So there is something I wanted to say.

So you already probably noticed that this isn't actually a chapter, however read this note if you're interested in the future of this story. I wanted to say that, as much as I would like to finish this story, I'm afraid that I can't do so. Why? I've lost the interest in FNAF at this point, but don't worry though! I'm still going to upload other stories, like maybe other chapters to "See What You All Have Done?" or other A&O stories.

But I also wanted to explain why exactly I lost my interest in FNAF. The reason is simple, the whole franchise is, as much as I hate to say it, pretty dead right now. It just got old and boring at this point. Well, maybe I will still return to this story someday, but I don't know when.

Anyway, sorry to all of you that are waiting for the next chapter of The Alphas, but it probably won't happen any time soon. Right now, PEACE!