, changing the topic, do you think that the other guys at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza are going to accept me?" Sylvia asked

"Of course they will!" Foxy and Spark said in unision

"Freddy, Bonnie and Chica are really friendly and caring people, so there should be no problem with that" Spark said

"The only problem is with our manager Mr. Fazbear. We don't know if he's gonna accept or not, but probably he will." Foxy said

Then they heard a couple of knocks on the wall of the van.

"We'll be there in 10 minutes!" Mike yelled from the driver seat

They spend a couple of minutes in silence, but Spark noticed that Sylvia is nervous

"Hey Sylvia. Don't be nervous" he said in a calm tone

Sylvia looked at Spark for a moment and then said: "I'm literally going to a new home, a new family. You'd be nervous too"

"Maybe." Spark said then looked away

A couple minutes later, they saw the Freddy Fazbear's Pizza building in the horizon. The Fazbear Gang was there, Goldie and Marionette were they too. Spark looked at the crew through the window.

"Alright, seems that they're already there" he said

Foxy looked out of the window and noticed it too

"Yeah, they are there. The whole crew." he said

Finally Sylvia noticed them too. A minute later, as they got really close to the pizzeria, Mike drove to the parking lot and stopped his black van. Then, as he left the van, Freddy started walking to towards him.

"Hey Freddy, we're back." he said

"Hey Mike. You told me that Spark's friend is with you, where is she?"

"In the van, wait a second." Mike said as he walked to the van again. "Come on guys, what's taking so long?" he said as he walked to the backdoor

"You left the back door closed, dumbass." Spark said jokingly

"You got to be joking. I remember opening it." Mike said, but then he tried to open the door and failed.

"Oh damn, you're right. Wait a second. Gotta get my keys." he said as he went to the driver seat to get his keys. Then he came back and opened the door. Foxy and Spark came out first, then Sylvia slowly came out and stood behind them. Freddy walked towards them and said: "Hey guys-" and then he suddenly stopped as he saw Sylvia.

"Oh hey, nice to meet you, I'm Freddy." he said offering her his hand to shake

"I'm Sylvia, nice to meet you too" she said shaking his hand

"I'll introduce you to the rest of the gang, Okay?" Freddy said

"I already know them." Sylvia said as she chuckled a bit nervously

"Really? How?" Freddy asked confused

"I read about you guys on the newspaper a couple years ago. The only ones that I don't know are these guys" she said looking at Marionette and Goldie

"Alright, so this is Marionette" Freddy said pointing at Marionette "and this is Goldie" he said pointing at Goldie.

"Okay, but where can I stay?" Sylvia asked

"I'll show you" Spark said suddenly cutting into the conversation "follow me"

As he said that, Sylvia followed him into the building. They went through the party room to the backstage. "Alright, this is where you will be staying." Spark he said as he opened the door.

"I know it's not like a seven-star hotel room, but it's something." he said jokingly as Sylvia walked into the room. She walked around a bit, and finally she sat on the giant table in the middle.

"Actually, I like this room." she said, a smile appeared on her face

"Really?" Spark said, he looked a bit shocked, but more like he tried to be sarcastic, but couldn't. "I didn't really like this room when I first arrived here in Freddy Fazbear's Pizza." he added.

"Are you going to show me the rest of the pizzeria?" Sylvia asked as she stood up

"Oh yeah, I was actually going to say that right now." Spark said, walking out of the backstage. "Huh, strange, nobody's here. They are probably doing something outside." he said to himself.

First, Spark and Sylvia went to the main stage and Spark stood on it. "So this is the main stage and the party room." he said "This is where most of things happen during the days and the nights." Then the two went to the Pirate Cove. "This is the Pirate Cove. I'm actually performing here with Foxy, cause y'know, we're like a pirate duo." Spark said looking at the Pirate Cove

"Really, so you're back at it again with the pirate thing?" Sylvia asked

"I've always been a pirate, why are you so suprised?" Spark said, as he went to the closet "This is the closet, actually there's nothing important here." he said as they got there. Now he was about to go show Mike's office to Sylvia, but then the rest of the gang returned to the pizzeria, so Spark and Sylvia came back to them.

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