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I growled angrily, marching over to the half-asleep brunette and pulled him away from the serial killer. Beyond reacted instantly and held onto his hand.

"Let him go!" I cried, my ice blue eyes piercing into BB's red ones.

"Not a chance. I wont let you take him again!" With a powerful adrenaline rush BB yanked A out of my grasp and pulled him closer to his chest, shielding him away from my advances.

"You.." Just then the truck swerved, knocking all of us off our positions in the van onto the floor.

I rubbed the sore bruise forming on my head, "Ow... What the hell?"

Amaya's agitated voice shouted up from the drivers seat, "All of you, shut the hell up right now or so help me I will drive this van into a lake!"

We all slowly accepted her orders and moved away from each other, but not without wary glares being sent in both directions.

About an hour had passed and nobody had the energy to speak. We were all just wondering what to do next. Beyond and A were as secluded as possible and quietly whispering back and forth to each other. This felt like it would carry on forever until...

"Guys! Look!" Amaya's hopeful voice called up front. I shifted up from my seat to look out the window and because of the darkness I could barely see the abandoned house in the corner of my eye.

"We can crash here and figure out what to do next" She said, pulling into the dense woods.

Matt unhatched the door and was the first to jump out but patiently waited for us to follow. Beyond and A both quickly got out of the van with A leaning on Beyond's shoulder for support, seeing as he couldn't quite walk yet.

"Hey, Sheep. Follow me. We need to find a map" I snapped, jumping from the stuffy vehicle and making my way into the house with Matt close behind.

Beyond was definitively up to something. But for some reason A was practically glued to Beyond's side. Why!? The very concept boggled the mind. However, I had other problems to deal with. Mizuki was a mess after seeing Hasa die, L keeps on looking at A like he's guilty of something, and Amaya is busy trying to keep this shitty group together. Right now I'm the most competent person to find a way home and I will kill someone before I'm trapped inside this reality forever.

"Mello, what is it we need a map for?" I rolled my eyes at the albino.

"Don't play that card with me, robot. You know why" It was true, I could see it in his annoying unemotional eyes.

The house itself was a wreck. In total I could only find one table with all four legs attached. Dust had settled on almost every inch of the place and there was a suspicious red stain on the mattress and floor in the bedroom. None of us brought it up.

"Hey Mells! I got something!" Matt cheered from the other side of the room.

He crashed the world map on the table and spread out the curled edges. Me, Matt, and Near all crowded around it while Near dawned a pencil he found underneath a broken desk.

"Hey Amaya, Where was Skiz's house?" My girlfriend shrugged, walking back to her friend.

Mizuki was quiet, and I could barely hear her speak but nonetheless she said, "I think it was somewhere in midtown" I dotted the area with my pencil.

"And how far did we drive?" She pondered this for a second, scrunching her bright blue eyes cutely.

She walked over and took the pencil from my hand, stretching a grey line across the map until she hit an area near 495.

"Oh great, we're in Jersey" He joked.

I smirked at his humor, "So if we get down to 95 and then to Newark we could get to San Francisco in... maybe two days if nothing bad happens"

"Why San Francisco?" The cobalt-eyed girl asked.

I drew a curved line from Newark to San Fran, "We need to get to Japan, right? San Francisco is the best route unless you want to go through all of Europe and Russia"

"Hey, I'm not too excited on meeting a polar bear or whatever but almost every person in America knows our faces" Matt chided.

Shaking my head, I looked towards my best friend, "Matt they think we're aliens. Every government in the world is probably hoping that we wind up in their land so they can capture us"

Amaya whistled lowly, "We're really screwed aren't we?"

"No. It is very likely that at least one of us will make it back home" I glared at the teenager.

"Oh yeah, smartass? Then whats the probability of us all getting home?" Near visibly stiffened.

"Truthfully? I don't like our odds..."

"I don't like our odds..." I shuddered at Near's words as I hid behind a chipped wall.

It was likely that one of us was going to die. My brain was seemingly hardwired to think up the worst-case scenarios. All minds have that little problem. So when I heard that I instantly thought of someone putting a bullet in Near's head.

And that one thought terrified me.

Even though when I first saw him in the manga I've hated him. I've hated how he always carries on so impassively with no emotions. But with all that hatred came even more questions. Did he have emotions? Was he just putting up an unfeeling mask? How did his parents die? What is his past? And most important of all...

Does he have anyone who cares about him?

When I arrived at the SPK Headquarters I thought that I was wrong. That he was just an unemotional machine.

But as I spent more and more time with him it was fully revealed. He didn't just have a mask to fool other people.

He had a mask to fool himself.

Near was so scared of being hurt that he had backed his own emotions into a corner and locked them away in a steel box. And I was the first person who's ever been able to unlock that box. And it felt good...

I've always hated him for burying his emotions. So maybe it's time I stopped trying to bury mine?

"H-Hey Near? Can I talk to you for a second?" Near looked up from the table a towards me.

He nodded slowly and made his way over to me. I grabbed his hand and walked outside the house and away from the prying eyes of the group. I walked back over to the inside of the car, swinging my legs instinctively as they dangled in the air.

"Yuki? What is it you wanted to talk to me about?" The albino asked.

My eyes darted to the sides of the area rapidly, maybe this confession thing was a bad idea.

"Near I was wondering... Have you ever been in a relationship with someone?" The words sounded so forced as they came out of my mouth, almost leaving me with a bad aftertaste.

He tilted his head lightly in confusion, "I assume you mean in a romantic involvement?"

Dang it... How did he make it sound so easy?

"Y-Yeah..." The albino shook his head.

"No. With me career and educational lifestyle I have never been able to balance that kind of interaction" Near stated uncaring.

My fists clenched tightly in anticipation, "Have... Have you ever thought about it?"

He didn't respond immediately this time, taking a few seconds to carefully pick out his answers, "I have actually, during the Kira Investigation"

The cogs were whirring in my mind as I understood what he meant by that, "It was quite distracting to be honest, but I found myself enjoying the moments where I could think about it"

"Near... You-"

He looked back at me with a look of worry darting across his usually expressionless face.

"I know you were overhearing us. About how I said the chances of us all surviving are very slim" I looked down, unable to meet his gaze.

"Nobody is going to die, Near. I'll make sure of it" To my surprise I heard a small chuckle escape his voice.

"How? This isn't a fantasy where simply believing in the power of your companions will keep you safe. Just a few well placed bullets and we will all be slaughtered" I couldn't fight back against his words, after all he was right.

But it doesn't mean I have to accept it.

Without thinking I roughly grabbed Near's T-shirt and pulled him closer to me and I quickly pressed my lips on his. I could see shock well on his face. His eyes were wide, his mouth was hung open in shock, and he could barely speak. But I didn't feel stuttery or defensive, I only felt peace surging through my veins.

"That might be true. But if I see a bullet being fired at you I'm going to step in the way and die myself before I let you get shot!"

"Yuki..." He murmured, still shaken by my kiss.

"And I don't give a damn if you return my feelings or not, I'm kissing you however many times I want to because if I'm gonna die then I'm gonna die with no regrets!" I ranted.

"Yuki please..."

"And another thing-!" I was cut off by Near pressing his lips to mine, this time slower and surer. After I comprehended the fact that he was kissing me back I wrapped an arm around his waist and pulled him closer to my chest.

When he pulled away I could see a very prominent blush dusting his pale cheeks.

"I... I return you affections" He stuttered.

I didn't know what to say or do. Was I supposed to say something?

But sadly all reason left my side and I did the only thing I could think of. I wrapped myself around his cold body and buried my head into his shoulders while whispering two words.

"Thank you..."

-End of Chapter 14-