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I stared at the fine layer of thin clothes that was draped across my body, my wrists worn red from being rubbed against thick restraints. Across from me was a line of empty chairs for visitors. I barely got any despite the fact that the nurses kept on telling me my mom came to visit. Bullshit. My mother was a walking corpse, an empty vessel. She wasn't coming to see me, or Yuki, or Amaya. I was on my own right now. Just like the good old days. The beeping of the monitor beside me rang in my ears, barely noticeable from the sound of my own thoughts.

My mantra repeated over and over again, going over the facts that I already knew.

My name is Mizuki Kurozuki… I was sent into the world of Death Note… L was going to die… I saved his life… I… fell in love with him… Amaya was sent away… She met Mello and Matt… Yuki befriended Near… Amaya and Mello kissed… Light was dead… but then…

Then I woke up

My tormented wail brought the attention of doctors and nurses rushing into my room, briefly gaping in shock before moving over to my side.

I could tell they were trying to say something, their mouths were moving at least, but it didn't stop me from struggling to break free from their grasp.

Yuki, Amaya, L… Need to… find them!

One of the blue masked doctors pulled out a syringe filled with a clear, bluish liquid, and aimed it towards my arm. Instinctively my malnourished arm jerked upward, my elbow catching his nose squarely. Red began to soak into the once sterilized mask slowly.

Flinging myself from the mattress I landed on the floor ungracefully, twitching and convulsing madly. Two men dressed in a navy blue uniform broke through the door and instantly pinned me to the ground. As I started screaming another doctor revealed a similar syringe and promptly injected it into my arm. My shouts decreased into a pitiful yelp and I fell into a dark, dreamless sleep.

When I woke up I was dazed and confused. Why did they just let me go back to bed? Sadly, as I tried to stand up I realized that my wrists and ankles were linked to the bars with leather restraints.

Just as I began to sink into the pillows in sadness the door opened and a woman dressed in a standard issue nurse uniform walked in.

"You're awake. That's good to hear" She sounded sincere but I could see her body was shaking in fear but her pale green eyes shone with honesty that she only wanted to help.

"Who… are you…" I choked out. It felt strange to talk, as if I haven't in a long time and my vocal cords were out of whack.

She smiled reassuringly. "My name is Sepia Triste. But you can just call me Sepia. I'll be your nurse to help you recover"

"Why am I… I mean… what" I stuttered. Sepia raised a hand to stop me.

The strawberry blonde haired nurse sat down beside my bed and spoke softly. "I bet you have a lot of questions right now so let me help. I don't know the full story but it seems that you, your sister, and Amaya Tukiko all fell into a deep coma at the same time in a hotel on some island in Japan"

Fear spiked my gut painfully. A coma?

I tried to push away the worst case scenarios playing out in my head to no avail. It was all a dream? No… NO! IT CAN'T BE! The years I lived there were the best years of my life! I just won! Light was dead! I was supposed to be free now! The caring that I felt for L was real! The bullets I took and pain I suffered was real! I… felt it! So how could it not be real!?

"Where am I?" My voice cracked, barely holding back the tears that threatened to spill down my face.

Sepia strode over to the shut windows and pulled down on the string at the side, letting pale sunlight stream into the room. Squinting my eyes I could just barely make out familiar buildings in the garish light.

"You're in the Mount Sinai Hospital. Your mother wanted you moved back to New York from your station in Japan. She must be so excited to me-"

"Woah, wait a second" The strained vocal cords halted. "My mother asked for this?"

She nodded happily. "Yep! You've got one dedicated parent there!"

I leaned back into the bed. But… why… my mother…?

I barely know what's real and what's not now…

"Excuse me, Miss Kurozuki?" A different Nurse called from the doorway. My body was weakened and barely able to move, absolutely stunned by grief. My violet orbs, once shining with intelligence and caring for those around me, were now a grey lavender that looked dead and withered of emotion.

I had lost everything… My love, my friends, my happiness… Everything…

She ignored my silence and continued anyway. "You have a visitor"

This piqued my interest. I haven't gotten a visitor yet… they wouldn't even let me see Yuki or Amaya and I had no idea how they were doing.

I don't know who I expected. My mother maybe? Perhaps even my sister had recovered faster than me and was about to walk in here to discuss a plan, Could Amaya have pulled off the same thing?

None of the above actually.

"Hey there brat" A masculine voice chided.

With crossed arms, standing in my room… was my old mentor Skiz.

Seeing him brought moistening into my faded orbs. I haven't seen Skiz in what felt like years, only seeing him in my nightmares that happened frequently.

Yet there was something off about him. The Skiz that I remember was a towering figure of 6'1 with large muscles, healthy brown hair, and active hazel eyes. But now… Now it looked as if his hair had grey strands stuck in strangely, his body became weaker, and his eyes, while still retaining their color, looked lethargic and tired. I could even see bags had begun to form under his eyes.

"What the hell happened to you?" I asked cheekily.

He scoffed. Only now had I taken notice of a smaller girl he had with him. Sighing, he pulled a chair from the wall over to my side and sat down like a parent who was about to scold their child for breaking something. Before he could answer my question the girl beside him spoke up.

"You happened. That's what" I whirled my head around to look at the girl and analyzed how she appeared. She appeared shorter than me, around 5'4, with brown hair sticking out against her hoodie. The jacket was tan but had a pink animal face imprinted on the center. This girl wore black jeans that only went down past her knees and black leather boots. No matter what her most captivating feature were her eyes. She had shocking golden eyes that seemingly froze me in her melted gold stare. Her brows were furrowed in anger and I was brought back to the problem at hand.

"Who are you?" I challenged.

Skiz coughed uncomfortably, gripping the girl's shoulder as if to stop her from doing something drastic. "Mizuki, this is my daughter Hasa. I think I've mentioned her before"

It was feint but I could remember Skiz talking about his daughter a few times though he's never mentioned her strange name before.

"You have no idea how lucky you are. My dad here worked his ass off trying to pay for your medical bills and yet you're not even gonna thank him!?" She snapped.

My eyes widened. "Skiz what the hell!? I never asked for your help!"

"Yeah well too damn bad. I wasn't asking for your permission, princess! 'Boo-hoo' Get over it!" Nice to see his attitude hasn't changed…

I shut my eyes, fell back onto the bed and rubbed my eyes with the palms of my hands. This shit was getting worse and worse every day. I just keep on screwing up everyone around me…

A thought hit me like a bullet to the brain, scattering viscera and matter everywhere.

What am I going to do now?

-End of Chapter 1-

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