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Alderaan Swan- It was not given a description from Wookieepedia so use your imagination. ;-)

Alderaan Deer- They were small creatures, colored bright red with golden stripes.

Alderaan Nerf- They were antlered mammals found across the galaxy, possibly originated on Alderaan but were sold and breed around the Core Worlds for their meat and milk.

Corellian Worrmp- They were an amphibious creature known to inhabit the sewer system of Meatlump Hideout beneath the streets of the city Coronet on Corellia.

Kashyyyk Grantaloupe- They were a four-legged goat looking creature that was often hunted and eaten by the local Wookiee.

Kashyyyk Kybuck- They were ungulates native to Kashyyyk and had a similar appearance to the Tauntauns on Hoth but brown in color.

Kashyyyk Bantha- These bantha had three straight/smooth horns and were large in stature, great for war steeds.

Kashyyyk Tach- They were small simian/monkey creatures native to Kashyyyk. They were harmless and curious creatures (more annoying). They had a high pitched yelp.

Pittin- They were small feline creatures who were domesticated. They came in many colors.

TaunTaun- Watch the ESB and you'll know what one of these bad boys look like. ;-)

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Chapter Fifteen – Kashyyyk Life Tree

The swoosh of the refresher doors revealed Leia returning to the chamber, tying Han's tattered bathrobe around her expanded waist. Han quickly stashed his gift inside the box before closing the lid and hiding it behind his back.

"Whatcha got behind your back, Flyboy?" Leia asked nonchalantly, sashaying seductively toward Han.

"Oh, nothin' to concern yourself with Your Sexiness," Han teased back, pecking her swollen lips.

During the brief distraction, Leia attempted to reach for the box, however, realizing Leia's true intentions, Han sent the box above his head and out of her reach. Leia struggled to reach for it a few times and gave up with a playful pout.

"Han, no fair! Your child hinders my ability to jump and retrieve that box you're supposed to give me anyway," Leia protested.

"Well, it's not fair some of us are dressed and others of us are still in their lifeday suits," Han countered back playfully.

Leia in turn gave him her 'not amused look' and huffed over to the bed. "Fine, get dressed Hotshot, but then you better get over here with that box before I call 3PO in here to annoy you as your punishment."

Han responded immediately, hopping into some of his boxers then heading over to the bed to climb in behind his lady love with the box still out of her reach. Bespin, who had been laying in her bed in the corner during their romp, sauntered over to join them on the bed once her humans were settled into a comfortable embrace. She then peered over Leia's belly before stretching her two front paws over Leia's stomach in order to receive some much-deserved feline petting.

"Bespin are you feeling neglected?" Leia cooed, rubbing behind her ears and earning instant purrs from her first stowaway. However, little did Han know that Leia was using this as another tactical ploy to snatch the box out of his hand.

"Leia," Han screeched as she attempted to grab for the box while she cradling Bespin against her belly and in the crook of her other arm. "Just wait a minute before you hurt yourself!"

"Han, Jcubbie and I want to know what's in that box now before her tumbling sends me back to the refresher!"

"Stop, I get it, and I'll give it to you, but do me a favor and don't open it yet," Han relented as Leia stopped her attempts at grabbing for the box, returning most of her attention back to Bespin - or so it seemed. Han then laid the box behind Bespin, but before it even had time to balance on Leia's legs she snatched it up with a gleam of triumph on her face. This caused Han to give off his belly laugh at how adorable and silly his princess was being right now. "Okay, open it up," Han chortled.

Leia immediately threw the lid off but stopped midstride as a look of wonder overtook her. Oh, Jcubbie, who would have thought? Your daddy's treasures. What in the galaxy has he done to them? Leia thought as she slowly pulled the items out of the box. Oh my, Jcubbie - daddy's made you a mobile to go over your crib!

"So, uhm, these wooden creatures were …"

"Your treasures, I know, Chewie told me," Leia finished, receiving a puzzled look from Han. "I stumbled on them one night during our search for you when I was 'nesting.' Chewie pointed out the ones you made and the ones you received. They're beautiful Justice will love them."

"Really?! Did he tell you who gave these to me and what type of wood they are from?" Han asked, his voice filling with emotion, fingering the Corellian Worrmp tenderly.

"I didn't ask, but I know it's Kashyyyk-wood from the Wroshyr trees. It's hardy yet easy to manipulate if you know the trick, per Malla." Leia confirmed, straining her neck to implore Han to continue. Oh Justice, I hope your daddy will share more of his past with us. During our trip to Bespin those moments he shared with me were so precious to me. It meant he was letting me into his heart, sharing and entrusting me with his former life before the Rebellion. Jcubbie, I know he will fight tooth and nail to ensure you never want or suffer like he did. Now, don't get me wron,g he didn't share all of his past and he definitely still has an arson blocking most of his prior existence from me, but just those little glimpses he gives me here and there are wonderful to receive. Throwing out observations like I just did or little tidbits I've learned over the last three and half years tends to sway your father into sharing a part of his past with me, especially in these intimate moments where it's just the two of us, I mean the four of us alone (I can't forget our two Stowaways now can I?).

Han smiled back at her with a knowing grin. Jcubbie, your mother thinks she's so sly, I've figured out her schemes to get information about my childhood out of me; and, due to Chewie's coaching during our Bespin trip, I've opened up a bit. Yes, your Uncle Chewie gave me advice on being a good mate - that give and take component. Very humbling, but I'll never admit it to your mother. Over the past three and half years, she's given huge chunks of her memories to me. I suppose I felt unworthy of her attention and friendship at the time, after all I was merrily an ex-smuggler running for his life from Jabba's wrath.

"Yes, if you soak it for a few days the top layer will soften enough to whittle it with a pocket or survival knife. Once you hit harder wood you soak it again for the next layer to soften enough to chisel more away."

"Interesting, it seems like a lot of patience is required," Leia stated cheekily.

"Hey, now, I have patience. I waited three long years for you to finally give me the romantic time of day we 'both' wanted."

"Excuse me, Nerfherder, I believe 'we both resisted that pull.'"

"Speaking of nerfs, this Alderaan Nerf was made about three months after we met," Han supplied, changing the subject as he fingered the wooden creature. "I guess, you could say I did it initially as a joke. I was tired of you calling me a Nerfherder and was going to give it to you as a gag, but then I realized it would have been cruel especially since it was the Alderaan Nerf."

Leia nodded in thought. "I think back then it would have appeared as a cruel joke to me. What made you change your mind?"

"Luke did, when I showed it to him. The Kid thought it was an amazing gesture until he found out it was going to be in jest. He said, 'Don't you think that would be a bit cruel Han, even for you? After all, it's an Alderaan Nerf not a Corellian Nerf. Anything related to her home world hurts Leia's heart … all a person has to do is see her posture stiffen when something of Alderaan is mentioned to know that's a touchy subject.'

"I'll admit I shrugged his comments away, at the time, but before making a krethin' bantha out of myself, I observed you for a bit when Alderaan was mentioned. I never imagined you could become more rigid and ice cold, but I understood it was due to your immense pain," Han added, all while tenderly cuddling Leia during his monologue to ease the blow of his reflection.

After a long pause, Leia responded in kind, "I'm glad you didn't give this to me then. I'd probably would have smashed it, instead of cherishing your hard work. Han the details are amazing. Kashyyyk wood is not this colorful, did you stain all the creatures too?"

Han self-consciously rubbed his neck before replying shyly, "Yes, I did."

"They're beautiful and so much like all the creatures you've created. You touched this one earlier," Leia indicated, pointing out the Corellian Worrmp. Han waited for Leia to laugh off the sewer amphibian, but she didn't and continued to appreciate it just like he'd done earlier. "Would you tell about each please? Justice and I would love you to tell us the stories behind each piece."

"Leia," Han pleaded.

Daddy 'member it's a give and take wewationship!

"Yes, Han it's a give and take relationship," Leia reiterated.

"You heard that? Geez, you two are already ganging up on me!"

"Please, Han, I know you wouldn't have created all these wood figurines without a meaningful story behind them."

"Well, I made the majority of them, but some of them were given to me," Han responded but trailed off with a hitch to his voice, fingering the Worrmp again.

"Will you tell me about the Worrmp, please," Leia hedged, bringing his trembling hand to her lips. "Was this your first creature you made?"

"Yes - I mean, no - I didn't make this one, but it was my first wood creature," Han replied softly.

Leia refrained from questioning him, knowing he would eventually respond. Feeling their daughter stretch she placed Han's hand on Jcubbie, then covered it with her own in a gesture of love and support. This earned a soft kiss to her exposed shoulder and then an appreciative grin on her skin.

"I love you both, you know, and I am so not worthy of either of you," Han spoke softly in Leia's ear, earning an erotic shutter from his lady love. Leia also started to rebuttal his statement, but he silenced her with nibbles on her neck before adding, "But, I'm the luckiest Nerfherder in the galaxy that you unwisely choose me as your mate." Han then began to rub Leia's belly in a semi sensual/adoring stroke.

"Stop with the distraction tactics. Jcubbie and I want you to tell us about each of these creatures and the story behind them. Please, Han," Leia implored, craning her neck and body to make eye contact with her love so he truly understood her plea to know his past a little more.

"Leia, my past is dark, scary, and mostly lonely. Please, let it lie," Han begged, rubbing his neck subconsciously again. Leia grabbed his hand back, placing it on her belly in support, trapping it between her hand and Jcubbie once more.

"Please," Leia appealed as Jcubbie pushed out again in support.

"Fine. You better get comfy," Han warned tentatively, allowing Leia to return to her original spot in front of him, instead of craning her aching body around to give him her beseeching doe eyes.

"So, I think I've told you, I never knew my parents. The first memory I have was in the sewers of Corellia before being swept up into someone's arms. This person took me to an orphanage for boys, but when I was 'bout ten or so years old I ran away back to the sewers. It was dumb. I was hungry all the time, but I was tired of the abuse that occurred within the home," Han revealed, tightening his hold on his lady love with one arm and touching the worrmp with the other while reminiscing. Leia cradled the arm that held her, entwining the fingers together in silent support as she waited for more on abated breath, not wanting to break the spell.

"You asked me once, how I was able to fit into the role of an Imperial Cadet. Well, I learned to be a clone in the orphanage. They wanted you to be perfect automatons, one wrong look, move, or inflection in your voice and you were getting whipped or put into isolation. A few years ago, I looked up origin of most stormtroopers after the Emperor took over, some were still like the clone troopers bred from Jango Fett's genetic template, but the majority were taken out of orphanages around the galaxy. Hence the obedience," Han supplied, nervously rubbing his neck before returning his focus to the worrmp.

"About six months before Shrike found me and 'rescued me from the gutter' to place me in another Rancor pit, known as Trader's Luck - home for his trained band of waifs he schooled in 'confidence tricks and thefts,'" Han paused, reining in on his tangential thought to return to his original thought process.

Holy Hoth, Jcubbie, your daddy is really letting us in. I've never gotten this much out of him before. Leia thought, continuing to silently support Han by tenderly stroking his arm and grabbing his outstretched hand for feather-like kisses before replacing it near the worrmp.

"Anyway, I was lonely until this little worrmp hobbled over to me. He was hurt, one of his legs was missing. I named him Tripod, but eventually that leg regrew. I kept him in my pocket the whole time I was in the sewer and 'bout six months with Shrike I kept him safe. It wasn't until Beef, an older and uglier boy, found him and squashed him right in front of my face. That's how I got this scar on my chin. I saw red and attacked the kreth out of him," Han replied with a huffy sneer.

"After the fight, I felt hairy arms envelop me. I knew those big arms belonged to Dewlannamapia. In that moment I had a mother, a big hairy aging Wookiee, one of the worst moments of my life blossomed into a new found understanding of love between a Wookiee and her surrogate cub. You see, Dewlanna, was the first being that every showed me unconditional love," Han shared, rubbing his neck again. "I asked 'bout a year later why she took me under her wing and provided me with all those missing emotions no one ever showed or gave me before. Dewlanna said, 'Even though you're a hot mess, you still have a kind and loving soul worth saving.' She taught me to read and write in basic as well as Shyriiwook.

"Actually, before that day of Tripod's death, her language made her appear scarier to a boy without much knowledge of any species except humans. Thank goodness, I knew how to read a little bit, even though the orphanage didn't stress academics. Just the basics. However, it made learning from a Shyriiwook talking teacher easier and faster," Han paused, reflecting on his childhood with Dewlanna as his surrogate mother.

"Thank you for sharing Han," Leia supplied softly, thinking he was done.

"Your welcome, your Sexiness, but I'm not done," Han answered cheekily, "Unless you want me to stop?"

"Oh no, please continue, Jcubbie and I are quite happy listening to your past. I'm just glad you finally had a mother to love you. I'm guessing that's why you're a bit of a softy toward the Wookiee population."

"Yes, indeed, Dewlanna showed me that humans are not a supreme race over other beings," Han sighed, stroking the worrmp fondly. "She taught me how to whittle a knife after she gave me this. It appeared in the box I had Tripod in, I would look inside of it when the other boys weren't around. Dewlanna was lingering in the background then grunted and gestured toward it. It was the first present I ever received. She also made the Kashyyyk Tach and Bantha for each of my life days I shared with her after that. We made the Kashyyk Grantaloupe and Kybuck together, we went through several prototypes until we finally accomplished these."

Leia touched and examined each animal Han pointed out, cherishing them in addition to the memories Han was sharing with her and Jcubbie. Han nuzzled her neck before rocking them back and forth for a bit, attempting to calm his rolling emotions after trudging up his past. Jcubbie, this give and take is awfully hard.

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